Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ugly Games in Indian Sports

Its time to have some sports news now.For all these days there will be lot of criticisms, expert opinions,predictions etc on only one sporting event,which is none other than C-R-I-C-K-E-T.Ofcourse,in India sports means only cricket right.But strangely, for the past few days I am able to see lots and lots of news items about women hockey, weightlifting etc. If u r going to think that the debate is about the performance of the relevant teams means, slap yourself and say, "oh my God,I forgot,this is India and performance related debates are only meant for cricket,am sorry!!!".The news was all about sexual harassment in women hockey and weight lifting.

M K Kaushik,this is the name that was in headlines last week.He was the hockey national team coach of India,until this incident came to light.Ranjita Devi,a player, sent a written complaint to HI(Hockey India),alleging that M K Kaushik,the coach has asked sexual favours from her and also has used abusive language.31 players have signed against this Kaushik.Another person,video analyst,Basavraj was also sacked,as there are allegations that he was in the company of sex workers during the tour of China.

Another case is that of SAI(Sports Authority of India) coach Ramesh Malhotra. Reputed Indian weight lifter Karnam Malleswari ,who was the only Indian to win a medal(bronze) in Sydney olympics(2000),has made allegations against Malhotra that he has been sexually harassing junior weight lifters for more than a decade.She has produced some telephonic conversations to media(I couldn't get them in net,else I would have shared it here).After this allegation,Malhotra was suspended.Malleswari also demanded the removal of Sahdev Yadav,Indian Weightlifting Federation secretary,since he has not responded to her complaints against Malhotra in the past.It has to be noted that Malhotra was recommended by IWF for Dronacharya award for the last 2 yrs.

If we analyse the reason for all these issues,I would say its nothing other than "lack of interest towards sports other than cricket".There are so many such Kaushiks and Malhotras in India.Why these issues were not exposed earlier itself? If reports r to be believed it seems that the harassment has been going on for a very long time.The thing is the politicians wants to make money out of anything and everything.When Saina Nehwal met the sports minister in 2008,with her coach GopiChand,the minister asked an excellent question to her."Who is this person(Gopichand)?".Gopichand has won Rajiv Gandhi Khel Rathna award and all.But the minister couldn't recognize him. So its crystal clear that he doesn't know anything about sports,but still he becomes a minister.

The latest controversy is the one regarding Common Wealth Games.The venues where the CWG will be hosted is too poor it seems.One popular 24/7 news channel exposed the conditions of the venues.An Indian swimmer,after completing the practice,was hurt near the swimming pool,due to bad construction work.Imagine what if the same happens to some international player?Mani Shankar Aiyar,a former sports minister says that he will be very unhappy if the CWG becomes a success.What to do with people with such an attitude?

There are people who argue that in India,cricket is given more importance because Indian cricket team keeps winning most of the time.The bitter truth is that the performance of this team is not as superb as it is being boasted.This is a kind of team which most of the time will be praying for the defeat of other teams.Most of the time situation will be like this only,"if Australia loses this match,then India can enter to next round".So its a perception that India's performance is far superior compared to other sporting events.

Without much help from govt or their respective sporting authority,people have achieved in other sports too.Saina Nehwal,has won 3 consecutive tournaments and is clearly at no.2.Last olympic games saw a new rise in India.3 medals,Abinav Bindra gold medal in shooting,Vijendar and Sushil won bronze in boxing and wrestling respectively. 
Pankaj Advani,has won world Billiards Championshitp,Asian Billiards Championship etc.Vishwanathan Anand has been consistently rocking in Chess.
To be frank,I would rate him as one of the greatest sportsperson in India, as he has given a new lease of life to chess in India,by winning more and more championships.Atleast after the success of these people the govt should have come forward to help these sports.
The Indian hockey team,which was once rocking at international level,is struggling like anything.Its a real pity that our hockey team couldn't even qualify to olympics 2008.The reason which I heard from many people is that Indian hockey took a back when the matches where conducted in turfs.Are we really so dumb that we can't dominate in turfs?My million dollar question is,this is a nation with population more than 100 Crore(and now its growing in exponential rate :D),can't we find some 15 players,who can put up atleast a reasonable performance? There was an excellent player called Dhanraj Pillai. He did a gr8 job,still he was treated badly by the authorities.Then how can v find good players?It has to be noted that Hockey is India's national game :-).

