Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The other face of casteism

My previous post highlighted the plight of Dalits and other backward communities.There are some more issues related to casteism.There is an unwritten rule in India that "being secular is being anti-hindu".On the same lines,there is another unwritten rule,that is being followed in some states,bash brahmins and you become a pagutharivaali(means civilized person or literally,people with 6th sense).Most of the politicians starts with this and end up with something like giving reservation to a so-and-so community targeting their votes.This vote bank politics has created a dangerous situation in India.

Now,I think,the reservation in Tamil Nadu is around 69%.According to constitution,it should not exceed 50%.But the then govts made some amendments and has increased the reservations to 69%.It was somewhere around 25% in Tamil Nadu and the then DMK govt increased it to 31%,and in 1980,after suffering severe setbacks in a parliamentary elections,the then CM, Mr.MGR,has increased it to 50%,thinking that the defeat was due to some of the statements made by him earlier.It is said that,once MGR said the creamy layer should not get reservation and some amendments has to be made in the existing reservation system.But in the early 80s,the DMK aligned with congress and MGR was with Janata Party.Janata govt collapsed within 2-3 years and it couldn't keep up people's faith,as a result of which the verdict was completely against Janatha Party and the Congress got a landslide victory.MGR thought the defeat was due to his statements about reservation and increased it to 50%.DMK too thought there is an anti-incumbency against ADMK govt and tactically and undemocratically, the DMK-Congress alliance,dismissed the democratically elected ADMK govt under MGR.But in the elections,again ADMK got a landslide victory and MGR became CM.This clearly shows the reason for defeat in Parliament elections had more to do with the central govt.He shouldn't have increased it to 50%.

Again in 1990s,Jayalalitha increased it to 69% targeting the votebank of backward classes.A blunder in her political career I would say.So,in TN,from 1971,these Dravidian parties(DMK-ADMK) has increased the reservation from 25% to 69%.The thing is,they will feel proud of this act.If you approach sensibly,you will understand the fact that increase in reservation means that there was nothing called development and the state has been completely spoiled.Why was the reservation introduced?It was because of the untouchability and to improve the status of socially suppressed communities.That's why it was introduced on socio-economic basis.But after introducing this pattern of reservation,the then honorable law minsiter,Dr.B R Ambedkar,himself stated that,after a period of time this reservation system has to be amended and it should not be given as in the current format.

A section of society argues that there should be no reservation at all.Everyone should fight in open-general category.People understand the point that,caste is not at all related to knowledge.Every individual is equally talented.There was a guy in my school,who belonged to SC category(this info was shared by one of my teachers in class as a word of praise to him).I do not wish to disclose his name here,since am relating caste here.He is an extremely talented fellow.He got seat in some of the top medical institutions of India(am not sure of whether it is AFMC or AIIMS or JIPMER).Point to be noted is,he got in open general category,he didn't get it on the basis of quota system.So I do agree with the fact that people from all communities are equally talented.

One thing which we have to consider here.He is from a family which has a reasonably good economical background and he was in a developed place.He had opportunities and made use of it.This reservation is for people who don't have such opportunities.People from underdeveloped villages,towns etc. which doesn't have good schools,educational institutions etc.They deserve this reservation.But there is another important thing behind this.Once someone makes use of this reservation and improves his status(not only financially,but also on educational basis too),his children and grand children should not be given any reservation.This is called creamy layer.And one more thing has to be done.A new census has to be taken based on caste honestly.While doing so,the status of people in a particular community will be clearly known.And to be honest,nowadays an elite society in all the communities are enjoying high positions and still making use of these reservations.So after the census,the percentage of reservation based on caste should come down.This process of census has to be implemented on a regular basis and the % of reservation should decrease gradually.

This is what I would like to tell.Giving reservation itself will not spoil the chances of anyone,but implementing it as it is being done now,will.

Now let me get into other(other than reservation) issues of casteism.There is a section of society,which blames Brahmins for anything and everything.It is concerned about the backward classes such that,anything that goes against them is termed a "brahministic attitude".At the same time,they simply make use of their caste name to escape from their mistakes.Now you might think that I will bring in Karunanidhi's statement that "Raja is targeted because he is a dalit",but I will not :D.There was a judge in Karnataka,name P D Dinakaran.There are lot of corruption charges against him.The law should have punished him severely.But the 'secular' political parties played the caste card and he is still a Chief justice in someother state.Not only politicians,even if u take a normal day to day fight,it will be converted into a caste issue.So many educated morons indulge in such nonsense.

The previous DMK govt brought a law that people from any caste can become priest in a temple.Later it was canceled by the supreme court.The constitution says just this:In temples,some rules will be followed since olden days that people from a so and so community alone will be made as priests and they alone will enter into the 'garbagraham'(sanctum sanctorum).Others will not be allowed.This holds good for people of all communities(including brahmins) and this holds good only in the case of garbagraham.So there is no question of untouchability here,anyone can enter the temple,but there are restrictions to enter the garbagraham.

If a new temple is built,in that anyone can become priest.So the law is to protect only the ancient practice and belief, followed in religious places.(In my honest opinion,caste hardly matters..as an individual,am perfectly ok with any person serving as priest).The govt know there is such a provision in our constitution.Then why did they bring this act?To project themselves as the saviors of minorities.

Well,the community which works as priests in temples,is also a minority here.Why can't people project themselves as saviors of this community?They wont,because their votebank cannot determine the outcome of an election.As far as I know,that community to which the priests belong to,is called 'Sivachariyar' community. They will not even eat onions and are believed to be 'physically clean'.And as a continuation of the age-old practice,they work as priests.The temple trust,of-course pays them,but not as much as the missionaries pay to fathers and sisters.Why didn't the govt bring a law that,people from any community(caste) can be made as priests in all churches or mosques?My intention is not to bring such a law,but when people are so cautious and respectful when it comes for churches and mosques,why don't they give same respect to temples and hinduism?

