Friday, April 15, 2011

It's not her mistake..

Hello friends,after a brief hiatus,am writing a love story in this space.This is not exactly an imagination.At the same time,I didn't draw inspiration from any particular individual's life.If there happens to be any resemblance to the personal life of any individual,who is reading this blog,it's purely coincidental,later on don't fight with me.

Let me get into the story now.

Vinod is an IAS aspirant.His ambition is to become an IAS officer.He had a decent knowledge in computers too.After completing his B.Sc in computer science,luckily,he got a job in a MNC located in Chennai.Though he got a job in an MNC,for quite a good salary,his goal never changed and he always wanted to become an IAS.From now on,Vinod will narrate.

Vinod : "I have heard lot of stories about corporate life culture,most of which were about beautiful girls.I am not interested in all these stuff.I always wanted to keep this job as a stop gap arrangement.After a hectic training,I was tagged to a project.

Just 1 week over in this project..After coming straight away from training,I felt bit different..Lot of seniors around me..All my training friends were in different projects...I will go alone to breaks and lunch..

As usual,it was just another monday morning to me..I was little late due to traffic..I was in time while going in office bus..But I didn't want to keep my new bike idle..When I entered into office I was in for a huge shock.. A beautiful,little innocent,fair girl was working in my system..I didn't really know how to react.. I went near her..I asked her:

"Excuse me,this is my system..And you...?"

She introduced herself and then..

"Hi I am Gayathri..I am from Hydrabad..I got posted to Chennai..Time being was just using your system.. Sorry,you can use it now.."

Vinod : "Hey its can use that system..I am also here for the past 1 week only and I haven't seen anyone using that system..So you can use it.."

Gayathri : "Oh ok..then you are also a trainee like me huh?I thought you are a senior here.."

Vinod : "Do you know Tamil?"

Gayathri : "Not much,but can understand well...and I can also talk few words,but might sound funny"

Vinod : "Hey that's really great..Soon u will learn lot of Tamil words.."

Gayathri : "Oh ho..hey I don't know anyone in Chennai yaar..Can you just help me in finding a house here.. There are 3 more of my Hydrabad friends with me..Also please tell me which bus to take from here to Nungambakkam..I am staying in company guest house there only.."

Vinod : " hey for that you can use will be very convenient..."

I started talking to her,as if I know her for years..I have seen so many girls in my college and even in my training..But I had an opinion about almost every girl I came across in my life..If a girl comes forward to help me,the immediate thought that I would get is,"why is she making a scene here",if someone talks against me,I have never hesitated to insult the girl immediately in public..But I didn't want to do any of these things to Gayathri...I think,my loneliness and her innocent look,created some sympathy for her in my mind..

Days went on happily..She found a room near Nanganallur..Gayathri became Gayu to me..I taught some Tamil words to her..Tamil,naturally itself, is a sweet language,but whenever Gayu said anything in Tamil,I felt like the language became just too beautiful..

It was exactly October 8th,her birthday..Our PL was just too strict..She asked permission to go soon..She pleaded a lot.. My PL is a ruthless idiot..At times I used to wonder,why no girl is marrying him,but I understood the reason on that occasion only..For asking a permission,he was shouting like anything..

After completing our work,finally at around 8 o clock,we were about to leave..The PL fellow already left..  With lots of disappointment she started crying,lying on my shoulders..Though I never wanted to see her crying,I was bit happy too,bcoz I could feel a kind of trust,when she was lying on my shoulders..I wiped off hear tears and took her to cafetaria..

She was really shocked and surprised to see her Hydrabad friends there..I also ordered a cake..She was jumping out of joy..Their friends informed her that,I only made them come here,without her knowledge,I got their mail ids and made them come here..She really felt happy and she gave me a warm hug,before leaving.. Now it was my turn to fly in a joyful feeling ;-)..

I realized that I am in love with her..I just wanted to discuss this with her one day..I was neither scared nor hesitant to express my love..I knew she will accept..I was waiting for a right opportunity.. 

One day..

Gayu : "Hey Vinod..I am leaving to my native today..Its already late..Now I can't go in MTC bus and take share auto and all..I will miss my train..Can u pls pick me in your bike,so that I will take my luggage from room and reach station soon?"

Vinod : "Hey why r u using pls and all..Come we will go.."

I have abused so many guys for taking girls in their bike..Of-course most of them deserved those abuses,but not everyone..When Gayu asked me like this,I didn't even think of these things..When she sat behind me,I started driving at 100km/h..Generally I will not go beyond 50..She kept on talking without giving a break..I just love that...I knew she was going on a long leave,because I was the one who helped her to raise the leave request,since it was her first leave after coming over here..

Gayu : "Vino,I will be going to Thirupathi today..After having Darshan,I will be going to Hydrabad...Will be coming back only on next monday..Do you want anything?I will bring laddoo for you :D"

After reaching the station,we had a coffee in a near by coffee shop..Fortunately or unfortunately,the train was late by an hour..I got the much needed privacy...

Vinod : "Gayu..I want to say something important to you.. I believe you know this too.."

