Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cellular Phones-The 6th finger

Hello friends.This time I want to blog about something without which nowadays life is too difficult for many(including me..).All of a sudden everyone started using cellphones.How?Thanks to reliance.They sold cellphones for Rs.150/-.Even we bought one reliance phone.After that gsm mobiles became too popular and finally today we are having billings at 1p/sec and 29p/min.What actually all are doing with this cellphone?Thats what I am planning to describe in this post.

Long back I was living in Pondicherry.It was at that time,the reliance phones were selling hot cakes.If I see someone talking in cell phones while walking in the road,I used to ask them "Sir u r hearing commentary only na,whats the score now".They will stare at me.I did this because I dint have a cell phone at that time,so I wanted to mock others who were having it.[how kind natured person am I right?].Then I too got a motorola phone.

Different people use cell phones for different purposes.For instance,a govt servant[preferrably working in banks],will leave his home by 10 'o' clock.He will call his wife by 12 'o' clock and tell maragatham saaptiya,naa saapten,more kozhambu super[I have finished my lunch,how abt u,lunch super],as if he had not eaten lunch before and all.Comedy fellas :D.This is one group.

Another group is ours,school kids and college students.The thing is this is becoming a great problem in society.See how our people are using mobile phones.Suddenly you will get an sms,"hi this Haritha,howz u",immediately our guys will think haritha,per kettale super figure nu thonuthu[on hearing name itself,it seems she will look awesome].It means he dont know that person before,but he will start flirting.Be careful guys,that Haritha might be one of your friends who is a male,as my friend and I have used this name Haritha and mocked many guys at the end.Infact my CLOSE FRIEND will never forget the name SriLakshmi Priya.

But nowadays,mostly,college guys and girls started using mobile phones purely for flirting. Ofcourse there are exceptions too,[like me B-)].Anyway,this is how people flirt:

Boy :"hey di chellam,finished dinner ah"

Girl : "no ma,mum is yet to prepare"

Boy: "oh..u feeling hungry ya yaar?"

Girl: "no da bujju kutti,jus now had snacks"

How about the above conversation?Blood boils right?This is just a sample.But what to do,our guys want some entertainment,so they flirt with any available girl and the girls use technical terms like "bujjukutty,ammukutty,amulbaby"etc..I hate this :x.

Another type of torture is there in cell phones.Privacy and peaceful life is difficult.If at all you are in love with a girl or boy,thats all.He/she will keep on calling his/her partner and ask,"where are u?who are all with u?why u went there?why u dint inform me?"paa..lot of questions right?Another type of torture is also there.We might be in a deep sleep.At that time(may be around 2 A.M.), we may get a call from our work place.They will tell some problem,u have to do it now.What I can do at that time?Stupid fellows,they too know this,but still will call us,barbaric people :D.

Even worse,one day one of my friend called me at 12.30 A.M and was scolding some Ajith movie[am an Ajith fan and he is Vijay fan :D].What can I tell to him at that time,that too I was in deeeep sleep.Very interesting incident right ?:D.

Jokes apart,be careful with cell phones.Nowadays cell phones are responsible for most of the problems in society.The film producers are spending crores and crores of money and making a movie.If that movie releases in net,even before hitting the screens,think the situation of that producer.How this happens?An insider captures the movie using his 3.2 mega pixel[for ex] camera phone and releases it in net.If we download that movie,the site may get some money.This money will not go to Sivananda Gurukulam or any other orphanges,instead it will go into the hands of terrorists or any other anti social elements.

Also several scandals are being released in net because of this camera phoneThis  happens not only to cinema actress alone,but also to school kids and college students too.Delhi MMS scandal is a best example for this.Whoever u might be,be it a hero/heroine,school/college student,politician,no matter,u can be caught in camera.So always,be careful,instead if we try to live a moral life itself,70% of these problems can be avoided[but our cinema stars and politicians will not :-( ].

We cant,just like that,ban camera phones and all,but we have to be careful with people using them.At the end of the day,its our smartness,that will protect us.Parents and elders in the home must make it sure that,their son or daughter is matured enough to use mobile phones,before allowing them to use.

