Monday, December 15, 2014

Gharwapsi - Conversions - The Counter Point

The hashtag #Gharwapsi was trending in top 2 places for more than 3 days in twitter.What is Gharwapsi?If we translate literally,it means homecoming.But the context in which Gharwapsi is used here is returning to the religion from which one got converted to.This Gharwapsi includes people whose ancestors got converted before 400-500 years too.The allegation is that pro-Hindu outfits like Bajrang Dal offered ration cards and money to convert Muslims as Hindus.While these charges doesn't have any concrete evidence,whats really funny is the voice of secular parties against conversions.

What were you all doing all these years?Were you all blind or deaf? In 2002,the then Tamil Nadu govt led by Ms.J Jayalalithaa,enforced the anti-conversion law which banned forceful conversions. The moment that law was introduced the minority groups were jumping to earth and sky as if some anti-minority law was introduced.Schools run by Christian missionaries declared holidays to show their protest against this law.Several processions were taken by these schools involving the children studying in their schools.Not a single secular party or news channel condemned this.One or two newspapers and magazines, which has guts,like The New Indian Express and Thuglak alone condemned it.

Now DMK Chief Mr.Karunanidhi says Modi govt should protect secularism.Let me explain what this great man did when he was in power.After the ADMK lost all the 40 seats(TN and Pondicherry) in 2004 Lok Sabha elections ,Jayalalithaa issued orders cancelling the anti-conversion law.The law was cancelled in 2004 itself.But after Mr.Karunanidhi came to power in 2006,he again brought a resolution in assembly to cancel the anti-conversion law which was already cancelled.So this man ensured that forceful conversions doesn't get banned at any cost.What will Karunanidhi do? He is afterall a political actor who would do anything to get votes.The great Pope John Paul - II condemned the anti-conversion laws and said there is no religious freedom in India.Ofcourse the iron-lady of Tamil Nadu,the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa gave a fitting reply to Pope.

Pope Paul John II has no authority to speak on the law enacted by democratically elected governments

The media then projected Jaya as anti-minority face.The stand of minority sympathizers and wannabe secular media is laughable.They are constantly branding BajrangDal as some terrorist organization.BajrangDal may be an extremist Hindu group,but neither the TV channels nor the activists expose the reality behind the activities of BajrangDal.There was a Hindu saint Swamy Lakshmanananda.He was offering help to tribal Hindus.The Christian missionaries which works day and night in tribal areas were not happy with him.There were 9 attempts to kill this Swamy by Maoists/Naxalites.Finally one day he was killed.The conversions started happening without any difficulty.The BajrangDal started reconverting those who were converted by the missionaries.And the trouble starts here,converting someone by offering jobs,money etc etc is fine with our intellectual society but reconverting the same people by following the same approach is a crime.This happened way back in 2008-09. I am bringing this incident to justify my stand that the media is always biased.

There were issues of Hindu girls getting converted to Islam and it was termed Love Jihad.Media says its false propaganda by Hindu outfits.Then what would you call the case of Tara Shahdeo? I can show so many examples of marriage conversions in India.May be the word Jihad was used for a reason by some pro-Hindu groups. That is a different topic to be discussed in detail, am not going into that now.Let me stick to 'marriage conversions'.If a Hindu boy falls in love with a Muslim/Christian girl,the boy will get converted to Islam/Christianity. If a Muslim/Christian boy falls in love with a Hindu girl,again the girl will get converted to Islam/Christianity.So what should we call this?Ofcourse am not denying the fact that there are liberals in all religions.There are couples who follow their respective religions even after marriage - agreed.But very less in number.What I wrote above me branded as my opinion,that is why I mentioned Tara Shahdeo's name. 

"After marriage Tara Shadeo, claimed, she had found that Kohli's real name was Raqibul Hasan Khan. She said in her complaint that she was tortured for over a month to accept her husband's religion. "

Those who are protesting against the Gharwapsi, never bothered to condemn these activities.The hue and cry against Hindu outfits is purely opportunistic and atrocious.Just go through the below link.

Neither the Indian press nor the western correspondents bothered to write about what made Hindus angry in Karnataka: Newlife, one important westernfunded missionary centre (, began making conversions in and around Mangalore by accosting poor people in market areas, or in bus stands, befriending them and then taking them to churches to introduce them to the father.
Upon introduction they were paid Rs 2,500 per person and then taken to the Velankanni shrine, in Tamil Nadu, where they would get another Rs. 3,000.
When they finally converted to Christianity by changing the name, they got an incentive of Rs 10,000 onwards.
Newlife would then give them instructions to abandon wearing tilak on forehead, not to visit and offer prayers at the Hindu temples, replacing the photos and idols of Hindu gods and goddesses with a Cross, etc.
But what really angered local Hindus was when Newlife went one step further and published a book in Kannada — Satya Darshini — which was widely distributed by its missionaries. Here below is the translation of some of the most abusive passages:

“Since Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were themselves victims of lust, it is a sin to consider them as Gods. (page 39).
When the Trinity of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are consumed by lust and anger, how can they liberate others? The projection of them as Gods is nothing but a joke. (page 39). God, please liberate the sinful people of India who are worshipping False Gods. (Page 39).”
In Tripura, there were no Christians at the time of independence. There are 1,20,000 today, a 90 per cent increase since 1991. The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1,710 Christians in 1961, but 1.2 million today, as well as 780 churches! In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming up every day in far-flung villages and there was even an attempt to set up one near Tirupati.
 Christians in India like to say that they are only two per cent and can do no harm. But it is a sham: in the Tamil Nadu coastal belt from Chennai to Kanyakumari, there must be now 10 per cent Christians posttsunami and the same may be true in other parts of south India.
What was written in that book is widely preached in some non-Hindu religious places.They call Hindus as Kafirs. They say Hindus follow the practice of idol-worship and it is superstition.They openly print pamphlets stating Hindus are sinners and only their religion can save people from idol worship.Post Tsunami, the number of churches and Christians has increased to a great extent in Tamil Nadu.How can this happen?Well, such pamphlets were also distributed in Tirumala Tirupathi.Just read this news.

The proselytise menace has raised its ugly head at Tirumala yet again the holy abode of Lord Venkateswara as an ‘Evangelism at Tirumala,’ a video footage went viral on Wednesday. A video footage named ‘Christian Missionaries active in Tirumala and also converting kids’ sent shockwaves not only among millions of devotees of Lord Venkateswara, worldwide, but also the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams which administers the Tirumala temple, considered the most sacred pilgrim centre of Hindu worship in the world.

What were all the Television channels doing when these incidents happened?Why did they not raise their voice against forceful conversions and inducements? 

Don't read this article only on religious perspective alone.There are Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians in India. How come Islam and Christianity have 'Dalits'?The SC quota applies to only Hindu Dalits not to the converted.The missionaries and Islamic leaders convert Dalits by referring to the caste system followed in Hinduism.They claim there is no such discrimination in Islam/Christianity and the Dalits will be taken care properly in their religions.Then why do you demand SC quota?The SC quota was provided for the upliftment of Dalits whose rights were crushed by some so-called upper caste people.We all know how Dalits were treated in olden days. They were not allowed to enter temples,they were not provided proper education etc.Even today considerable level of discrimination exists. It was for their upliftment the SC quota was introduced and am very much in favor of reservation to these people but not to the converted Dalits. Providing reservation to converted dalits will increase conversion and at one point of time Hindus will become minorities(or may become history) in India.