Nowadays even small kids are aware of Paul,an octopus.There is a sms doing rounds about Paul.This is that sms:

Flash news,Octopus Paul suddenly died of heart attack.The reason is:

Someone questioned it when will India enter football world cup?

This is the condition of Indian football team.Here also talented guys r there.I read a news during FIFA2010.In Chennai Vyasarpadi slums,there is person who caught some mischievous kids and those who were about to indulge in some anti-social activities and coached them.These guys have participated and won in some international tournaments too.They r very familiar with stats about Messi or Ronaldo or Kaka etc.. When some kids can win matches at international level,can't we find players who can perform at international levels?

Cricket is the most popular game in India-agreed.But that doesn't mean that every Indian who wants to be a sportsman,should necessarily be a cricketer.The govt should provide the same amount of encouragement to every sporting event.

These issues have to be viewed seriously.The media should expose more about all these stuff.Once Sachin scored a double century,the focus shifted towards him and there was no news about Kaushik or Malhotra.

Earlier and all,non-cricketing sports people used to comment that the govts are not doing enough for their sports in terms of money and other facilities.But when the morality of the people involved itself becomes a question mark means,its really dangerous.Politicians should stop viewing sports as a mode of business.Also they should stop looting the money involved in it.I am not going to the IPL-Lalit Modi saga,as I have already dealt with it in another post earlier.

Lets hope the authorities in India wakes up atleast after all these incidents!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A chat with 'The Kingmaker'

It was on July 15th,2010,Kamaraj's 108th birth anniversary was observed.On that day I just had a thought,how it would be if Kamaraj discusses about the current political situation.And am typing the discussion here.Now u don't fight with me stating that discussion with Kamarajar should only be in Tamil.This is purely my own imagination.And no one can pour Tar to this space :D,since its a blog and one can't force me to keep the titles/name board and all in Tamil. Kamaraj knew English too.

Let me explain one small incident before getting into my imaginary discussion .Once a govt officer had passed a GO,which read "In all govt officess GandhiJi's photo must be hanged".On seeing this Kamaraj called the officer and told him that "Even the British couldn't hang GandhiJi,r u going to hang him?Put it this way,"GandhiJi's photo must be installed".So Kamaraj knew English and the discussion was in English only.

Me : Vanakkam Ayya!!!(Welcoming in Tamil)

Kamarajar : Vanakkam

Kamarajar : What is that place?Its early morning 6'o' clock,almost all shops r closed.But like this there is a shop in every street and people are hanging out there in huge number.Is it a place of Bodhanai or what?

Me : It’s not a place of place of Bodhanai,but its a place of Bodhai.That place is called Tasmac,govt wine shop.

Kamarajar : What govt owns wine shop and all?When my govt was in power,we never gave permission to any wine shop and we also arrested whoever were involved in producing illicit liquor.This has to be banned immediately.

Me : Sir,please don't jump to conclusions.This is the only place in India,where u can find 'Unity in Diversity'.Moreover,the annual turnover of these arrack shops is estimated to be around 15000 crores.It is said that the govt itself is surviving mainly because of this money.

Kamarajar :(He is disappointed,felt really bad).Can u get some water?

Me : (At that time I couldn't go to anyone's home,I could get only water packets,so bought a water packet and gave him)

Kamarajar : Oh nowadays u have to pay for water also huh?How much does it cost?

Me : 1 rupee,50 paise

Kamarajar : It seems the cost of living of people have gone very high.Water itself costs this much means,rice should b definitely very costly.

Me : No sir,rice costs just rupee 1/kg.

Kamaraj:(Gets confused)What kind of logic is this? I can't understand.

Me : Its so simple sir.For people Below Poverty Line,the rice is re.1/kg and for others it varies from Rs.35 to Rs.45 .

Kamaraj:Who gets benefitted in this?Whats the status of farmers?

