Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Polymorphism' in Love

Hello friends.. For the past few months I have been writing kind of serious and sensitive articles in this space.Well let me give a short break for all those stuff.I thought of blogging about my college life in this post,but something prompted me to go for this topic. I have already blogged a long article about love in the same blog,but this time I want to discuss it in a slightly technical way :P.

Well,first of all what is polymorphism? An object existing in different forms.This is the most simple definition.For example if u consider the operator '+',it can be used in different forms.In the statement 2+3=5,the '+' operator is used for addition of 2 numbers.Whereas the '+' in the statement "Stupid"+"Fellow"(this will give a result "StupidFellow"),the '+' operator is used for concatenation.This is operator overloading,an example of polymorphism.Like this an object existing in different forms is called polymorphism.(I am able to hear the mind voice scolding me in bad words :D,ada naangalum computer engineer thaan ya :P).Let me come to the point straight away.Here the object is love and I am planning to explain its different forms like puppy love,school love,college love etc and etc... Now I believe u people r able to understand the logic behind the title of this post.So let me start with the first form of love,the puppy love.

What do I mean by puppy love here?Its not the love between dogs :D.The love between the kids below 11 yrs is what I meant by puppy love.U can ask what do they know about love?They don't know anything.But the kind of affection and attraction between the 2 kids will be PURE.Pure in the sense,they don't know what future has in it for them,infact they don't even know that there is something called future. U can argue that is just friendship and not love,but in my opinion it can be called as AFFECTION,reason,for sure a boy will be showing a kind of special interest towards a girl compared to others(the vice-versa of this statement too holds good).In that age if a teacher beats the boy,the girl will cry.If the girl cries the boy will get chocolates for her.He will daily bring slate,pencils etc for her.This type of affection in this age is not dangerous as well painful.Anyday puppy-love will remain a sweet memory for everyone,provided if they had any.

Let us go to the next form-School love or Adolescent love. Actually this love is a sub-class of puppy love.This too has all the properties of the parent class puppy-love,but the thing is it has some extra features too(ada inheritance pa :D).But the danger in love starts only at this age.The children in the age group of 12-18 can be grouped into this category.After 18,according to Indian constitution a person is a major and he gets the right to vote also.OMG,again politics comes in :D.Anyway let me stop with this and proceed with love :P.Why do I say danger starts at this age?Actually in adolescent love,there are again 2 forms.Of-course,both these forms has the properties of the base class puppy love.

This is like hierarchical inheritance.More than one sub class being derived from the same base class.And remember,here the default base class for all the classes is LOVE.This is something like the OBJECT class,which by default is the base class for all the classes and no class extends the object class(in this post the LOVE class) explicitly :D.The first form of adolescent love happens due to situation and circumstances.This happens when a boy and a girl start moving together in many aspects and any special character of the boy(or girl) might impress the girl.The way the boy speaks or the way he behaves with others or the way others respect the boy etc any such feature might impress the girl(and vice-versa).In this case,the duo will think this as love and they will start thinking too much out of their relation(thanks to cinemas :D).And this is the age where all sorts of funny events will start.Our friends will start teasing us.They will say,"hey she is looking at u,see da".They will call that girl and say "he is calling u".The girl will blush with a cute smile.My goodness,we will be on cloud nine in such situations,but we will never realize 2 things.1: A severe pain awaits all these happiness 2.This is not love and just an infatuation. But again this is also excusable.

The other form of adolescent love is purely based on physical attraction(rather I should say its a biological attraction :x).I believe people who r reading this post are matured enough to understand the meaning of the term 'physical' or 'biological' attraction.But both the forms of this adolescent love will bring nothing more than pain to us,thats why the parents will be bit strict in this aspect alone at this age group.But again over-strictness will prompt even an innocent to do all these stuff. So this is the age where parents have to handle their children delicately with extreme care :-).