Are the converted people ready to give in writing that they don't want any quota and are ready to compete in open general category?

Having said this,I am totally against converting anyone.I would be glad if the Modi sarkar brings an anti-conversion law to ban all the forceful conversions.More importantly we need a strong law to check the source of funds to all religious organizations.If a religious body fails to provide proper documents for the funds received, the govt should seize the funds and ban the religious body right away.I know all those shouting against this Gharwapsi will not accept this at all.If this bill is introduced,they will again shout.

I am only against selective news reporting and anti-Hindu activities in the name of secularism and not against any religion.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dec 6th - Other Side of the Coin

Its Dec 6th,today morning some Muslim outfits were conducting meetings against the mosque demolition incident which happened 23 yrs ago..the media,tv channels and all our secular intellectuals easily antagonize BJP for this..Vaiko may even say Modi govt was responsible for the mosque demolition..but the below information never gets importance in papers and tv what,today is Dec 6,so for my part I am sharing something..these are all facts,not my assumption or imagination..know about secular Rajiv Gandhi and Congress party..
A small flashback.
"Shah Bano, a 62 year old Muslim woman and mother of five from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, was divorced by her husband in 1978. The Muslim family law (marriage, gifts, inheritance, adoption and a few other civil laws are under the purview of personal laws in India - they are different for Christians, Muslims and Hindus) allows the husband to do this and not the wife: the husband just needs to say the word Talaq (meaning divorce) three times before two witnesses for a valid divorce.
Shah Bano, because she had no means to support herself and her children, approached the courts for securing maintenance from her husband. When the case reached the Supreme Court of India, seven years had elapsed. The Supreme Court invoked Section 125 of Code of Criminal Procedure, which applies to everyone regardless of caste, creed, or religion. It ruled that Shah Bano be given maintenance money, similar to alimony.
Some Muslims felt threatened by what they perceived as an encroachment of the Muslim Personal Law, and protested loudly at the judgment. Their spokesmen were Obaidullah Khan Azmi and Syed Shahabuddin. They had formed an organization in 1973 known as the All India Muslim Personal Law Board devoted to upholding what they saw as Muslim Personal Law." - source wiki
Targeting the minority votebank,Mr.Rajiv Gandhi,passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act,which diluted the secular judgement of the Supreme Court.This triggered a huge debate all over India.Later on in 1989,Rajiv ji allowed the 'shilanyas' to be held at the disputed site in Ayodhya.This was seen as a green signal for the construction of Ram temple in the disputed site.This he did to get the Hindu votes.The damage was done by Rajiv Gandhi..There was an inquiry commission(Manmohan Singh Liberrhan commission) set up to probe this incident..the probe went on for 17yrs(In these 17 yrs,1st 4yrs it was a Congress govt,then a govt backed by Congress for 2 yrs..then BJP govt for 6 yrs..then Cong govt for 5 more years)..The commission could not provide any concrete evidence against Advani..

Had there been a uniform civil code,this Dec 6th would have been no special from Dec 5th or 7th. Even after this, the pseudo-secular media is not ready to support uniform civil code.Unfortunately they still want to follow the divide and rule policy. Ok, by sharing this information again and again, atleast we can avoid sensible people falling prey to this act of pseudo-secular media, fanatic religious outfits and opportunistic casteist parties.

If pro-congress media and outfits still wants to antagonize BJP for this,let them do.anti-Congressis will also share the other side of the coin.

I have already mentioned this in one of my previous posts,but there are people with short term memory, for such people we should keep reminding this.Its important to know our history.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Time to help Andhra Pradesh

Earlier it was Kashmir,then it was Assam,now it is AP.People have suffered a lot due to cyclones and floods this year.Every natural disaster teaches us some lessons,the most important one is 'power of unity'.During Gujarat earthquake,whole nation shared the grief and contributed as much as possible for relief works.During Tsunami too,we stood united.Infact,those days there was no social network. Still the entire nation contributed.Today,with these many advancements,we should contribute even effectively.  Even during the recent Uttarakhand and Kashmir floods,people never hesitated to help.

This is what the Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar says,

கேட்டினும் உண்டோர் உறுதி கிளைஞரை
நீட்டி அளப்பதோர் கோல்.

Explanation : Even in ruin there is some good; (for) it is a rod by which one may measure fully (the affection of one's) relations.

Its time to help Andhra Pradhesh.Already people of AP were upset with the bifurcation of their state. Now the nature too has not spared them.The AP Chief Minister,Mr.Chandrababu Naidu is doing a great job by spending most of his time in organizing the relief works.The PM has announced Rs.1000 cr as relief fund.AP still needs help.It was sad to see people fighting for food.As I used to say always, our contributions,collectively,can be of great use.There is no compulsion though.Those who wish to contribute can refer to the below link.

A.P. opens SBI account for donations

Andhra Pradesh Government has opened a current account in the State Bank of India to enable people give their donations to the victims of ‘Hudhud’ cyclone in Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and East Godavari districts.

The SBI in a release in Hyderabad said that the name of the account is ÁP Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Receipts’, SBI, Gowliguda branch, Code No.2724, Account No. 34243087405, IFSC Code – SBIN 000 2724, Swift Code – SBININBB315, Email Id: SBI02724@SBI.CO.IN

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kashmir Calls - An Opportunity to Contribute

As we all know, there are floods in Kashmir.Already 250 people were confirmed dead and still hundreds of people or even thousands of people are trapped.The Indian Army is doing a great job to rescue them all.Some arrogant victims are throwing stones at them.The army has patiently ignored this and said they want to rescue everyone trapped in the floods.It will cost a lot for rehabilitation.The Prime Minister has visited the floods and declared this as national disaster.A responsible newspaper, The New Indian Express(TNIE) has provided an opportunity for all of us to contribute.The New Indian Express has started by donating 2.5 lakhs.It has also urged its readers to contribute.Every single rupee matters. One individual may not contribute in lakhs.But together we can make a difference.If 1000 people can contribute 100 each,it becomes 1 lakh.If we contribute even 1 rupee,that will be of great help.Our contributions may be too small like a small drop but together we can make it as large as an ocean. 

TNIE is the best daily in India and am sure the funds will be sent to PM relief fund. Don't stop with just transferring an amount,share this information.Spread this to as many people as possible. I believe people from any country can contribute.

If you wish to contribute,go through the details below.I believe almost all the netizens will be having a bank account with online banking facility.Transferring the amount online will not be a difficult task for sure.