Me: Going by the newspapers,the benefit actually goes to rice-smugglers.There r people who produce fake income details in ration card and buy the rice at a low cost.They sell it to other states(especially Kerala) at a relatively higher cost. Regd farmers,since they couldn't sell the rice for a higher cost due to this,no improvement in their status.They are born poor,they live as poors and die as poor people only.

Kamarjar: What nonsense is this?

Me : Sir,don't get frustrated.This is not everything.The TN fishermen are being kidnapped by the Lankan navy/fishermen constantly and are being harassed badly.

Kamarajar : Didn't ur CM Kalaignar take any action regarding this?

Me : He wrote a letter to PM.

Kamarajar : Just letter huh?Why don't he meet him in person and take any strict action.

Me : Sir,actually speaking this is not such an important issue for our CM to go to Delhi and all.He went to Delhi and met the congress chief at the time of formation of  Cabinet(Central Ministry).His Son and Grandson were made central ministers.
(Enna irunthalum makkal nalam thane mukkiyam)

Kamaraj: Oh no,u too Congress?Why don’t congress oppose this and all?

Me: Sir actually speaking,it seems the congress people go to Anna Arivalayam more often than to Sathyamurthi Bavan.They r not even asking for a minister post in State Govt.Let me stop with this regd congress,if I say more u will feel bad. Only one thing I can say about Congress,the congress is not the same as it was when u were alive.It has changed a lot.

Kamaraj : Don’t worry man,God will take care of all these things.

Me : Sir please be careful while using God’s name.As long as God doesn’t trouble the state govt., its good for him.U know what,our CM once accused Lord Rama of having wine.He also accused Lord Perumal(Venkatachalapathy) that, the lord used to watch entertainment dances of female dancers. So please don’t use God’s name,this is a state where for most of the people Pagutharivu(6th sense) means abusing Hindu Gods and Hindu culture. 

Kamaraj : I would not say it’s the mistake of God.Its the mistake of u people.U people shouldn’t have elected such people.

Me : What to do sir,our people r so poor.Some newspapers say that,people got some money and casted their votes,without any thought about future. People who r well settled never care about the society,that they don’t even bother to know what’s the political scenario around them and they never caste their votes.

Kamaraj : For this there is only one solution my boy.It is u youngsters have to join together.If u want to bring a change in the society means,u need to b a group.No single person can fight corruption,terrorism,nepotism etc all alone. Revolution happens only when people join together.So try to spread the truth that u know to as many people as possible.Ask them to spread it inturn to others.. Finally as a group,u can bring the much needed change in the society. Its time am leaving.

I thought TN is better than heaven.I understood what is hell after coming here.I am going back to heaven again with a heavy heart.

Me : Will try to follow ur words sir

Let me see if I can keep up my word to Kamarajar.And that advice from Kamarajar is not only to me,it is to everyone who wants to cleanse the society.Thats it!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Re-Incarnation of the CLOWN

I have updated this space with articles related to politics,cinema,my personal life etc.This time I just wanted to try something different.I just wanted to write a story.This is my first attempt in writing stories.

Disclaimer: All the characters and incidents described in this story are fictitious.Any resemblance to anyone's personal life is purely co-incidental.Later on,don't fight with me.Let me start the story.


My hero is a happy-go-lucky young man.According to this story he is a college student. Not a studious guy,not an useless fellow rather.He is anambitious youngster too.This story is all about blind faith, immense affection, misunderstanding and self-realization. So from this paragraph, my hero-the clown, will narrate the story. And in between I will describe certain things. And this is quite a lengthy post too.

"I was born and brought up in a normal town.Infact I would say its a developed village and an under-developed town.From there I came to the city- 'Chennai' to do my higher studies(college :D).My college life started off with a bang.At first I thought,'oh this is Chennai!! A city!! Am from a normal town.How will I survive here?'.Like this there were 100s of questions in my mind.But the first day of the college gave answers to all these questions.Yes it was not that much strict and the guys too were not that much studious as I expected(mollamari pasanga than mukkal vaasi).I, even thought that is it really an Engineering college or what?".

