Monday, August 31, 2009

Cinema-My Experience and My Views

This time back to cinema :-).Cinema has become a part of our life.We may be having very busy schedule,we may be having semester exams,project work etc.To concentrate in our work we use to avoid lot of things like switching off the mobile,stop roaming outside etc.,. Although I have never done any of these things,I have seen many of my friends doing all these.But most of them(including me) has never failed to discuss about cinema.Exactly an hour before going to semester exam,we have fought for Ajith-Vijay etc. :D.Cinema has become that much important these days.Lets discuss something about cinemas.This post is just to discuss about some of my personal experience while watching movies and my views about some aspects of cinema in a brief manner.

First of all I have to say something about the pic above.If u think that I made this pic using photoshop means,am sorry,u r wrong :D.I did this purely using 'paint' :D.(Cut-Copy-Paste than :D).For some people watching movies is something more than a hobby.Am one such person.If u r going to a movie means make it sure that u get the ticket for the movie which u want to see.I mean,while buying ticket,tell the movie name and ask and for heaven sake dont say theater's name(I mean the screen which U THINK is showing that movie),if u do so,there are bright chances for u to undergo some torture like me.While I was in Pondicherry this incident has happened.

At that time I was new to Pondy and it was the time when the movie "Parthiban Kanavu" released.Parthiban Kanavu is an awesome movie right?So only I went for it.The movie was running in the theater Jeeva-Rukmani(that was the name of that theater and now it is remodelled and rechristened as Adlabs).There were two screens in that theater,Jeeva and Rukmani.Since the name Jeeva appears first I thought Parthiban Kanavu was shown there.So I asked in the counter "Give me a tkt for Jeeva theater".The man looked at me strangely[appove purinjirkkanam enakku :-( ].After getting ticket I went in to theater.I was in for such a huge shock.Theater was almost empty and apart from me some 5 members were there.I realized that something has gone wrong.Suddenly they started playing the movie and in the screen it appeared "Maaveeran Neppolean thayarithu vazhangum MARY ALBERT".My heart almost stopped for a minute.I thought of going to the other screen,but the man at the door said that I was not supposed to do that.I pleaded him to open the gate,so that I can run away,that stupid fellow said thats not possible and he said I have to be inside the theater until the end of the movie.And I ended up watching that awkward Neppolean movie :-(.

This is one experience.And another thing is that if I like a movie(which is reasonably different),most of the people around me will not be interested in watching that movie and they will go to the extent of mocking me saying that it is one of the worst ever movies made in the entire universe.This has happened several times.I was watching the movie Mozhi in theater.One fellow asked me where I was and replied him that watching movie.He asked the cost of tkt and replied "40 rooba pocha".The movie was awesome.And surprisingly it went on to become a super hit too.But most of the time the movies(that are in a different genre)which I like very much will not be a commercial success :-(.

Generally if we r going to a movie means,we will call some of our friends and go to the movie as a gang and will do all sort of mischieves there(As my friend and I clapped heavily for Prabhu's intro scene in the movie Silambattam :D).But doing this is bit risky(not clapping).I mean going to movies as a gang.There are some reasons for this.If u r going to movie with a gang means make it sure that u go with people who will not disturb u personally while watching the movie else better go alone.I saw the movie "Pasanga" with 2 of my friends.They made me think "why did I come to theater with these fellas".They didnt like the movie,thats alright.But right from the beginning they were mocking me,just bcoz I said something good about the movie before going.And in the beginning itself I lost the interest to watch the movie and till now I dont know whether its a good one or bad one.And I could see rave reviews for thise movie in almost all newspaper and websites.

Moral : Dont watch experimental movies with ur friends.Watch experimental movies alone and watch ur favourite artistes' movies only with like minded people for the first time ;-).