Well,the people work hard to get reservations to backward communities of Islam and Christianity too.But why don't they condemn the atrocities meted out to these backward community people in Christianity or Islam?As I mentioned in my previous post,in some places,Dalit Christians can enter only in Dalit Churches and they will not be allowed into other churches.Why none questions this?Politicians are scared of their vote bank.But what about these so called rationalists and atheists?I saw a debate in Vijay Tv regarding this priest law.It was completely biased and the anchor projected as if the brahmin priests are living a hi-fi lifestyle and only other community people who wants to work as priests,are truly devotional.There were a bunch of rationalists too,supporting the law.This is their principle.There is no God,but non-brahmins should become priests.I don't know what kind of rationalism is this.

If a Muslim is projected as a terrorist,the production house receives warnings.Rajnikanth's Jakkubhai poster itself created lot of controversies among some Muslim groups.If someone speaks against conversions,they are branded communal and the jobless social activists will write columns in Times Of India bashing them.But dialogs like ambaal endha kaalathula da pesirukka(Will Goddess[Parasakthi] ever speak?) are considered revolutionary.There are so many movies which makes fun of Brahmins and their slang and they project brahmins as clowns.If someone condemns this,that is called paarppaniyam(brahminism),Arya budhdhi etc.

I am not accusing that the movies target brahmins alone,but the thing is people raise their voice when it is against other communities and they will not if it is against Hinduism(especially brahmins).Moreover movies should be viewed as movie alone.All said and done,now one need not think that brahmins are saints here.There are few lunatic brahmins who still thinks that brahmin race is the superior on the earth.Even yesterday I came across a post in one of the orkut communities,posted by a brahmin guy that,other community people should always be under brahmins.God save such creatures.The internet is a powerful medium,which can be used for so many constructive purposes.But such caste fanatic idiots(I have also seen other caste communities too ;-)),are using for such malicious propaganda.And this is why people argue that,if such people get power,they will again bring back the practice of untouchability.

Its really disheartening to see some educated people behaving like this.If atleast one person,after reading this post,understands that secularism is not being anti-hindu or anti-Islam,but not disturbing others beliefs,I will be happy.After reading this post,if atleast one person gives up the thought that his caste is the superior or powerful in the world,I will be glad.And I will be really happy,if atleast one person,stops using his/her caste name to escape from their mistake.

This particular post might also brand me an 'Aryan' writer or a 'communal blogger'.But I stand by the following 'Thirukkural':

பிறப்பொக்கும் எல்லா உயிர்க்கும் சிறப்பொவ்வா
செய்தொழில் வேற்றுமை யான்.

Meaning : We can't differentiate people based on their birth(whichever caste/religion/family he/she may belong to).Birth is common to everyone.People can be differentiated only based on their talent in their jobs.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prevailing untouchability and conversions

I have been thinking to write about this for quite a long time.Well we all very well know that a section of the society has been suppressed and they were treated badly.And now the modern education and media penetration,might give an opinion that untouchability is completely eradicated in India.But the real picture is something different.I have come across so many 'caste' fanatics who are well educated.And this crime(untouchability) is cited as a major reason for another crime - 'conversions'.

If we think of casteism or untouchability,the very first thing that comes to our mind is 'Brahminism'.No sensible person can deny the fact that Brahmins treated some backward communities badly.But there is a fact which is never highlighted by any 'revolutionary' writer or any media.The fact is,not only brahmins,but also,other dominant communities,involved/involves in this act of untouchability.In every place,that community which forms the majority,has treated the backward communities badly.

In Tamil Nadu people like Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar,Pavendhar Bharathidasan,Thandhai Periyar etc has written a lot against untouchability and also has involved themselves in some activities to eradicate the practice of casteism.Am not here to write about all these stuff here.These are all history.But the challenge we are facing here is something different.It is the current generation,which is not ready to give up their fanaticism towards their caste.There are so many educated individuals,who still consider it a sin to drink water from the house of a Dalit.This includes individuals from almost every community.People still think,people belonging to these socially suppressed communities(தாழ்த்தப்பட்டவர்கள் ),should be under them only in all aspects.

The 2-tumbler(one for Dalits and one for others) system is still in practice in many places.The people simply justify this practice.Recently,in Villoor,there were incidents of communal violence.There the 2-tumbler system is in practice.Moreover,according to caste hindus,Dalits should not ride motor bikes in streets.Dalits should not pass through some streets.Even if its an emergency situation,they should take the other route,which is long.But,the Superintendent of Police(SP),made some Dalits to ride motor bikes and he was monitoring it. This frustrated the caste Hindus there and they went to the extent of assaulting the SP.A mob tried to kill him.But he managed to escape and again.After this,the SP took severe action.Fearing this,the male members of the dominant caste fled the village.The name of the SP is Asra Garg.We should really respect such good officers.The point is,people of that village justify the assaults on the SP.People belonging to younger generation also justify this act.

What happens as a result of this?People just change their religion.If you think,everyone willingly converts his/her religion,you are wrong.The Christian missionaries,preach about their religion like anything and they just convert people to their religion.Not only citing caste they convert people,but also by offering money,jobs etc. Even during adverse situations,the missionaries,never stop their act of conversion.After Tsunami,the no. of churches has increased to a great extent in coastal areas(am not saying this,writer François Gautier has quoted this in one of his articles).But no politician in Tamil Nadu will condemn this.During the last tenure,Ms.Jayalalitha brought a perfect law,which prohibits,forceful conversions to any religions.But again she bowed down to the pressure and after suffering a humiliating defeat,she revoked the law.But still many Christian associations,votes against her only.It was bad move to revoke that act.

I would also like to mention this here.I am not commenting on people who convert willingly.That is a separate topic and will share my thoughts on it later.

