Monday, August 31, 2009

Cinema-My Experience and My Views

This time back to cinema :-).Cinema has become a part of our life.We may be having very busy schedule,we may be having semester exams,project work etc.To concentrate in our work we use to avoid lot of things like switching off the mobile,stop roaming outside etc.,. Although I have never done any of these things,I have seen many of my friends doing all these.But most of them(including me) has never failed to discuss about cinema.Exactly an hour before going to semester exam,we have fought for Ajith-Vijay etc. :D.Cinema has become that much important these days.Lets discuss something about cinemas.This post is just to discuss about some of my personal experience while watching movies and my views about some aspects of cinema in a brief manner.

First of all I have to say something about the pic above.If u think that I made this pic using photoshop means,am sorry,u r wrong :D.I did this purely using 'paint' :D.(Cut-Copy-Paste than :D).For some people watching movies is something more than a hobby.Am one such person.If u r going to a movie means make it sure that u get the ticket for the movie which u want to see.I mean,while buying ticket,tell the movie name and ask and for heaven sake dont say theater's name(I mean the screen which U THINK is showing that movie),if u do so,there are bright chances for u to undergo some torture like me.While I was in Pondicherry this incident has happened.

At that time I was new to Pondy and it was the time when the movie "Parthiban Kanavu" released.Parthiban Kanavu is an awesome movie right?So only I went for it.The movie was running in the theater Jeeva-Rukmani(that was the name of that theater and now it is remodelled and rechristened as Adlabs).There were two screens in that theater,Jeeva and Rukmani.Since the name Jeeva appears first I thought Parthiban Kanavu was shown there.So I asked in the counter "Give me a tkt for Jeeva theater".The man looked at me strangely[appove purinjirkkanam enakku :-( ].After getting ticket I went in to theater.I was in for such a huge shock.Theater was almost empty and apart from me some 5 members were there.I realized that something has gone wrong.Suddenly they started playing the movie and in the screen it appeared "Maaveeran Neppolean thayarithu vazhangum MARY ALBERT".My heart almost stopped for a minute.I thought of going to the other screen,but the man at the door said that I was not supposed to do that.I pleaded him to open the gate,so that I can run away,that stupid fellow said thats not possible and he said I have to be inside the theater until the end of the movie.And I ended up watching that awkward Neppolean movie :-(.

This is one experience.And another thing is that if I like a movie(which is reasonably different),most of the people around me will not be interested in watching that movie and they will go to the extent of mocking me saying that it is one of the worst ever movies made in the entire universe.This has happened several times.I was watching the movie Mozhi in theater.One fellow asked me where I was and replied him that watching movie.He asked the cost of tkt and replied "40 rooba pocha".The movie was awesome.And surprisingly it went on to become a super hit too.But most of the time the movies(that are in a different genre)which I like very much will not be a commercial success :-(.

Generally if we r going to a movie means,we will call some of our friends and go to the movie as a gang and will do all sort of mischieves there(As my friend and I clapped heavily for Prabhu's intro scene in the movie Silambattam :D).But doing this is bit risky(not clapping).I mean going to movies as a gang.There are some reasons for this.If u r going to movie with a gang means make it sure that u go with people who will not disturb u personally while watching the movie else better go alone.I saw the movie "Pasanga" with 2 of my friends.They made me think "why did I come to theater with these fellas".They didnt like the movie,thats alright.But right from the beginning they were mocking me,just bcoz I said something good about the movie before going.And in the beginning itself I lost the interest to watch the movie and till now I dont know whether its a good one or bad one.And I could see rave reviews for thise movie in almost all newspaper and websites.

Moral : Dont watch experimental movies with ur friends.Watch experimental movies alone and watch ur favourite artistes' movies only with like minded people for the first time ;-).