But apart from all the above said negatives,cellphones are extremely useful most of the time.If u want to contact anyone during emergency situations,u cant be searching for a 1 rupee coin std booth :D.For example,imagine that you are travelling in a train and u r caught by Railway police for travelling in ladies compartment :P,u cant ask the policeman to give his phone[ketta sangu oodhiduvan].U can send a SMS from your mobile to your friend,so that he can help you.

Or imagine u r caught by traffic police for not wearing helmet  and its midnight 12 'o' clock and that he is demanding a 100rs from you[Vasool mannanache ivanunga than].At that time also if u dont have a 100 means u can call ur friend using your cellphone :D.

So use cell phones properly and be careful.Just wanted to blog something,thats the only reason for this topic :D.Give your valuable comments :-).

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Honesty-No such file or folder

Hello everybody..Today I wanted to blog about an important quality thats almost vanishing everywhere.Ofcourse,u might have found out whats that on seeing the topic itself.Yes,its honesty only.Why such a title?Because I am computer science student na,thats why.

You can very well question me,in which fields am finding dishonesty.The point I wish to make here is am unable to find honesty anywhere nowadays.If at all a person lives honestly,he is branded as "Fool,stupid,idiot,Mental" or "Useless fellow(in Tamil "pozhakka theriyathavan").Honesty is not only meant for policemen or politicians alone,but also to each and every single individual.I was talking with one of my close friends.He was telling how intelligently he cheated the restaurant owner.He told me that the waiter gave him a bill for Rs.47/-,for which he has kept Rs.50.But the waiter has given him Rs.53 as balance.The waiter thought that he gave Rs.100.I asked him y dint he return the 50,for which he gave a strange answer.He said that it is the mistake of the waiter and not his'.He went on to say that they will realize their mistake,only if we do like this one or two times.

I scolded him that his' was a bad attitude,for which he proudly replied me,"see I have punished the waiter for his mistake.But I never failed to recognize his service.So I gave him the balance Rs.3/- as tips to him"[ambuttu nallavanaa da nee].

See,how noble youngman is he.Not only this fellow,I have encountered many such experiences from people.The waiter had made a mistake.Agreed.But u r a nice person right?Why dont you give back his money to him?

If at all you go to any govt office to get your work done means,u cannot go without a minimum of 1000 rupees(max amt depends on the work to be done).If u think that I'm mentioning about RTO office alone,u r wrong.All govt sectors has become like this.Starting from RTO office to police stations to hospitals all have become corrupt,though some of the exceptional cases[I mean pozhakka theriyathavans] are there.

But u cant question the honesty of our traffic constables.They are the most honest people in Tamil Nadu.One of my friends was having license and all other documents related to his bike.He was going in ECR road.A PC stopped him and asked for documents first.He showed all the documents to him.Then the policeman said,"documents are ok,but u have crossed the speed limit.Are u ready to pay the fine in court?".This fellow asked him,what needs to be done.Policeman asked him to pay Rs.100 and go.But that PC was a good man.He told my friend to take a different route from there and also told him that  in the next signal also a Policeman will be there,u just tell him that u paid to me,he will leave you.See how helpful he is[but unga nerma enakku pidichirrku].

So,u have seen a corrupt PC.Now if u r a rules Ramanujam[:P],what u will do?U will go to court right?Now let us see the situation of justice in India.There is a Judge in Karnataka.His name is Dinakaran[Dinakarannaale problem thana :P].There are allegations that he has grabbed lands worth several crores illegally.After this issue broke out,some politicians started protesting that he should be removed and strict action must be taken against him.Obviously those politicians belong to opposition parties[both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha].According to our law,there is no provision to even suspend an errant judge.Only way to remove them is by means of impeachment[i.e.,2/3 MPs in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha should vote against that judge].But for that we need ruling party MPs also to vote right?What the ruling party says?Lets see.

