Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As I said in my earlier post,am now back with a cinema related post...Its about the recent release Ayan.The movie has Surya and Tamanna in the lead roles and thalaivar Prabhu(:P) dons an important role.The movie was hyped very much by many World Cinema Fans(So called class movie lovers).All I can say the movie is not worth the hype.Its genre is PURE MASALA.But this movie cannot be called as completely bad,as there are some real entertaining scenes.

Surya-is the positive for this movie.His physique and face suits the character perfectly.His voice modulation,expression,body language etc., are good.The smuggling scenes are the real highlight of the movie.Especially the one which takes place in Africa.One person who normally changes serious situations in most of the movies as comical ones with his serious(but for us funny :P)one liners like ENNA KODUMA SARAVANAN ITHU and all,is none other our Prabhu.But surprisingly in this movie,he has really done well.Especially the scene where he lifts the villain by holding his neck,was good.

One thing I hate to the core in this movie is the characterisation of Chitibabu,which was played by Jagan(Vijay TV nandu-sindu fame).His characterisation SUCKS.He is given the role of heroine's brother,but actually he behaves like her broker.There were movies which had scenes like heroine's brother helping for her love,but this is absoultely pathetic(thu..). But some of his one liners makes us laugh at times.

Another interesting aspect of the movie is Surya-Ponvannan scenes.The way they handle the villain was somewhat good.But what serves as a setback here is the choice of villain. He looks like a clown.The person who dubbed for him should have taken more care.Anyway the villain character too is not worthy,as he always loses out to the hero easily.

There is really nothing like twist or turn in the movie.The director might have thought that Jagan character might give a surprise to the audience,but it doesnt.The love scenes between Surya-Tamanna,not so interesting.Karunas has been wasted.The climax scene where he goes to Africa, just like we go to some near by town,is a big yawn.

And in Harris Jeyaraj music 2 songs are good,"vizhi moodi" and "nenje-nenje" and with visuals the peppy number by hariharan,"Pala palakkara.." is also enjoyable.Surprisingly this time the BGM of this movie is nice.Camera by M.S.Prabhu is not bad.Stunt scenes are simply rocking.Kanal Kannan made an excellent job.On the whole K.V.Anand could have gone for a better script.Before going to movie many said its like Dhool,Dhil etc..This movie is not even half of the other 2.The movie may become a commercially successful venture,but still the quality is not good.

If you are an ardent fan of masala movies and you dont want any logic,and if u have no other work and want to spend sometime in theater means,go for this movie,else better avoid it.
Verdict: Average
Rating : 2.5/5

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coorg-A HOT Experience

So friends,once again am back(may be not with a bang).Well I think most of my friends know that I went on a tour last month.In that tour I had some great experiences and I would like to narrate it here.Actually we planned to take a break and have some relaxation.Some one said there is a spot called COORG,its a hill station so we can have a cool stay there.One gentleman went a step further and added that in google it is given as SCOTLAND OF INDIA-meaning,such a cool place.So expectations were bit too much.But after going over there we felt coorg as HOTLAND of India and some guys felt even Chennai is better :( .Now you may understand the meaning of the topic.But apart from climate,there were also other aspects which(or who :P) were hot. Thats alright,now let me start about the tour experience.

For pic,click this link:

Its on march18th,we left chennai and we were 13 in number,including Nikhil Baffna-Joseph((the organisers),myself,Dude,Gokul,Bhai(Navith),Manas,Nimesh,Gautam Subuthi,Keshava,Karthik Munaga,GK and DK.I have to mention this in this post for sure. Our guys are photo fanatics.Dude,DK and Bhai occupy the first 3 ranks in the fanatic rating,followed by GK master,myself,Gokul.As we are all fanatics,we started our photo session from central station itself.We ended our photo session in the central station itself(dont get confused,we started in central and continued in coorg,mysore etc and again while coming back we ended it in central).So starting from here we were taking photos.

We were playing cards for some time in train and then police warned us to sleep(our relation with police didnt end with Railway police :P).So we slept and the next day morning we reached mysore.Had the breakfast and started our travel in a 13 seater van. As soon as the van started,this Gautham Subuthi,started sleeping(as usual :P).Then we asked him to wake up and said this is not SRM college,so dont sleep atleast here.

From there the first spot we visited was a Buddhist monastry.Actually I didnt go inside the monastry,as we have not taken bath.I started taking snaps there too :D.One strange thing I noticed there was that,everyone are looking similar in that area.Once we(me and gokul) felt as if we were in some chinese town.God,we really have to appreciate them for differentiating among themselves,every one has the same hair style,dressing style etc.