More than 250 people are confirmed dead in the flood fury that has devastated Kashmir. Tens of thousands of men, women and children are displaced, their lives shattered, their future thrown into disarray. Never in living memory has such an overwhelming tragedy overtaken the state. Kashmir weeps.
The rest of us in India need to rush to the aid of our fellow citizens caught in what the Prime Minister described as a national disaster.
We have started a New Indian Express Kashmir Relief Fund with an initial contribution of Rs 2.5 lakh by the NIE Group. It is easy for you to join this initiative:

  • Cheques drawn in the name of The New Indian Express Kashmir Relief Fund may be handed over to any office of the NIE Group in any city.
  • Contributions in cash may be given to any NIE office and a receipt obtained on the spot.
  • Online contributions may be sent directly to Indian Bank Current Account No.6260119197, in the name of The New Indian Express Kashmir Relief Fund, SWIFT-Code:IDIBINBBPAD/IFSC Code:IDIB000P001.  The details of the contributions made may be sent to

All contributions will be acknowledged in the columns of the paper. The Fund will eventually be handed over to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund for use in Jammu & Kashmir.
Kashmir is in distress. It's our duty to help.

Manoj Kumar Sonthalia
Chairman & Managing Director

The same matter is given in Tamil.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

'Tennis' Diplomacy

There was a an accident in Telangana before 2 days.A passenger train rammed into a school bus killing 20 young children.This is an information.This will not bring the much needed sensation to get TRP ratings. So let us ignore this.There is something else related to Telangana.Sania Mirza was appointed 'Brand Ambassador' of Telangana.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao handed over a letter of appointment and also a cheque of Rs. one crore to 27-year-old at an interaction session with industrialists in Hyderabad.

One BJP leader from Telangana raised objection to this.He called Sania as 'daugher-in-law' of Pakistan.This has created a huge uproar in Times Now.They have gone to the extent of creating a hashtag #RightWingFreeRun and started projecting as if the new central govt is torturing the minorities. Within few hours,Mr.Prakash Javadekar, who is Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting,issued a statement as follows :

"Sania Mirza is a pride of India. Sania Mirza has an international standing on her own... So, we have no objection. I am sure she is pride of India. She is brand ambassador of India," he told reporters here."

Regarding the 'daughter-in-law' of Pakistan comment,he says,"This is not BJP's position".

Which clearly means the BJP has distanced itself from the 'Pakistani daughter-in-law' comment. To add more, Union Law Minister Mr.Ravi Shankar Prasad too praised Sania Mirza tweeting, "Sania Mirza is proud daughter of India and has brought great glory to India in the field of sports. @MirzaSania".

'@MirzaSania don't get perturbed by such shameless, irresponsible statements, you are pride of India, keep concentrating on your game. - This is Kirti Azad,a BJP MP.

Only one BJP leader called Sania an outsider,so many people from BJP, who are part of the central govt, supported Sania.We have already exposed the media bias in the force-feeding incident involving a Shiv Sena MP.One more controversial statement - 

"If we all support it and we stand by Narendra Modi systematically, then I feel a Hindu Rashtra will be established," Dhavalikar said.

This Dhavalikar is a Goa MLA.There are 2 ways of interpreting this statement.One is,Mr.Modi will eradicate non-Hindus from India and make India a Hindu nation.This is how media wants the public to interpret for obvious reasons.The other way to interpret,infact the proper interpretations should be as follows.The BJP always believed in a Hindu rashtra(a Hindu nation).Hindu nation doesn't mean a nation with only Hindus.No govt can make India a 'Hindu-only' nation.According to the BJP,Hindutva is a way of living.Once, former Prime Minister,Mr.Vajpayee said,Hindutva means Bharatiyata.The honorable Supreme court of India too upheld this.

"The apex court's three-judge bench in 1995 had held that "Hindutva/Hinduism is a way of life of the people in the sub-continent" and "is a state of mind." 

The judgement was delivered in the case of Manohar Joshi versus N B Patil which was authored by Justice J S Verma who found that statement by Joshi that "First Hindu State will be established in Maharashtra did not amount to appeal on ground of religion." 

The above link also says Supreme Court's seven judge bench all set to revisit this judgement.Let it revisit.But the point which I try to establish here is,the BJP leader's statement of building Hindu rashtra should be interpreted as building a nation with Indian culture and without western culture.Some may not agree with the use of the word 'Hindutva/Hindu rashtra' and the Supreme court may or may not upheld their earlier judgement.But what is clear is,this statement has nothing against minorities.

The use of hash tag #RightWingFreeRun only shows the desperation of the channel to malign the image of BJP and make money by disturbing the existing communal harmony in the nation.

Now,back to 'Tennis' Diplomacy.The stand of TRS Chief and Telangana CM can be found above.I have also quoted the official stand of BJP.But, this 'Tennis' Diplomacy needs more analysis.Alright, Sania Mirza is an Indian/Indian daughter.But what makes her so special to be the brand ambassador of the new state?  She has not won any individual grandslam titles.She has 2 grandslams in mixed doubles(Mahesh Bhupathi was her partner).Apart from that she didn't win any major tournaments.Ofcourse she has won some medals in Afro-Asian games,Asian games and Commonwealth Games.

Let it be.Recently Sania broke down during a television interview and asked 'I don’t know how many times I will have to justify my Indianess, prove my patriotism'.

She showed her patriotism by refusing to hold the Indian national flag during the 2012 Olympics ceremony.

She did not follow the dress-code during the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony.

While all the male members of the Indian team were dressed in off-white sherwanis at the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the tennis duo of Sania Mirza and Sunitha Rao were attired in black trousers and practice jackets. Not only did the two not follow the dress code, the contrast was even more jarring to the eyes when they walked with Delhi paddler Neha Aggarwal who chose a greenish saree for the occasion.

Mirza disrespected the national tricolour by sitting in a manner so that her feet pointed at the flag, which he felt was derogatory and had hurt him.

Still Sania asks how many times should she justify her Indianess and she breaks down too even after so many people supporting her. I am reminded of an English phrase - 'drama queen'.

On the other hand,there is another star from Telangana.She has won some major titles.She made India proud by winning the first Olympic medal for India in badminton.None has done this before.She is none other than She is none other than Saina Nehwal.The Telangana CM could have very well made Saina Nehwal as the new state's brand ambassador.What is more painful is,she has come out in open that she has not received the cash award from her state for her Olympic medal.It has been 2 years since she won the medal.

"I am happy to know that sania mirza has become the brand ambassador of telangana and I am proud of telangana but I am very hurt and sad that I have still not received the cash award from my state for the Olympic bronze medal that I won for my country," tweeted the Hyderabadi.

It seems our politicians cheat sportsperson too.Instead of creating a hash tag to disturb the communal harmony,the media can come out in support for Saina.In India,it is very difficult for a non-cricketing sportsperson to shine as the govts doesn't provide adequate funds.But a govt not paying the cash award to a sportsperson is a serious issue.Its alarming.

There is more to this 'Tennis' Diplomacy.

“both Telangana and Kashmir were not part of India before 1947. They were separate nations. But we were forcibly annexed to the Indian Union after 1947. Our troubles have started since then.” She went on to add, “we do come out clean, few parts of Kashmir are not ours and we need to draw international borders.”