When we speak of conversions,the immediate question that should come to any sensible person's mind is, 'after conversion,whether 'casteism' gets wiped off completely?'.The answer is a big NO.Missionaries will promise you that after you convert your religion,you will be treated equally.They will say there is no caste in Christianity. But what happens in reality is something different.Even in christianity,a Dalit is called only a 'Dalit Christian'.A converted brahmin or Vanniyar is called a 'Christian Brahmin' or 'Christian Vanniyar' respectively.This logic holds good for all communities.Only a Dalit priest will conduct the marriage ceremony or death ceremony or anyother ceremony of a Dalit.The communal clashes among christians in Erayur village 2 yrs ago,itself is a clear indication that untouchability prevails in Christianity too.In a village belonging to Villupuram district,the chariot of St.Mary's church,will not pass through the streets of Dalit christians.So it is crystal clear that,in terms of untouchability,christianity is no different from Hinduism.And the current scenario,gives a clear message that,"conversion at no cost is a solution to eradicate casteism".

Even Mr.Periyar,whose name is brought by the people of Dravidar Kazhagam and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(DMK),whenever bashing brahmins and hindus,has said like this only."Untouchability is a deadly evil.It has to be eradicated immediately.Otherwise,conversions will take place which is a huge threat to the sovereignty of this nation".So even Periyar doesn't support conversion.Am perfectly ok with this.Untouchability is an evil and it should be eradicated,but conversions should not be encouraged.

Another worst proposal that is in progress is,reservations to backward communities of chrisitians and muslims.I don't really understand the logic behind this.The 'varnasrama' system existed only in Hinduism and the reservation was completely based on 'socio' economic basis.From where does backward communities arise in Islam and Christianity?The reservation system itself is in existence only for the upliftment of the socially backward communities.If converted people are also going to get reservation,then the very idea of reservation itself becomes meaningless.

Because of this reservation system,I have seen people belonging to some of the so called forward communities talking all kinds of crap.Some people will speak as if they lost a seat in IIT/IIM only because of reservation.I have seen many guys/girls even speaking of changing their community status to BC,to get reservation.I can't accept this.Also one can't deny the fact that some of these so called FC people lose seats in reputed colleges,by a whisker.To prevent or reduce this(I don't think it is possible to prevent atleast in near future),the creamy layer should not be given reservation.Some changes has to be made in the existing system, so that the reservation should reach people who really deserves it and it also should gradually go down.First of all we have to understand this,there is nothing called forward community in India.There are only backward communities.Every other community,which is not considered backward,is grouped under OC(Other Communities).Reservation can never stop the talented people.If we take efforts,we will definitely get what we deserve.We may not get what we desire,but we will surely get what we deserve.

I have observed a different trend among a section of society.So many people have openly accused brahmins to me.Without any reason,people say,"brahmins are supporting this,so this will be done".Also they say,"he is a brahmin,so he is not a Tamilian,brahmins are mean minded" etc etc.To be honest,I have seen 'fanatic' brahmins too,like fanatics in every other community.I have seen fanatics in almost every community.But,for the sake of  'few' idiots,generalizing any community is the most insane thing to do.The caste hindus mentioned in that villoor incident are not brahmins.The politicians accuse brahmins like this for votes.They will not get votes anymore for brahmin bashing.But whats really dangerous is,educated people speaking all these crap.

I agree that some 'fanatic' brahmins are there.But there is nothing called brahmin domination,as few people project.They project only brahmins are in high positions and only they call the shots.It is completely false.Idiots are there in every community and the 'brahamin' community is no exception.

We should develop a mentality of viewing a mistake as a mistake.If a person commits a mistake,we should analyse the mistake alone and should act accordingly,instead we should not bring up the argument that "he/she is from a so and so caste/religion,so they will be like that only.".I hope people who read this and are supporting the double tumbler system,will change their mind.

I am not suggesting an inter-caste marriage here to people to prove your secular credentials.Also am not against inter-caste marriages.But,that is also not a proper solution to eradicate casteism.

There is only one perfect solution.It is changing ourselves.Let us all unite together.Let us fight this casteism,religious fanatics and conversions.Let us format the existing system and eradicate the virus called 'untouchability'.

P.S: Reservation can never stop the talented people.If we take efforts,we will definitely get what we deserve.We may not get what we desire,but we will surely get what we deserve.

I have received a comment from one of my friends on this point.Since this post is about untouchability,I didn't write about reservations in detail.Soon I will come up with a post about reservations and I will clarify my stand on this point in that post.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New findings on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination

Today in CNN-IBN I saw a debate about the revealings of KP@Selvarasa Padhmanaban@Kumaran Padhmanabhan@Kutty.KP is now the leader of LTTE.He became(or was made) the leader of LTTE after its founder Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed.Now that he has given an interview and the debate was all about the so called facts revealed by him during the interview.The debate had participants  like Manishankar Ayyar - a senior congress leader and  former petroleum minister,N Ram - editor of 'The Hindu',Mr.Karthikeyan - man who led the Special Investigation Team to probe the assassination of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi.

I do not wish to get into the entire interview of KP.Also I am not telling my views or opinion on LTTE or its armed struggle or its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.I would just like to make a small analysis on one part of his interview.I am just pasting the questions and answers on which this post is about.

Why Prabhakaran hated Rajiv Gandhi – and who plotted the murder

VKS: Can you tell us, once and for all, did Prabhakaran plan Rajiv Gandh’si assassination?

KP: That is exactly (true). Everyone knows the truth. Those who were involved in this murder were from the LTTE intelligence wing and those who were arrested. It was well planned and done actually with Prabhakaran and (intelligence chief Pottu Amman). Everyone knows the truth.

I want to say to the Indian people and especially the Gandhi family… I want to apologise for Prabhakaran’s mistake. Please forgive us, we beg you. Our people are struggling here, please help our people to live as humans. Sorry for all this, we know the feelings of the son (Rahul) of Rajiv Gandhi. It’s human nature – how father and daughter are attached (reference to Rajiv’s daughter Priyanka).

