Saturday, July 26, 2014

'Tennis' Diplomacy

There was a an accident in Telangana before 2 days.A passenger train rammed into a school bus killing 20 young children.This is an information.This will not bring the much needed sensation to get TRP ratings. So let us ignore this.There is something else related to Telangana.Sania Mirza was appointed 'Brand Ambassador' of Telangana.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao handed over a letter of appointment and also a cheque of Rs. one crore to 27-year-old at an interaction session with industrialists in Hyderabad.

One BJP leader from Telangana raised objection to this.He called Sania as 'daugher-in-law' of Pakistan.This has created a huge uproar in Times Now.They have gone to the extent of creating a hashtag #RightWingFreeRun and started projecting as if the new central govt is torturing the minorities. Within few hours,Mr.Prakash Javadekar, who is Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting,issued a statement as follows :

"Sania Mirza is a pride of India. Sania Mirza has an international standing on her own... So, we have no objection. I am sure she is pride of India. She is brand ambassador of India," he told reporters here."

Regarding the 'daughter-in-law' of Pakistan comment,he says,"This is not BJP's position".

Which clearly means the BJP has distanced itself from the 'Pakistani daughter-in-law' comment. To add more, Union Law Minister Mr.Ravi Shankar Prasad too praised Sania Mirza tweeting, "Sania Mirza is proud daughter of India and has brought great glory to India in the field of sports. @MirzaSania".

'@MirzaSania don't get perturbed by such shameless, irresponsible statements, you are pride of India, keep concentrating on your game. - This is Kirti Azad,a BJP MP.

Only one BJP leader called Sania an outsider,so many people from BJP, who are part of the central govt, supported Sania.We have already exposed the media bias in the force-feeding incident involving a Shiv Sena MP.One more controversial statement - 

"If we all support it and we stand by Narendra Modi systematically, then I feel a Hindu Rashtra will be established," Dhavalikar said.

This Dhavalikar is a Goa MLA.There are 2 ways of interpreting this statement.One is,Mr.Modi will eradicate non-Hindus from India and make India a Hindu nation.This is how media wants the public to interpret for obvious reasons.The other way to interpret,infact the proper interpretations should be as follows.The BJP always believed in a Hindu rashtra(a Hindu nation).Hindu nation doesn't mean a nation with only Hindus.No govt can make India a 'Hindu-only' nation.According to the BJP,Hindutva is a way of living.Once, former Prime Minister,Mr.Vajpayee said,Hindutva means Bharatiyata.The honorable Supreme court of India too upheld this.

"The apex court's three-judge bench in 1995 had held that "Hindutva/Hinduism is a way of life of the people in the sub-continent" and "is a state of mind." 

The judgement was delivered in the case of Manohar Joshi versus N B Patil which was authored by Justice J S Verma who found that statement by Joshi that "First Hindu State will be established in Maharashtra did not amount to appeal on ground of religion." 

The above link also says Supreme Court's seven judge bench all set to revisit this judgement.Let it revisit.But the point which I try to establish here is,the BJP leader's statement of building Hindu rashtra should be interpreted as building a nation with Indian culture and without western culture.Some may not agree with the use of the word 'Hindutva/Hindu rashtra' and the Supreme court may or may not upheld their earlier judgement.But what is clear is,this statement has nothing against minorities.

The use of hash tag #RightWingFreeRun only shows the desperation of the channel to malign the image of BJP and make money by disturbing the existing communal harmony in the nation.

Now,back to 'Tennis' Diplomacy.The stand of TRS Chief and Telangana CM can be found above.I have also quoted the official stand of BJP.But, this 'Tennis' Diplomacy needs more analysis.Alright, Sania Mirza is an Indian/Indian daughter.But what makes her so special to be the brand ambassador of the new state?  She has not won any individual grandslam titles.She has 2 grandslams in mixed doubles(Mahesh Bhupathi was her partner).Apart from that she didn't win any major tournaments.Ofcourse she has won some medals in Afro-Asian games,Asian games and Commonwealth Games.

Let it be.Recently Sania broke down during a television interview and asked 'I don’t know how many times I will have to justify my Indianess, prove my patriotism'.

She showed her patriotism by refusing to hold the Indian national flag during the 2012 Olympics ceremony.

She did not follow the dress-code during the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony.

While all the male members of the Indian team were dressed in off-white sherwanis at the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the tennis duo of Sania Mirza and Sunitha Rao were attired in black trousers and practice jackets. Not only did the two not follow the dress code, the contrast was even more jarring to the eyes when they walked with Delhi paddler Neha Aggarwal who chose a greenish saree for the occasion.

Mirza disrespected the national tricolour by sitting in a manner so that her feet pointed at the flag, which he felt was derogatory and had hurt him.

Still Sania asks how many times should she justify her Indianess and she breaks down too even after so many people supporting her. I am reminded of an English phrase - 'drama queen'.