The above intelligent statement was issued by none other than the honorable Telangana CM's daughter K Kavitha.She is an elected MP.

With the Telangana CM's daughter issuing statements like this,with the CM appointing a Pakistani's wife(who is an Indian) as the state's brand ambassador,there is nothing wrong in raising doubts over this appointment. What Mr.KCR is trying to achieve?

"The tennis star avoided answering a question whether she was being targeted because of her religion. "I do not know about that," she said."

Did Mr.Chandrasekhara Rao appoint Sania because of her religion thinking that the minorities will support him?Does he thinks this new 'Tennis' Diplomacy will bring minority votes?Well, "WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT".

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Poisonous Media

It has been 2 months(approximately) since the BJP came to power. Till now the Indian media couldn't get any worthy news.So all these days they were giving extra importance to rapes.We will not be surprised if any TV channel starts a show called 'rapehour' to telecast about rapes alone.Finally they have got something for which they have been starving all these days.This is the flash news in all tv channels. A Shiv Sena MP forced a Muslim,who was fasting, to eat food.

Our television channels cooked up their own story.One channel said,he was forced to break fast.Almost all the tv channels and most of the newspapers carried out headlines as "Shiv Sena MPs force Muslim staffer to break Ramzan fast". .

The MP's defence is that he was not aware of the staff's name and was only trying to grab the attention of the authorities to the poor quality of food served at Sadan.His defence and excuse is very much acceptable.If this is something like an incident against Muslims,one MP would not have directly fought with one Muslim staff.Personally, I have never supported Shiv Sena or the Thackreys.I condemned the arrest of 2 girls for their comment on Bal Thackrey.In this same blog,so many times I have criticized/mocked Shiv Sena. I am not a fan of their politics.But this incident only shows,how much eager the Indian media is to create tensions between Hindus and Muslims for their marketing purpose.The issue is simple - a Shiv Sena MP force-fed an employee in New Maharashtra Sadan.

Shiv Sena's official mouth piece Saamna has carried out an article defending the MP.It says the MP was not aware of the fact that the employee was a Muslim.It further argues,the media didn't mention that the person who raped a school girl in Bangalore was a Muslim.

Recently, a Muslim teacher in Bangalore raped a small girl in the school even after having roza, but media is not speaking about this.

Let it be.One may very well argue that this is Shiv Sena's official mouth-piece and may not be ready to accept what is mentioned in that article.Let us recollect an incident which happened in 2012.A school boy killed his Hindi teacher(Uma Maheswari) for complaining to his parents about his poor academic performance.He was just a 9th standard student and the fellow had come prepared to attack the teacher with a knife.

What is the connection between this incident and the force-feeding incident?Let me explain.

The boy who killed the teacher was a Muslim.His name is Mohammed Irfan.Not a single newspaper or television channel carried out headlines like 'Muslim boy murders school teacher'.It only said,school boy murders teacher.And this bold newspaper The Hindu which is jumping to earth and sky today against the force-feeding incident,didn't even mention the boy's name then.It only reported,

A teacher was stabbed to death in the classroom of a private school here on Thursday, allegedly by a 15-year-old student who was upset at being repeatedly reprimanded by her for not doing well in studies.

This is yet another example for our media's hypocrisy.The Hindu's(Tamil) facebook page has shared the statement of Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah.Omar asks,what will be the reaction of Shiv Sena and BJP MPs if a non-muslim vegetarian is forced to eat meat?Well,the Hindu has always remained un-Hindu.By sharing such news items selectively, these tv channels and newspapers create enmity between the 2 religions and they make money out of this enmity.

So many times I felt this - most the Indian media are against Hindus. The way our media reported this incident, only confirms this.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Gaza Attacks - The other side

What is hypocrisy?When Hamas launched rockets on Israel and civilians in Israel were affected,we never bothered.. Here not many knows that it is Hamas who attack Israel often. When Israel has decided to take on Hamas,we started projecting ourselves as victims.We antagonized Israel to such an extent of sharing fake pictures and videos as if the Israel military is killing women and children. This false propaganda is more poisonous than the most poisonous snake.

The Boko Haram terrorists have gained an upper hand in Nigeria and their atrocities has instilled a sense of fear among innocent civilians there.Boko Haram means western education is sin.Well the sympathizers/victims/martyrs/secularists give a false reason that Israel is carrying out all attacks on Palestine to occupy the land,what reason will these martyrs or sympathizers give for the atrocities in Ngeria? The Islamic terror groups killed non-Muslims in Nairobi shopping complex.

"..Then an Indian man came forward and they said, 'What is the name of Muhammad's mother?' When he couldn't answer they just shot him."

None of our sympathizers,who are so much disturbed about the attacks by Israel army in Palestine, raised their voice when incidents like this happened.Even worst case,the Boko Haram terrorists kidnapped 300 school girls and have threatened to push them into prostitution.What is the motive of these terrorists?They just want people in these countries to follow only Islam.

These are also incidents of international importance where lot of innocent civilians including women and children were killed.We were not aware of all these incidents.Or we pretend to be unaware of.When a country launches counter-attack on a terrorist organization,we are outraged.All our emotions come out.

Let us see what these 'emotions' hide.First of all,Israel is not carrying out these attacks to occupy Palestine. Actually it is the other way around.The Palestinians call themselves Jihadis and they fight against Israel. Against whom you people are carrying out Jihad?What is the motive of this Jihad?Well the below link provides proper details about this issue.

Israel received independence in 1948. The Muslim ethnic group of Israel were told by their leaders to leave the country because of the influx of Jews coming to the land from the Nazi Holocaust. While Israel absorbed all Jewish refugees coming into the land these Muslim ethnics were not absorbed by any of their Arab brother countries which occupy much vast territories compares to tiny state of Israel.  Ultimately these Muslims then returned to Israel and Israelis gave them visas for work in the country. They established themselves to live in the country in West bank and GAZA strip but ultimately started identifying and asserting themselves as ‘Palestinian’ with a demand for a separate homeland (a common trait found in Muslims e.g. partition of India , Cyprus ,Bangladesh etc.) Meanwhile the Arabs who did not flee Israel continued to live in Israel.

False Propaganda: Is the biggest and oldest weapon of radical Muslims; they always play themselves as Victims or Martyrs and always successfully make the masses sympathetic to their situation. So much so that usually Hollywood shows them as heroes in various films.

In fact, their propaganda is so perfect that the worlds is lead to believe that Israel a land with no natural resources and successful only on its own merit has more money and owns   the entire media ; that they're obviously teeming with riches. in reality it's the oil rich Arab countries who are actually influencing world media and financing jihad all over the world , and ends up showing Israelis as 'evil Zionists'.

The argument that no media ever shows attack on Palestinians by Israel is typical false propaganda to gain sympathy in the international arena.The hamas thinks by projecting themselves as victims they can bring ceasefire in Palestine with the help of international bodies like UN.The hamas has been carrying out attacks on Israel for quite a long time and Israel has launched counter-attacks.No nation can tolerate constant attacks on its civilians by a terrorist organization.Israel decided to keep a full stop to the hamas terrorist group.

