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TN Elections 2011 - Version 2.0

This post is just the continuation of the previous one.For the previous post,just go here:

Kalaignar - this is a powerful 'term' in Indian Politics.Of-course,people from North India might not be aware of this title,but those in power,for sure should be jealous of this man Kalaignar - Mr.M.Karunanidhi.For the past 12 yrs he is in alliance with the central govt.Yes,from 1999-2004,his party was a part of the BJP govt., at center and Mr.Vajpayee was the PM at that time.Then from 2004 onwards,his party is a part of the Congress govt. In these 12 years,for the past 5 yrs he is the CM of Tamil Nadu and that too in 2004 parliamentary elections,it was a clean-sweep for the DMK-Congress combo.Had he really wanted to do something good to TN,he could have very well achieved lot of things.

He could have solved the Cauvery dispute between TN and Karnataka and could have easily brought water to TN.He announced the Hogenakkal power project some years back.Our cinema actors,as usual staged a protest against Karnataka for opposing this project(these actors have no other go,they should some nonsense like this,otherwise they will not be considered as Tamilians).After this drama,what did he do?He announced that he is putting the project temporarily on hold,since elections were due in Karnataka.The new govt in Karnataka is in its 3rd year I think,but Kalaignar forgot this project and it appears like a mere political stunt. The only achievement of the DMK govt in this regard is,opening of a statue to the great poet Thiruvalluvar in Karnataka and in return,Kannada poet Sarvagnar's statue was opened in TN.If you people are going to get satisfied by this and least bothered about the water and power project,then you are the dumbest soul in this world.

He could have solved the Mullai-Periyar dam issue and could have made the situation in favor of TN.Again, he didn't show real interest in that issue too.Why to leave out the Lankan Tamils issue?It will be a sin,if I am not mentioning his 6 hr fasting here.He went on a fasting unto death for some 6 hrs.Reason - to bring a ceasefire in SriLanka.After 6 hrs he himself announced that a ceasefire has been announced in SL,which was a blatant lie and finished his fasting.Had he really wanted to bring a ceasefire there,he could have threatened to pull-out of the central govt and could have made things work.But Kalaignar is very much concerned about the war in his family than the one that happened against the Tamils in SL.

TN fishermen are constantly being arrested and killed by the Lankan navy.External affairs minister S M Krishna,openly told that,the govt cannot save the fishermen who enter into the Lankan territory. Mr.Karunanidhi didn't react for this.For all these issues,he had/has one common action,which is nothing but, "writing letters to the PM".Our PM will read those letters after getting permission from Sonia ji only.So its nothing but a mockery of the lives of fishermen and Tamilians.People don't think that these are the problems of fishermen,farmers and Lankan Tamils,if u think so,there wont be any person left out to fight for you,when you get into trouble.

Let us come back to corruption.Irregularities in the allocation of 2G Spectrum - this is considered as the biggest corruption in the history of mankind.Let me give a brief note on this.The then Telecom minister Mr.A.Raja,who is in jail now,gave the 2G  spectrum in throw away prices.He didn't conduct any auction.The worst part is, the companies, to which he allocated the spectrum were formed very recently and they were not even remotely related to the use of spectrum.He allotted the spectrum,in 2008,according to the 2001 prices. There was a huge difference between cell phone users in 2001 and 2008.The spectrum should have gone for auctions and it could have generated a revenue of some 1.76 lakh crores(this is the summary of the report given by the Comptroller and Auditor General).This issue was questioned at the time of its allocation itself, even I wrote about this in the beginning of 2010 itself in this Link. But Mr.Raja was thrown out of power only in November 2010

The current telecom minister Mr.Kapil Sibal,shamelessly claims that there was 0% loss to the exchequer(govt) because of Raja.He claims that there is no mistake on Raja's part.But this intelligent minister claims that there was a loss of around 1.5Lakh crores to the govt under the BJP regime,due to the irregularities in the telecom industry.In 2001 the penetration of cellular phones were not so high as it was in 2008.And in the BJP govt,everything was transparent and it was not a decision of any individual.Everything was announced in front of the cabinet ministers.If Mr.Sibal believes that there was such a huge loss to the govt during the BJP rule, he should have raised this issue in 2004 itself.Because,from 2004 onwards,only the UPA(led by the congress) is in power.

What Mr.Karunanidhi says for this?He shamelessly claims that,Raja is being targeted just because he is not a brahmin and just because he is a dalit.So what does he mean by this?Does he mean to say that if the corrupt person is a dalit,there should be no action against him or what?I don't know how many people know about Umashankar I.A.S.He exposed the irregularities in the govt cable system.He also unearthed a scam in Elcot(electronic corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd).It is said that big wigs of govt,especially the Maran brothers in the cable scam,were involved in these corruptions.

