Thursday, May 28, 2009

A farewell to all the Sweet Dreams

Hi friends now I am back after a long time..I hope to keep the atleast dream---life blog active hereafter as my dream life has come to an end..I dont know whats so special about this final semester...I have never bothered that my college life is ending until the end of 7th sem.Infact I was expecting when it will..But now I feel it would be better if we have classes for one more semester,but a strict no to exams(padikkarthu romba kashtam pa :P)..So whats so special about this final semester...?

Three important memorable events in this semester means,i would go for Coorg trip(about which i have written a detailed post),a terrific experience to IG resort(actually i am planning to write a detailed post about this resort experience,enna athu avlo bayangaram :D) and the last working day...Ii am saying about these three events because they have that much importance...It was coorg which gave an opportunity for me to move with most of my classmates...To be precise,it was after the coorg tour some of them who were just my classmates,became my friends...I cant explain more about it,as the previous statement gives a perfect explanation...

This is just about coorg...Whats all about resort..?Well i can even make a short film on that incident as it has right mix of dance,comedy and even fights :D...So I wish to write it as a seperate post...Anyway because of our trip to resort,my friends count increased from all sides..That says it all...I got an opportunity to entertain my friends and i did it to an extent... My department,CSE,is the RICHEST DEPARTMENT in our college,with more than 240 students per batch,each paying a fee of 1.5Lakh..But the recession bug has bitten them too,so they couldnt even conduct a farewell for us and felicitate..What to do,poor fellas,pozhachi pogattum...So we went to resort as a replacement only..But still we had a great time there...And I believe none would forget this experience,including the guys who organised(I will connect this point in my next post :D)

The third thing is the final working day..When i felt that we can never get another working day,something started eating me...In that week I filled many slam books..The best part of those slam books was a category called about me...That column really embrassed me a lot,because i didnt know much(infact nothing about some people) about many of them at that time..If it is some comedy column means without any hesitation i could have written for 5 or 6 pages,as i do in examinations and tests :P..But in slam book my inner conscience didnt allow me to do that..So i wrote just few lines but true lines about the people who gave me their slam books..

Apart from these three there were several incidents and things which made me to keep a minimum of 90% attendance for each semester..Kindly note down only my attendance percentage is 90 and not my exam percentage(vaanganamnu aasa thaan,aana athu konjam peraasa :D)..My friends circle is too big starting from bai,dude,gokul,kesava,Naren,Jerjis,Manikandans(2 Manis), Gk,Dk,Science,Ms,Jaggi,Harish.R,Gautam Subuthi,Manas and so many...I cant name each and every individual,if i do so,it will itself consume the entire topic..
If there is something which I really regret means I have not at all spoken with some people all these years before going to that resort and coorg..Anyway there are other things to discuss too :)

In this most of them time i used to be with 3 fellas..Reason others will be engaged in some useless work all the time like CAT,MAT,MBA,MS etc.But only dude,gokul(A TCS Legend :P) and bai,used to accompany me in most of the USEFUL things like ragging,scolding someone badly etc.We guys have done so many mischiefs together..We have passed comments at so many girls :P,lecturers,proffessors etc..While commenting girls we dont see any partiality.We are always unbiased critics as you people know..Junior or senior no matter..UG or PG doesnt count..We will pass comment if we see them..

If there is one subject which I will never forget in my life means its personality development class,which gave me the thunderous title RamuJi(thanks to Gokul :))..I got a chance to speak my mind out in public..Dont know how much others will remember,but i will never forget it..I cant forget the debates and Group Discussions that took place in those hours..As the name suggests,the subject made me as a funny personality RamuJi among my friends..

There are other funny events too..You cant get better comical scenes even in movies compared to the classes taken by lecturers..They may teach seriously,but like a T.Rajendar movie,it becomes a comedy for us..The best entertainer in this kind i would say is Mr.Ravi,the engineering graphics sir..Funny man,he used to say that he will set alarm and will wake up early in the morning by some 3 or 3.30 to correct our charts..Some more entertainers are also there,but i am expecting my friends to write their names in comments section :)

But now its all over..No more college days...Am no more a college student...Hereafter I cant sit in lawn with Gokul or bai and comment at others,I cant make funny comments when Saba or Jeba sir is teaching..The forthcoming junior sets will be missing our set's ragging(u cant get decent as well as enjoyable ragging from anyone other than our set)..I will be missing my jolly travel with my usual gang in electric train..Hereafter i cant blackmail science(Koushik Barath) that i will put your photo in orkut(but i have that be careful :P),i cannot make fun of dude for his low attendance(hereafter no attendance machi :))..Kesava is the one who has been helping me by giving dvds of all new movies(any language),tour photos etc..Today he gave the dvd of our class photos,dont know whether i could get another one from him(the pic in the top too was given by him only)..I cannot speak funny malayalam and tease Jithin or Ismail..I cannot tease MS and make him shout at me,I cannot hear genuine bad words from Jagadish..I cannot tease master as Gym body..I cannot tease DK master about his Brindavan express..I cannot speak out my mind in public as I did in PD classes..I have described so many things which I cannot do hereafter,but dont know what I can do from now on :-0

Anyway like autograph cheran,these memories will remain as sweet memories in my heart infact in all our hearts..Dont get puzzled on reading such an emotional post..Now I am in feelings mood :D..I wanted to dedicate a post in this blog as a farewell to my sweet memories..What I have written here is just 10% and imagine how the hell the other 90% will be...

Dont worry friends,i will be back again soon with an entertaining post :D..This post is like a class movie and soon i will come up with mass movies...Enjoy reading this post..If its irritating feel free to bash me in comments section(but dont use bad words to take any revenge :D,i will delete the bad words and all :D :D :D )...