The congress MPs started playing caste politics in this.Now they are saying that,this Dinakaran is being victimised only because he is from a socially supressed community.What if he is from that community?Is there any rule that we should not punish ppl belonging to certain communities?FYI,Mr.Paul Diwakar Dinakaran has got converted Christianity long back.So there is no point in calling him a Dalit first of all.But still our central govt calls him that way.Yeah,I can understand ur thoughts.U r asking about our state govt right?Our CM also has supported Dinakaran and also told that just because he is from a suppressed community,charges are framed against him. What else u can expect from him?

The thing is under the Right To Information act,even judges has to reveal their property details to public.Till now very few judges came forward and revealed their property details.The first person to do so is Justice K Kannan of the Punjab and Haryana High Court,who is from Tamil Nadu.Till now I think the only person to do so.Proud of him B-).In contrast the Supreme Court is not ready to accept this and they doesnt want to make their assets public.This is the situation of judges and JUSTICE(?) in India.

Next,our honorable leaders.I know this space is not at all enough to describe their noble deeds.But still we should not spare anyone.Newspapers and media claim that,in Tamil Nadu,in the last parliamentary elections,one person,a central minister,has contributed Rs.600 Crores to his party for the elections and that party won more no. of seats too.How did he get this 600 Crores?By allocating the 2G spectrum waves to companies that are close to him[according to most of the dailies].U know how much?According to today's market,the companies should pay a sum of  2,29,000 Crores(approx).But our minister is like A King.He gave this contract to companies for a lesser amount.How much?For a price of around 12,000 Crores.When questioned on what basis,he gave for such a low price,he casually said,on a First Come First Serve Basis.Will he do the same to his own properties?This is govt property na,so none will ask.Hope now u guys might have understood from where that 600C came.

Elections are becoming a mockery in TN.If elections are announced in a particular constituency,then its festival time for the people of that particular constituency.Political parties will distribute money and will BUY votes.As per law,it is a crime.Who should take action?Election Commission.Ofcourse,the Chief Electoral Officer of TN,Mr.Naresh Gupta is doing his level best,but he cant do anything when his superiors hold is strong.The Chief Election Commissioner,Mr.Naveen Chawla is a Congress Loyalist[according to newspapers].The Shah Commission has clearly mentioned that Mr.Chawla is unfit to hold any govt post,that requires the official to be unbiased[that is he should not be a supporter of any party].Moreover,our ex CEC,Mr.Gopalasamy,recommended his dismissal.But the then law minister Mr.H.R.Baradwaj,clearly told his recommendation will not be considered at all and he has no right to do such recommendations.Let us see what article 324(5) says:

Election Commissioner or Regional Commissioner shall not be removed from office except on the recommendation of CEC.

The law says the above,but the law minister had said a different thing.So,as long as CEC remains blind to the activities of political parties,these cant be stopped.

Last,but not the least,nowadays a new department has involved in corruption.That is none other than citizens of Tamil Nadu.Yes only we are responsible for all these problems.We are selling our right.For Rs.500/- people are voting in favour of a party.According to close sources,now the market rate has increased.When the public itself becomes corrupt,how do u expect an honest govt?R u eligible to question ur leaders?In my honest opinion,u r not selling ur vote,instead u r selling ur self-respect and pride.Literally it is like begging only.The most disappointing info I got is that,even people who are Engineering graduates,got money and voted.This situation is nowhere in India.Only in TN the public itself started getting bribe.Am not pointing out any single political party.They will do anything for votes,but r v idiots?

Think...Try to be honest to the maximum possible extent.Ofcourse here nobody is perfect[including me].But,still we should try to be honest,if we start justifying our mistakes,we will never change and that might become a problem for ourself.I am not preaching or advising,but I too should give a finishing touch na,thats y.This is quite a lengthy post.Go thru this if and only if u r really interested.

Note: All the political and public information that is written above is not my imagination or my own news.These informations,I have collected purely from newspapers, magazines and from speeches of some real experts.My part is,I have just clubbed it and have typed here.So,I am not at all responsible if this hurts or points someone.