Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Time to Confess

Hello friends,it has been quite a while since I have updated this space.Well,this time am back with a story.It's again my imagination.Ofcourse,this is also a kind of love story.One more clarification - my intention is not to give a message or any advice through this story..This is a just-like-that story..If this resembles with anyone,its purely co-incidence .Now let me get into this story.

It's Time to Confess...

It was around 2.30 PM.The professor entered the classroom.To his surprise,the entire classroom was empty. Professor got confused.He even thought whether he has come to a wrong classroom?What if it is a wrong classroom?How can it be empty on a Monday?He called the peon and asked the details.The peon himself was drunk and gave the following answer:

"Today is Rahul's birthday.So they have planned to celebrate it in a grand manner.So the entire class bunked the afternoon session"

Professor asked angrily,"really?"

Peaon,"when people are drunk,they will speak only truth"

A hapless professor thought of complaining to principal,but he didn't want to waste his time as well as his students'.

Ok,where are the students now?

After watching Om Shanti Om noon show,everyone assembled in a bar.Rahul started speaking,

"Friends,this is my treat.Don't hesitate,drink as much as you wish.Cheers!!!!!!!!"

The entire crowd shouted,"happy birthday Rahuuuuuuuuuuul",except one voice.That voice belongs to Karthik.

Rahul came to Karthik and said,"dude,I didn't want to miss out any individual..I wanted to make everyone happy..I know you will not drink,but still I wanted you to join the celebrations..That's why forced you here.. Here other than drinks,so many other things are available..Please help yourself....."

Sowmya was sitting next to Karthik.They 2 were alone in that table.

Sowmya : "Karthik,don't you drink really?"

Karthik:  "You know me for the past 3 years,have you ever seen me drinking?"

Sowmya: "No,but still just a curiosity" (started laughing).

But Karthik is not amused.He is still calm and composed.With a soft smile on his face,Karthik ordered for some starters.

Sowmya : "You will not drink,but you will only have side dish" (again started laughing).

Karthik thought :"what the fuck is this?this is why I avoid such parties..This dumbo Rahul,being my close friend,I couldn't avoid it..Shit,for the past 2 years his birthdays were on holidays,unfortunately this time its on Monday,I had to come..and I have to hear the words of such senseless creatures..)..

Sowmya continued.

"Karthik,why can't you try a sip?you know what,u can understand the meaning of heaven,when you are drunk"

Karthik : " No,I will never go against my conscience.It says not to drink" said it in a clear voice.

Sowmya : "Conscience?come on yaar,just try it out once..A lot can happen over Vodka :D" (again started laughing).

Karthik(angrily) : "Sowmi,can you stop this nonsense for sometime?Don't waste your time talking with me,go for some more pegs,that will make you happy"

Sowmya(already not in her senses) :"Kaaartheeek,don't get know what,I like you very are someone special to me..I lov.." (she fell unconscious before completing the sentence)..Her friends took her to home.

That night Karthik spent a few minutes thinking about Sowmya.

"She looks beautiful.To be honest,in last week's function,when she came in sari,she was looking like a real angel.No doubt she is the most beautiful girl in our department.But I don't want to invite trouble by going behind her,just because she is beautiful.She drinks like anything.Dances in discotheque like a donkey..She calls herself a modern girl...Does modern girl means drinking girl?Fucking western culture spoiled everything..But,she likes me a lot...No no,we should not think about this girl anymore.."

Days went on..Almost 3 yrs gone after college life.Now Karthik is working in a MNC..One fine morning:

Karthik was getting ready to office.His friend Vivek was waiting for him in the room.He was just going through the dailies:

Karthik : "Vivek, just few mins,will start"

Vivek : "Ya no probs..let me continue reading this items are really interesting"

Karthik :"Oh!!!Tell me the interesting news,let me also know"

Vivek :" Women Police has arrested a girl yesterday,as she was drunk heavily and found lying on road,unconsciously, late night."

Karthik : "Wow Women police rocks!!!..Give that paper here,let me also see more details about it.."

