Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thala Ajith Kumar - Birthday Special Post

Next week,exactly on 1st of May, 'Thala' Ajith Kumar will be celebrating his birthday.It has been quite a while since I wrote something about him.I have posted about him just once in this space.I just want to write something on the occasion of his birthday.Yes as a fan,I want to write a post about him.

I became a Thala fan only after watching the movie Vaali.His acting was 'just awesome' in Vaali.After Vaali,he gave a series of good movies,like Amarkkalam, Mugavari, Kandukonden Kandukonden etc.Some other factors like his entry and survival in the cine industry without any godfather,increased my respect for Thala.Moreover,I was in town those days,there he had a huge mass.

I used to watch all his movies first day itself.When Attagasam released,it was exactly on November 11,2004,I was in Cuddalore.I couldn't see a possibility of getting a ticket for Attagasam there.It released in Cuddalore New Cinema theater.Actually I was residing in Pondicherry at that time and I went to Cuddalore to celebrate Diwali with my relatives.But I convinced myself that its not possible to get a ticket there,so I returned to Pondicherry that day itself and bought black tickets in Pondicherry Balaji theater.It released in Pondicherry Balaji and Raman theaters.I was such a huge fanatic of Thala those days.

Infact when Amarkkalam released,I used to wear a chain in my neck.I got lot of scoldings from my parents for this :P,who cares,'Thala' rocks.I used to buy original audio cassettes of all Thala movies and nowadays cds.I have a collection of cds from Paramasivan to Asal :P and only exception was Aalwar.Once there was a heated argument(to be frank - a low class fight :D) between us and Vijay fans.As usual,I was at my best shouting and a professor took away our id cards(Thalaikkaga idhu kooda panna maattoma enna :P).In my college notice-board our seniours pasted Aazhwar promotional stills and all.On Feb 11th,2005 Ji released and after that only on January 13th,2006(Paramasivan released).One year I waited patiently and went to see Thala on screen with full excitement(theater was Nanganallur Velan :-)).

I was an active member in ajithfans yahoo groups and orkut Ajith Kumar main community.I used to check every update by Mr.Senthil Anand,an active member of Ajith main community and now the owner of StarAjith Website .I will also be fighting with Vijay fans in Tamil Cinema community :D.Such a huge Thala fanatic I was.

But nowadays I don't have that much craze towards Thala(or anyother artiste).Honestly speaking,his continuous selection of bad movies has disappointed so many fans(including me).Right from 2002 to 2011,in these 9 years,if we count genuine blockbusters of Ajith means,its only Villain,Varalaru and Billa.His other movies like Attagasam,Paramasivan,Kireedom etc did a fair business though.What really makes me wonder is,he is in the industry for around 18 yrs and still he is not understanding what the audience really expect from him..If we observe his films in the recent past,his movies with in-form directors were received well and the ones with newbies and outdated guys were not.

Now some people might bring in Perarasu's name.He had 2 consecutive hits and his movie with Ajith was not upto mark.His Thirupathi(a crap) had a decent run in B and C centers.Still it didn't take him to the next bigger league.His Red( another crap) had a very good run in some rural parts.In my town Red ran for some 40 days.Now u need not get puzzled.40 days in a B center town like mine is definitely a big deal.But Red created a very bad name for Ajith and Red was immediately followed by a horrible Raja.He should compare the action movies like Billa or Villain with these movies.A Billa or Villain  was a huge hit in all centers.The thing is people expect atleast a decent entertainer from Thalai.God knows the reason for his selection of movies like Aazhwar or Anjaneya.

He has a huge fan-following.He is a good Actor too.The above scene from Vaali still remains fresh in my memory.Another splendid performance that immediately comes to my mind means its from Varalaru,especially his walk after his mother's death,man its an extra-ordinary performance.One really needs guts to act in this role,especially in Kollywood.That too with the kind of fan following he has,he deserves a huge round of applause for acting in that dancer role.Its like he is a man,who has some feminine characters like walk and looks etc.This was the scene I was mentioning.Watch it from 8.17 seconds exactly.

I can go on posting scenes from Mugavari or Amarkkalam or Villain etc.The thing is he is not concentrating on cinema is what I feel(as a fan).Immediately after Kireedom(a good movie),he gave thunderous Billa.But after that for 1 year no release from him and exactly afer an year,he had a release in the name of Aegan.Aegan is a below average movie.Had Ajith released that movie within 5 or 6 months after Billa,it could have had a decent run and he could have done another movie that year itself.When u make ur fans wait for an year and end up with some half baked stuff like Aegan,it will obviously end up as a flop at Box office.

Lot of reliable sources said that Ajith will be working with director Gautham Menon for his film with Sivaji productions,immediately after Aegan.But something happened and Saran was named the director.What made Ajith to go for Saran?Saran's last movie that made a moderate business means,it was Attagasam.After that his Vattaram,Idhayathirudan and all flopped miserably.They were absolutely pathetic hopeless movies too.After he committed Aasal with Saran,his Modhi Vilayadu released.That itself gave me the result of Aasal. Modhi Vilayadu is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.This clearly shows that Saran himself is completely out of form.Ajith too didn't have back-to-back hits that time and infact his Aegan was a flop.So it was really a bad decision to work with Saran at that point of his career and he has done such mistakes so many times.Personal friendship is different from profession :-).