Here I should mention some details about my hero.He is an extremely funny person.He has the capability to make fun of any serious situation and to turn the same into a comical one.The best part about him is that,he would love to keep people around him smiling.He wants everyone around him to be happy. That’s his nature right from school days.But the biggest problem with this guy is anger.He is short-tempered and has faced lot of troubles because of this. One more important feature of this fellow is that he had a unique habit of imitating people around him.And the narration by the hero-the clown,will be continued from the next para:

“Right from my school days,I have never moved with girls.I was comfortable with guys,as I was able to understand them easily and at this point I have to confess that I had some sort of shyness in talking with girls.So I didn’t even think of girls.And in college everything was fine. I got some good friends too. Jeeva,Saran and Imran are my best friends.I have played lot of pranks with these guys.

Once we guys were watching a movie in a local theater. We were so enthusiastic and were out of our control,bcoz we were watching first day first show of ‘Thala’ Ajith movie.I stretched my legs and kept it in the chair opposite to me.The person shouted at me: ‘Don’t u have sense?Can’t u c a person sitting in the chair,how dare u keep ur legs here?’. I replied him: ‘U idiot!!Can’t u c my legs in that chair?If u want u change the seat’.”oooooooooo”-this is the sound which we gave together.On seeing the gang,the man had no other option than to shift his seat.

My friend,Saran,was trying to pick up a girl for quite a long time.And she too was kind of giving positive signals to him.This fellow started jumping out of joy and he even started mocking me that I can’t pick up any girl.I did some calculations in my mind and told him ‘All the best’.He couldn’t understand the reason behind it.On that day night,I called his landline number(thank god,he didn’t buy a mobile at that time :D).His father took the phone(as I calculated :D).I spoke like a girl.This is what I told,on hearing his father’s voice:

‘Hey Saran,this is Gayu da!!Tomo also come and meet me at the same place’

His father:’What?’ I continued: ‘Saran,jus now saw ur gift to me!! The watch is really gr8.Thanks a lot!!But hereafter don’t tell lies to ur parents that u hav to pay exam fees and all,to gift me!!I value ur relation more than the gifts’.

His father disconnected the call suddenly.Next day he came to college with a plaster in his forehead.After that he never tried to pick up any gal(goyyala yaar kitta :D).Life was so good till this moment.It was in the third year, ‘A’ and ‘B’ sections were merged together.There was a girl,named Agalya. She was so good.She was looking simple but superb.Ironically,she came to me and asked some doubts in mathematics.I knew the answer,but I didn’t want to answer her. I hate girls.I hate talking to girls.Yes am a misogynist.So I walked out of the classroom, without even replying her. I was so happy that I have insulted a girl. But…

My frnds advised me.They pointed out that what I did was wrong.When our chat was going on,Agalya came to me.She started speaking:

‘What do u think of urself?Who the hell gave u a seat in an Engg college da? In which school u studied?Is this the manners they taught u?What did I ask u? Did I ask u any romantic question?Ur behavior was like a slap on my face in front of 50 people’(and she started crying at this moment).

My own frnds didn’t like my behavior. That incident made me think.I realized my mistake.Her genuine questions to me,made me think.At once,even I felt like crying,when I remembered the way she cried.Then I apologized for my mistake.I explained my situation to her.I explained that not even a single gal has spoken to me in friendly manner.Thats y I was like this. After a little hesitation,she accepted my apologies.Days went on!! Our gang of 4 became 5. Agalya became our close friend. Agalya is a sweet-genuine-kind hearted girl.She can’t tolerate even a small creature being troubled.I like her very much.I have lot of affection towards her. At once Imran straight away asked me,

‘Do u love Agalya?’. I replied

‘No.My affection towards her is something more than love. For me she appears like an angel.In-fact I look her as a GODDESS- she is such a nice girl.She is one of my greatest FRIENDS on the earth’.

