Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unfading Memories

Hello friends,in this post I would like to share some unforgettable events that I have come across.This is my 50th post in this blog.When I wrote my first post in this space,I never thought I will go for 50 posts and all.There are serious bloggers,who has written hundreds of posts,why I have seen writers who has completed more than 1000 posts and still going strong.Compared to these people,my 50 might appear like nothing to many.But,it means a lot to me(atleast to me).Blogging gives me immense pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. I have blogged lot of controversial topics and I have courted lot of controversies too,because of blogging.Though,at times such controversies troubled me a little,I was happy too.Because,when my write-ups are able to stir up a controversy among atleast a small group of people,it means that,my posts are somewhat meaningful(atleast not meaningless).And its my friends,whose constant encouragement and honest feedbacks,keeps me going.Some of my friends follow my blog regularly and some people,after following my blog,became my friends too.It's time to thank everyone who reads this blog and also to thank people who make suggest my blog to their friends.Your encouragement matters more than anything to me.Keep supporting.

Now let me get into this post.Since this is my 50th post,I want it to make it memorable one.That is the reason for choosing memories as the topic.

I have heard lot of fantasy stories about Time machine and have seen some movies about it too.I don't think Time machine will ever become a reality.We can't go back to past in reality,but,our memories can.We can think of those good olden days where we used to run like an ox during hot summer days.We can think of the pranks that we played with our friends in school/college days.Whenever I think of my past,it gives me lot of pleasure and also it scares me a little(quite natural to every individual na :P).Last month I wrote a post in this same blog,criticizing fanaticism and media-hype towards cricket.During my school days,like every kid,I too used to roam around the streets with a boost bat(signed by Sachin Tendulkar).I was just a cricket maniac those days.I will watch cricket between all the teams.I have seen WestIndies-Australia match during late nights,say upto some 3 o clock or so.I used to get permissions from my teachers by giving fake reasons(some teachers pretty well knew that am going to see score) and will go to a house in Rottikara street and will see some 1 or 2 overs.

Evening after the school gets over,a huge gang from my school will be in that house only.There was a guy in that house,we used to call him Kutty Anna(I dont even know whether this is his real name :-)).We used to chat well and we will give running commentaries with him.His mom will give us coffee,butter-milk,juice etc to us(depending on the climate :-))How sweet na?Mom means generally sweet only.No wonder, Na.Muthukumar wrote these lines,"Pangaali pakkathu veettukkum serthu samaikkira anbu ingu vaazhum"(meaning- the habit of cooking to neighbours too still prevails in TN) in the movie Sivaji.

I still remember the day,when we spoiled the proposal plans of a guy.The guy cursed us and went off,he said, "nee propose panrappovum idhe maari thaan da nadakkum"(means - the same will happen to u when u propose).Poor chap :P.In my town(Tindivanam),every year from April 14 - 21,there will be celebrations in Lord Anjaneya's temple.Special poojas will be performed(Chithirai special).And it was called as Latchadeepam.On this occassion,there will be lot of shops with toys,circus events,street dance,karagattam,dramas etc.And its also summer vacation time.So families,kids will prefer this event and there will be a mad rush in streets near the temple.In such events,definitely there will be lot of gangs to do some mischiefs and definitely I will be with my gang(participation is more important na :P).In city,even though I could find some events like this,am not able to get the excitement which I used to get in my town.

I grew up listening MGR-Sivaji songs(generally black and white old songs).I used to listen to Sivaji's Thiruvilayadal audio cassette daily.I used to buy lot of cassettes those days.Atleast 3 per month.Cost of an empty cassette was Rs.20 and for recording they will charge Rs.25.The reason for this is,I will select the songs and will give it to the audio shop(Arunprakash Digital Audio... is the shop name).3 cassettes per month is definitely something big,because I was not earning those days and have to depend on my father for every single rupee.I will make savings and will buy cassettes :D.