On the other hand,there is another star from Telangana.She has won some major titles.She made India proud by winning the first Olympic medal for India in badminton.None has done this before.She is none other than She is none other than Saina Nehwal.The Telangana CM could have very well made Saina Nehwal as the new state's brand ambassador.What is more painful is,she has come out in open that she has not received the cash award from her state for her Olympic medal.It has been 2 years since she won the medal.

"I am happy to know that sania mirza has become the brand ambassador of telangana and I am proud of telangana but I am very hurt and sad that I have still not received the cash award from my state for the Olympic bronze medal that I won for my country," tweeted the Hyderabadi.

It seems our politicians cheat sportsperson too.Instead of creating a hash tag to disturb the communal harmony,the media can come out in support for Saina.In India,it is very difficult for a non-cricketing sportsperson to shine as the govts doesn't provide adequate funds.But a govt not paying the cash award to a sportsperson is a serious issue.Its alarming.

There is more to this 'Tennis' Diplomacy.

“both Telangana and Kashmir were not part of India before 1947. They were separate nations. But we were forcibly annexed to the Indian Union after 1947. Our troubles have started since then.” She went on to add, “we do come out clean, few parts of Kashmir are not ours and we need to draw international borders.”

The above intelligent statement was issued by none other than the honorable Telangana CM's daughter K Kavitha.She is an elected MP.

With the Telangana CM's daughter issuing statements like this,with the CM appointing a Pakistani's wife(who is an Indian) as the state's brand ambassador,there is nothing wrong in raising doubts over this appointment. What Mr.KCR is trying to achieve?

"The tennis star avoided answering a question whether she was being targeted because of her religion. "I do not know about that," she said."

Did Mr.Chandrasekhara Rao appoint Sania because of her religion thinking that the minorities will support him?Does he thinks this new 'Tennis' Diplomacy will bring minority votes?Well, "WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT".

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Poisonous Media

It has been 2 months(approximately) since the BJP came to power. Till now the Indian media couldn't get any worthy news.So all these days they were giving extra importance to rapes.We will not be surprised if any TV channel starts a show called 'rapehour' to telecast about rapes alone.Finally they have got something for which they have been starving all these days.This is the flash news in all tv channels. A Shiv Sena MP forced a Muslim,who was fasting, to eat food.

Our television channels cooked up their own story.One channel said,he was forced to break fast.Almost all the tv channels and most of the newspapers carried out headlines as "Shiv Sena MPs force Muslim staffer to break Ramzan fast". .

The MP's defence is that he was not aware of the staff's name and was only trying to grab the attention of the authorities to the poor quality of food served at Sadan.His defence and excuse is very much acceptable.If this is something like an incident against Muslims,one MP would not have directly fought with one Muslim staff.Personally, I have never supported Shiv Sena or the Thackreys.I condemned the arrest of 2 girls for their comment on Bal Thackrey.In this same blog,so many times I have criticized/mocked Shiv Sena. I am not a fan of their politics.But this incident only shows,how much eager the Indian media is to create tensions between Hindus and Muslims for their marketing purpose.The issue is simple - a Shiv Sena MP force-fed an employee in New Maharashtra Sadan.

Shiv Sena's official mouth piece Saamna has carried out an article defending the MP.It says the MP was not aware of the fact that the employee was a Muslim.It further argues,the media didn't mention that the person who raped a school girl in Bangalore was a Muslim.

Recently, a Muslim teacher in Bangalore raped a small girl in the school even after having roza, but media is not speaking about this.

Let it be.One may very well argue that this is Shiv Sena's official mouth-piece and may not be ready to accept what is mentioned in that article.Let us recollect an incident which happened in 2012.A school boy killed his Hindi teacher(Uma Maheswari) for complaining to his parents about his poor academic performance.He was just a 9th standard student and the fellow had come prepared to attack the teacher with a knife.

What is the connection between this incident and the force-feeding incident?Let me explain.

The boy who killed the teacher was a Muslim.His name is Mohammed Irfan.Not a single newspaper or television channel carried out headlines like 'Muslim boy murders school teacher'.It only said,school boy murders teacher.And this bold newspaper The Hindu which is jumping to earth and sky today against the force-feeding incident,didn't even mention the boy's name then.It only reported,

A teacher was stabbed to death in the classroom of a private school here on Thursday, allegedly by a 15-year-old student who was upset at being repeatedly reprimanded by her for not doing well in studies.

This is yet another example for our media's hypocrisy.The Hindu's(Tamil) facebook page has shared the statement of Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah.Omar asks,what will be the reaction of Shiv Sena and BJP MPs if a non-muslim vegetarian is forced to eat meat?Well,the Hindu has always remained un-Hindu.By sharing such news items selectively, these tv channels and newspapers create enmity between the 2 religions and they make money out of this enmity.

