Friday, September 24, 2010

And she left me again....

This is my second story in this blog.Its all about love.And again this is purely my imagination.Of course,you people might have come across similar situations either in your lives or in cinemas,dramas etc.. Anyway those things got nothing to do with this story,I just felt like writing this.So whatever am writing here is my own imagination and the readers of this blog are free to perceive anything about me or my story.

This story's Copyrights is owned by Harish.M(ya its me)

"It was getting late and I was rushing up to catch the train.I reached Chennai central and was getting into my compartment with all my luggage. After arranging everything I sat on my place.I have to leave Chennai for time being,as I have been asked by my company to take care of the practice in Bangalore.

It was around 8.30 PM,I had to travel a long distance.Thinking of it,started reading a book(My Country My Life,by L K Advani).All of a sudden another passenger got in.She was well dressed in a neat chudidhar.She was speaking busily with someone using her bluetooth device.But I observed her when she was at a long distance.She started marching towards me.She was getting closer and closer to me.

Suddenly she stopped at me and was stunned.Oh my God!!! Even am shell shocked here..

"Hey Varun!!!!" - Ritu exclaimed at me... Yes it was Ritika@Ritu..

"Rii.. Rii.. Ritu?.." - I stammered at her.. And she nodded her head..

"hey.. what a situation it is.. how are u?how is life?what r u upto?..."- out of enthusiasm she triggered out 'n' no. of questions to me..

"yes Ritu am doing great!!! "- i stopped with it.. I was so excited that am going to travel with her for some 6 more hours atleast.. I wanted to ask a 1000 questions to her all at once.. but I kept myself calm and composed...

Who is this Ritu?

I was crazily in love with Ritu when I was in college...I used to go to class at  8'o' clock itself and at that time none else will be there in class.. But still I went to class so early,so that I will be the first person to tell her good morning :-).. She is an awesome singer.. She has been practicing carnatic music right from childhood.. I simply go mad when I listen to her "Jagadhodhaaranaa"  song.. I have recorded it in my mobile and I used to hear it daily in early mornings..

And she too knew that am crazy about her voice..Once a singing competition was announced in college and we saw the ad only at last moment.. She really wanted to participate in it.. But when she went there,there was a huge que and the climate was burning like anything.. She couldn't stand there for more than half an hour and she gave up with a lot of disappointment.. But I stood in the que for her.. I stood there for 6 long hours.. I gave her name and paid the entry fee.. When I told this to her,Ritu was jumping out of joy..She participated and won first prize too..

College days were soooo good,but.. A new guy,Rakesh,who was a lateral entrant joined us..If I went to coll at 8 to wish her first,this guy used to wish her in bus stop itself daily before me :-(..We 3 became bit close..I started feeling insecure whenever Rakesh spoke with her.. 

I bought a rose,ring,a greeting card and her favorite Sujatha novels..I decided to propose her.. Its to time to express my love..I was waiting for her in college park.. To my surprise,she came with a rose towards me.. Lot of Ilayaraja songs started running in my mind..

"pls say i love u ritu....."-thats my mind voice

"Varun,am confused help me out.."- Ritu
I was confused..Ritu continued.."Rakesh gave this rose to me.. he is asking my opinion.. what shall i do?"

oh shit!!!i was completely collapsed..The pain which I had was even worser than a massive heart attack..Tears started dropping out of my eyes..Lot of things were running in my mind.. something stopped me from expressing my love at that time..Still I managed..With a heavy heart I said this:

"its your life Ritu..u have to decide.."

It has been 2 months since the incident took place..She was still in a dilemma to accept Rakesh's proposal.. And my college life came to an end.. She again asked my suggestion about Rakesh's proposal.. I thought,she too likes him.. So I stood by my words that its her life and she has to decide.. But the pain was there in my heart still.. My lips said those words,but my heart said something different as follows:

"pls reject him Ritu.. accept me..dont u know that u r my world?"..

But she left me.. She went to Delhi,this was the last information I got abt her..

And after this,I left Chennai and went to Pondicherry and stayed there for some months with my friend.. I got a job in a MNC then..I slowly started concentrating on my job... 

This is the flashback(quite lengthy na.. :P).. Coming back to reality..