Before launching any attacks in Gaza strip, the Israel army provides prior information well in advance to the civilians there to vacate the place to avoid civilian deaths.But the hamas terrorist group doesn't allow these civilians to move out and they use them as human shields.The false propaganda is so cruel that the facebook warriors share a pic like an army man is having gun in his hand and is all set to kill a kid and its mother. The hypocrisy has gone to such an extent that nowadays they started praising Hitler and his act of killing Jews. For these guys Narendra Modi and Hitler are same and their logic is that Hitler killed Jews and Modi killed Muslims.Now the logic changed or it has been modified.Now they ignored the Modi part and modified the Hitler part alone.A pic in facebook was doing rounds which says that Hitler left some Jews alive and said that the world will know how dangerous these Jews are.At the bottom of the picture,there is a line which says - 'We need Hitler back'.Did Hitler ever say that?Do you people have any authentic proof for that?

See the below video. Israeli pilot abandons a planned air strike due to the presence of civilians.

Well this cannot be done always.But this video only shows the Israel army actually targets only the terrorist groups and not the civilians. On the other hand, see what the hamas spokesperson says.He claims using civilians as human shields is a strategy and is proud that it worked out in halting the attacks.

So the strategy is clear.The hamas wants a separate homeland and for that they carry out attacks on Israel. The Israel,which has the best self defense,decided to launch a powerful attack on hamas and keep a full stop to the terrorist organization.They want the civilians to move out to a safe zone so that it will be easy for them to attack the hamas.Now the hamas are playing the victim card by using the innocent civilians as human shields and their aim is to halt the attacks on them and on the other hand they will continue to fire rockets on Israel.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

(Ir)Responsible Indian Media

Before the election date was announced,our media was too sincere and honest in reporting atleast few rapes a day.Once the election campaigns gained momentum,our responsible media forgot the rapes and rapists and started covering Kejriwal,Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.Now the elections are over.The media is back to business.For the past 1 week most of the time,almost all the television channels were telecasting only rape news. To be apt,Uttar Pradesh got exclusive rape coverage.

Well,I don't think there is any politics in this coverage as the English media has been doing this for quite a long time.For media, TRP is more important than anything else.This can be easily seen from the usage of hashtags like #VaranasiBlock,#MegaExitPoll etc.Most of the tv channels and newspapers have a sick mentality that they give importance to sensationalism over sense.Let me ask a simple question - are rapes happening only in UP?Now if anyone is reading this post might call me a chauvinist.The media has brainwashed our internet generation so much that exposing the other side of coin itself is a sin.However, I have some more questions.By creating a pandemonium,will the rapes stop automatically?Is rape the only happening incident in India?Nowadays in offices,hotels and some other places where a reasonable crowd gathers,it has become a fashion to keep a TV.Unfortunately,they only keep Times Now or NDTV. The same news will be repeated 'n' number of times in the name of breaking/flash news.The word flash news lost its value because of these channels.It is highly irritating to see only rapes in the name of breaking news.

The most unfortunate part of these rape coverage is the irresponsible and adamant behavior of politicians. Here we have a democratically elected Chief Minister,who when questioned about rapes in his state, instead of promising to take action,responds the journalist arrogantly 'you are safe,aren't you?'.His father was an even noble gentleman who during elections itself said we should go soft on rapists.The problem is such statements actually will become more popular and for the sake of TRP, our media has covered UP extensively.Well,I am not here to support rapes or the irresponsible govt in UP.Personally I feel its better to dismiss the UP govt citing the law and order.There is nothing wrong in dismissing the govt.

According to UP home department sources, in major districts of UP, particularly those under the influence of the ruling Yadav family, nearly 60% police stations are headed by Yadav officers. In Badaun, where two minor girls were raped and hanged, 16 out of 22 police stations are headed by Yadav officers. Badaun is represented by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav's cousin Dharmendra Yadav in the Lok Sabha. Also, all five men accused of rape and murder of the two teenagers are Yadavs

The above information clearly suggests the reason for lawlessness in UP.How will the crime rate come down, if the police favors the guilty in the name of caste?

My point is lot of Akhilesh Yadavs are there in India and so many rapes happen every day.Creating an awareness is fine,but creating a pandemonium is not.The TV channels can conduct an exclusive program to create an awareness.Instead of projecting India as a rapist nation,our media should cover the positive aspects of our country as well.Sometimes people argue that rapes happen only in India and western countries are like heaven.But statistics doesn't support this argument.

While in the UK, a country which has less than 1/20th of India’s population, the total rapes top 95,000, the rapes in India in 2008, according to the report of the Central Statistics Office, Government of India, were far fewer—20,771. The US is similar to the UK. The reported rapes in the US in 2006 were 212,000. If unreported rapes are added, only 5 per cent of rapists ever spend a day in jail in the US (National Center for Policy Analysis US Report No. 229). One of six US women has experienced attempted or completed rape (Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Statistics).

The rape record of ‘civilised and developed’ countries
44% of victims are under age 18.
80% are under age 30.
Every 2 minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted.
There is an average of 207,754 victims (age 12 or older) of
sexual assault each year.
54% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police.
97% of rapists will never spend a day in jail.
Approximately 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.
38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.
Less than one rape victim in 30 can expect to see her or his attacker brought to justice.
About 1,000 rapists are convicted every year.
90 per cent of rape victims said they knew the identity of their attacker.
15 per cent went to the police.
Between 60,000 and 95,000 people are estimated to be raped each year.
About one woman in 200 has been a victim in the last one year.
1 in 38 major sex crime leads to a conviction for the offence.
2 years is the average time taken for a court verdict when the accused contests the allegations.

Just because rapes occur everywhere,one cannot justify it.I have supported death sentence to rapists irrespective of age and I stand by it.At the same time,the sick attitude of mainstream media in India is something to be worried about.Because of media reports about only rapes, Ban ki Moon,secretary general of United Nations has expressed shock over recent rapes in India.But he was not aware of what was happening in western nations(read the points above) it seems.This reaction is nothing but an impact of our responsible media's rape coverage for TRPs.Unless and until our media changes this attitude of exposing only the dark side of nation to get TRPs,India will only be looked upon as a third world nation.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Welcome Modi

After 10 years, India is going to have a non-Congress govt.This is a historical verdict as for the first time a non-Congress party got absolute majority on its own.Congress reduced to double digit and they have lost the status of being an opposition party.These statements show to what extent people were angry on Congress.BJP has done exceedingly well by sweeping some states and winning more seats in states where they were expected to win not more than 1 seat.Credit goes to Mr.Modi for addressing too many rallies in all the states - from Kashmir to Kanniyakumari.