And recently I saw the movie Pokkisham.The movie is really a classic(according to me).Thank god this time I didnt go with friends.I went alone and the audience response was not encouraging.But as long as they dont disturb me personally,its fine.But nowadays writing reviews in social networks and blogs has become a fashion(even I have reviewed 2 movies here :P).And in orkut communities,I saw people mocking this movie like anything.Later only I realized that they are merely attention seekers.That is they have not seen the movie itself and started mocking it based on some reviews.Kindly dont do this.

And another important thing about cinema is that nowadays more people are watching movies in DVD and internet.Anyway I love watching movies in theater or in tv,not in DVD or internet.Because while watching in DVD we have the facility forward songs and some scenes and our curiosity is reduced.But while watching the movies in theater or in tv channels,we cant do that and we can get the real feel of the movie only while watching it in theaters.So kindly try watching movies atleast once in theatersNo matter even if its bad :D.

But u know there are also some other situation where we might be forced to see some unbearable crap movies.Such a situation came to me as well.I happened to see a movie called Rajathi Raja(Lawrence-Mumtaz movie,not Rajni's) while I was travelling to my hometown.Yes in bus only.U know how bad my day was that the speed of the bus was too slow than usual.And the punch dialogues and so called heroism,I got frustrated.But I cant do anything,as it is bus and I cant jump in the middle :D.Govt should see to this matter.It will be a great help to peole if movies are not shown in buses :-).

I got into another embrassing situation.I went to a marriage.There I was given a room in a lodge and many guys were there.Unfortunately in that room also tv was there.Since it is a marriage,as a tradition,guys started drinking(as I have discussed earlier) and I was among the very few who didnt drink(believe me I say :D).In tv a local channel was telecasting a new movie,Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum,its another crap movie.But its a tragedy film.And the guys were already drunk and they demanded me not to change the channel.It was late night 1'o'clock friends,I couldnt go anywhere from that room.And one fellow was deeply involved in that movie.Whenever a tragedy scene comes he will drink a peg and will cry :-(.Whenever a comedy scene comes he will drink a peg and laugh :-([Enna koduma sir ithu?].

And u got to know this info that,the incident took place exactly on the same night after my travel in that bus[yeah after watching Rajathi raja only :-( ].

These are few experiences I had while watching movies.Since it is about cinema the post became too lengthy it seems.Still its ok,go thru the post fully and give ur feedbacks in comments section :-).

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moral life and Modern life

The picture and the title might have given u a brief idea about what this topic is all about. Yes this is all about society and our way of life.I just want to stress how valuable our culture is and how dangerous it is to deviate from it..

Ok,now let us start.So whats the big deal about Indian culture?Whats the need to discuss about it?What significance does it have?Let us see..

Nowadays we are very fond of foreign and foreign culture.Most of the so called "people-with-modern thoughts" think that if we want to become a super power,we should do whatever Americans or Europeans are doing.The best example is the night life in most of the Indian cities.In the name of night life,lots of atrocities are happening. I will come to this later,but now an even more dangerous disease is spreading in India.If u r going to think its swine flu,am extremely sorry,u r wrong.That disease is nothing but reality shows in tv channels.

In the name of game,everything is brought to tv.The entry of 24*7 news channels is really a huge curse to this nation.There is one channel called Headlines today.In that channel they are giving more importance to one awkward lady(Rakhi Sawant) than any other person.Whenever I tune my channels,I could see only this lady in that channel.That channel has not given this much importance to even our Prime Minister.Her marriage or swayamvara,(whatever nonsense it be) was given immense importance.Now there is a news that she and her husband are going to do a reality show in a private channel.The show is all about how they are going to live together and how they are going to become parents.They will capture everything in camera.So if u r going to bring everything to TV,then whats there in life?Certain things will be good only if its within ur bedroom.

In another reality show,called Sach Kaa Saamna they will ask u some questions based on ur real life.If u answer them correctly u will get the prize.So what will they do?They will give some drugs(mostly narcotic)to u and will ask u some questions.When someone is given that drug,he/she will tell only the truth.So they will note it down.And in the show, they will ask u some of those questions."Great game na?Why this idiot is bashing that show?"-u may think(but dont think like that and all :D).Just see some of the questions asked in that show:

Q1: Have u ever walked some 100 meters without any dress?-This question was to cricketer Vinod Kambli.