VKS: You asking Tamil Nadu politicians to forget the past but in order to forget the past, the truth of the past must also be told. You are a senior member of the LTTE, you know the truth. Isn’t a fact that several politicians and political parties did support and push several Tamil people into violence? Can you name any political party and say the truth?

KP: In our struggle, sometimes we (have) depended on Tamil Nadu. When we started our struggle, it was very clean. We did not involve Indian politicians.. When we had problems, we went to India for some time and then come back. We didn’t meet anyone. This was the beginning of our  struggle.. The problem was when we first met politicians in Tamil Nadu – for example when Prabhakaran and Uma Maheswaran fought on the streets of Tamil Nadu and were put in jail – we sought the help of politicians to get bail. That was the start of Tamil Nadu political influence…

Then we know what the real problem is in Tamil Nadu. You know Periyar, who started the Dravida Kazhagam movement. He wanted separation from the North (of India). He meant Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra to be separated from the North. It was from this social base that Annadurai (former DMK CM before Karunanidhi), and Karunanidhi came. The movement failed, but we still have people with this policy (Veeramani, Ramakrishnan…these people had the same mindset). They don’t accept change, and the world is changing.

Sometimes we have dreams, but whether these are possible or not we have to evaluate. We have to calculate. So, Dravida Kazhagam, which has been there for 100 years, even after Periyar is gone, is still passing on its ideas to (people like) Prabhakaran, especially anti-Brahminism. Prabhakaran’s idea was to struggle against the Brahmins.

Because of this (DK background), Tamil Nadu politicians made a marvelous hero out of Prabhakaran. They compared him to old Tamil Kings, and his colour changed. That’s why he made this blunder against Rajiv Gandhi.

VKS: Are you saying the DMK, in a way, ideologically influenced Prabhakaran to take the step of Rajiv Gandhi’s assissination?

KP: This I cannot say yes, but you know that influence…they (Tamil politicains) fed him against the Brahmins. That’s why he hated the Prime Minister of India. He was a young leader and he wanted to be fast. He tried to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Source : http://www.firstpost.com/politics/full-text-kp-interview-14180.html

First of all,the media goes gaga over the statement that Prabhakaran was the man behind Rajiv's death.They are giving a build-up such that they have 'invented' this only from his recent interview.Everyone knew that it was LTTE,which was behind Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.But KP's reasoning for that is absolute non-sense. He says Prabhakaran killed Rajiv Gandhi,because he hated Brahmins and DMK and DK's ideology influenced him to do this.By this statement,I am getting few doubts.It was not KP's view.I believe KP was forced to give an interview like this.

Now that the DMK is in a miserable condition,with some of its prominent leaders in Tihar jail.So,I think the Congress party wants to distance itself from DMK and it is just trying out every possible step and this is one such step.That is politics.I am least bothered about that.But why KP is giving such an interview all of a sudden?He was caught by the Sri Lankan forces long back.How can a caste hatred result in the assassination of one of the prominent leaders of India?As far as I know,Prabhakaran had some issues with some Islamic groups and he killed many Muslims. The anti-brahminism is something which is unheard of.

Infact,MGR openly supported LTTE in the beginning,but MGR was not against any caste(but he was only against casteism).Prabhakaran and other LTTE groups has enormous respect towards MGR.For them Kalaignar comes next to MGR only.As far as I know,during a time,when MGR was in power,the LTTE distanced itself from DMK.That much respect and fear they had towards MGR.So how come all of a sudden DMK and DK's anti-brahministic principles influence Prabhakaran and that will result in the killing of an important leader of a foreign nation?(I mean India to Sri Lanka is a foreign nation).

And the Jain commission report indicts DMK on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination issue.Mr.Jain said, "I am fully satisfied with my interim report and what it contains..Each one of my conclusions and observations is based on documents on record with the commission.".After all these findings,the congress aligned with DMK for its political gains in Tamil Nadu in the 2004 parliament elections.Now the DMK has suffered a humiliating defeat in TN and the congress wants to ditch it.For that reason it is using people like KP and it is bringing useless theories like anti-brahminism.

Going by KP's entire interview am able to come to a conclusion that the Congress govt at the centre is in very good relationship with the Lankan govt(on this issue alone).Happenings in the recent past confirms this.So might be the congress party behind this interview.But I don't know whether it is behind this interview or not.It's just my suspicion.

From this interview of KP itself,it is pretty clear that Rajiv Gandhi 'forced' Prabhakaran to accept the Rajiv-Jayewardene pact.Prabhakaran was not happy with it and it is said that the IPKF,sent by Rajiv Gandhi was caught into several controversies.Prabhakaran retaliated for all these stuff is what I believe.Moreover I don't think Prabhakaran could have done this without the help of Indian politicians and especially people close to Mr.Rajiv Gandhi should have definitely helped him(I am just buying the opinions of well known economist and columnist S Gurumurthy and Janatha Party leader Subramanya Swami).Why KP is silent on these names? If this is a candid interview,he should have mentioned those names too right?

Doesn't these factors clearly indicate that there is 'something' fishy behind Rajiv's assassination?Doesn't these facts prove that the anti-brahminism is nothing more than a ploy to fool people?

My view : Rajiv Gandhi's assassination has lot of mysteries.It is definitely not anti-brahminism.The reason has to be probed throughly.Because,I believe not only signing the Rajiv-Jayewardene pact might be a reason for his assassination.

P.S. : Through this article,I am neither supporting LTTE nor opposing it.To be precise, the views expressed in this article are completely restricted to the interview of KP and it has got nothing to do with my support or opposition to LTTE.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Democracy Wins ~An analysis on Poll Verdict

By this time everyone might be aware of the election results.Headlines Today post poll survey predicted DMK to win these elections by a whisker.CNN-IBN predicted that the ADMK will not get majority on its own and it has to depend on its allies like DMDK and Communists.Tamil Nadu's no.1 crap magazine Nakkeeran predicted a repeat of DMK govt.Junior Vikatan too predicted that ADMK will not get majority on its own.But one man predicted more than 175 seats to ADMK and he was too strong on his opinion.He was none other than the veteran journalist Mr.Cho Ramaswamy.But not only Cho,one more person predicted 180+ seats to ADMK+ and its none other than me :P.