Most of the exit polls projected 270-280 seats for NDA.People proved them wrong by giving a huge mandate of around 340 seats.The Congress president and vice-president, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and Mr.Rahul Gandhi respectively,congratulated the new govt and they were cautious enough not to use Modi's name. One TV channel said its defeat of secularism.Some intelligent people(some people who thinks they are intelligent), have started branding people who have voted for BJP as idiots and fascists.If one says he will not vote for Modi - its acceptable.If one says Modi - as a Prime Minister,will not perform,even that is fine.People have their own opinions.But just because the party/person you hate the most is being liked by many,is it fair to brand them fascists/idiots?You people are living in an imaginary world where anything against you/your opinion is non-sense.For example,courts,probe agencies etc are all non-sense according to you.And you guys think everyone else other than you are idiots.Personally,I can only pity on such people.

This verdict is not only against congress,but also for BJP.Which means,this is not just negative voting. People wanted to throw away congress and bring Modi to power.Otherwise I dont see any good reason for BJP's spectacular performance in states like Assam,Haryana etc.Some people in Tamil Nadu are happy that BJP's performance was not upto mark in the state.But what they forget is,still the BJP alliance got the 2nd place by winning 2 seats from TN and 1 from Puducherry(Pondy).According to them there is only Amma wave in TN. If that is the case why ADMK got 3rd place in Kanniyakumari?Is Kanniyakumari not part of TN? It seems they thought Kanniyakumari is in Kerala.Oh,wait wait,it can't be in Kerala as well,as there is no Modi wave in Kerala.The fact is in TN,the ruling party doesnt have a bad name and people went for non-DMK candidates with better winnability prospects.Ofcourse the results are not without disappointments. Some good people Vaiko and Ila.Ganesan could not win. Other than that,this verdict is ok and this only shows people dont want DMK at any cost.That is the only positive aspect of TN verdict.Happy that BJP has a MP in Tamil Nadu - Pon.Radhakrishnan.Surely he will be a minister in Modi's cabinet.He has defeated money,caste,communalism and corruption.Churches openly asked people to vote for congress candidate Vasanthakumar.Lot of money has been spent as well.Inspite of that people preferred to a local leader who has always stood for them rather than voting for a business man who has suddenly remembered his native place.

It will be too hard to come out of such a crushing defeat for congress.But its time to learn from their mistakes.This defeat is actually good for congress so that they can make necessary amendments and come back properly.

Tough task ahead for Modi.He has to deal with moles like Giriraj Singh and Praveen Togadia.Every single move of Modi will spark a debate in TV channels.If a LKG boy Rahim takes the rubber of Ram and if Ram slaps him for that,media will say Modi's govt is against Muslims.So he has to be careful.By providing a good government BJP can win the support of minorities as well.There are some fanatic Muslims who are not ready to accept BJP/Modi as they support Hindus also.Nothing can be done to satisfy this group.Infact nothing should be done to satisfy these people.Fanatics and extremists are there in all religions.But the problem is sensible muslims too are against Modi/BJP.There is a valid reason for this.The constant propaganda by TV channels and honest newspapers like The Hindu against BJP.There are Praveen Togadias,Pramod Muthaliks and Giriraj Singhs who court controversy by making stupid statements.So these sensible muslims are really scared of BJP and they think bringing BJP to power will drive away muslims.Now that BJP has got a decisive mandate.By giving a good government and keeping communal elements at bay,BJP can win the confidence of minorities too.I read an interview of Amit Shah - the master strategist,the man behind such a huge win for BJP. He said that after Modi comes to power,it will bring minorities closer to them.Hope this happens.

Also Modi has to coordinate with state players like Jayalalithaa,Mayawati,Akhilesh Yadav,Mamata Banerjee,Naveen Patnaik etc to ensure that the federal set up in constitution is respected.Other than this he should maintain good relationship with neighbor countries without losing our self respect.He should make plans to revive the economy.

After 10 years the Prime Minister office all set to welcome a working PM.All these years we had a mute Manmohan Singh who made the Prime Minister post and Prime Minister Office a laughing stock.Bringing credibility to govt will be the first task ahead of Mr.Modi.

I believe Modi will deliver.Welcome Mr.Narendra Damodardas Modi.Wish you all the best for your new role.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Assam Violence and the Modi link

Assam is burning.Shameless Congress is targeting Modi for violence in Assam. This is what we call heights of stupidity.The fear of defeat is clearly visible from the activities of congress party. You have your so called strong Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and still not able to bring the situation under control.May be he was too busy in recommending a Bharat Rathna for Modi's wife.Our honorable external affairs minister Salman Khurshid called Modi impotent for failing to control the post Godhra riots in 2002.Now tell me what about your Chief Minister?After 2002,there was no communal tension in Gujarat till now.There were no riots. There was no necessity to impose section 144 there.Even the SIT appointed by Supreme Court headed by Mr.Raghavan has given clean chit to Modi.The Gujarat CM has understood the situation and taken measures to maintain law and order.But what is your CM doing?

If your argument is that Modi's campaign in Assam has triggered this violence,then you are just insane.If the condition of the state is such that someone's poll campaign can trigger communal violence,then you are unfit to call yourself an administrator.Our honest and progressive 24/7 news channels are too busy in asking opinions about the 2002 riots.I think they may ask opinion about the Assam violence after 12 years.Today World Press Freedom day(May 3rd) is observed and our press has taken liberty to thrust their opinion upon people.Long live journal ethics.

The CM is trying to put up a brave fight.

"I take responsibility of the grim situation, but I cannot say that it was total failure of home department... I will not step down as Chief Minister, I am not a coward... I will not run away from battlefield, I will fight the terrorists," Mr Gogoi said

How he is going to fight terrorists?How can people believe him?He has not learnt lessons from the past. There were large scale riots in Assam in 2012.The CM blamed the central govt for the delay in sending army. Now what he is going to say?Within one and half years the region is under tension.The Congress CM failed to learn his lessons. Now will Mr.Khurshid call the Assam CM impotent?

  1. The region was subjected to large-riots between Bodos and Muslims in 2012. Over a 100 people were killed, and lakhs displaced.

Even in this serious situation, a comedy piece called Omar Abdulla joined the chorus and says Modi is responsible for the unrest in Assam :D. The father-son duo of Farooq-Omar Abdulla have proved themselves to be worst administrators and now by their recent speeches its clear that they intelligent comedians.

Anyway Mr.Tarun Gogoi should be awarded Bharat Rathna for his excellent administration which has taken great measures to prevent riots after 2012 and repeatedly saying he will fight terrorists.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

World's biggest opinion poll - Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Well,if the title of this blog post appears funny, I can't help it out. Every TV channel says India's biggest opinion poll,I am not inferior to them.So let me call this world's biggest opinion polls. This is mainly my opinion about how the TN verdict will be. Anyway now its official - its all between Modi-lady and a daddy :D. So find out who wins Modi or Lady or Daddy :D