Nowadays many consider having a purse,bike key,camera mobile,ATM card etc, in pockets as a matter of pride,but those days I considered keeping pen in my pocket as a matter of pride.The pen will be in pocket from morning to night and I will hardly use it for any purpose :P.I still remember the day,when our Ragothman Sir(commonly called AP sir),was teaching about Russian revolution,I was writing Rajnikanth's punch dialogs from the movie Baba,based on my friend SaravanaKumar's request.It will be real sin,if I don't mention the incident,in which I was caught by my P.E.T sir,for shouting in bad words(and it would be a bigger sin,if I mention the words here :P).Those days I went to Gingee(Senji) from Tindivanam in cycle.26+26=52kms up and down.And I was riding doubles,with my friend Arun Kumar sitting in the career.In city life, I don't know how many are ready to atleast imagine this.

Politics has always played a vital role in my life.Since I was in small town,I could see so many political activities directly.My father too used to tell me lot of political informations(had he known I would writie politics in blog,he wouldn't have told all those things to me :P).How can I forget my Hindi Teacher Mr.Muthayyah Mudaliar?He was the one who encouraged me a lot(both in learning Hindi and also in discussing public issues and politics).Truly he is one of my role model.Everytime I think of people like him, my mind says,"we should lead a moral life like this man"(this doesn't mean I am a 100% uthaman :P,but still I am a uthaman to some extent atleast :D).At times I used to talk against western culture.I have bashed drinks,parties,discos many times.For this attitude,this man is definitely one of the reasons.His thoughts influenced me to some extent.He is physically no more today,but he still lives in his good deeds.

Not many in this city are interested in knowing politics.They just say,'politics is a crap and u r a boring idiot,who speaks lot of politics'.People,you should know whats happening around you.Today's events may become history tomorrow.We can contribute atleast to the least possible extent to the future history,so that it inspires the future generations too.Only when we discuss about something,we will get to know a lot about it. This doesn't mean,we should keep on talking politics for all the 24 hrs,but we should not hesitate to discuss politics for some 15 mins or 30 mins,like how we discuss about cricket and cinema.

My 2 yrs in Pondicherry is the most important part of my life.Actually I learnt a lot in Petit Seminaire(the school in which I studied in Pondy).I might not have learnt anything extraordinary in terms of biology or physics(this statement neither means there was no opportunity nor I failed to utilize it.Its a general comment), but the school and the professional atmosphere taught me one important lesson - "Don't believe anyone and also don't depend on anyone".I have to confess the fact that,I am still in touch with some good friends who studied with me there.The point is I never thought so many people might remember me,still guys found me and are in touch with me.

It was in the year 2005,I came over to Chennai.Started understanding what city life means and am still not able to understand perfectly :P.Everyone might be knowing that am a product of SRM college(oh no I am just a student SRM college and in no way am related to Pariventhar or IJK(India Jananayaga Katchi) party :P).Whenever I think of SRM,first thing that comes to my mind is the 20 mins electric train journey from Tambaram to Potheri.Some 10 days back,when I was going to Chengalpet for a marriage,I happened to cross my college(obviously I have to cross,as it is in that bypass road only).So many incidents sighting,fighting,chatting etc flashed in my mind for few minutes.I love my college and college life more than anything else,because in all the 4 yrs of my college life,I was never caught into a controversy and had no enemies(or traitors :P) at all.

But after college,for some months,life was like hell.Too many problems and lot of ISSUES(not many will understand the significance of this word :P).But luck smiled on me too and yes I got selected in Cognizant.After my college days,I never thought I will get back such a happy tension-free life again.But thank God,I got it again :D.In cognizant academy,the first 4 months,I felt like being in college only.Lot of friends(all in my age group),exams,satires on trainer(more like a teacher :P) etc.,gave me a college feel for sure,though I prefer my college life over academy life.So many differences I can point out between my college life and cognizant academy life,but the main difference is,in college my father paid and played and in academy the company paid and again I played :D.The main reason for missing my academy life is the work style that we had :D.Coming at 9 and leaving exactly at 6.In these 9 hrs playing fun games,teasing others etc these were the main activities and we got salary too :-).Yes of-course,knowingly or unknowingly,I MIGHT have learnt something :P,so academy life is also worthy :-).Will I ever get such a life style again :P.Not so easy is the answer :D.