ADMK won with an overwhelming majority.What does this symbolize?Is this a Jayalalitha wave?Is this nothing more than sheer arithmatic?Does Vijayakanth have a significant role in this huge success?Or is this an anti-DMK wave?Let me explain.

If you are going to think that,ADMK's huge success in TN is sheer arithmatic,then its like the same old story of sour grapes.This is a severe blow to corruption,nepotism,atrocities,rowdiism,goondaism,monarchy.The people have taught a clear lesson to the DMK-Congress alliance.I am not an ADMK partyman or an ADMK sympathizer.I am just a common man like every other individual and so I am not writing all these stuff to satisfy the ADMK supremo.I have facts to substantiate my stand.

In 1996,ADMK won just 4 seats.There was an anti-Jayalalitha wave and not pro-Karunanidhi wave.In 96,Tamil Maanila Congress(TMC) led by G.K.Mooppanaar played a major part in bringing back the DMK to power(for this alliance also Cho was the co-ordinator).Also Rajnikanth's support to DMK-TMC alliance helped them to a great extent.Had Rajni entered politics in 96,he would have been the Chief Minister(anyway that is past).Again 2001,the ADMK+ won with absolute majority and formed a govt on its own.So,the verdict was clear that it was a perfect anti-DMK wave.Whereas the scenario was entirely different in 2006.The ADMK alliance won 69 seats in TN,with ADMK alone getting 61 seats.The DMK couldn't get a majority on its own and it formed a govt at the state under the mercy of congress.Yes Jaya rightly pointed out "Minority DMK Govt" frequently :D.

This is what we should call as sheer arithmatic.Because,in 2001 there was no third party to give a stiff competition to the 2 major Dravidian parties.But in 2006,Vijayakanth emerged as a powerful force.His party won just 1 MLA(which was Vijayakanth himself),but it got a voteshare of around 7-8%.The anti-DMK votes got split and at the end of the day,the loser was Jayalalithaa.ADMK's politics itself is based on anti-DMK votes,when that is getting diverted,definitely she will be the loser.Inspite of all these factors,she didn't lose cheaply and her party managed to get 60+ seats.One thing we can clearly understand from this fact is that,had Vijayakanth not floated a party and contested the 2006 elections,Jayalalitha would have got a second term for sure.In 2009 parliament elections too,Vijayakanth played the spoilsport,though his party didn't win any MP seat,still it managed to spoil the prospects of ADMK atleast in 20 constituencies.Point to be noted here is,though the DMK bribed the voters to a great extent,it won only because of DMDK.

This is the reason why many political analysts insisted an ADMK-DMDK alliance.Now because of this alliance,both the parties have benefited to a greater extent.Vijayakanth,who alone went to assembly during the last govt,as an MLA,is now going to sit as the leader of opposition.His' is the 2nd largest party.ADMK is going to form its own govt,with 150+ MLAs,which means we are going to see a stable govt for the next 5 yrs.

The Tamil Nadu voters has sent out some messages to the politicians.If you think that you can easily win based on your caste support,then you will definitely not.This was pretty clear from the way the PMK and VCK parties suffering a humiliating defeat.PMK was able to win just 3 out of 31 seats and VCK lost all the 10.The PMK lost in its founder's town(Tindivanam) itself.Manidhaneya Makkal Katchi(ADMK ally) was able to win some seats,but Muslim League(DMK ally) couldn't win any seat.Doesn't this clearly mean that people voted only based on governance not based on caste/religion?

This election also has sent a strong message to the corrupt politicians.The DMK thought that they could easily 'buy' the victory by bribing the voters.They have given the worst possible govt in the past 5 yrs,but still they hope that they can easily win by bribing the voters.In Rishivandhiyam constituency,its MLA(now ex-MLA) Sivaraj paid around 3 to 4K to voters to defeat Vijayakanth.The voters without any hesitation got the money and voted for Vijayakanth without any second thought.He won with a huge margin of 30,000 votes.

I have been saying this constantly.Comedians/actors/actresses/clowns can bring crowd to meetings.Crowd will clap,laugh and enjoy these artistes' speech.But that will not transform into votes.Our people are not that much dumb to believe every crap that the sun tv telecasted.Vadivelu's campaign definitely had a great effect in this election.It gave a huge publicity to 'politician' Vijayakanth and his party.Even Jaya tv didn't give that much coverage to Vijayakanth as given by sun tv/kalaignar tv.Using comedians and actors during campaign is a common tradition in India.But Vadivelu's campaign was awkward.That has really irritated the people of TN. Result - Vijayakanth's party wins more no. of seats.My point has been proved perfectly.Vadivelu's half-baked stupid campaigns cannot spoil the reputation of either Vijayakanth or the prospects of the ADMK.

One disappointment is in the form of Saidhai.Duraisamy.I doubt that some fraudulent activities has happened there and as a result of which M K Stalin won.NDTV said Stalin lost.But later on,after some chaos in the counting process there,Stalin was 'declared' winner.What's really disappointing is,an able person will not become a minister now.

Another disappointment is in the form of Vaiko.Mr.Vaiko should have bargained for some 12-15 seats and he should have contested the elections with ADMK.Had he done that,definitely he would have got 10 MLAs.He was with ADMK for 5 yrs completely and he was a loyal ally.But he should have realized his limitations and should have accepted the offer of 12 seats.You have missed a great opportunity Mr.Vaiko.I wrote in this same space one month back about Vaiko under this LINK as follows:

Vaiko announced that his party will not contest in the upcoming polls.This is suicidal.Vaiko may be a honest politician,but he is not just smart enough to survive in politics.After elections,I believe a majority of MDMK partymen will join DMK and ADMK.And his decision to boycott the polls will not produce any major effects.Vaiko is an excellent orator and losing his fiery campaigns is definitely a set back for ADMK and the MDMK partymen are just too good in doing field works.But this is not going to affect the chances of an ADMK win.At the end of the day Mr.Vaiko is going to be the sore looser.

