Friday, March 22, 2013

Modern Revolution

For the past few weeks,protests,agitations,self-immolations,assaults on tourists etc has been rocking Tamil Nadu.These protests has gained an attention all over India.Students have come out in open and are taking part in protests.The pro-Srilankan Tamil groups are fighting for justice.As usual our politicians are making the most of use of this issue.Undoubtedly Tamil Nadu is facing a charged atmosphere.But why?What's the motive of these protesters?Is it to get a separate province or country for Srilankan Tamils?Or to declare Rajapakse a war criminal and hang him?Or to conduct an independent probe on what happened in Srilanka during the 2009 war against LTTE?Or to support the America's resolution against Srilanka?Well each group gives its own demand..

Am seeing status updates in facebook by various page admins supporting the students protests.And even reputed writers like Manushya Puthiran claim the govt was scared of students protests and declared holiday to colleges.The TN govt did the right thing by declaring holidays to colleges.Now we are seeing lot of students coming out in open against the atrocities happening in Srilanka.Where did this 'Tamil feeling' go when the genocide in Lanka was at its peak?Even at that time,the same pro-Tamil groups were shouting against Lankan govt and Indian govt especially.If there is one politician who has never changed his stand on Lankan Tamil issue means, it is Vaiko.He has been shouting all these years against the Sinhalas.

Well,I don't support Mr.Vaiko's views(whether am supporting Vaiko or not is a different question).But people should not say that they were not aware of this issue 4 years ago.And that's why am mentioning Mr.Vaiko's name here.

During the 2009 elections,he campaigned heavily against Congress by keeping the Lankan Tamil issue as the point of discussion.Vaiko is known for his fiery speech.But what happened?Vaiko was defeated in his own constituency(Virudhunagar).The worst part is,someone called Manik Thakur(Congress) was elected as MP from that constituency.I have spoken with some people from Virudhunagar,they said they were not aware of anything about him.To put it simply,people have not even heard his name before elections,but just because he contested in a Congress ticket,he could defeat a star candidate like Vaiko.The point to be noted is,when the genocide was going on full swing in Sri Lanka,here we had elections.Even a layman knows that the Central govt,led by Congress was behind the Sri Lankan govt.But none bothered about it.The DMK+Congress alliance was able to win around 28 MP seats in Tamil Nadu.This clearly proved that the Lankan Tamil problem had little impact on that election.

As far as I know,right to vote is the most significant part of democracy.Only during elections we can punish a govt for all its wrong doings by voting them out of power.But our people didn't vote against Congress+DMK.They all were convinced by Dr.Kalaignar Karunanidhi's  6 hr fast in the marina beach it seems.Now all of a sudden they are protesting/agitating/immolating.I strongly believe there are politicians behind this students protests.I don't know who are those politicians(well,am not supposed to give any names based on assumption in forums).These students didn't come forward when the Mullaiperiyar issue was going on.They didn't protest against the Karnataka govt for not releasing Cauvery water on-time.Because the Cauvery water was not released,TN farmers incurred heavy losses and some even committed suicides(paper news).We are not even bothered about our own problems,but now we are fighting for justice.Unbelievable.

I don't expect the students to come forward and protest against everything.But before going on a strike,people should have a clear knowledge about what should be the outcome of the strike and what are all the possible outcomes.This applies not only to students but also to others.Now can anyone explain me one useful outcome of these protests?The America's resolution has nothing against Srilanka.Instead of forcing the Lankan govt,it merely requests them to take some measures for the upliftment of Tamils and the noble Srilankan govt rejected it too.So all the human rights talks has come to an end with that.

Another issue which is creating a huge tension is the assault on tourists.In Tanjore some Buddhist monks were assaulted by the public.And in Egmore one Buddhist monk was beaten severely by the so-called-Tamil-supporters.He says "enga Thamizhangala konnuttu inga varringlaa da?"(after killing Tamilians you people are coming here?).The TN govt and the police should ensure that such non-sense doesn't happen again.First of all we should understand something about the Buddhist monks.If what I heard is to be believed, these monks are behind discriminating Tamils in Srilanka.They control the politics in Srilanka and they are responsible for the genocide carried out by the Lankan govt.And the Buddhists are good in martial arts.They know how to defend themselves.