Gayu(quite normally) : "whats that?whats that so important?is PL angry on me for going on a leave?or did i do anything wrong ?"

Vinod : "Come on Gayu..u r jus testing my patience..See my eyes..can't u jus feel it..I love you dear...I love you..u have completely occupied nothing without u..I know u r also in love with me..u love me right?"

Gayu:"Hey Vino,I don't know how to react for this..I don't know what made u think this confused..give me some time..I just want to think on this..I will tell my reply within a week.."

Train started...I felt bit uncomfortable for proposing at that moment..I messaged her.."hey Gayu,sorry dear..I knew this will disturb ur peace of mind during these holidays..but I couldn't hide this anymore..have a happy vacation and come with a positive reply.."

I didn't get any reply msg from her..I proposed her boldly,but I was all tensed and was expecting her every moment..Finally she came back..

Vinod : "how was your vaction dear?"

Gayu(little differently): "hmm..ya it was gr8..Vinod,I want to say something important to u..even I can't hide this anymore.."

I could read the confusion in her mind..

Gayu:"This is my marriage invitation...Within a month marriage and after marriage I will be moving to New York..I also submitted my resignation 2 days ago.."

I was stunned...I was speechless...WTF a normal Tamil movie,an American groom is spoiling my life..

I tried to convince her a lot..

Vinod : "How can this happen?within a week,how can they fix marriage?"

Gayu : "No Vinod,talks were going on for the past few months..I thought of telling this to u after everything is finalized..To my surprise,my parents and my would-be and his parents have finalized everything so soon.."

Vinod : "Oh it means u were already committed right?"

Gayu : "not exactly..but I told my parents that I will give my opinion after a deep thought..but everything happened like a flash in a pan.."

Vinod :"hey whats this..u r not clear Gayu..jus don't go by ur parents wish for everything..its ur life..u have to decide..hey u were so close to me..u hugged me..u came in bike with me..we have chatted in phone even as late at 2 o clock,3 o clock.."

Gayu : "Vinod..r u insane?all these things doesn't necessarily mean love..hugging,chatting and roaming in bike etc are quite common in my locality..being in a city like Chennai,how can u be so naive da?

hmm.. alright..u don't have the maturity to take up these things..agreed its my mistake,I shouldn't have been too close to u..I thought u r also a broad-minded guy..but my understanding was wrong..I could have very well told all these things to u,in station itself..I could have easily responded to ur sms by sending these things as a reply..but,I just didn't want to spoil ur mood..

I sensed how excited u were..I thought my immediate response might completely break u down..thats y I asked little time..

All said and done,I will be marrying Mr.Krishna Reddy on the said date..cordially try to come to my marriage..

Vinod : "Hey Gayu listen.."

Gayu : "No more arguments Vino..even now I do admit the fact that,I like u soooooo much,but that doesn't mean that I love u..get the basic difference between 'love' and 'like'..its over..

One more thing,marriage is in Chennai only da..he is working in Chennai only right u need not even toil much to attend my marriage.."

Couldn't convince her any more.. Even a day before the marriage,I called her up and tried to convince her..She was in no mood to listen my cry or pain and she gave back nicely..her every word was like a slap on my face..

I didn't attend her marriage..I knew I can't see that..I have started living with her I knew it was not at possible for me to see her marriage..

Finally,now,am in my home..Though I was crazily in love with Gayu,I never compromised on my ambition..I worked hard..With immense hard work and intelligence,I cleared the preliminary examination..The results ARE out..I have cleared with good marks..I have to attend the Civil Services Main examination..

I want to show Gayu that,she missed a real hero in her life..I wanted to prove myself better than the dumb American guy..Am damn sure,if I attend this I will clear..I will be the real hero..

The admit card and the call letter is right in front of me..but......

I can't attend this exam anymore..because...

I am no more...

Yes,I never wanted to attend Gayu's marriage.. I wanted to teach her a lesson..I thought,my death will prove my true love..I wanted her to cry for me lifelong..I committed suicide..But what has happened is something different..

When her friends informed her about my death..She was shocked a little..But that didn't stop her from flying to New York..She happily married the guy..She told these words to her friends:

"that fellow is a dumbo..he is a dumb guy..useless idiot..he don't know the value of human life..immature idiot.. he don't even know to think practically..for such a hopeless guy,why should I sacrifice my life?moreover I can't even waste a single second for such a worthless soul..If my marriage stops at this stage,what will happen to my parents?I have a younger sister,what about her future?will any other guy marry her?will these dumb guys not say that,she is unlucky girl,she too will be like her sister only etc..

for me,my life,my parents and my sister is more important than this brainless chap..all i can do for him is, feel pity for him..jus convey my deepest condolences to his family.."

These words will make anyone think..Of-course,she was just too close with me,that she simply can't dilute it citing city culture as a reason..But,this is not the way to make her realize this..I understood everything..I understood my mistake..I want to live,but its just too late..