Again his Aasal was a colossal flop.Immediately after Aasal,he was about to work with Gautham Menon again.This was confirmed by even Gautham Menon and Dhayanidhi Azhagiri(Producer).All of a sudden he went to participate in race.Gautham Menon as usual bad mouthed about Ajith once in a while and gained lot of publicity.Whether Gautham Menon is egoistic or not,whether his recent release is a hit or not,thats a different issue.He is just too good in using technicians and is really an intelligent director.He knows how to satisfy the masses without adding the so called 'mass-elements'.A stylish director like Gautham Menon with a smart hero like Ajith will do wonders at box office.

Of-course racing is his personal interest,I can't criticize him for this.But after committing a movie,if he is going to participate in race means,that really questions his passion for cinema.Aasal released on February5h,2010.Now its April 25th,2011.Till now no release from Thala.There were talks that his Mankatha would release on May1st,his birthday.But now it seems it is postponed to Independence Day(am not sure,there are also news from fans club and fans websites that it might release in June or July).

Thala should understand this.He should release atleast 2 movies per year.Then only he will be in the limelight. He should sort out the issues in working with top(in-form directors).He should avoid selecting utter crap movies like Aazhvar or Jana or Raja etc.This is more than enough.If he takes care of these things itself, he will be always in the top.

But one can never write him off.He is a confident person and is known for making unexpected come-backs. Vairamuthu's lines perfectly suits him "erindhu pona saambalil irundhu ezhundhu parakkum phoenix pola meendum meendum parappen"(meaning - will rise from ashes often like a phoenix).Also he will not sing praises to any politicians to gain publicity.His interviews or stage talks will be honest and bold.He has courted lot of controversies by his "Next Superstar" interview. I really liked the way he answered about it in his Kalaignar Tv interview.He neither apologised for that interview nor he accused the media and people for the consequences.He candidly said,everyone would like to become no.1 in their respective fields and he too said the same.When Rajni said that that the superstar title was not permanent for him,the media went crazy and it published stories that Rajni crowned Vikram as the next superstar.Rajni never announced Vikram as his heir or next superstar.He appreciated Vikram for his acting.Ajith said,"when Rajni himself says the title is not permanent to him,why should I not try for it?".

Accept it or not,everyone wants to become a Rajni in Tamil Cinema.And Ajith expressed it candidly.He just said he was misunderstood by the people.He didn't even say he was misquoted.Aprreciate Thala for this candid speech.With these many good qualities,if Thala acts under good directors and proper script,he will be in the top.I never felt a decline in his fan base,though there is a disappointment among them.The kind of opening his movies get every time is not something everyone can get.No wonder distributors call him 'The King of Opening'

                                           pic: From Mankatha

All said and done,now Thala has teamed up with Venkat Prabhu-Yuvan Shankar Raja,which has been a successful combo in the recent past.Venkat Prabhu's Chennai28 and Saroja were big hits and his Goa,though didn't work out commercially,it was worth a watch for sure.So after a long long time Thala Ajith has teamed up with an in-form director.Let us hope everything turns out well and Thala makes a stunning come back with his Mankatha :-).

Wish u a Happy and Prosperous Birthday Thala!!!!.Thala pola varuma :-)

P.S. : For the release dates and year,I didn't use google or any other search engine. Those memories are still fresh in my mind :-).


Rajatha Priyadarshini said...

I never knew you are such a huge fan of Ajith. Not only his movies, even standard of his looks have come down. He looks very aged compared to his competitors.
Awesome review of his movies.
Wishing Ajith a happy bday and a prosperous career...

Anonymous said...


// For the release dates and year,I didn't use google or any other search engine. Those memories are still fresh in my mind //

Idhukku edhukku daa google...neeeyae oru nadamaadum google daaa....!!!!!!!!

Harish.M said...

@Rajatha - Thanks for commenting here..Ya he should concentrate more on his physique too..But he is already 40,so there is no point in expecting him to be young..

Regd that grey hair in the latest movie,its a get up and the role is such - this is what the director said in an interview..

Again thanks for your honest comment :-)

Harish.M said...

@Gokul - Are you complementing me or are you sarcastic here :D.. Anyway thanks for commenting :-)

arunkumar said...

@harish--- ur post is truely acceptable da . Honest one from a gr8 fan. i like ur post dude. . .

Ajith- Wish u many more happy returns of de day :) Arun

Harish.M said...

@Arun - Thanks for your honest comments machi :-) Let us hope Thala makes a come back through Mankataha :-)

Shruti said...

you are the one of real Hero.

vetri tholvi samama pakkur ore all namma Thala mattumthan.

Please concentrate your beauty thala.

Harish.M said...

@Shruti - cool..Thanks for commenting..I agree with you that Thala is a real Hero :-)

Regd his physique,he looks simply awesome and stylish in Mankatha..Have a look at the trailer :-)

Thanks for your honest comments :-)

The Boss said...

Taj: I'm also a die hard fan of our Ajith. Your reviews and thoughts are genuine. But I'm not surprised. B'coz, I know you are a Thala fan. "Thala fan pola varuma...!!"

Harish.M said...

@The Boss - thanks for commenting :-) and yes I am a Thala fan..

Thala pola varuma :-)