So many times I felt this - most the Indian media are against Hindus. The way our media reported this incident, only confirms this.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Gaza Attacks - The other side

What is hypocrisy?When Hamas launched rockets on Israel and civilians in Israel were affected,we never bothered.. Here not many knows that it is Hamas who attack Israel often. When Israel has decided to take on Hamas,we started projecting ourselves as victims.We antagonized Israel to such an extent of sharing fake pictures and videos as if the Israel military is killing women and children. This false propaganda is more poisonous than the most poisonous snake.

The Boko Haram terrorists have gained an upper hand in Nigeria and their atrocities has instilled a sense of fear among innocent civilians there.Boko Haram means western education is sin.Well the sympathizers/victims/martyrs/secularists give a false reason that Israel is carrying out all attacks on Palestine to occupy the land,what reason will these martyrs or sympathizers give for the atrocities in Ngeria? The Islamic terror groups killed non-Muslims in Nairobi shopping complex.

"..Then an Indian man came forward and they said, 'What is the name of Muhammad's mother?' When he couldn't answer they just shot him."

None of our sympathizers,who are so much disturbed about the attacks by Israel army in Palestine, raised their voice when incidents like this happened.Even worst case,the Boko Haram terrorists kidnapped 300 school girls and have threatened to push them into prostitution.What is the motive of these terrorists?They just want people in these countries to follow only Islam.

These are also incidents of international importance where lot of innocent civilians including women and children were killed.We were not aware of all these incidents.Or we pretend to be unaware of.When a country launches counter-attack on a terrorist organization,we are outraged.All our emotions come out.

Let us see what these 'emotions' hide.First of all,Israel is not carrying out these attacks to occupy Palestine. Actually it is the other way around.The Palestinians call themselves Jihadis and they fight against Israel. Against whom you people are carrying out Jihad?What is the motive of this Jihad?Well the below link provides proper details about this issue.

Israel received independence in 1948. The Muslim ethnic group of Israel were told by their leaders to leave the country because of the influx of Jews coming to the land from the Nazi Holocaust. While Israel absorbed all Jewish refugees coming into the land these Muslim ethnics were not absorbed by any of their Arab brother countries which occupy much vast territories compares to tiny state of Israel.  Ultimately these Muslims then returned to Israel and Israelis gave them visas for work in the country. They established themselves to live in the country in West bank and GAZA strip but ultimately started identifying and asserting themselves as ‘Palestinian’ with a demand for a separate homeland (a common trait found in Muslims e.g. partition of India , Cyprus ,Bangladesh etc.) Meanwhile the Arabs who did not flee Israel continued to live in Israel.

False Propaganda: Is the biggest and oldest weapon of radical Muslims; they always play themselves as Victims or Martyrs and always successfully make the masses sympathetic to their situation. So much so that usually Hollywood shows them as heroes in various films.

In fact, their propaganda is so perfect that the worlds is lead to believe that Israel a land with no natural resources and successful only on its own merit has more money and owns   the entire media ; that they're obviously teeming with riches. in reality it's the oil rich Arab countries who are actually influencing world media and financing jihad all over the world , and ends up showing Israelis as 'evil Zionists'.

The argument that no media ever shows attack on Palestinians by Israel is typical false propaganda to gain sympathy in the international arena.The hamas thinks by projecting themselves as victims they can bring ceasefire in Palestine with the help of international bodies like UN.The hamas has been carrying out attacks on Israel for quite a long time and Israel has launched counter-attacks.No nation can tolerate constant attacks on its civilians by a terrorist organization.Israel decided to keep a full stop to the hamas terrorist group.

Before launching any attacks in Gaza strip, the Israel army provides prior information well in advance to the civilians there to vacate the place to avoid civilian deaths.But the hamas terrorist group doesn't allow these civilians to move out and they use them as human shields.The false propaganda is so cruel that the facebook warriors share a pic like an army man is having gun in his hand and is all set to kill a kid and its mother. The hypocrisy has gone to such an extent that nowadays they started praising Hitler and his act of killing Jews. For these guys Narendra Modi and Hitler are same and their logic is that Hitler killed Jews and Modi killed Muslims.Now the logic changed or it has been modified.Now they ignored the Modi part and modified the Hitler part alone.A pic in facebook was doing rounds which says that Hitler left some Jews alive and said that the world will know how dangerous these Jews are.At the bottom of the picture,there is a line which says - 'We need Hitler back'.Did Hitler ever say that?Do you people have any authentic proof for that?

See the below video. Israeli pilot abandons a planned air strike due to the presence of civilians.

Well this cannot be done always.But this video only shows the Israel army actually targets only the terrorist groups and not the civilians. On the other hand, see what the hamas spokesperson says.He claims using civilians as human shields is a strategy and is proud that it worked out in halting the attacks.

So the strategy is clear.The hamas wants a separate homeland and for that they carry out attacks on Israel. The Israel,which has the best self defense,decided to launch a powerful attack on hamas and keep a full stop to the terrorist organization.They want the civilians to move out to a safe zone so that it will be easy for them to attack the hamas.Now the hamas are playing the victim card by using the innocent civilians as human shields and their aim is to halt the attacks on them and on the other hand they will continue to fire rockets on Israel.