To see the monastery,click here :

Then we went for elephant safari,boating etc.We visited a water falls too. Here comes our man of photos,dude,he started taking pics there.For a moment I think he wanted to become a mass hero,thinking that way he caught some kids there to take a snap with them.Their guardian scolded dude for taking pics with the kids and said he wont allow kids and all to take pics with him in particualar(Asingapattaan :D :D).

Finally we went to the room.Actually it was not a room,it was a house.Our organisers(Nikhil and Joseph) have booked a nice house :),but because of this house we got into some minor controversy,which I will explain later :D.We took bath and were watching some cricket match for sometime.Then we went to temple and got the blessings of Lord Ganesha(as we are all cultured,traditional good people na :) ).Fine,then we had the dinner.

Dinner over and most of them were thirsty and wanted to drink,not water,but quarter. Some drank and some preferred to watch(u cant have a better entertainment than watching some one making some comedies while he/she is drinking :D). The party started.Our organiser was busy in phone with some one special.Other organiser was watching NDTV to get info about stock market(unga kadama unarchikku oru alave illaya da).

Ok,let us start the party.Now I dont want to mention the names,if I do so people will kill me tomorrow :D.One fellow was drinking vodka peg by peg.I warned him not to take too much while another fellow teased him saying that he cant drink more than a peg.This domar,took this as a challenge and started drinking more(ithula mattum nalla challenge eduthukkonga da ) and he lost his control and started making comedies like Vadivelu :D. I have a video of that and in that video all KUDI-MAGANS are there.Another fellow, mixed 90% coke with 10% vodka.He became flat for that itself :D.One fellow decently slept anticipating the consequences.And only one man was full steady even after 5 rounds and hats off to him :D.

Then comes the important event of our tour,yeah its the trecking.Normally you cant see me more in photos with dude.Why u know?If u go with him some where,u cant see any place fully and u can see only the entrance,because he will keep on taking photos until the van starts.How he manages others to take a snap you know?He uses an excellent technique.He will ask u to stand and will take a pic in digicam and will say exactly this phrase: "Machi awesome pose da,tharumaru da,u look dashing in this".He will take only one snap and tell that phrase.Then automatically the other person will take him atleast some 25 snaps.Very clever fellow,infact he is INTELLIGENT TO THE INTELLIGENTS.

In trecking we had an awesome experience.Almost everyone were tired except one great man.Yeah you are right,he is none other than our Keshava.R.K.A.Verma.We didnt leave him,had we left him,he would have walked from Mysore to Chennai all the way.Dont know whether he is a super-man or spider-man or even a Pokkiri man :P .See the following pic,you can see who that man is :
After this we went to temples again.Finally tonight again we had dinner.After dinner some of us decided to go for a walk.Manas,Gokul,Joseph,Kesava were walking with me.At that time one voice called us.We went near the jeep.Its obviously the policemen.They enquired about our identity.Then only the person in the opposite house said that only he called the police as he had some disturbance because of her the previous night.Then we told the police to contact the person who rented the home to us.
Actually bhai(Navith) knows more details regarding this issue :D.If u want to know more u can contact him personally.
Then we went to Mysore.There we visited zoo.And u can see the picture of my best friend in the below link:
Then we had lunch in the same hotel where we had during our 3rd year IV.After lunch we went to the Mysore palace.The architecture of the palace was absolutely mind blowing.It was built before 150-200 years.I bet you with all the technological advancements,even today,no one can build such buildings.The engineer who built the palace was Mr.Vishveswarayya. What a man he is :) .We were very eager to take snaps inside the palace,but the authorities didnt allow us to take pics inside the palace.Anyway we took some pics outside the palace,like the one in the below link:
Now thats all about Mysore.Finally we went for some shopping and came to station,I mean railway station :P.Again we started our photo work there too.Finally we started playing cards again in the train.This time the game went bit wild,all because of me :D.Dude started cheating and played wrongly.His game was against rules,as I am a honest person,I could not tolerate and threw the cards.Then dude played within rules.(Naa romba strictu ma :P).After the cards episode came the TTR's.Actually we had some probs in seat number allocation and tickets.But we made some settlement with TTR and finalised things and had a peaceful journey.
After coming to chennai,our Iron man Kesava walked to hostel from railway station-there ends the coorg episode.Though Coorg was hot,we had a cool experience.
And my next post will be something regarding current affairs only.It may be related to cinema or anything else.Patiently go through this post and feel free to bash me if this is such a horrible mokkai :)