Sunday, July 25, 2010

A chat with 'The Kingmaker'

It was on July 15th,2010,Kamaraj's 108th birth anniversary was observed.On that day I just had a thought,how it would be if Kamaraj discusses about the current political situation.And am typing the discussion here.Now u don't fight with me stating that discussion with Kamarajar should only be in Tamil.This is purely my own imagination.And no one can pour Tar to this space :D,since its a blog and one can't force me to keep the titles/name board and all in Tamil. Kamaraj knew English too.

Let me explain one small incident before getting into my imaginary discussion .Once a govt officer had passed a GO,which read "In all govt officess GandhiJi's photo must be hanged".On seeing this Kamaraj called the officer and told him that "Even the British couldn't hang GandhiJi,r u going to hang him?Put it this way,"GandhiJi's photo must be installed".So Kamaraj knew English and the discussion was in English only.

Me : Vanakkam Ayya!!!(Welcoming in Tamil)

Kamarajar : Vanakkam

Kamarajar : What is that place?Its early morning 6'o' clock,almost all shops r closed.But like this there is a shop in every street and people are hanging out there in huge number.Is it a place of Bodhanai or what?

Me : It’s not a place of place of Bodhanai,but its a place of Bodhai.That place is called Tasmac,govt wine shop.

Kamarajar : What govt owns wine shop and all?When my govt was in power,we never gave permission to any wine shop and we also arrested whoever were involved in producing illicit liquor.This has to be banned immediately.

Me : Sir,please don't jump to conclusions.This is the only place in India,where u can find 'Unity in Diversity'.Moreover,the annual turnover of these arrack shops is estimated to be around 15000 crores.It is said that the govt itself is surviving mainly because of this money.

Kamarajar :(He is disappointed,felt really bad).Can u get some water?

Me : (At that time I couldn't go to anyone's home,I could get only water packets,so bought a water packet and gave him)

Kamarajar : Oh nowadays u have to pay for water also huh?How much does it cost?

Me : 1 rupee,50 paise

Kamarajar : It seems the cost of living of people have gone very high.Water itself costs this much means,rice should b definitely very costly.

Me : No sir,rice costs just rupee 1/kg.

Kamaraj:(Gets confused)What kind of logic is this? I can't understand.

Me : Its so simple sir.For people Below Poverty Line,the rice is re.1/kg and for others it varies from Rs.35 to Rs.45 .

Kamaraj:Who gets benefitted in this?Whats the status of farmers?

Me: Going by the newspapers,the benefit actually goes to rice-smugglers.There r people who produce fake income details in ration card and buy the rice at a low cost.They sell it to other states(especially Kerala) at a relatively higher cost. Regd farmers,since they couldn't sell the rice for a higher cost due to this,no improvement in their status.They are born poor,they live as poors and die as poor people only.

Kamarjar: What nonsense is this?

Me : Sir,don't get frustrated.This is not everything.The TN fishermen are being kidnapped by the Lankan navy/fishermen constantly and are being harassed badly.

Kamarajar : Didn't ur CM Kalaignar take any action regarding this?

Me : He wrote a letter to PM.

Kamarajar : Just letter huh?Why don't he meet him in person and take any strict action.

Me : Sir,actually speaking this is not such an important issue for our CM to go to Delhi and all.He went to Delhi and met the congress chief at the time of formation of  Cabinet(Central Ministry).His Son and Grandson were made central ministers.
(Enna irunthalum makkal nalam thane mukkiyam)

Kamaraj: Oh no,u too Congress?Why don’t congress oppose this and all?

Me: Sir actually speaking,it seems the congress people go to Anna Arivalayam more often than to Sathyamurthi Bavan.They r not even asking for a minister post in State Govt.Let me stop with this regd congress,if I say more u will feel bad. Only one thing I can say about Congress,the congress is not the same as it was when u were alive.It has changed a lot.

Kamaraj : Don’t worry man,God will take care of all these things.

Me : Sir please be careful while using God’s name.As long as God doesn’t trouble the state govt., its good for him.U know what,our CM once accused Lord Rama of having wine.He also accused Lord Perumal(Venkatachalapathy) that, the lord used to watch entertainment dances of female dancers. So please don’t use God’s name,this is a state where for most of the people Pagutharivu(6th sense) means abusing Hindu Gods and Hindu culture. 

Kamaraj : I would not say it’s the mistake of God.Its the mistake of u people.U people shouldn’t have elected such people.

Me : What to do sir,our people r so poor.Some newspapers say that,people got some money and casted their votes,without any thought about future. People who r well settled never care about the society,that they don’t even bother to know what’s the political scenario around them and they never caste their votes.

Kamaraj : For this there is only one solution my boy.It is u youngsters have to join together.If u want to bring a change in the society means,u need to b a group.No single person can fight corruption,terrorism,nepotism etc all alone. Revolution happens only when people join together.So try to spread the truth that u know to as many people as possible.Ask them to spread it inturn to others.. Finally as a group,u can bring the much needed change in the society. Its time am leaving.

I thought TN is better than heaven.I understood what is hell after coming here.I am going back to heaven again with a heavy heart.

Me : Will try to follow ur words sir

Let me see if I can keep up my word to Kamarajar.And that advice from Kamarajar is not only to me,it is to everyone who wants to cleanse the society.Thats it!!


Unknown said...

Nice post.. :)

Ravichandran said...

superb thale... eppoodi?

Harish.M said...

@Jagan and Ravichandran sir - Thanks a lot for commenting here :-)

dude said...

kalakita da
!! it was very nice! i like the conversations!! u discussed abt 1 rupee rice scheme in an xcitin way tat will make the readers lively!! nice one!! intha nelama marnomna

Harish.M said...

Dude- thanks for ur comments.. But u know what, entering politics is no mean job.. My aim is something different.. And if this scenario has to change means, its not in my hands alone,its in the hands of so many people like u,me and many others.. I believe u got my point..

Keep watching this space for more updates :-)

Anand said...

Nice da. Very interesting conversation. All u said regarding rice and tasmac are really good points.ya, i too agree its not a one man job to clean the society. Everyone has to cooperate...Keep posting this kind of interesting conversations.

Harish.M said...

@Anand- Thanks for ur comments machi.. I am glad that u have spent ur precious time to go thru this post and u have commented here.. Thanks for ur feedback and keep encouraging me by giving such feedbacks :-)

Unknown said...

harish...wat a glorius thinkng u done in conversation wit kamarajar....i m very proud 2 c u...good luck

Harish.M said...

@Tom - Thanks for your honest comments :-)

MGR Roop said...

A nice idea Sir, and regarding money for voting was started by Congress to defeat Peraringar Anna in 1962 election. proof by MGR mentor Annadurai speech.

Harish.M said...

@MGR Roop - A section of congress people might have indulged in the act of bribing voters(which is condemnable),but still what DMK doing is "atrocities".. Atrocities at its peak..

Thanks for sharing this info..

Also thanks for commenting :-)

naam thamizhar said...

dude harish,i m uday, lovely posting.. keep rocking..i join with we ill make a new society... thai manney vanakam. do mail me

Harish.M said...

@naam thamizhar - Thanks for commenting..Thanks for your support :-)

Sundar said...

Fantastic. Now I think the situation has got changed in the centre.

But much to do with the state to create the state without any freebies, liquor shops, 'Amma-cine theatres', etc.

Harish.M said...

@Sundar - yes agreed.. people's mindset should change :-)

Harish.M said...

@Sundar - yes agreed.. people's mindset should change :-)