Not only TN,there were also elections for 4 other states.In Assam,Tarun Gogoi has won for the 3rd consecutive time.The only state in which the congress party was able to win convincingly.Of-course the people of West Bengal has dethroned the 34 year communist rule and has voted for a change.The congress cannot claim even a single percent credit for this success.It was all a Mamata wave and the anti-incumbency factor that brought the Trinamool Congress to power.The congress is just enjoying the benefits of being an ally of Mamta Banerjee.But I feel the people of Bengal will soon feel that Communist rule was far better. 

It is the Kerala election results,which is really interesting.'Experts' predicted a landslide victory for the congress there.The English channels,CNN-IBN,Headlines Today tried their best to create a picture as if the congress was all set to rock the Kerala.I had a belief that the communist party would do well even though they lose,as they were projecting V S Achuthanadan as their CM.V S A is an honest man and his bold actions against corruption deserves a second term for sure.And the verdict was clear.People has not let them completely down.The LDF alliance won 68 out of 140 seats and the congress could manage around 70.Now there is going to be a hung assembly in Kerala.Which means that the people doesn't have faith on the congress.

In Pudhucherry(or Pondicherry) too AINRCongress+ADMK alliance won with a clear majority and N Rangasamy,who floated the NR Congress only 2 months ago,is all set to become CM.Which is again a blow to the congress.

The verdict is clear - perform or perish.You can't 'buy' the victories.Democracy still exists.Majority of the people participate in democracy.Those who refrained from voting deliberately are sore losers.If its due to situations and circumstances that you were not able to vote means,its ok,not a mistake.Those who voted can feel proud of themselves.Jayalalitha or Vijayakanth or Karunanidhi,whoever it be,only we,the voters,who decide who should rule this state.If we are not ok with a govt,we have the power to unseat them.I salute every individual who had cast his votes(you might have voted for DMK/ADMK/BJP/49-O,it doesn't matter) .People who consider themselves as 'intelligents' and chose not to vote should feel ashamed of themselves.

Corruption lost,caste lost,religion lost,but Democracy won.Long live democracy!!!.Let us hope we get a good government atleast from now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TN Election Results and more..

Just 1 more day to go.On 13th of May,2011,we can know who is going to be the honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for the next few years.Headlines Today post poll surveys predicts a coalition govt headed by DMK again and CNN-IBN post/exit poll surveys predicts a coalition govt headed by ADMK.In another website,rediff.com,it is said that ADMK+ is all set to sweep the polls.I know people are really confused on seeing all these stuff and I am able to understand the fact that the readers of this blog are completely confused and you people are expecting me to provide a solution for your confusions.I will be really to solve all your confusions by giving a clear cut answer on who is going to win the polls..Unfortunately,I am also confused like you people :D..So even I have to wait for one more day..

But,these exit polls and post poll surveys may not be exactly true.These numbers are based on the opinion of only a small percentage of voters.Of-course the media can claim that they are applying a so and so technique,so its very much possible.If these exit polls are going to be picture perfect,then why do we need a counting.We can take these results and call Kalaignar or Jayalalitha to form the govt.But there is a problem in this case also.Each media is giving its own numbers :D,so this option is rejected :P.

I too have collected some info about these polls.Only some ten days before the poll,it is said that,lot of money was given to voters to 'buy' their votes.In a VIP constituency near Chennai,there are allegations that the ruling party has given 6k/vote.Also in the north district,to defeat a VIP from the opposition camp(ADMK camp),the ruling coalition has allegedly spent around 3 to 4000 per vote.Like this in so many constituencies,it seems that, money flow was there to a large extent.If all these money transforms into vote,then there wont be any change in the state govt.At the most maximum, some Congress MLAs may get minister posts.

But,inspite of all these factors,if the ADMK+ is going to form a govt in the state,that too with an absolute majority,it clearly means that,the people of TN had disapproved the bribe offered by the political parties(including ADMK) and have voted based on governance.If that is going to be the case,ADMK+ has a bright possibility of winning 180+ seats.There are also allegations that,ADMK candidates too have given money to voters.Of-course they can't match DMK's 5k or 6k because 2G is with only DMK.But still,its a fact which has to be shared.

These English channels has always supported the Congress party,when it comes to elections.This too might be one such ploy by the pro-congress channels.One fact I have observed in these polls means,its the unanimous opposition to the congress party.Supporters of the ADMK led alliance feel that the congress should not win.This is quite natural,as the congress is with their rivals.But the DMK supporters too feel the same.That's something to be noted.Reason,the congress was just too adamant in getting 80+ seats from DMK,while the DMK was not ready to give more than 48.Finally the congress 'snatched' 63 seats from the DMK,using its more trusted ally,the CBI.This has forced the DMK to contest only in 119 constituencies(119 or 117 am not sure).This clearly means that the DMK is not at all going to form a govt with absolute majority.If the reports published in some magazines is going to be true,then the congress will win some 15-20 seats.Not more than that.The reports say that,though the DMK bigwigs has allotted enough money to all the constituencies(including the ones in which the congress is contesting),the congress partymen complain that the local DMK people didn't spend the money during the poll campaign and they claim that they kept the money with themselves,for giving away the constituency to congress.From this,we can understand the kind of field work that the DMK men might have done.