Karthik was shocked to see the paper..He looked like a worried man..The girl mentioned in the paper was Sowmya..He thought of not to discuss more about it..But..

Karthik : "Hey Vivek,shall we go this police station?I know that girl pretty well.."

Vivek : "What r u going to do by meeting her?This is none of (y)our business..Come lets go to office"

Karthik : "I too thought like that only,but something is eating me..Please come,we can go"

Vivek : "Alright"

They entered the police station.He thought it will be a women police station,but it was not.They were asked to wait until the inspector comes.Finally the inspector came.

Karthik showed the paper and asked permission to meet that girl.

Inspector : "You can meet.Are you her brother?or in what way you are related to her?"

Karthik : "Friend"

Inspector : "Her parents themselves refused to bail her out..Had they not filed FIR,by this time I myself would have released her"

Karthik : "Sir for drinking case why did you file FIR?You could have waited for a while right?"

Inspector : "Who said its a drinking case?Read the news properly..It was an attempt to murder..She has assaulted 2 people and one got seriously injured.Now he is in critical condition..Based on the other guy's input we traced this girl"

Karthik became speechless..He realized that Sowya is in a big trouble than what he thought..He met her:

Karthik : "Sowmya,whats this?why your parents has not come to help you?whats wrong with them?"

Sowmya : "Karthik,you might not be knowing about my family..I am living with my step mom and her family only..They will not help me at any cost"

Karthik : "What the hell?"

Sowmya : "Thanks for visiting me..If possible help me in someway..Please get me out of here.."

Karthik realized the seriousness of the issue..He asked the inspector what needs to be done immediately to get her out..Inspector suggested him to meet a lawyer and bail her out..

Vivek : "Machi,I know a lawyer..He is my family friend..Shall we go there?"

Karthik accepted it and they immediately came with the lawyer..Sowmya was bailed out..Karthik firmly believed that something has gone wrong..They thanked the lawyer for bailing her out without asking too many details on what has happened,as he is Vivek's family friend..Then they moved to a relatively peaceful place and after having some snacks,Karthik asked Sowmya:

"Sowmya,what happened?Tell me now"

Sowmya hesitated a bit.

Karthik : "No other go,you have to tell this..The lawyer should know everything perfectly,then only he can help you out..."

Sowmya : "Karthik,am really ashamed of my act..As usual I went for a party with my colleague yesterday and was having drinks..Suddenly I started feeling something unusual and felt that I was becoming unconscious"

Karthik : "Its usual only for you..You will booze heavily and will fall unconscious..So whats unusual here"

Sowmya : "No Karthik,I didn't booze heavily,even before finishing my first round I started feeling like that..So I didn't drink anymore..I thought of leaving the place as I was not feeling well..I asked my colleague and his friend,with whom I went to the party, to help me to get out..They took me away from the party hall,but not to gate..They were taking me somewhere else.."

Karthik was able to guess what might have happened..Sowmya continued..

Sowmya :"They tried misbehaving with me..I begged them to leave me..But they were not listening me..I couldn't run also..When they were crossing their limits,I found a flower vase near me and assaulted one of them with it he fell down..I gathered all my strength and somehow came out..I don't know how long I walked after that,I fell down somewhere..Morning I found myself in jail"

Lawyer interrupted : "When you are unconscious,they should have consulted a doctor right?"

Sowmya : "They did..Based on the complaint given by my colleague,they arrested me it seems..The complaint is that I have assaulted them when I was drunk"

Then the lawyer said he will take care of this case and asked the details about her colleague..Meanwhile Karthik asked Sowmya,"ok shall I drop you in your home?"

Sowmya :"Home?Hereafter they will not allow me into that house..I am scared really..I don't know why the F am alive.."

Karthik was confused and asked Vivek whether he knows any ladies hostel?Again the lawyer interrupted:

"If you don't mind,she can stay with my sister..She stays in a hostel..You can stay there for time being..And can look out for a better place soon"

Karthik thanked the lawyer whole heartedly and got the address of the hostel..The lawyer told that he will talk with his sister and asked Karthik and co to approach her,as he had some other work..Karthik went with Sowmya while Vivek,came in bike..Karthik slowly started talking with Sowmya and asked about her family..