Once I saw her crying alone.I enquired the reason.It was simple yet so serious. She had lost her record note.The prob is she had to submit it in 2 hrs.I couldn’t bear her crying. I collected the extra record sheets from everyone.I started writing the record.I finished it in an hour.Still she was not convinced. She was so scared that whether the sir will sign it or not.I made some funny actions as usual to make her laugh. I started speaking all non-sense.I started singing like a donkey.I danced like a monkey.The whole class laughed at me.They enjoyed, including Agalya.And finally she got signature too and she was allowed to take up the exam.

From then on,my comical singing,mimicry,dancing everything bcame popular. And Agalya loved it too.Days went on. The following sequence of events taught me a lot abt life and people. It was October 8th,Agalya’s birthday.I called her exactly at 12’o’ clock and wished her a happy birthday.She simply said a thanks and cut the call.It made me feel kind of differently,bcoz this is the first time am calling a gal at night and the response was vague.Still I thought,’ok I shouldn’t have disturbed her’. Next day morning,I was waiting in college for her,for quite a long time.I was so excited to see her reaction when I give the apple Ipod to her as a birthday gift.You know what,she has been trying to buy this kind of Ipod for quite a long time.First hour started,she didn’t come. Classes over.She was absent for the day. No response from her for my calls or messages.Surprisingly,the other 3 guys,Saran,Imran etc., too were missing. I couldn’t understand anything. Evening when I met Imran,he told that,she gave treat for them in spencer for her birthday. I was stunned and shocked.

I wanted to cry loudly at that moment.But I couldn’t(I don’t know to cry).I was very angry.I wanted to show my anger towards someone(thank God,nobody called me at that time).But I asked this question to myself :’Am angry on whom?and why?’.I couldn’t get any answer. With a heavy heart, I left the college.The next day when I asked her something casually,she responded kind of harshly. My heart turned childish,I asked her ‘Why r u always harsh towards me?Why don’t u speak affectionately with me?’.She gave an excellent answer:’why should I speak affectionately with u?’. She didn’t even bother to speak about the treat. After that I had undergone such a treatment many times.

I understood that she never took me seriously and I realized she is always treating me like this.

I was speaking to myself in several voices.

’Whats my mistake?I didn’t spk anything wrong to her.’

‘Oh no!Whats ur prob man,she is afterall another gal,why do u bother abt her?’

‘But y these guys too ignored me?’

‘Whats there to worry in this?Is she ur lover or what?Jus forget and do some useful work’

Yes.She is not my lover,but she is my friend.Thats y it pains a lot.I am a complete failure as a person.When an angel like Agalya is ignoring me means, I hav2understand that am an useless fellow.But why did she laugh at my songs and dance.She even asked me to sing in different voices and enjoyed. These guys were crazy when I do some mimicry gimmicks,but why did they ignore me too? I got the answer.Only I considered them as my friends and they didn’t consider me as their friend.I was viewed as a clown.Only a clown, who makes people around him laugh. Who does everything wrong to make people laugh at him. Even clowns do have a heart and there will be pain in it too.It really hurts when we r not even an option in the life of people whom v consider special. There is none to show even a little bit of care towards me. Still am not angry on anyone and its not their mistake :-). I heard the beautiful Tamil song in radio, 'Kadavul amaithu vaitha medai".I heard these lines exactly

"Appavi aan kili thappaga ninaithathu appothu purinthathamma
Athu eppothum kili alla kinatru thavalai than ippothu therinthathamma"

Yes it pains.I am hurt.I am disappointed. But I realized.I understood. Attitude makes the difference. Yes I am a clown.Am just a clown. I will continue to make people laugh.Even I will laugh(afterall I know only to laugh) out loud. But things doesn’t end here. There are lot of clowns who have achieved the CROWN. Yes people who r crowned will have no feelings,no emotions. I too will not have anything from now on. I will do the job of the clown perfectly, but surely I will be crowned one day. I swear that the world will see me achieving something gr8 one day or other. This is going to be my re-incarnation.Yes the re-incarnation of the CLOWN.

That’s it. Since it’s a story,I couldn’t write it briefly. This story is purely my imagination.So u have to get copyrights from me if u want to use this :D.I know ther r lot of talented people here who r capable of making any awkward story as an interesting one :P.So if any such talented people r here means, make it sure that u get the copy rights from me.