Not only the DMK-ADMK supporters feel that the congress should lose,there is also another group which feels the congress should suffer a humiliating defeat.No no am not talking about BJP or the Tamil Eelam sympathizers.The group am referring to is none other than the congress partymen.The congress supporters themselves wants the party to lose and learn a lesson in these polls.Before the polls,Rahul Gandhi asked the opinion of the partymen about forming an alliance in the polls.It is reported that most of the party men wanted the party to align with ADMK.Refer to statements of EVKS Ilangovan,uttered in the past 8 months.But the congress went with DMK,which has upset the congressmen.Moreover the TN president of Congress party, Mr.Thankabalu,is at the receiving end for not giving seats to right candidates.It is said that,there were campaigns against Thankabalu in his constituency(Mylapore) by the congressmen themselves.Such is the condition of TN Congress.

So with all probabilities its not going to be an easy poll for the DMK+.Some DMK bigwigs might lose this time.Stalin-'Saidhai' Duraisamy contest is the most interesting one.Being a VIP candidate,one can expect Stalin to win hands down,but this time he was forced to 'PAY MORE' attention in his constituency.'Saidhai'Duraisamy is a tough opponent for sure.But still its not going to be all easy for Dhuraisamy either.Thats y I said its an interesting contest.

After the counting,if DMK wins,one man will claim that the reason for ADMK's defeat was ignoring him.He is none other than Mr.Vaiko.That too,if ADMK loses out closely,definitely Vaiko will claim credit.If ADMK doesn't get absolute majority,then we may expect polls in TN before the completion of the 5 yr term itself or we may see a new CM.If the ADMK is going to form a govt on its own,with absolute majority,then it will be really interesting to see the proceedings in TN.The govt servants will go to offices regularly.Some statues might disappear :D.Moreover,an ADMK victory with absolute majority will be a clear indication of success of democracy.Its not that Jaya is the best alternative,but it will be an indication that one can't 'buy' the 'victories' simply by bribing the voters,after giving a miserable govt.This will show the participation of public in the democracy,which is its ultimate success.

On the other hand,if DMK is going to win,there will be an 'upanayanam' to most of the magazines and dailies.Kalaignar will claim credits for breaking the brahmin conspiracy(which exists only in his corrupted mind).The entire cinema association will arrange a felicitation function for the grand old CM of TN for his intelligence and 'honesty(???)'.(This is the only event which was conducted consistently in the past 5 yrs).Spectrum case will go to grave.But if DMK wins,the tough challenge before Kalaignar will be not from Jayalalitha or Vijayakanth,but from his own family members.That will be the biggest challenge the sitting CM of TN will be facing.

Irrespective of the fact that who is going to win these elections,definitely there is going to be one man who will feel a lot for his deeds during these elections.Yes he has dug his own grave.He is none other than 'VaigaiStorm(Vaigaipuyal)' Vadivelu,who will get lost in the storm which is going to occur in TN after 13th.He thinks the DMK will do some favors to him for his 'awkward' campaign against Vijayakanth.But the DMK is known for betraying such people.The DMK has never hesitated to insult even good people,in that case a person like Vadivelu,will not appear significant to them.If ADMK comes to power,others will casually avoid him.They wont even consider his name for any tasks.And if you people are going to think that this clown has shattered the ADMK votebank and this clown has spoiled actor Vijayakanth's reputation,then either you are too naive in politics or too adamant in not believing the reality.Because of his awkward campaign,only he lost his reputation.This is fact.And he is at his witty best,this fellow is mocking the movie of the biggest Superstar in Tamil Cinema.What a shame!!!.

Honestly speaking BJP doesn't have an existence in TN.This time,they MIGHT make an impact.In Nagercoil constituency,Pon.Radhakrishnan might get more votes and there is a slight chance for him to win.But its not as easy as some people think.In the recently concluded parliamentary elections,he came second in Kanniyakumari constituency(in which polled the highest number of votes from Nagercoil).But last time,3 candidates were against him and all the 3 were christian(Helen Davidson(DMK, who won),Benjamin(Communist,not sure of the name), Austin(DMDK).This time he is facing hindu candidates only.And I guess the parties gave ticket to Hindu Nadars,which might affect his chances of victory.But still he is a relatively worthy candidate.If he wins,then its going to create history.But still its too difficult for the BJP to make its presence felt in these elections is what I think.

That's it friends.All said and done,let us hope for a non-DMK govt.I am able to feel an anti-DMK wave,which should obviously result in the return of 'The Mummy' with thumping majority.But we have to wait one more day to know who is really going to be the CM of TN,because sometimes some polls are unpredictable.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

2G Spectrum - The Kanimozhi Link

"I am not an easy target"

"Prepared for the worst"

"Will fight legally"

Don't read the above statements in Rajni style.They are not from any Rajni movie.These are the punch-lines uttered by 'Kavithayini'(poetess) Kanimozhi,who is a DMK MP(Rajya Sabha MP) and daughter of honorable CM of Tamil Nadu Mr.Karunanidhi.Let me first explain the reasons for such dialogs and then get into these punchlines.

By this time,atleast 90% of online users,might be knowing what Raja did in spectrum allocation.He gave spectrum to companies like Swan Telecom at throw away prices and those companies sold the stakes for a greater price.That is,Raja gave spectrum at low prices,when there were bids for a greater price.This caused an estimated loss of around 1.76lakh crore to the exchequer(govt in this case).After media went all against him,the Congress top brass realized the seriousness of the issue and finally it forced Raja to quit and later on,Raja was arrested.The inquiry still goes on.This is the brief flashback.What's new here?The latest star in this issue is Kanimozhi.From where does the connectivity between Kanimozhi,Kalaignar TV and Raja comes in this issue?

It is learnt that,an unsecured loan of Rs.206.25 crore was given to Kalaignar Tv by a company called,the Cineyug Films.From where does this money come and what's the reason for supplying an unsecured loan,that too a TV channel,which is a mouth-piece of the ruling party?Shahid Balwa,the promoter of DB Reality groups and Swan Telecom,is the one who actually transferred this amount.It was to this Swan Telecom,Raja gave the spectrum licenses for some 1500+ crore.Then,this Swan Telecom sold 45% of its holdings for an amount of around 4,200 crore.For this,the DB groups has paid some 209 crores to the Kalaignar Tv.How?