The next form of love is college  love.This again is a sub-class of adolescent love.This cannot inherit both the forms of adolescent love,as there is no multiple inheritance in java(now am in java only :D).So again 2 different forms of college love exists.One form of college love is again based on physical,so lets not discuss much abt it.The only difference between adolescent and college love(I mean in terms of physical attraction) is in college it happens intentionally.The boy or girl does this nonsense willingly.Thats all about it.Lets discuss the other form of college love.

But the college love also inherits the properties of puppy-love.So this is multi-level inheritance.

Well this is the most dangerous form of love.Why?

It is in college where a person MIGHT experience joy,pain,affection,emotion,anger etc altogether because he or she remains in college for atleast 3 years.So if the love works out or it fails,both MIGHT result in immense pain.I have seen guys keeping arrears due to love failures.I have seen suicides of girls due to irresponsible guys who,once accepted the love has later distanced themselves stating stupid reasons.Again the vice-versa too holds good for this statement.Here everything will start of as a fun.But this is the age where we start maturing.So love at this age will have lot of possessiveness and pain.If the proposal is accepted,the girl(or boy) becomes too sensitive in the relation.Wherever we go,she/he expects calls from him/her.If they don't get an immediate reply to their messages,they make it an issue.In worst case,if the guy/girl doesn't attend the call from his lover(he might be taking bath,she might be driving etc),thats it.The next word that will come from their mouth is "with which girl u were flirting? what mistake u found out in me? what made u to choose another girl?"paaaaaaaaaaaa.. too many questions right? Ya thats why I said,its painful.

Sometimes,our friends might also help us to marry our partner by going against the parents.99% of such loves has ended up in a disaster.These are the possible outcomes.Either the friends who helped the love will be cheated(Nadodigal is a realistic movie,what we saw in that movie,is not director's imagination,but prevailing reality,so I am not copying him :D) or the lovers themselves will feel for their mistake.Even if the lovers are happy,they will never get the affection of the elders. Their love for sure becomes incomplete without the blessings of the parents. But there are exceptional cases where the love has resulted in immense happiness,no denial in that ,but still that remains a minority.So in my opinion we have to be careful at this age and should see that we never fall in love :-).

I can write a lotttttttttt about college love,but the space is not enough,already all r bashing me for writing long articles.So let me stop with this and proceed to the next and final category of love.

The love after u become a professional is the last category which I am planning to discuss in this post.Well this doesn't extend any class except the default base class LOVE.Actually this is the class with the "public static void main" method.In this class we can create objects for anyother class and call methods of any class :D. And after we become professional we r free to choose our life partner.One will start earning and  for sure will have the much needed maturity to handle love.After becoming a professional it is easy to convince the parents too.But again,if the situation is such that,ur parents can't be convinced means,my suggestion is again to take care that you don't fall in love :-).Just because u r professional,don't keep on searching girls,then people will think bad about ur profession(ungala intha area mama nu nenachippanga).

Thats all about  polymorphism in love.Why am saying that all classes extends the puppy love is because that is the Purest form of love between a girl and boy.Actually True Love is as pure as a fresh air.So all the love should extend the puppy love class.Even the 2 loves,which is based on physical attraction,also starts of with love,but later only it goes awful.So I am correct in terms of inheritance :D.

Finally I would like to conclude this topic with the following SMS joke:

"What is polymorphism?Boys use the word friendship to start  the love,but girls use the same word friendship to end the love,oops concept machi :D".

Take that joke in a lighter vein :-).Provide ur valuable comments in the comments section :-)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

IPL- Indian Poverty League

IPL-Indian Poverty League?So whats this topic all about.. On seeing the pic and title u might have guessed something.Now I have to mention this thing that the above pic with school kids was from a school in the state Jharkhand and I got this pic from the site . Let me elaborate on this pic later in this article. IPL,Poverty and Naxalism.. Read on..

