Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As I said in my earlier post,am now back with a cinema related post...Its about the recent release Ayan.The movie has Surya and Tamanna in the lead roles and thalaivar Prabhu(:P) dons an important role.The movie was hyped very much by many World Cinema Fans(So called class movie lovers).All I can say the movie is not worth the hype.Its genre is PURE MASALA.But this movie cannot be called as completely bad,as there are some real entertaining scenes.

Surya-is the positive for this movie.His physique and face suits the character perfectly.His voice modulation,expression,body language etc., are good.The smuggling scenes are the real highlight of the movie.Especially the one which takes place in Africa.One person who normally changes serious situations in most of the movies as comical ones with his serious(but for us funny :P)one liners like ENNA KODUMA SARAVANAN ITHU and all,is none other our Prabhu.But surprisingly in this movie,he has really done well.Especially the scene where he lifts the villain by holding his neck,was good.

One thing I hate to the core in this movie is the characterisation of Chitibabu,which was played by Jagan(Vijay TV nandu-sindu fame).His characterisation SUCKS.He is given the role of heroine's brother,but actually he behaves like her broker.There were movies which had scenes like heroine's brother helping for her love,but this is absoultely pathetic(thu..). But some of his one liners makes us laugh at times.

Another interesting aspect of the movie is Surya-Ponvannan scenes.The way they handle the villain was somewhat good.But what serves as a setback here is the choice of villain. He looks like a clown.The person who dubbed for him should have taken more care.Anyway the villain character too is not worthy,as he always loses out to the hero easily.

There is really nothing like twist or turn in the movie.The director might have thought that Jagan character might give a surprise to the audience,but it doesnt.The love scenes between Surya-Tamanna,not so interesting.Karunas has been wasted.The climax scene where he goes to Africa, just like we go to some near by town,is a big yawn.

And in Harris Jeyaraj music 2 songs are good,"vizhi moodi" and "nenje-nenje" and with visuals the peppy number by hariharan,"Pala palakkara.." is also enjoyable.Surprisingly this time the BGM of this movie is nice.Camera by M.S.Prabhu is not bad.Stunt scenes are simply rocking.Kanal Kannan made an excellent job.On the whole K.V.Anand could have gone for a better script.Before going to movie many said its like Dhool,Dhil etc..This movie is not even half of the other 2.The movie may become a commercially successful venture,but still the quality is not good.

If you are an ardent fan of masala movies and you dont want any logic,and if u have no other work and want to spend sometime in theater means,go for this movie,else better avoid it.
Verdict: Average
Rating : 2.5/5


Vishnu said...

The post is good..But u have given a little optimistic view of the movie...As far as im concerned it is a piece of shit except for surya n Harris...This is worst ever film surya has acted after becoming an recognized actor...

Vishnu said...

K.V.Anand pls stop directing this kinda films...As it is said Jegan's characterisation really sucks to the core...If u have not seen this film yet,dont waste money u can watch it in sun T.V soon...