Q2: Have u ever thought of some other girl when u r close with ur wife?

Q3: Have u ever thought of killing ur husband and ur mother-in-law?

And the corresponding people answered 'Yes' to all the above questions.U may think question 2 is very much personal,there are even more worst questions,but let me stop with this.If we speak against this nonsense,the tv channels give a cool answer,"we are not forcing u to watch this program,if u dont like,better dont watch it".How noble this answer is.Isnt it?Is this the right way to answer?It would be better if there is a censor to tv channels too.If they are going to ask these questions to our politicians or criminals(almost both are same only :D)means,it will be more useful for us.

Apart from these reality shows,there was another news which was in the headlines for so many days.That news is nothing but scrapping of IPC377,that is,legalising homosexuality. After the judgement was announced,huge crowd gathered.They were holding the hands of each other and some people even went on to cry to express their emotions(oru motion um vendam :x).These days I couldnt see such a huge crowd in an Independence day or republic day celeberation.And there are intellectuals who argue that,homosexuality is individual's right and we should not curse them or mock at them.They say that it is their freedom(?).

Our freedom,at no point should be a hinderance to others.But this type of relationship will spoil several families.Imagine what will happen if married men or women leave their family and go with their partners?Their family becomes helpless isnt it?And the intellectuals argue that,even if this law is in force,these things do happen,so there is no use in keeping this law.They are proving their greatness by giving counters like this.Ok,let us consider this case.In India robbery is a crime.But still robbers are there and they rob banks,houses,offices etc.So anyway they are going rob,so whats the use of giving punishments to robbers?Shall v legalize robbery and other crimes too?The thing is people used to feel shy to discuss about this Homosexuality and all..See,now the scrapping of this law has made it how common,that starting from a jobless person(vetti opicer :D) like me to leading newspapers/channels speaking about it.

Moreover,still it is not scientifically proven that people are born-Homosexuals.As of now it is a psychological disorder.And it can be cured through yoga.

If u think this will spoil only few families,u r wrong.Families are the strength of our country.Even in such a crisis period,Indian economy is stable.The price-hike in India is not due to global financial crisis.Its because of corruption.Thats a different topic,lets not go into that now.

Only because of families,we have savings.Only because of savings,our economy is still stable.In America there is no family based life,there is only contract based life.Marriages are not as successful as it is in India.In Indian families,ladies will not allow their husbands to waste their money(in most of the families) and they have the habit of saving the money.Because of them only our country could escape from this recession.

-I am not saying this,Mr.S.Gurumurthy,a Charted Accountant,a reputed economist and writer in Indian Express,he is saying this.And a survey in America too shows that only Asian countries can help America and other European countries using their savings,to fight this recession.

Nowadays America is slowly adopting Indian policies.They have asked their citizens to cook themselves in home and to avoid hotels as much as possible,so that the vegetable business could pick up.But their serious problem is if people start cooking themselves,most of the hotels may be closed.There is that much confusion and imbalance.But in India these kind of problems are not there,as of now.

But if we adopt the western culture,we will face even more difficulties and our economy will get a big blow.

So this is the right time to think on this.Am not saying that everyone should be a perfect individual.Nobody can be a 100% perfect individual.But all I am saying is that,we should not deviate from a valuable culture which we are following for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Dont think that "this fellow is writing as if he is a UTHAMAN" :D.This is just an article,go through it,if u find anything wrong in this,feel free to bash me in comments.If u think the article is good,specify it too :-).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brain Drain-A short analysis

Hi viewers :D,am back.This time with a kind of important topic.Yes its all about Brain-Drain.I believe we all might have come across this phrase "Brain Drain".Infact we are seeing this thing in our day to day life.Even a layman will be seeing people who is related to this topic,the thing is he might not be knowing it is Brain Drain.So what Brain Drain means?Read on..