Well,last month our nation witnessed a severe attack by Naxalites over the CRPF(Central Reserve Police Force (India)) Jawans. Around 76 CRPF men were brutally killed by the Naxalites in Dantewade district of Chhattisgarh. And again today some 6 CRPF men were killed in the Naxal attack by using land mines it seems.  Last month when that attack happened,almost every newspaper,24/7 news channels,MPs, ministers etc. everyone were very much concerned about it. Unfortunately their concern lasted for just a week.So what was the scenario before this particular attack by Naxals?

Honorable home minister,Mr.P Chidambaram, told that the Naxals will be finished off completely from India within 3 years. Naxals gave a reply to this remark within few days and the result?76 CRPF Jawans lost their valuable lives.At the time of his visit to Lalgarh,the heart of Naxal territory in West Bengal,Chidambaram said "the buck stops with him(West Bengal CM,Buddhadeb Bhattacharya)". Actually 'buck' is a term used to refer money while playing cards.If it stops with someone,then it means that he has to play and the decision making authority is with him.If he couldn't play anymore,he should pass the buck to someone else. So by his remark Mr.PC meant that all the authorities are with WB CM and he(CM) has to react. Buddhadeb didn't give any harsh reply for this. Within few days after this remark,the Dantewada attack took place.And I guess its Mr.Arun Jaitley(BJP),Leader of opposition in RajyaSabha,has rightly questioned him "Now with whom does the buck stop?".

Alright,the nation has witnessed such a brutal attack.So as a responsible person,what Mr.PC should have done? In my honest opinion,he should have quit the post of Home Minister. A day or 2 after this attack,a news came that,PC offered resignation and PM rejected it.But my question is,why didn't this news come in media,before PM rejected his offer to resign? So Mr. PC was damn sure that neither PM nor Sonia will accept his resignation and as a publicity stunt,the govt., staged this resignation drama. Mr.PC has to understand the fact that,giving harsh and arrogant interviews doesn't mean efficiency.The ironical thing is that the principle opposition party,BJP,said that PC's resignation will be considered as Naxals' victory and so he should not resign.Oh my god!!! How does his resignation will become a victory for Naxals? But,here we have to understand another fact. Even if PC resigns and some other home minister takes charge,there won't be any change.The security issues will persist(remember this is a congress govt).Just as Mr.Shivaraj Patil resigned after 26/11 attack and PC took over.Do u ppl really think there is any difference after 26/11 in India?I don't think so. 

Anyway,lets discuss about Home Ministers and Home Ministry on a separate article.Now PC says he is planning to use air-force against Naxals.Again he says that the govt is ready to have talks with the Naxals.Why such an inconsistent approach in tackling such an important problem?PM Dr.Singh says Naxalism is a grave threat to this nation.The media supports this claim.But one thing which none cares about is what is the root cause of this naxalism?Why do people turn into naxalites? Several educated,intelligent people also become naxals.Why?

In the top of this page,I have mentioned about a pic,remember?That is a school in Jharkhand.In that school around 137 kids are studying.Actually there has to be 3 teachers in that school,till now there are only 2 and another teacher is yet to be appointed.The pic itself shows how good are the basic amenities there.This is just a sample and there are so many other places in India,where there are no schools at all.In some of the places there are no hospitals.People has to walk for quite a long distance to go to hospitals or schools or anywhere else.There are no buses.If we ask why there are no buses,the authorities will answer,"first of all there is no road itself,then why do these fellows need transport".Yes there are no proper roads too.The naxalites doesn't consider the CRPF people or policemen as their enemies.But they consider MNCs,Tatas,Mittals etc as their enemies.Why?