I actually wanted to write more about memories.I wanted to write about the prank calls I made to my friends through my landline phone(thank God,those days cell phones were a matter of luxury),the 1 hr chat after school, with my friend in bus stand daily,the street fights in which I actively participated,the experience of watching cinemas,my scout camp,so many other pranks with my friends etc.But I can't write about every incident in my life like school,college,profession etc as I am not writing an auto-biography here. 

Though I have shared my personal experiences in this post,I believe many might have come acress all these stuff.I started off with time machine.If time machine becomes a reality,life will lose its charm and thrill.I am just quotnig the known analogy here.A pretty girl in a portrait,remains pretty forever(atleast as long as the portrait is not spoiled).She doesn't get aged and she never dies.So past remains beutiful and memorable,as long as we are unable to go to the past.But still like every other individual,I would love to travel some 12 years back.Life was so cool and joyful.The word hot meant only heat due temperature those days to me.No facebook,no linkedin,no orkut,no NOKIA,but still we all stayed connected.That was definitely an awesome life.I would like to end up with the following dialog of Writer Sujatha,

"வாழ்க்கையிலேயும் VCR la இருக்கிற மாதிரி ஒரு rewind button இருந்தா எவ்வளோ நல்லா இருக்கும்"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thala Ajith Kumar - Birthday Special Post

Next week,exactly on 1st of May, 'Thala' Ajith Kumar will be celebrating his birthday.It has been quite a while since I wrote something about him.I have posted about him just once in this space.I just want to write something on the occasion of his birthday.Yes as a fan,I want to write a post about him.

I became a Thala fan only after watching the movie Vaali.His acting was 'just awesome' in Vaali.After Vaali,he gave a series of good movies,like Amarkkalam, Mugavari, Kandukonden Kandukonden etc.Some other factors like his entry and survival in the cine industry without any godfather,increased my respect for Thala.Moreover,I was in town those days,there he had a huge mass.

I used to watch all his movies first day itself.When Attagasam released,it was exactly on November 11,2004,I was in Cuddalore.I couldn't see a possibility of getting a ticket for Attagasam there.It released in Cuddalore New Cinema theater.Actually I was residing in Pondicherry at that time and I went to Cuddalore to celebrate Diwali with my relatives.But I convinced myself that its not possible to get a ticket there,so I returned to Pondicherry that day itself and bought black tickets in Pondicherry Balaji theater.It released in Pondicherry Balaji and Raman theaters.I was such a huge fanatic of Thala those days.

Infact when Amarkkalam released,I used to wear a chain in my neck.I got lot of scoldings from my parents for this :P,who cares,'Thala' rocks.I used to buy original audio cassettes of all Thala movies and nowadays cds.I have a collection of cds from Paramasivan to Asal :P and only exception was Aalwar.Once there was a heated argument(to be frank - a low class fight :D) between us and Vijay fans.As usual,I was at my best shouting and a professor took away our id cards(Thalaikkaga idhu kooda panna maattoma enna :P).In my college notice-board our seniours pasted Aazhwar promotional stills and all.On Feb 11th,2005 Ji released and after that only on January 13th,2006(Paramasivan released).One year I waited patiently and went to see Thala on screen with full excitement(theater was Nanganallur Velan :-)).

I was an active member in ajithfans yahoo groups and orkut Ajith Kumar main community.I used to check every update by Mr.Senthil Anand,an active member of Ajith main community and now the owner of StarAjith Website .I will also be fighting with Vijay fans in Tamil Cinema community :D.Such a huge Thala fanatic I was.

But nowadays I don't have that much craze towards Thala(or anyother artiste).Honestly speaking,his continuous selection of bad movies has disappointed so many fans(including me).Right from 2002 to 2011,in these 9 years,if we count genuine blockbusters of Ajith means,its only Villain,Varalaru and Billa.His other movies like Attagasam,Paramasivan,Kireedom etc did a fair business though.What really makes me wonder is,he is in the industry for around 18 yrs and still he is not understanding what the audience really expect from him..If we observe his films in the recent past,his movies with in-form directors were received well and the ones with newbies and outdated guys were not.

