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TN Elections 2011 - Final

I would like to end this series about our honorable politicians with this post.For the first and second parts of this series,click the links below:

I have discussed enough about MK and DMK,in my previous posts.I have discussed in such a way that no sensible person would like to vote for the DMK-Congress alliance.There are also political gamblers in the DMK camp like Dr.Ramadoss,Mr.Thol.Thirumavalavan etc.Some more parties like Kongu makkal katchi,Muslim League etc are there,anyway these parties are too small to have a discussion here.Let me give a brief info about Dr.Ramadoss and Mr.Thirumavalavan.

If a person follows politics atleast to some extent in TN,by this time he/she will easily accuse Ramadoss for shifting alliances every time.With great difficulty,I will try to mention the alliances which Ramadoss had since 1998(why difficult?Because he himself might not remember it,as he has shifted alliances so many times).In 1998,he was with ADMK.He was in ADMK+BJP+PMK+MDMK alliance.In 1999 Parliament elections too he was with the ADMK alliance,but due to one foolish move of Jaya,an unusual BJP-DMK alliance formed in TN.In 2001 elections,Jaya became CM,and Ramadoss,was with the ADMK front until then.But suddenly something happened to him and he left the alliance(reason I heard from public was that,Jaya didn't agree to give one Rajya Sabha MP seat to his son,former health minister of India,Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss).In 2004 Parliament elections,he was with the DMK front and he won all the 6 seats.His son became minister,without contesting elections

In 2006 Assembly elections,he was with DMK front.In 2009 Parliament elections,he again joined the ADMK front.Again now,he is with DMK front.He banks heavily on the Vanniyar vote bank.Though its true that,he has a reasonable vote-bank in North Tamil Nadu,his frequent shifting of alliances didn't go well with the masses and he lost all the constituencies in 2009 elections.

As far as I know about Mr.Thirumavalavan,he is personally a nice person.But politically he is another Ramadoss.He heavily banks on vote-bank of Dalits.He was with the ADMK front in 2006 and now he is with the DMK front.He went on a fasting unto death for some 2 days,demanding a ceasefire in Srilanka.His partymen burnt buses and damaged govt properties,to show their support for their leader(Thiruma).He can fast,nothing wrong,but none has the right to damage public properties and cause trouble to the general public. He also uttered statements like,he was determined to destroy congress.His main aim was to destroy congress and drive them out of power.But he was in alliance with the Congress-DMK in 2009 elections and he is in the same alliances now also.

I don't have anything against Ramadoss or Thirumavalavan personally,but these are facts.I don't see any leadership qualities in these people and they are using caste as a weapon to gain votes.Caste-ism is the worst thing in India and such politicians might make things worse.There were frequent clashes between Thirumavalavan's VCK and Ramadoss' PMK in Villupuram districts.Now they both are in same alliance.All these days their partymen fought with each other,but now their leaders are united.So they too should be united.Tomorrow again either of them will switch alliance,then again their partymen should fight.I have spoken with so many people from North TamilNadu.Almost everyone say that,the VCK members might dump the PMK candidates in some constituencies and vice-versa.

Finally,why Jaya and Vijayakanth?The pro-DMK channels are projecting Vijayakanth as a clown,which is nothing but a self mockery.It appears more like a publicity to Vijayakanth.Only insane,dumb(also deaf) people will hear "aapu" as "half".No sensible person,no civilized person will manipulate "aapu" as "half".Vijayakanth didn't attend the grand ADMK meeting at Coimbatore,till today I haven't seen him singing praises for Jaya.He also has not put forward any powersharing demands to join the alliance.He is far better than actors like Chiranjeevi.He has guts and confidence to run his party.It will be interesting to watch him,if the ADMK gets elected.He may drink heavily.But is everyone good in their personal life?As a common man,I myself can list out the crappiest personal life of so many other leaders in TN(why allover India).But bringing in someone's personal life is like hitting below-the-belt.But Vijayakanth too should learn some sort of dignity.