Sensible people should think - what will be the outcome of assaulting a Buddhist monk?Do we know whether this monk supported genocide?If everyone can show their anger against anyone as they wish,then why do we have something called law?Now that we have assaulted this monk,so what will the other nations do now?They will declare TN as an unsafe place to visit.Investors will think twice before investing in Tamil Nadu.The western media will give an image to TN that Tamilians are violent like how it gave an image that Indians are rapists.In India rapes happen,women needs to be careful - agreed.But are the western countries safe for women?No - they are even worse.But because our media(like TOI),created a sensation out of the Delhi rape case,the western nations exploited it.Same way,these protests and assaults will be exaggerated by the media and TN will be projected in a very bad light in international arena.

In 1991 Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LTTE(allegedly by LTTE).Some people even support his death.Such people should ask - did Rajiv Gandhi's assassination do any good for the Tamil society?After Rajiv Gandhi's assassination,no nation came forward to support LTTE.Right from the beginning some people branded LTTE as a terrorist organization and Rajiv's assassination proved it.Atleast after that incident,people should have realized that violence can never offer a proper solution.Now such assaults(against the monks/SL tourists),if not controlled in the beginning itself,we may even face another disaster.

In Balakumaran's novel 'Udayar',there are references to Buddhist monks.The Buddhist monks brainwashed Raja Raja Cholan's daughter Chandramalli and she was converted to Buddhism.Raja Raja Cholan is a strong supporter of the 'Sanatana Dharma'(Hinduism).He meets his daughter and asks her the reason,for her conversion.She says Buddhists saved her life(through medication) and she was attracted by the principles of Buddha/Buddhism.The Chola king comes out angrily.

His son,Rajendra Chola is an angry young man.When he heard the news of his sister's conversion,he says he will destroy the entire Buddhism.He even gets ready to burn the Buddhist temples.But the great Chola king, Raja Raja Cholan stops him.He advises him not to act in haste.

'Give some donations to the Buddhist temples in Nagapattinam.Never show your anger towards them.But remember this - the Buddhists are attracting people by providing medication.We construct as many hospitals as possible.Our people should learn all the advancements in the field of medicine.Keep giving donations to the Buddhist temples,but make it sure that they(Buddhist monks),doesn't come out of Nagapattinam.Their presence should be restricted to Nagapattinam.We should celebrate all the Hindu festivals in a grand-manner. We should try to unite all the communities of the Hinduism.'

Rajendra Cholan understands his father and realizes making decisions in haste will never yield a long term solution.If you want to win someone,you should form a strategy.

Am not sure to what extent the above incident is true.All I know is Raja Raja Cholan had a daughter called Chandramalli who got converted to Buddhism and rechristened herself as 'Madhevadigal' and later on realized that she was converted by the Buddhist monks to take revenge on her father.Then she even renounced Buddhism and spent her life in Tanjore.The reason for quoting this conversation is to stress the point that acting in haste will never yield a proper solution.

The Lankan Tamils had 2 chances.One chance got spoiled because Prabhakaran was over ambitious.I always felt, Prabhakaran should have accepted for a reasonable political solution,when the LTTE was on driver's seat.But he was too ambitious and finally ended up with nothing.The second chance was during 2009 elections.The DMK should have forced the Central govt to bring a ceasefire in Srilanka.Had the Central govt not pressed the Lankan govt for the ceasefire,DMK should have pulled out of UPA.But unfortunately in a 'spectrum' of confusions,the DMK didn't do that.After almost everything is over,I don't know for what these warriors are fighting.

Instead of doing non-sense like self immolation/going on protests,think peacefully.I would even suggest entering into politics.Nominate a candidate of your choice.Stay united and vote for him.Make it sure that your voice is heard in the Parliament.Next year we or during this year end,we may face Lok Sabha elections. Vote against people who failed to save the Tamil race in Sri Lanka.Instead of supporting the assaults on tourists,its better to think and form a strategy to bring the change which you wish.

And please don't expect anything about comedy shows like recent TESO,DMK withdrawing support to UPA govt etc in this post.This is a serious article.

Note : Am against LTTE and any extremist groups.

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