And recently I saw the movie Pokkisham.The movie is really a classic(according to me).Thank god this time I didnt go with friends.I went alone and the audience response was not encouraging.But as long as they dont disturb me personally,its fine.But nowadays writing reviews in social networks and blogs has become a fashion(even I have reviewed 2 movies here :P).And in orkut communities,I saw people mocking this movie like anything.Later only I realized that they are merely attention seekers.That is they have not seen the movie itself and started mocking it based on some reviews.Kindly dont do this.

And another important thing about cinema is that nowadays more people are watching movies in DVD and internet.Anyway I love watching movies in theater or in tv,not in DVD or internet.Because while watching in DVD we have the facility forward songs and some scenes and our curiosity is reduced.But while watching the movies in theater or in tv channels,we cant do that and we can get the real feel of the movie only while watching it in theaters.So kindly try watching movies atleast once in theatersNo matter even if its bad :D.

But u know there are also some other situation where we might be forced to see some unbearable crap movies.Such a situation came to me as well.I happened to see a movie called Rajathi Raja(Lawrence-Mumtaz movie,not Rajni's) while I was travelling to my hometown.Yes in bus only.U know how bad my day was that the speed of the bus was too slow than usual.And the punch dialogues and so called heroism,I got frustrated.But I cant do anything,as it is bus and I cant jump in the middle :D.Govt should see to this matter.It will be a great help to peole if movies are not shown in buses :-).

I got into another embrassing situation.I went to a marriage.There I was given a room in a lodge and many guys were there.Unfortunately in that room also tv was there.Since it is a marriage,as a tradition,guys started drinking(as I have discussed earlier) and I was among the very few who didnt drink(believe me I say :D).In tv a local channel was telecasting a new movie,Kunguma Poovum Konjum Puravum,its another crap movie.But its a tragedy film.And the guys were already drunk and they demanded me not to change the channel.It was late night 1'o'clock friends,I couldnt go anywhere from that room.And one fellow was deeply involved in that movie.Whenever a tragedy scene comes he will drink a peg and will cry :-(.Whenever a comedy scene comes he will drink a peg and laugh :-([Enna koduma sir ithu?].

And u got to know this info that,the incident took place exactly on the same night after my travel in that bus[yeah after watching Rajathi raja only :-( ].

These are few experiences I had while watching movies.Since it is about cinema the post became too lengthy it seems.Still its ok,go thru the post fully and give ur feedbacks in comments section :-).


Vishnu said...

ur autographs of cine exps ah?...nice narration...RR madhiri oru padatha free ah kamcha TNSTC vazhga... :P

Naag said...

Good Write up. I can recall many of my personal experiences in watching movies. BTW, my gang of friends also gave a standing ovation for Prabhu's intro in Silambattam :D

deepak said...

hi harish wht u said is 100% correct yaar, we should not watch gud movies with our friends, the same thing happend with me whn i watched "iruvar". mmmmm enga orula intha probs illai yena oru thetare than irukku no multiplez... ha ha . keep writiing yaar, all the above movie (stills) r really gud 1 dnt bother wether its a commercial hit... but its sum thing diff and make us feel proud abt tamil cinema.

dude said...

hey macha it was too gud..btw fnds..tats me who went along wit harish for pasanga..wateva u say..tats childish movie macha..btw silambaatam ennala maaka mudiathu..hehehee...enna koduma sir ithu!!!!

Abhishek said...

hey macha nice post da.As it was related 2 movies i liked it a lot.remebers me billa movie which v went as soon as finishing our sem exam.rockin macha.

Harish.M said...

@all thanks for ur feedbacks..

@Vishnu-Yeah RR was a horrible experience da..Only thing that made me happy while watching the movie was u know that even u were with me..Happy that I didnt undergo the torture alone

@Naag-wow happy to see many Prabhu fans like me :D

@Deepak Ji-Nice comment.Yeah commercial success is not an issue for me,I love these kind of movies

@dude-Yeah I have said that acc to u the movie is a mokkai :D

@Abhishek-Yes machi :-) That Billa was a cool experience..Not only Billa but also Dham Dhoom,Aegan etc..We had a great time man..Thanks for ur comment,keep watching this space for more updates :D