Thiruvallur - ADMK
Chennai North - ADMK
Chennai South - BJP+
Chennai Central - DMK+
Sriperumbudur - DMK+
Kancheepuram - ADMK
Arakkonam - ADMK
Vellore - BJP+
Krishnagiri - PMK(BJP+)
Dharmapuri - PMK(BJP+)
Tiruvannamalai - DMK+
Arani - ADMK
Viluppuram - ADMK
Kallakurichi - DMK+
Salem - ADMK
Namakkal - no idea :D
Erode - MDMK(BJP+)
Tiruppur - DMDK(BJP+)
Nilgiris - DMK+
Coimbatore - BJP+
Pollachi - BJP+
Dindigul - no idea :D
Karur - ADMK
Tiruchirappalli - ADMK
Perambalur - tough fight
Cuddalore - ADMK
Chidambaram - VCK(DMK+)
Mayiladuthurai - ADMK
Nagapattinam - ADMK
Thanjavur - tough fight
Sivagangai - BJP+
Madurai - DMK
Theni - ADMK
Virudhunagar - MDMK(BJP+)
Ramanathapuram - ADMK
Thoothukkudi - tough fight
Tenkasi - MDMK(BJP+)
Tirunelveli - tough fight
Kanniyakumari - BJP+

Pondicherry - Congress

ADMK - 14
DMK - 7
BJP+ - 12
No idea - 2
tough fight - 4
Congress - 1

Let me see how good this opinion poll is after the elections.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Know your candidates - Lok Sabha elections 2014

As every media publishes an opinion poll,exit poll etc., I too have to do something similar.Yes this blog is also a powerful medium.I could not get information about all the candidates in all the constituencies of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.But with the available information,I wanted to post an article here. Some candidates should win and some candidates should not win.Let me start with the constituency to which I belong to - Sriperumbudur.

Sriperumbudur :

Here the main candidates are S Jagathrakshakan(DMK),K N Ramachandran(ADMK) and Dr.Masilamani(MDMK).Let me tell this directly - electing Jagathrakshakan is like drinking poison. You are drinking it even after knowing that it is poison and you are aware of the availability of another healthy alternative drink.Such a dangerous person.It is said that he owns Jerusalem Engineering College, Balaji Dental College,Tagore Engineering College,Bharath University etc.There were lot of news items linking this person with coal scam.

"... Union Minister of State for I&B S. Jagathrakshakan’s involvement in a company that was awarded a coal block in 2007 despite the fact that it had no track record in the sector."

As usual the congress rejected a probe on this matter.(inam inathoda thaane serum?).He is the sitting MP in Arakkonam.He got a very bad name in that constituency and his defeat was certain had he contested in Arakkonam.That is why he has jumped to Sriperumbudur.He is a rich candidate, so I will not be surprised even if his party workers offer 5-10k per vote. K N Ramachandran is not a worthy candidate to cast your vote.He will be no different than Jagathrakshakan.The third candidate, Dr.Masilamani, who may emerge as a dark horse is the right person to cast your vote.He is a resident of Tindivanam.He has a clean image and he has worked to bring Bootheri water to Tindivanam when he was a MLA there.By any yardstick he is by far the best candidate here.Make it sure that Jagathrakshakan is defeated.

Central Chennai :

Here the well known Dayanidhi Maran is contesting.I have heard people saying even though he is believed to be corrupt,he brought development.What was the development brought by him?Nothing.It was during the BJP rule we all could buy the reliance mobile phones by paying Rs.149.The only development by Mr.Maran seems to be this :

"...the then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran got installed the fraudulent telephone exchange with 323 ISDN lines in 2006 in his home in Chennai in the name of the Chief General Manager of BSNL and smuggled the lines underground to operate it for commercial purposes of Sun TV.."

He should be defeated.Raveendran from DMDK will be a good choice.But as of now Dhayanidhi Maran leads the race.It will be really unfortunate that if he is re-elected.

Theni :

Here the contest is between ADMK,DMK and MDMK.DMK has fielded Pon.Muthuramlingam,who was known as strong man of Madurai.We all know the nature of DMK's strongmen.Before 2011,Azhagiri was known as strong man of Madurai and you dont need any explanation about Azhagiri.The other 2 candidates - MDMK and ADMK are good.MDMK has fielded Azhagu Sundaram and ADMK has fielded R Parthiban.Parthiban already contested an election in 2006 and was defeated.Now that he owns a coconut grove,the only source of income for his family.He has a good name.Hope he wins this time. Read the below link :

Dressed in a white dhoti, Parthiban doesn’t even wear a watch. Examining a coconut tree, he says, “I manage the educational expenditure of my two daughters with the `10,000 I earn from this field.”

Simplicity Drives This Farmer’s Election Campaign : About Mr.Parthiban

Virudhunagar :

I have criticized Vaiko on so many occasions.I am totally against his views on LTTE and separate nation for Srilankan Tamils.One may think I am a BJP supporter and hence supporting Vaiko as he joined the NDA(National Democratic Alliance).Even last time I wanted him to win.Some unknown congressman Manik Sarkar defeated Vaiko.There is still a suspicion some underground activity has happened to defeat Vaiko in 2009 at the time of counting.Naveen Chawla namaha :D.Even though am against some of his principles and have strongly criticized/mocked him,I have never failed to respect him - because if he is against Koodankulam power plant,that is because of his opposition to nuclear energy.There is a difference between Vaiko opposing Koodankulam plant and Udayakumar opposing the same.Udayakumar is believed to be getting funds from missionaries.Vaiko is non-corrupt.He was in DMK and has served as MP in the past.In all these years he has neither bribed anyone nor accepted bribe.He is easily accessible.Whenever people have a problem,he comes to help them immediately.People of Virudhunagar knows this very well.
When there was fire accident in Sivakasi,it was Vaiko who helped the victims.Like this he is doing so many things without any advertisement.

Thuglak survey says Vaiko will win.Thanthi Tv and Nakkeeran surveys predicts defeat for him.Defeating Vaiko is like defeating ourselves.Hope people of Virudhunagar constituency proves Thanthi Tv and Nakkeeran wrong and Vaiko emerges winner.

South Chennai :

The 3 major parties ADMK,DMK and BJP have fielded good candidates in South Chennai.T K S Elangovan is contesting on behalf of DMK,while others are Jayavardhan from ADMK and Ila.Ganesan from BJP. Ila.Ganesan is a simple person and he is a loyal BJP man who commands good respect among public and other party leaders.Most of the time people of Tamil Nadu feels that their concerns are not addressed by central govt.The TN CM also says the power shortage in TN is due to central govt.So it is clear that Jayalalithaa or the state government cannot do anything to solve this problem.Nothing can be as foolish as expecting congress to solve this.Infact congress will not solve any issue as they are the cause of all problems. Most of the north Indian states went powerless(power=electricity :D ) for 2 days due to powershortage. Gujarat was bright and Modi offered to share the surplus electricity from Gujarat with the central govt. You know the action taken by congress party on the minister responsible for the power sector?He was removed from his post and was given an even more important portfolio - Home Ministry.That 'powerful' minister is none other than Mr.Sushil Kumar Shinde.Such is the respect the congress shows to public.

If TN wants its concerns to be addressed by central govt,it needs representatives who can take it forward. Neither Elangovan nor Jayavardhan are going to do that.Ila.Ganesan will definitely do. Remember this is a national election and we need representatives from national parties.All these years we only had P Chidambaram who did more service to Kalaignar Karunanidhi than to the people who elected him. Now that we have options - good candidates belonging to national parties with a proper alliance, so time to elect them.
Believe me Mr.Ganesan is a honest man,good person and he should win. Just see his asset details below.