Sowmya's mother died when she was young and her father married another women to take care of Sowmya..But Sowmya begged her father not to marry..Against her wishes her father married..Right from the beginning she was not in good terms with her step mother as her(step mom) character was bad..Whenever she was in home,she felt like being in a hell..Her father thought only paying fees and giving packet money is his duty..He never bothered to ask anything about his daughter's activities..She started coming home at late nights..Unfortunately,she had a very bad friends circle..She started smoking,drinking..After an age she started going to discotheques.. Recently her father too passed away..Within few weeks her step started bringing someother person to her house..Sowmya didn't like it and she raised her voice against it.. She was shocked with the response she got from her step mom.. She learnt that her father has written the house and other properties in the name of her second wife's son and they were waiting for the legal formalities to happen..On hearing this,Sowmya even thought,if he is really her father..They told that until the legal formalities gets over she can stay in the house..Within that this incident has happened and Sowmya didn't want to go to that house again..

After hearing such a long story Karthik  developed some sympathy towards her,but still he spoke strictly and little angrily with her...

Karthik : "Sowmya,I agree that your situation was terrible..But that cannot justify your drinking and other bad habits.."

Sowmya nodded her head,she didn't want to argue anything with Karthik..But she had lot of respect towards Karthik..Infact she truly loved Karthik,but realized that she is no match for him,as she had lot of bad habits,while Karthik is a real gentleman.. While thinking like this they reached the hostel..They called the lawyer's sister..Again Karthik was in for a huge huge shock..On seeing the lawyer's sister,he became a bit angry..For a moment he even thought of walking back without even telling a 'hi' to her.Suddenly he realized the situation and went towards her..Sowmya too was surprised to see that girl..Yes she is Sindhu,the same girl who studied with these 2 in college..

Karthik asked Vivek,"unakku oorukkulla vera lawyer eh kedakkalaya da"(don't u know anyother lawyer here..?)

Vivek : "Why?what's wrong with him?"

Karthik : "Nothing..Will explain you later..Come let us thank her and go"

Karthik went towards Sindhu.She said a "hi" to him and with a formal smile Karthik acknowledged it..He thanked her for her kindness to keep Sowmya with her..He didn't talk much with her and left the place..

Then Vivek started talking with Karthik :

Vivek : "Hey who is she?Why did you become so angry on seeing her?"

Karthik : "Was I so angry?"

Vivek: "Then?Those 2 girls were scared on seeing your face"

Karthik : "Stop Kidding!!I know about both of them..Only we have to be careful with them"

Vivek : "I am really not able to understand...Whats wrong with you?"

Then Karthik started explaining Vivek about Sindhu and Sowmya.

During college days,Sindhu was one among the best friends of Karthik.They were so close that without Sindhu,Karthik will not go for lunch,without Karthik Sindhu will not go for movies/outings with college friends,Karthik will come to college only in Sindhu's bike.Sindhu will be driving and Karthik will keep on talking some useless things and Sindhu used to enjoy that useless talk.

One fine day Sindhu introduced her friend to Karthik.While going in bike Karthik started commenting about her friend.

Karthik : "Sindhu,your friend looks simply awesome"

Sindhu : "so what?"(in a firm voice)

Karthik : "No just said..her eyes has some magnetic will be of great help to me if u get her number to me "

Sindhu became serious and said, "Karthik,this is the limit.She is my friend,one more comment about her,will kill you"

Without understanding the seriousness,Karthik continued,"I know how to get that number without your help..I don't need your help for this"

Sindhu stopped the bike and gave a serious look.She was really angry.She spoke strictly and her voice was bit scary too..she said "Karthik,you may be my best friend,but I will never encourage such nonsense..Try to behave yourself..One more time you talk like this,then I will never talk with you again"

Karthik got scared.He was simply making fun of Sindhu and was just teasing.He never expected this from Sindhu..Karthik didn't want to lose Sindhu's friendship for such a stupid reason..So,

Karthik : "Sorry Sindhu,I was just making fun of you.I never thought you will take my words so serious.It's only my mistake and I shouldn't have commented about your friend to really sorry.."