Let us consider a person who is born in India.Let us say relatively his family is an economically backward one.He completes his studies with the help of government scholarships(sometimes govt helps the needy people too :D),with the help of trusts etc.Assume that he has immense knowledge and is extremely talented.Now that he feels that this nation is not worth to have him and he leaves to a foreign country(same usual America :D).And there he earns much more than he could in India.So he gets settled there and feels proud to be an American citizen.This is called brain drain.Enjoying benefits in one nation to attain a good position and working for some other country for his personal well being.

Let us examine why this happens.Now you dont think that this is happening only in India,it is happening all over the world.The pic which I have included at the top is from a British magazine.So Brain Drain is not only in India.But let us not bother about other countries as there are lot of things in our own nation to bother about.If you analyse deeply(how much ever deep you go,no matter),you can get these 2 reasons for brain-drain in India for sure:1-Money and 2-Recognition(this is more important than money). First let us see whats the role of money in this ;).

Well how money is responsible?Very simple.We all very well know that India is a poor country.We dont have enough money to pay to educated/talented/deserving people.How is it possible to give good pay to educated people?If we give them enough amount of money then what our HONEST-UNSELFISH Politicians will do for money?They need money to give free tv(tv is more important than food in India,esp in my Thai Thamizh Nadu :) ),they need 2000 crore to install their own statues in a state(UP),they need money to buy votes,they need money to provide biriyani to terrorists and they need more and more money to many such useful issues.How is it possible for them to provide the salary which the educated or talented candidate expects?

Imagine you are working for some 10 hrs a day and u r getting some 18K as a salary per month in India.And u get an offer to do the same work for the same no. of hours in US and they are ready to pay you somewhere around 30K per month.Which one would u chose?Obviously the second one right?Thats what happening here.

The second reason is "recognition".This is the most important reason for this brain drain. In India it is a curse to be an intelligent person.Here geniuses are always recognised only after their life time.There are few lucky people too,who get their due respect when they r alive itself,but still they might have undergone all sorts of humiliations to get that recognition.I read this news so many years ago in a magazine.The news was: years before tsunami came,an Indian scientist predicted that such a disaster is possible. Our people didnt even care for him.Now he is working with Nasa.After tsunami disaster this news came out.His name is Arun Bhatt I guess,am not sure of his name.Pardon me I couldnt really recall the name.Not only this gentle man,there are many such people.

Now I would like to put forward some comments on those who go abroad for money.Do u guys/girls really think that u r respected there?Do u get the same home feeling in those nations?I bet,u wont.Ofcourse as days go on,u might get accustomed to the foreign atmosphere,but still u cant get the home feeling.You may belong to whichever country, but the joy of living in the home country is the same and it is some thing which cannot be explained in words.You people after getting settled in America or Australia,think that "bloody Indians,they dont even know basic manners".At that time u forget that u were also one among those so called "bloody.."

And later on u scream "oh this Australia is a racist country,oh these white people are targetting us,India should save me...".So u want to use all the priveleges that this nation gives you but u r not ready to give anything in return,isnt it?

I am not saying that you people should toil for an undeserving pay.See that you get what you deserve in our country itself and give back what the country deserves.Do you fear for cruel politicians?Kick them out.Raise your voice together.See that you get the attention of general public and media.You will get ur due for sure.There is nothing called impossible.All I am saying is we should make our life comfortable for but at the same time we should not forget our motherland

Dont forget the words of Billgates:
I will shift my Microsoft office to India,if Indians are not allowed to work here.

It clearly says only Indians are responsible for the position his company has achieved.Why dont u do the same work here and why dont you take India to the top position?Think...

And I believe this is the most serious article I have written here..If u feel that this article is an irritating one,no issues,just stay calm and slap yourself and say "sorry,articles in dream---life,simply rocks" and again go through this post fully :D.