As a result of this,Umashankar was victimized by this govt and he faced transfers,charges of owning excessive properties etc.He even went to court with these allegations.For the kind information of the readers of this blog,Mr.Umashankar is also a Dalit.For doing his duty honestly,the MK govt has troubled him to this extent.So this implies that the DMK govt will support only corrupt people and not the honest.This Umashankar,is the same collector,who unearthed a scam against the ADMK govt in 1995,which became a huge embarrassment for the then ADMK govt.

The govt claims that they are giving rice at a price of  Re.1/kg to people below poverty line.Does the govt really takes steps to find who are below poverty line?I myself has seen a person earning around 50K per month,having the privilege of getting this 1 rupee rice,in his ration card.When Mr.MK proudly claims that he has given rice for Re.1,he forgets so many things.For me there is no privilege of buying that 1 rupee rice in ration card(I will not buy that rice rather,such is the quality of that rice).In the last govt., I used to buy Ponni Pachcharisi at Rs.20/Kg.Now the same is being sold for around Rs.40/kg(outside rations).Not only rice,prices of so many other essential commodities are at its all time high.

There is no proper power supply at all.We can even predict the result of an IPL match sitting in home,but what we can't predict is whether we will be able to watch that match or not,because power may go off any time.It seems this govt has deleted the term law and order from its database itself.Law college incident and the clash between the lawyers and the police department are the classic examples of law and order.The worst part is that,consecutive kidnap events.School children are being kidnapped by goondas and rowdies frequently.In one such incident,the media says that,the policemen rescued a boy from kidnappers by paying a huge amount quoted by the kidnappers.If this is true,then there is no point in having the police department.

Another horrible incident took place in TN.A sub-inspector was brutally assaulted by a gang of rowdies and the gang threw bombs at the SI it seems.He was fighting for his life and was helpless.All this happened in front of 2 ministers is what the news says.Tamil Nadu Public Health Minister MRK Panneerselvam and Minister for Environment, Youth Welfare and Sports TPM Moideen Khan allegedly watched and failed to help the Sub Inspector Vetrivel.See what kind of people we have elected as our representatives.

Let us not forget the hacking of cinema industry by the family members of our honorable Chief Minister.Today, Dayanidhi Alagiri is a producer,Udhayanidhi Stalin is a producer,Kalanidhi Maran(Sun network is reputed one in TN,why all over India),Vamsam hero and etc.. So many people from CM's family have captured the industry.CM claims that people accuse his family members for being cinema,just because they are jealous of him for having a family.He also calls others(mainly Jaya) ,who don't have a family and criticizes his family,as 'Thadharigal(people who don't have a family)',He quotes the example of Rajkapoor's family,Dhanush- Rajnikanth's son-in-law etc.But CM forgets the fact that,these people didn't stop the growth of others.Now I could hardly find a movie,which is not related to CM's family members.

In the beginning of 2010,they troubled actor AjithKumar for expressing his dissatisfaction,in front of the CM himself,over political pressure to actors to attend protests.Click this Link for further details about this incident. And at the fag end of 2010,they started torturing actor Vijay.It is said that,Vijay's decision to meet Rahul Gandhi and his refusal to act in Sun pictures,is the reason for this.One thing was clear.The ruling party never wanted the actor's recent release Kavalan to hit the screens.But with lot of difficulties the movie released,but it couldn't get the number of screens,which a Vijay's movie will usually get.Whether the movie is good or bad,let the audience decide it,who are these politicians to stop the release of a movie?

If someone writes or speaks something against the CM and his family,they may be assaulted by rowdies.Well known writer,Pazha.Karuppayyah,was writing a series of articles in Thuglak against the CM and the ruling party.He was assaulted by a gang of rowdies.His house was ransacked.The Sun Tv and Kalaignar Tv,which telecasts every single movement of Vijayakanth,didn't even put a flash news about this assault.There is no freedom of expression in TN.

Doesn't this give us a feeling of being in an emergency?Yes,it looks more like an undeclared emergency in Tamil Nadu,but not on seeing the honest activities of election commission,as Kalaignar claims,but on seeing such assaults and abuses.

I have covered as many things as possible about the current state govt.I need atleast a separate website to publish all the atrocities of this govt.Even in a separate website I don't know whether I can cover everything or not.

I thought of ending this series with this post.But this itself has gone quite lengthy,so will end it in the next post.

P.S.:The "aapu" - half thing,about which I discussed in my previous post,has now been published in Thuglak too. They too have condemned the DMK channels for this false propaganda.

(To be contd.. )


Vishnu said...
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Vishnu said...

True that not even a website or a whole web directory can serve the purpose of capturing this fantastic family's shame..

As far as the article, nice that you have covered at least a single incident in every aspect..Good one..

Hope TN ppl use their conscience and little amount of their brains while voting.

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