Sindhu acknowledged it and gave a smile to Karthik.But the story didn't end there.

The next day morning Sindhu started shouting at Karthik.Some guys were standing with Karthik.Sindhu started shouting,

"Karthik,how many times I told you,not to disturb my friend..are u not ashamed of yourself to do like this?y r u behaving so cheap?"

Karthik : "Sindhu,what are you talking about?What did I do?"

Sindhu : "Don't act too smart..u did as u said..I had a great respect towards yu..but u started flirting with my friend na?how cheap u r?"

Karthik : "Sindhu,this is your limit..I told you I was just making fun of you..Don't u knw about me?why r u behaving like this?If u still think I sent those messages to your friend,file a complaint against get lost"

Sindhu : "Shouting will not help u..I will not leave this.."

After this incident Sindhu left..But later on she learnt from her friend that those messages were not sent by Karthik and it was someone else who was playing with her..Sindhu felt very bad..She started crying..She even thought of going to Karthik's room at that late night..But then she managed herself..She met Karthik the next day..

Sindhu : "Karthik!!Can I talk with you for few minutes?"

Karthik was in no mood to listen to her..He simply walked off..She called him so many times,he simply disconnected the call and even switched off his mobile phone..After some 2 days,Karthik received an SMS from Sindhu, 

"hey Karthik..pls don't ignore this msg sorry I have hurt u..but I believe we WERE good earnest request..can u please spare some time for me today?I know I don't deserve any respect..But if you have atleast some respect for our friendship,please do come today...I will be waiting for u in our usual place.."

Karthik made some calculations in his mind and decided to meet Sindhu..He went to that usual juice shop,where they used to spend hours together..

Sindhu : "Karthik,I..I sorry..I know this sorry will not change things,but I will go mad if I don't say this to you.."

Karthik : "Glad that you realized your mistake..So hereafter you wont go mad right?Thank God,I saved a girl's life"(Karthik started leaving).

Sindhu : "Karthik please sit down..This is public place,don't insult me like this..Please"

Karthik sat back and said,"Wow,now you found out that this is public place..But you didn't know that when you were shouting at me that day.."

Sindhu : "No Karthik,my friend got some real bad messages..When she told this to me,I became very angry and without knowing what to do,I shouted at sorry yaar..pls understand"

Karthik : "Sorry???If your friend gets bad messages,only I will be responsible for it huh?Idiot"

Sindhu : "Hey for this small mistake you are doing too much!!"

Karthik : "Small mistake?Sindhu,when trust fails everything else fails..I don't know whether your friend complained about me or not,even had she told my name,you should have supported me..You should have told that my friend is not such a person,he will not do like that..But you didn't..When there is no trust,there is no meaning in any relationship:

Sindhu : "Hmm..Ya agreed,its my mistake..Please..."

Karthik : "There is no mistake on your part my dear friend..Its my mistake..I shouldn't have given you so much of space in my life.Had I seen you as a girl,I could have easily avoided such problems..I saw you only as a friend and am paying for it..Let the past be past,I don't want to repeat my mistake any more..As a well wisher am telling this to you,don't ever talk with me..If you do so,then its at your own risk..Keep this 25 rupees..My juice share..This is the last time I am talking with you,"Good Bye"

Karthik walked off with these words..After that Sindhu tried to convince Karthik so many times,but Karthik didn't even talk with her..

Vivek : "Then what about Sowmya?"

Karthik explained about Sowmya to Vivek..

Karthik : "Sowmi even proposed me 2 or 3 times when we were in college..But I never acknowledged it..Infact she is in touch with me through facebook and some social networks,but I never felt comfortable with her..I was always of the opinion that such a boozing cultureless girl will be no match to me"

Vivek : "oorukkulla oruthi vudaama thaan sanda izhuthu vachirkiya da?"(you have picked up a fight with everyone it seems)..Hmm,what are you planning to do now?"