"Varun where were u all these yrs..i searched for u and tried to contact u so many times,but couldn't,as I couldn't get any details about u"- Ritu

"So Mrs.Ritu Rakesh,how is Rakesh"- I asked

"no Varun.. am still Ms.Ritu..u know what right from the day I left u,I have been thinking about u only..I..I understood ur feelings only after our separation.. to b frank,I will b very happy to become Mrs.Varun :-)" - Ritu

"Sorry I lost interest in you.. I never remembered u even once in these 5 yrs"- I tried to manage(but only with a heavy heart).. but my cellphone rang.. the ringtone was "Jagadhodharana"(her voice)..Couldn't control anymore my eyes became wet..She understood me..

All of a sudden she hugged me tightly.. There was no lust in this hug,but I could feel her pure love..She was crying and still smiling..I couldn't manage anymore.. I too hugged her tightly..I felt like the entire world is in my arms..

And she said,"yes u never remembered me in these 5 yrs.. only if u forget me,u need to remember me.. but u never forgot me.. u were always thinking about me.. i was always in ur feeling heaven Varun.. feeling heaven here"

She continued..
"Had you proposed me in atleast those last 2 months,by this time I would have been yours Varun,I would have been urs"

and she asked me like a kid- "Will u marry me?"

My mind was filled with full of joy..but her voice turned bit rough now.. I started hearing different words.. 

"Its already 7.30 Varun,get up,someone has sent an invitation to u"- this is my Mum..

I read the invitation,which said: 


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A nostalgic journey to Potheri SRM College

Finally back to college.. Oh no,not in real life,but in this world of blogging.Yes this post is all about my some happy moments of my college life.Every single second was a happy moment for me when I was in college.And yes am from SRM Institute of Science & Technology(SRM University),Kattankulathur campus. Well I used to go only in train to college.I will start from Tambaram and will get down at Potheri(see pic).Its hardly a 20 minute journey(if the train doesn't stop due to signals).The fun starts from Tambaram itself.But my close friends start the day with a bang from Egmore,Saidapet etc..

I joined SRM in 2005 Aug.I am basically not from Chennai.I have heard about the 'kind-of-treatment' in Jeppiyar institutions.So I expected something similar in SRM too.Fortunately here things were quite different,that people started bunking classes in 1st sem itself :-).I never hesitated to speak with guys in my college and as a result from day-1 I started roaming with a gang of guys.Fearing ragging in trains,in the initial days I used to go in buses.Then only I learnt that lot of beautiful gals from SRM and Valliammai College were travelling in bus.For the 1st one month,I used to travel alone in bus and what else I can do?Sight..

Then I started going by train and we became a gang[Naanga motham 10 per,engalukku decency eh kidayathu :D]

.All were depressed and disappointed when our 2nd semester results came since many guys got arrears(my friend Gokul expected 2,but unfortunately he escaped :D with no arrears).But there was one person who never bothered abt the result and was completely happy&satisfied with the result.Yes your honor,u r right,its me.Now you don't think that I cleared all the subjects.I too got 2 arrears.My friend asked me:

"Macha what da u r so happy?u cleared everything huh?"

I replied-"No 2 wickets(electronic devices and digital electronics) gone"

my friend-"then how r u so happy?", I replied-"I expected some 3 or 4 da,thank God,it stopped with 2"

My parents-"ithu unakkoru paadam"

My reply-"onnu illa paa 2 paadam" 

I was like this only.But as days passed on,our friendship bonding got strengthened.What I really felt/feel as a biggest achievement in my college life is that,I never had people,who considered me as their enemy.

This is how I used to sit in college park and we will keep on passing comments on whoever crosses us.We will keep teasing each other.None was spared,including me :D.

It was in my 3rd year,college life took some different twists and turns.There was a subject called personality development.That was a subject to enhance our soft-skills and it was handled by a Madam named Deepa[nice mam :-)].One day she asked one of us to speak about any topic for 2 minutes.Since I was desperate to make some political speeches :D,I went and shouted something.My friends encouraged me by giving good comments :-).It was my class,which at no instance degraded any student about his/her communication skills.Even when we stammer on stage,the whole class will listen wait until the person completes and u can hear the same kind of claps when every student completes his speech.

Then comes the famous title to me,'RamuJi' :D.There is a history behind this title.I got pass mark in mathematics in a cycle test.So people started calling me as 'Ramanujam'(maths genius).Now u need not think whether it is so difficult to get pass in that subject.Its not like that,but,it was sooooooo difficult for me to get pass mark in cycle tests :D.My friend Gokul(mavane :x) gave this title 'RamuJi' to me,since he felt it was stylish( Enna koduma sir ithu?).From that day onwards all started mocking me by saying RamuJi :D and I really felt bad for getting pass mark in a subject :-(.