Most of the tribal people are not educated.So what happens is,when the Western companies,MNCs etc wants to establish their company in these places,the govt allocates the land and resources to these companies.In a state,the govt has taken the lands of people by giving just Rs.50,000/acre to them.But the real worth of those lands is around 50Lakhs/acre.This is the situation.A man has no basic facilities like schools to study,roads and transport to travel,hospitals in case of emergency, electricity etc. This really brings out the anger in each and every individual. The minds of these people chooses the path of violence. They turn into naxalites. But how the anger of individuals,becomes a dangerous organization/movement? They just search like minded people and join together.Then they show their anger against the ELITE section of society,through bombs and bullets. But at a later stage,even when they realize that they have chosen the wrong path,they couldn't change themselves.Even if they want to give up the violence,they can't,because the society will not accept it.They will be seen as killers by one section of society and as traitors by another.So what they do? They try to justify their deeds and they never give up.They brainwash the educated young minds,who yield to emotions and make them too as naxalites. This is how the naxalism got established in India.

Alright? Why did I mention about IPL and Lalit Modi? Well it was Lalit Modi and Shashi Tharoor,who diverted the attention of media from Dantewada attack.The media started focusing on these guys and it resulted in the resignation/suspension of both these people from their respective posts.In IPL two new teams are included.They are Pune and Kochi teams,which were sold for a combined worth of Rs.3,235.53 crores.Lalit Modi proudly said that the IPL is recession proof. The total worth of IPL is estimated to be around 20,000 Crores. My question is,how people are able to buy cricket teams for such a huge price?What gives them the confidence to invest so much of money? Is IPL a business?Yes it its(in my opinion).There are allegations that most of the matches were already fixed.Whats there to get shocked in this? These things are quite common in business.Evey businessman wants to gain something and hence they make their teams to lose(am not accusing all cricketers,but my gut feeling says that definitely there will b few players who are involved in this fixing).Now do u really think that will there be valid documents for all the money involved in this big budget gamble?Does all these franchises pay their tax properly? It is said that,this IPL is a kind of business where black money is converted into white money.For these people to have drinks party and discotheques after each and every game,it needs 20,000 crores huh? To build a hospital or school in Chhattisgarh or Orissa,for sure will not cost 20000 crores.

There are allegations against some of the central ministers that they have stakes in this IPL.Mr.Sharad Pawar(Union agricultural minister),Mr.Praful Patel(Union civil aviation minister) are the names that are in news for having illegal shares(but things are yet to b confirmed).If u ask me,it is better to ban businesses like IPL,where corruption, fixing, betting etc takes place to a large extent.And this money can be used for a lot of good things.

So,how to eradicate naxalism?But u can ask me,"this kind of situation is there in almost every state of India,does each and everyone become a Naxalite there"?My answer is no.But the naxal moment was there only in few states in the beginning,and now it has expanded to so many states.In Tamil Nadu too,at one stage this naxalism surfaced.The CM at that,Mr.MGR,mercilessly crushed the naxals and those who supported them.Till today there is no naxalism in TN.Thanks to MGR. This kind of approach should be followed in every state.But,the real success is not in killing naxalites,but in eradicating naxalism.Eradicating in the sense,the govts(both state and central) should take appropriate steps to ensure that people doesn't choose the path of violence again.We have to remember that criminals are not born,but they become.

People who take up naxalism have to understand the fact that as long as they take weapons and indulge in violence,there wont be any development at all.There will be lot of blood and gore.Lot of innocent people will be killed.Only this will happen until they give up violence.People who speak about communism,has to realize the fact that,communism is a dead concept.Remember the fact that,it is in the same Russia,which once attracted the attention of the entire world for its communist principles, Lenin's statue was broken.The Maoists fight with the motive that every one should get everything equally.This is not possible and this also should not happen.Instead,it will be better to fight with the motive that everyone should get what they deserve. Instead of choosing violence,one can choose politics(ofcourse politics is no different from terrorism,but this can be changed).One can contest in elections and become minister.Then he can serve the nation.But that will not happen atleast for now it seems.And my opinion the govts should show zero tolerance towards terrorism of any form and all should not forget to eradicate the cause of naxalism.

I believe I have typed quite a lengthy article.And I think oflate,I have been posting lot of serious articles.My next article will not be this much serious and it will be something related to my college life. Go thru this entire article and give ur valuable comments :-)