Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hichki Review

Hichki is awesome :-) very good come back for Rani Mukerji. Rani has acted as someone who suffers from Tourette Syndrome(you can understand this if you watch the movie or trailer). But the movie doesn't exactly deal with this. To be frank, the story is easily predictable and we have seen many movies in this genre. For example, something like the Tamil film 'Saattai'.The comparison ends there.Underdogs winning the game is not something new.
You have a typical formula here. The rich and top performers are in 9A and those who come from a slum are in 9F. How, Naina Mathur(Rani Mukerji), a teacher with Tourette Syndrome, makes 9F emerge victorious is what Hichki is.
With a predictable storyline, if you are still enjoying each and every moment of the movie, that's pure magic. The credit goes to the actors. Casting is so good and the performance Rani Mukerji and co is just brilliant, that it doesn't allow you to think what next. Every time Rani makes those noises, you neither feel empathetic for her nor get irritated. She manages it all with a cool smile. Only, with such a talented heroine(who can forget her 'Black'?) and a terrific supporting cast, you can create that 'magic' on screen.

The director could have made a simple movie where the underdogs win at the end. But he tries too many thing at times, for ex. there's a reference RTE(Right to Education act). RTE but that doesn't add any value to the movie. In fact, if am not wrong, RTE is not applicable to minority institutions whereas the school shown in the movie is one. Its better to avoid certain things instead of adding for the sake of it. In one scene, the director highlights the plight of the 9F children, who are from a slum. That scene was good but the director could have used it even better.
The movie may not work for someone who is too critical about every moment in a movie. If you are someone who would appreciate some happy moments, you will enjoy Hichki. The baby Naina was too cute.There are some lovely scenes, like baby Naina asks the principal to treat her on par with other children, the 9F children return as grown ups etc.. Dialogues are too good :-) "There are no bad students, only bad teachers", "dad do you have any favorite teacher in your school/college? do you remember their salary?" etc..
If you have someone like Rani Mukerji, who lives as Naina Mathur, no negatives or predictablitiy matters. Hichki is a lovely feel good film :-)