Another part is ragging.We ragged so many juniors.Guys,gals no partiality in this alone :D.Most of the ragging will take place in canteen and electric train.Its a real risk to rag in other places.We will ask guys to drive car using 50p coin,will make them go for a march past.One day I caught hold of a guy.All my friends were ragging only Tamilians.Its too bad to be partial right?So I caught a north Indian guy.The moment I caught him, he told,"bayya bayya Tamil nahin maalum bayya". My friend yelled at him-"u know English na?then what"... that guy was so clever-"bayya bayya muje english nahin maalum bayya".. "Arreh bayya muje Hindi maalum,thum ithar aavo"-ya its me..Goyyale yaar kitta?

While travelling in train,we used to speak all non-sense.I saw gal and as usual I started passing funny comments about that girl to my friend,who was standing on foot-board.Oh shit!!Then only I came to know that I was speaking to a stranger and my friend was behind me.Then what,as usual,we were laughing for some 1 hr about this :D.It was during this train travel my friend M S Karthik will bash us in bad words,loudly, for making fun of him :D.

My friends GK and Harish Bharath used to fight for Sachin Tendulkar respectively.Myself and Gokul will be one team(Ajith fans) and will bash actor Vijay and will tease my friend Harish.He too is no lesser to us,he will also give punching counters,but the audience hated Vijay more than Ajith,so most of the time we will only win :D.My another important friend Naveeth(Bhai) will spice up the arguments with his powerful comments :D

Now it wont be fair if I don't mention about KoushikBarath(Science).I named him science on day 2 itself.I have a funny pic of him in my system.I used to threaten him that I will put it in orkut,fb etc.He will still get frightened for this blackmail.But,science,if u r reading this post,make it sure that u make good comments about this post.Else I will put that pic in orkut :D.

Another important person is Jagadish.He always used to give lectures about girls to me :D.

Finally I too took a seminar in SRM.They made me take a seminar.The topic was GPRS.Most of them enjoyed it thoroughly.Not because of my wonderful explanation,but because of the comedies which I made.I was speaking about actress Genelia and some beautiful girls to explain GPRS[ada practical examples ba](see pic below)

Then came the campus interviews.I never got selected in any company until my college life was over :D.But later I got some offer,blah blah..,lets not get into it now :D.

Now this is September month.I have to mention this here.The only birthday which I celebrated in college with my friends with lot of fun means,it was during final year.17-09-2008 was the date.Had a great time like this :

Hmm.. I am able to understand ur questions.. You are asking me what about girls.Honestly speaking, I have never moved with a girl in my 4 yr college life.But still there were some good girls :-),who considered me too as their friend and I too consider them as my friend.We went for an outing to IG resort.There again I teased everyone by making some normal mimicry.My friends gave an overwhelming response and encouraged me to do more and enjoyed it thoroughly.After that some girls with whom I have never spoken with,became my friends :-).Thanks to social networks.. But for these social networks(orkut,fb etc),I wouldn't have spoken with many people in my life.

Now am really missing such an awesome life.One guy is in Navy,one guy is in Shillong,some people in US etc etc.. The thing is am not even able to meet guys who r in Chennai regularly.Happy that am able to meet atleast few guys in regular intervals.Whenever I pass through SRM college,I want to get into college.I will be happy if time machine becomes a reality.I will go back to my college life and will stay there forever.I will ask Sabha sir and Jeba sir to take class and will sit in last bench and enjoy.I want to do a final year project once again,with Sumathi mam as my guide.. Again I will buy it from Spiros technology itself,coz still I don't know to do projects on my own :D.I am really missing my Andhra friends Keshava,Munaga,Sarangaru,Kerala frnds Jithin,Ismail etc.. I met some 100% pure-natured guys like Manikandans(2 Manis are there).Its not so easy to get a friend like Naveeth bhai,who used to support me and other friends at all occasions.

Now is it possible to go to SRM college with same gang and re-do my UG again(but without paying fees)?

Note: What I have written is just 0.1% of our atrocities.That too with lots and lots of censor :D. You can imagine how it would have been in reality :-).

And I dedicate this post to all the 2009 passed outs of SRM college.