Karthik : "Will tell you!!!"

Sowmya's situation kept on disturbing Karthik..He was thinking about her the whole night..Meanwhile Sowmya learnt these incidents from Sindhu..Days went on..Meanwhile the lawyer and Karthik convinced the people who gave complaint against Sowmya and the complaint was withdrawn..

Then Karthik met Sowmya..

Karthik : "Sowmi,I have a good news for you"

Sowmya sarcastically asked  "Oh wow!!whats that?"

Karthik : "The compaint against you has been withdrawn and there is no case against you"

Sowmya : "Great!!Thanks a lot Karthik,to be frank I am not so happy about the news which you brought..But I am really glad that you spent your valuable time for me..Will never forget this..Don't what can I do in return for you"

Karthik : "Why are you talking like this?Atleast from now on,you can lead a good life right?"

Sowmya : "Why Karthik?what am I going to achieve by doing so?Infact I am not at all happy to be alive at all..Because of my stupidity I have troubled so many good people..But I would like to do atleast something good in my life..If you co-operate..."

Karthik with a confusion,"In what way should I co-operate?"

Sowmya : "Sindhu is a good girl.."

Karthik : "I never had a second thought in it..Yes of-course she is a good girl,what you want me to do for that?"

Sowmya : "Don't get tensed..I heard everything from Sindhu,you have punished her for quite a long time..Enough"

Karthik : "I never punished anyone,am just taking care so that I need not face any insults in my life.."

Sowmya : "Come on Karthik,it has been almost 4 years since...Try to move on..She is the best pair for you..She is still single,this is the right time to approach her..You people are just made for each other"

Karthik : "I think you talk sensibly when you are drunk!!Cut the crap..I have already told her,when trust fails everything fails.."

Sowmya : "Karthik,she might be too possessive on you.."

Karthik : "Such possessiveness will result in disaster..Whats wrong with you?Shall I say something to you?"

Sowmya : "What?"

Karthik : "Well,you should not mistake me if I say this..But I don't think its a mistake..Shall I go ahead?"

Sowmya : "Whats wrong with you?come on go ahead" (Sowmya suspected something,but she changed her mind,but)

Karthik : "I like you..I like you only..Only you will be the best match for me.."

Sowmya : "Karthik,don't be stupid..My family situation has created some sort of sympathy in your mind..Don't mistake it for love"(though she said this,she was little happy for Karthik's words)

Karthik : "Sowmi,well your situation has created little sympathy towards you,its true..But I know the difference between love and sympathy..You proposed me so many times..But at that time I didn't find anything impressive on you..But you were on my mind..Though you booze and dance in discos,you are a good girl..You genuinely proposed me..Even though you booze,you didn't 'make' any boyfriend/boyfriends as a fashion..I know you still love me..You have a better understanding about me..We have shared a lot of things and you never felt am a boring guy..And now that I have a clear understanding about you..And I believe,this is the right time to express,infact confess my love..I don't think I can get anyone better than you!!"

Sowmya : "What if I tie Raaki to you and say you are my brother"

Karthik : "Without any second thought I will kill you..Don't talk like a lunatic..Do you know one thing?Nowadays most of the girls use the word "Brother,Anna" etc out of insecurity..When they don't believe a guy,then only they will call him "Anna",so that others will not mistake the girl and the guys too will not develop any intention towards the girl"

After a short pause,Karthik continued,

"Sowmi,am waiting for a sensible reply from you.If you don't like me really,tell me frankly,I will not disturb you anymore"

Sowmya couldn't believe these words..She couldn't control her emotions anymore..With tears on her eyes and a broad smile on her face,she just hugged Karthik tightly..She didn't speak anything..But Karthik started speaking again,

"Sowmi,you have faced so many problems in your life because of drinking..If we drink,it spoils us..We lose our control..When we are not in our control,we may do many mistakes and they may result in disastrous effects..So.."

Sowmiya : "Ya I understood..I will behave like a cultured Indian girl,as you say :-)"