She cares a lot for her family..She is clear in her thoughts..but I didn't care for my family..I forgot all my friends,I didn't even bother to call my best friend Ravi,who mortgaged his ring to pay my exam fees once..I didn't even spare a second to think of my father,who has honestly spent all his life in govt service to bring us up..I failed to spare a second for my brother..He was the one who encouraged me every day,that I can surely become an IAS..How big sinner am I?I didn't even think of my sweet mom..Even today I love sleeping on her lap,I love the food cooked by her..

Even God will not forgive morons like me,who forget so many good people for the sake of a girl or a guy,who's part is little in his/her life..

Yes,it's not her mistake..It's my mistake..I shouldn't have done this..I hope,atleast  people who read my story, doesn't repeat this mistake..

P.S : Copyrights of this story belongs to me..


N.Amirtha Deepan said...

Hey nice story da:)
Ending is nice... This is not a happy ending, but this will change someone who is like the character "Vinod"
Keep on updating such posts :) :)

Vishnu Vardhanan said...

Enna da nadakudhu..Pudhu proj, pudhu fig ah?...

On a serious note,the way you have conveyed the message through is awesome than the story itself...By the yaruku indha message?? :P

And a small suggestion,it wud hav been apt if the story had been told in the girl's or third person point of view as the story is a flashback and the hero is no more...

Just to emphasize a message or for a casual blog write-up we need not focus on such stuff but in mainstream writing this is considered flaw..jus wanted to say that..consider it if it makes sense..

Nice one..:)

Raghav said...

Nice story ana eppa pathalum tragedy climax aaa vekkara adhu enakku suthama pudikkala ru love story yavathu happy ending oda ezhutthu

Gourav Agarwal said...


Got no words to say :)

Abhishek said...

Liked ur story machi.its like a typical tamil movie climax.Hope u continue with such good story lines.
Keep Posting..

arunkumar said...


nice story da. intha IT ponnungale ipadi thanda... ovvoru ponnu ku ovvoru feeling da...

Anonymous said...

I didnt know u want to become IAS.. i thought u want become PM of india..

Nijathula thaan sera vida maatreenga.. At least kathayula sera vidunga pa

Anonymous said...

it is me at above..

Harish.M said...

@Deepan - nice comment.. Hope u understood the motive behind this story :-)

Harish.M said...

@Vishnu - I wanted to give a kind of end,where the dead person realizes that he has missed so many things in life and he feels bad for committing suicide..

So only I chose this kind of climax

Harish.M said...

@Raghav - hehe.. will try to write a story with positive end.. :-) Thanks for commenting :-)

Harish.M said...

@Gourav - Thanks a lot for your comment machi :-)

Harish.M said...

@Abhishek - Thanks for your nice comment machi..Keep supporting me by giving your honest and valuable comments :-)

Harish.M said...

@Arun - thanks for commenting machi.. Same feeling :D..but all guys have same feeling :P

Harish.M said...

@Jagan - this is just a story machi..whatever I write need not necessarily happen in my life..Moreover even now I want to become PM of India :D..So there is no change in my ambition.. :P

And,Thanks for commenting :-)

kamalakannan said...

great story with a meaningful message...

Anonymous said...

@ // Gayathri became Gayu to me //

Aagum da aagumm....gaayu kaekutha gaayu...inda gaayu yaarunu naan catch pannitaen da...ayogya payalaey...anga suthi inga suthi ippadi en madilayae kaiya vachitiyae da....!!!

Harish.M said...

@Kamal - Thanks a lot for your valuable comments :-)

Harish.M said...

@Gokul - Which Gayu you are speaking about :O ?

Anitha R.Balasubramanian said...

Nice Story.... the way u narrated is good :)

dude said...

Nice story da! xcellent ending!! but wat i felt is that it shld hv been more touching especially in the middle part ! proposing to the gal looked very normal and kinda cinematic!! Xpected more intense feeling frm the character vinodh! other than the proposing part,evrythin looks fine and touching!! Climax s awesome:) kudossss! but story la yum tragedy ending eh!! !hehe nyhws a good one da

Harish.M said...

@Anitha - Thanks for commenting :-)

Harish.M said...

@dude - I don't know why the proposing part is not appealing to u..It may be because u know everything about love from top to bottom :P.. but anyway,thanks for your honest comment..

what to do,sad ending is the practical one :D

Suraj Ghimire said...

got ur blog as i was searching some images through google image...

i had bookmarked it, and finally got the time to read the story...

it is emotional, nice one...
yeah, the end and conclusion might change thoughts of few people who might be on such stages,
but again,
is love so cheap that we blame the other person in our life?
may be, somewhere the dedication and understanding to love is missed in this story, but over all, the story is great!!!

The part of narration can raise few question, but along with time and experience, all those will be better...


Harish.M said...

Suraj - First of all,thanks a lot for commenting here..Nice to see your honest comments :-)

//is love so cheap that we blame the other person in our life?

Its not like that,here I have just tried to depict a situation like that..This is not completely about love,but the point is one has lot of things to enjoy in life other than the lady love..

And yes,along with time and experience,I believe my narration and style of writing will improve..

Thanks for your honest comments :-)

Govind said...

actually i read this the day u posted itself... missed to comment... great work...

Harish.M said...

@Govind - thanks ji for commenting :-)