Sivagangai :

This place is known for recounting.I am scared to call that minister as recounting minister,he may say I am encounter blogger :D.Here H Raja is contesting on behalf of BJP, a good candidate.P Chidambaram's son Karthi Chidambaram is the congress candidate here.Our economy is almost dead.We all know about the 1.76lakh crore 2G scam.Do you think without Mr.Chidambaram's knowledge the then telecom minister A Raja would have made those blunders in allocating spectrum? If you say Chidambaram was aware of these policies,then he is culpable,if you he was not,then he is unfit to be a minister.Now he is damn sure of a defeat in his home turf.And he gave a funny interview that he was ready to contest in Varanasi but he didn't contest as he dont know Hindi.People of Sivagangai should be vigilant enough to see that H Raja gets elected from Sivagangai.Chidambaram has been a MP for a long time in Sivagangai,but the place has hardly seen any development.Electing H Raja will bring development and the city will get a makeover.

Arakkonam :

The contest is between 3 candidates here Thiruthani Hari(ADMK),N R Ilango(VCK[DMK Alliance]) and R Velu(PMK[BJP alliance]). People of Arakkonam should first ignore Ilango.Ignoring the VCK candidates is the best thing to do.Though am supporting NDA in TN this time,when it comes to Arakkonam,Thiruthani Hari is the best candidate.Though Mr.Velu is a decent candidate,I would still prefer Hari over Velu.

Arani :

A.K.Moorthy should be your candidate in this constituency.If I were in Arani,my vote will go to mango symbol.Without any second thought we can vote for A.K.Moorthy.I have been telling this for a long time, the last performing railway minister I could remember means its only A.K.Moorthy.He was minister of state for railways.During his tenure the no. of trains for TN increased.He is a good administrator,that is why even though he belongs to PMK(a party which many will not support) I support him.As of now the situation is like he will not win and even his own party might go against him.Anyway we have to wait and watch.

Thoothukudi :

In Tuticorin(Thoothukudi),I will choose Joel.He is a lawyer and he is also easily accessible.He is much better than the DMK and ADMK candidates fielded there.

Tirunelveli :

Tirunelveli is facing a tough contest between DMK,ADMK and DMDK. As we have given enough opportunities DMK and ADMK,it is better to elect Sivanandha Perumal of DMDK here.

Kanyakumari :

Pon.Radhakrishnan is the most preferred candidate in this constituency.He has been contesting in Kanyakumari since 90s in BJP ticket.He was a minister in Vajpayee govt and Kanyakumari saw some growth during his tenure.He has a good name across all religions.With a proper alliance his victory is almost certain.Still we cant believe our people :D . So Mr.Radhakrishnan,the TN BJP president is the most preferred candidate here.ADMK and DMK have fielded Christian candidates John Thangam and FM Rajarathnam respectively.Congress has fielded Mr.Vasanth Kumar in Kanyakumari.DMK and ADMK fielded Christian candidates to get the Christian votes so that they can win.Political analysts thinks as 3 Christians are contesting in Kanyakumari(A V Bellarmin from Communist Party is the 3rd candidate) the Christian votes will split and it will be advantage BJP.Even last time(2009) Helen Davidson (DMK), Ausitn(DMDK) and the same Bellarmin(with ADMK alliance) contested in Kanyakumari. Pon.Radhakrishnan contested in BJP ticket.All the talks of christian vote split were demolished after the election results and Helen Davidson won with ease while Mr.Radhakrishnan still got good number of  votes. So even this time I dont think there will be any vote split.But the DMDK and MDMK alliance will help BJP this time.DMK wants to win,ADMK wants to win,BJP wants to win but Congress has different plans. They too want to win,but not the congress candidate but the DMK candidate.That is why they have tactically placed Vasanthakumar,a Hindu candidate thinking that the Hindu votes will split.This Vasanthakumar is a Hindu Nadar(a community).Pon.Radhakrishnan is a Hindu Nadar as well. So the Congress thinks they can divide the Hindu votes by fielding this Vasanthakumar.Afterall Congress knows only the divide and rule policy.This Vasanthakumar is totally alien to people of Kanyakumari and even caste fanatics(if any) will not vote for him.He is not going to get deposit also.What Congress forgot was Hindus never voted with a unity. Instead of doing making such intelligent moves :D, they could have given a real fight by fielding a good candidate and doing aggressive campaigning.Well they don't have a face to do that as they themselves know the UPA-2 was a complete disaster.That is why even after fielding a good candidate like Rama Suganthan in Dharmapuri, they are not even doing an aggressive campaigning. Whatever, Mr.Radhakrishnan is the best candidate in Kanyakumari and good that he is the frontrunner there as of now.


Its a reserve constituency.Here Mr.Rajendran from ADMK is the best candidate.Dr.Muthaian from DMK is better to be ignored.He got the seat with the recommendation of Ponmudi- former DMK educational minister known for his arrogance, it seems.Electing Muthaian is as good as jumping into fire.The DMDK candidate Uma Shankar is not a bad choice though.There is a stiff competition in Villupuram between ADMK,DMK and DMDK.As of now ADMK is the front runner and DMDK is in second place.The Kushboo factor may work against DMK very well.It seems a meeting of Kushboo was cancelled in Tindivanam.Though Uma Shankar is a decent candidate,Rajendran is the best option in Villupuram.

Tanjore :

I want T R Balu to lose badly in Tanjore(Thanjavur).T R Balu ran away from Sriperumbudur as he was confident of a severe defeat in the constituency.Now he thinks he can escape by contesting from Tanjore.The problem ADMK,DMK and BJP - all the 3 have fielded worst candidates.But T R Balu anyway is very worst compared to the other two,so it should be one between BJP and ADMK.This confusion of whom to elect - ADMK or BJP is an advantage for T R Balu.Though people from Tanjore say he is all set for a defeat, the DMK cadre are banking on the vote split factor.The vote split may happen this way too, with BJP's Muruganandam splitting the maravar community votes and helping ADMK candidate.But the sad picture all the 3 are bad candidates,which is a bad news for people of Tamil Nadu.

Vellore :

Defeat Indian Union Muslim League candidate Abdul Rahman.DMK,ADMK,BJP and Congress all have fielded Mudaliar candidates.The Congress move to field a candidate here may help IUML candidate Abdul Rahman.Still I feel A C Shanmugam may emerge as a dark horse.In Vellore constituency Muslims have a sizeable presence.Mudaliars and Vanniyars are also more in number.With the mudaliar community votes splitting,it will be advantage IUML.That is the situation as of now.Still lot of first time voters and PMK and DMDK alliance provide an advantage to BJP over ADMK.The murder of some BJP leaders that took place last year, may work for BJP and A C Shanmugam may emerge as a dark horse.Here my vote will be to ACS only.

This is a brief analysis of some of the constituencies.I have shown support to some candidates here, that doesnt mean they are going to win surely.They may or may not win.Inspite of supporting NDA,I believe have been reasonable enough in this post.