Why Jayalalitha as CM?Is she not corrupt?There are allegations of corruptions against her too.She too is not a perfect candidate.But definitely she is a better alternative and far better administrator compared to the DMK people.In her govt,she brought schemes like rain-water harvesting,veeranam water project,lotteries were banned,Kandhu vatti(loan based on heavy daily interest) was banned in her govt only,electricity management was far far better under the ADMK regime,law and order was much better.Forest brigand Veerappan was encountered during Jaya's rule only.The state's economy was really better compared to the current scenario.Thottil Kuzhanthai(Cradle Baby) scheme was brought by Jaya only.It was a good scheme to stop the female infanticide.

In these 5 yrs Kalaignar must have created a record in attending the felicitation functions conducted for him.He is the only person to give an award to himself.He wrote the story and penned the dialogs for the movie 'Uliyin Osai' and the state govt(which is again Mr.Karunanidhi) gave award for that.Rajni-Kamal became a permanent guest for all the functions involving Kalaignar.Poet/Lyricists Vaali and Vairamuthu will sing praises for this old man like anything.How can a person be so shameless to listen such praises daily?People were dying in floods in Tamil Nadu,but Kalaignar was busy with Namitha and Kushboo in releasing the audio of a movie(I think Ilaignan).

When TN was drastically affected by Tsunami,the ADMK govt really handled the situation well and it acted in a responsible manner.This time the election manifesto of ADMK too carries lot of freebies.But it also has some good things like,measures to increment milk production,measures to tackle electricity crisis,measures to take over the cable television by govt etc.This again shows that Jaya is still a far better person in terms of administration compared to Karunanidhi.

We have had the worst govt in these 5yrs.ADMK and Jaya might not be THE-BEST,but definitely far better. To be frank if something Karunanidhi could achieve in these 5 yrs means,its ministerial berths to his sons,grandson and Rajya Sabha MP seat to his daughter.His ministers threatened to quit the central govt,if the congress didn't agree for the no. of seats allotted by the DMK.But they didn't threaten like this when TN fishermen were killed and the central govt reacted in an irresponsible manner.They didn't take this stand to bring the much-spoken-about ceasefire(by his partymen) in Srilanka.All these things clearly shows that the DMK has made a mockery of TN citizens in all these 5 yrs.

So if you really want to show your protest,there is only one way.Throw this govt away.If this govt has to go,then there is no other option than to vote for the principal opposition ADMK.If the DMK gets elected again,then it means that the people of TN has made the statements of Kalaignar,true.The statements like,"sotral aditha pindangal,vaazhai mattaigal" etc.,.Am not asking you people to vote for ADMK rather I am not saying that am going to vote for ADMK.But this is the prevailing reality.Only if the DMK is thrown out of power,there will be something called Tamil Nadu,after some yrs,if this DMK govt is elected agian,this Tamil Nadu might be sold to some companies like Swan(they have experts like Raja to do that within minutes).Now you need not think Dayanidhi Maran is the best.He is one of the main persons,behind this spectrum scam. Think well before you vote.

Right to vote and 49-O:

Many educated people really don't prefer voting.Reason - politics is a shit,there is none true in politics,why to waste a leave.Its the most insane reason one can give.If you don't want to vote for any candidate,then there is a provision for that too in Conduct of elections rules.You can go to the poll booth and tell the govt servants there, that you want to exercise 49-O.I think you will be asked to write your roll number in a register and your vote will be counted as a negative vote and you can leave the place without casting the vote.So even if you people really don't want to choose any candidate,atleast go for this 49-O,otherwise the partymen will cast your vote in their favor(ya kalla-vote thaan :D).

There is a rumor doing rounds that,if in a constituency,49-O gets majority of votes,then there will be a re-polling and the candidates who contested there will be disqualified.Also they cannot contain in any elections further.This is completely wrong.There is no such provision to disqualify the candidates and all.

This is the reality : If ,in a constituency,49-O gets 1001 votes and that happens to be the majority,and a candidate belonging to an X or Y party gets some 800 votes(which is the 2nd highest),then that candidate will be announced as winner.There wont be any re-polling and all.

Voting is not only our fundamental right,its also our fundamental duty.I came across a very true and interesting quote: " Bad people in politics are elected by good people who do not vote" - keep this in mind and don't forget to cast your vote.

P.S. Going by the current scenario,it seems the ADMK will sweep the polls this time.But we can't make conclusions.Anything might change anytime,the DMK might also surprise(and trouble) us by winning the elections,but the current situation is in favor of ADMK+.Let us keep the fingers crossed.

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