Sunday, April 3, 2011

TN Elections 2011 - Time-to-Think

Hello folks,world cup over and the outcome is in our favor and now,its time to spend some time for politics.On April 13th,elections will be conducted in Tamil Nadu.Through this post,I just want to express my opinion about the current elections.

These are the major alliances, one is - DMK+Congress+PMK+VCK+smaller parties and the other one is ADMK+DMDK+Communists(Marxists and Left)+smaller parties..The other major party,which faces the elections without any alliance is the BJP.The BJP has no ground in Tamil Nadu and in most of the constituencies the party will lose deposit.Pon.Radhakrishnan,the TN BJP president,MAY win,apart from him I don't think anyone else will win.So let us not discuss much about BJP.

The biggest question is will Kalaignar become the CM for the 6th time?There are many who believe that the free color TV and rice for Re.1/kg,will bring him back to power.But Kalaignar himself is not able to believe this and he believes that he can win only by 'buying' the votes.If not so,he wouldn't have expressed his displeasure over the honest activities of election commission.A pro-DMK magazine, Nakkeeran would not have called the Election Commission as an ally of ADMK.The EC(Election Commission) is strictly monitoring the campaigns and they are doing their level best to avoid bribing voters.As a part of this,they are thoroughly checking the vehicles and if 'illegal' money is found,it is seized and the people carrying the money are taken to task.This has upset the TN CM to a great extent and he calls this situation in TN as an 'undeclared' emergency.

Let us come to the alliances.In the beginning,there was a huge confusion in the formation of the DMK-Congress alliance.It is said that,first the congress asked for more than 80 seats and then came down to 63.For this the DMK didn't agree and the DMK ministers,especially Mr.Alagiri,went to the extent of calling this issue 'a matter of pride'.The DMK even threatened to quit the alliance and came forward to offer issue-based-support to the central govt.But the central govt was in no mood to listen all these things and Mulayam Singh Yadav came forward to support the central govt,which neutralized the 'Kalaignar-threat'.It seems that,along with former DMK minister Mr.Raja and many other family members of the CM may get punished in the 2G Spectrum issue,but for the support of congress.So Kalaignar bought peace with the central govt and gave up.He gave 63 seats to congress finally.Earlier,Mr.Alagiri said,they need not continue their alliance with congress by giving up their self-respect.Now I hear many people in TN asking that,whether the DMK know the meaning of self respect?

The other parties in the DMK alliance didn't demand much,as Kalaignar allotted reasonably,a good number of seats to them.Then comes the ADMK alliance.Till one point of time,everything seemed to go smoothly for the ADMK alliance.But trouble started when Jaya announced a list of 160 candidates without consulting with her allies.There were speculations that a 3rd front will be formed under Vijayakanth.Communist Leader Tha.Pandiyan expressed his dissatisfaction over this in public.But it is said that,the senior journalist,who is rumored to be behind the formation of the ADMK alliance compromised all the parties.But MDMK was just too adamant in getting 21 seats.It is said that ADMK offered some 12+ seats to MDMK,but Mr.Vaiko was not happy with the offer and he quit the alliance.

Vaiko announced that his party will not contest in the upcoming polls.This is suicidal.Vaiko may be a honest politician,but he is not just smart enough to survive in politics.After elections,I believe a majority of MDMK partymen will join DMK and ADMK.And his decision to boycott the polls will not produce any major effects.Vaiko is an excellent orator and losing his fiery campaigns is definitely a set back for ADMK and the MDMK partymen are just too good in doing field works.But this is not going to affect the chances of an ADMK win.At the end of the day Mr.Vaiko is going to be the sore looser.

Now,the DMK and the pro-DMK media is going great guns in creating an image like there is no unity among the ADMK allies.This is utter crap.ADMK wants DMDK to stay with them,because DMDK has the potential to split the ADMK votes and spoil the chances of ADMK in several constituencies.The DMDK wants ADMK's support,because if they go alone,they can't achieve anything more than bringing Mr.Karunanidhi back to power,by splitting the ADMK votes.Now its time for them to win some 20+ seats to survive.So the workers of both the parties are working with great determination and mutual understanding.The communists are known for their honesty.We can't find a better and honest politician than Mr.Nallakannu in TN.So the DMK media is trying to create a false image that there is no unity in the opposition camp.

Now there is a cheap act being carried out by the Kalaignar TV groups,Sun Tv groups and Makkal Tholaikatchi.To be frank,the DMK camp is not able to digest the ADMK-DMDK alliance and I am able to see more spark in Captain Tv programmes than the Jaya tv's, against the govt.As a result of this the DMK media is distorting the facts and spreading false news against Vijayakanth.Even today they are playing a video where Vijayakanth speaks like :"ungalukkellam aappadicha thaan buddhi varum"- meaning,we should teach a lesson to you.But what the pro-DMK channels are saying?As follows:

"half adicha thaan prachaaram panna mudiyum" - meaning only if I drink a half,I can do campaigns.Only uncivilized and half-baked people will indulge in such non-senses.A case should be filed against these channels and their licenses has to be cancelled for misguiding people. 

Another awkward part of the DMK campaign is Vadivelu's so called sparkling campaign.He calls Vijayakanth a drunkard.Is he 100% good?Can't we bring his personal issues to public to defame his image?Mr.Vadivelu has to understand the fact that,people will clap,will laugh and enjoy his satire on Vijayakanth,but all these claps wont get transformed into votes.This can also back-fire.

I will be very happy if Kalaignar and his party men read this blog post,because they may give me some good titles like Arya vandherigal,Paarpana padhargal etc.

Why am I praising Kalaignar Karunanithi ji to this extent?Is Jayalalitha the best?In what way Vijayakanth is different from Mr.Karunanidhi?

I will discuss these things in the next post.

(To be continued... :D)