Balwa transferred this 209 crores to Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables,owned by Asif Balwa and Rajiv Agarwal.They inturn transferred it to Cineyug Films.This is how the unsecured loan of 200+ crores was given to Kalaignar Tv by the Cineyug.

These are the allegations.No wonder,the Sarkaria Commission,some 35 yrs ago, described the DMK men as the masters of scientific corruption.

The DMK people hit back recently, by saying that the loan was paid back.But it is said that,they repaid the loan only after the CBI started its interrogation on this issue.So,it means,to escape from legal proceedings they paid the money back.What has Kanimozhi got to do with all these things?

She holds a stake of around 20% in Kalaignar Tv.For this the CBI had filed the chargesheet against Kanimozhi.The CBI claims that she is the 'brain' behind the Kalaignar TV and she had been in regular touch with Raja regarding the launch of the Kalaignar Tv.So the CBI strongly believes that Kanimozhi is a main accused in the 2G spectrum issue and it(CBI) opposes the bail plea of Kanimozhi.

But what her lawyer Ram Jethmalani argues for her?He claims that it was Raja who has to be held responsible and for the funds transferred,only the Board of directors can alone be held for criminal liability.In this case,Mr.Sharad Kumar,the Managing Director of Kalaignar Tv,will only be responsible(if going by Mr.Jethmalani's argument).He too has a 20% stake in Kalaignar Tv.Kanimozhi has a 20% stake.Whats the big difference?What kind of human being this Jethmalani is?The BJP is going great guns against the DMK and Congress in the spectrum issue.They even stalled the entire winter session last year,demanding a JPC probe.Of-course every party,that is not the part of UPA,demanded a JPC and the entire opposition was united in stalling the parliament.This cost an estimated loss of around 171 crore.This fellow,Ram Jethmalani is a BJP MP.He was given the Rajya Sabha ticket by the BJP.To become MP,he used the BJP and now is defending Kanimozhi in the worst possible manner.

He claims that women,old people and children should be granted bail.What if Kanimozhi eats 'kali' in jail?If the CBI and the other legal organizations feel that she has to be arrested,then she has to be.His lame claim is that,she is  targeted just because she is the daughter of Karunanidhi.I don't know how this happens.Someone who joins Karunanidhi or his family members,also behaves like him.Some months back Karunanidhi said,"Raja is targeted because he is a dalit,because he is not a brahmin'.Thank God,atleast Jethmalani didn't bring caste in this issue. Mr.Jethmalani,for your kind info,she is targeted not because he is Karunanidhi's daughter,but because she holds 20% stake in the Kalaignar Tv and that Kalaignar Tv is the one which allegedly receive the 200+ crore bribe.I don't know why BJP provides tickets to such people.He is definitely a huge embarrassment to the BJP.It's a mistake of BJP to give him an MP seat.If we question this,he will give a cool answer that its his profession.To safeguard the corrupt and criminal is what his profession?

Kanimozhi has 20% stakes and her name was included in the chargesheet.But Dayalu Ammal,Karunanidhi's wife(not Kanimozhi's mother),has 60% stake in Kalaignar Tv and her name was not included in the chargesheet.What's the logic behind this?If she is also involved in this issue,then she too should be sent to jail. One lady reporter questioned Karunanidhi recently about Kanimozhi's chargesheet,for which,he replied that being a woman reporter,don't ask such cruel(heartless) questions.But sources say that,he said,"some ladies doesn't have a heart at all,you too?".But later on it was published differently as mentioned above.(For source you can check Junior Vikatan Kazhugar section).So if his family members are taken on legally,it means the authorities are ruthless,cruel,heartless etc.But when it comes for Jayalalitha,everything should go as per the law.What a man we have as the CM of this state.

Now let us come back to the punchlines :D.Kanimozhi gave some bold interviews like "am not an easy target,prepared for the worst,will fight legally" etc.I think there is a reason behind these statements.CBI or ED(Enforcement Directorate) or any other legal authorities didn't arrest Kanimozhi till now.And her bail plea comes for hearing on May 14th,exactly a day after the counting.So I think,some assurance was given to her and ruling party that she will not be arrested at any cost.Knowing the outcome of the inquiries,Kanimozhi has boldly uttered these statements it seems.So the DMK believes they will come back to power again and by using the congress they can save Kanimozhi and her family members.

I have been following this spectrum issue for the past 2+ yrs.Only in the recent past,after the Supreme Court slammed the CBI and the PM for their lethargic attitude in the 2G issue,the inquiry is brisk.It appears as if everything is happening properly and honestly.It's really tough to believe that CBI is handling a case honestly. Some say,the CBI is being controlled by the Supreme Court and the SC monitors the 2G issue.The SC has been doing a great job,especially after Mr.Kapadia became the Chief Justice of India(CJI).But still,I am unable to believe that the probe is carried out honestly.If you recollect the recent history of CBI,you will not find fault with me for thinking like this.But still,the recent developments appears as if everything is proceeding in the right direction.If its true,then I will also be happy.

There are allegations against Sharad Pawar,Ajit Pawar,P Chidambaram etc that they too are involved in the 2G scam.DMK claims that,why these leaders are not targeted and everytime the target is a DMK member?Good question Mr.Karunanidhi :D.Honestly speaking,Chidambaram should be knowing somany things about this 2G scam.He was the then finance minister and the CBI should probe him thoroughly.Like this the congress leaders are not at all in the picture and only the DMK members are exposed.Such proceedings only makes me doubt,whether this probe is an honest one or its just a congress strategy to keep the DMK under pressure?

But,if DMK is going to retain the power at the state,then the spectrum issue will be buried.If not,there is a small chance that,the guilty may be punished.But let us wait and watch the game.We can get more and more punch dialogs and family sentiment scenes soon :P.