Now some people might bring in Perarasu's name.He had 2 consecutive hits and his movie with Ajith was not upto mark.His Thirupathi(a crap) had a decent run in B and C centers.Still it didn't take him to the next bigger league.His Red( another crap) had a very good run in some rural parts.In my town Red ran for some 40 days.Now u need not get puzzled.40 days in a B center town like mine is definitely a big deal.But Red created a very bad name for Ajith and Red was immediately followed by a horrible Raja.He should compare the action movies like Billa or Villain with these movies.A Billa or Villain  was a huge hit in all centers.The thing is people expect atleast a decent entertainer from Thalai.God knows the reason for his selection of movies like Aazhwar or Anjaneya.

He has a huge fan-following.He is a good Actor too.The above scene from Vaali still remains fresh in my memory.Another splendid performance that immediately comes to my mind means its from Varalaru,especially his walk after his mother's death,man its an extra-ordinary performance.One really needs guts to act in this role,especially in Kollywood.That too with the kind of fan following he has,he deserves a huge round of applause for acting in that dancer role.Its like he is a man,who has some feminine characters like walk and looks etc.This was the scene I was mentioning.Watch it from 8.17 seconds exactly.

I can go on posting scenes from Mugavari or Amarkkalam or Villain etc.The thing is he is not concentrating on cinema is what I feel(as a fan).Immediately after Kireedom(a good movie),he gave thunderous Billa.But after that for 1 year no release from him and exactly afer an year,he had a release in the name of Aegan.Aegan is a below average movie.Had Ajith released that movie within 5 or 6 months after Billa,it could have had a decent run and he could have done another movie that year itself.When u make ur fans wait for an year and end up with some half baked stuff like Aegan,it will obviously end up as a flop at Box office.

Lot of reliable sources said that Ajith will be working with director Gautham Menon for his film with Sivaji productions,immediately after Aegan.But something happened and Saran was named the director.What made Ajith to go for Saran?Saran's last movie that made a moderate business means,it was Attagasam.After that his Vattaram,Idhayathirudan and all flopped miserably.They were absolutely pathetic hopeless movies too.After he committed Aasal with Saran,his Modhi Vilayadu released.That itself gave me the result of Aasal. Modhi Vilayadu is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.This clearly shows that Saran himself is completely out of form.Ajith too didn't have back-to-back hits that time and infact his Aegan was a flop.So it was really a bad decision to work with Saran at that point of his career and he has done such mistakes so many times.Personal friendship is different from profession :-).

Again his Aasal was a colossal flop.Immediately after Aasal,he was about to work with Gautham Menon again.This was confirmed by even Gautham Menon and Dhayanidhi Azhagiri(Producer).All of a sudden he went to participate in race.Gautham Menon as usual bad mouthed about Ajith once in a while and gained lot of publicity.Whether Gautham Menon is egoistic or not,whether his recent release is a hit or not,thats a different issue.He is just too good in using technicians and is really an intelligent director.He knows how to satisfy the masses without adding the so called 'mass-elements'.A stylish director like Gautham Menon with a smart hero like Ajith will do wonders at box office.

Of-course racing is his personal interest,I can't criticize him for this.But after committing a movie,if he is going to participate in race means,that really questions his passion for cinema.Aasal released on February5h,2010.Now its April 25th,2011.Till now no release from Thala.There were talks that his Mankatha would release on May1st,his birthday.But now it seems it is postponed to Independence Day(am not sure,there are also news from fans club and fans websites that it might release in June or July).

Thala should understand this.He should release atleast 2 movies per year.Then only he will be in the limelight. He should sort out the issues in working with top(in-form directors).He should avoid selecting utter crap movies like Aazhvar or Jana or Raja etc.This is more than enough.If he takes care of these things itself, he will be always in the top.

But one can never write him off.He is a confident person and is known for making unexpected come-backs. Vairamuthu's lines perfectly suits him "erindhu pona saambalil irundhu ezhundhu parakkum phoenix pola meendum meendum parappen"(meaning - will rise from ashes often like a phoenix).Also he will not sing praises to any politicians to gain publicity.His interviews or stage talks will be honest and bold.He has courted lot of controversies by his "Next Superstar" interview. I really liked the way he answered about it in his Kalaignar Tv interview.He neither apologised for that interview nor he accused the media and people for the consequences.He candidly said,everyone would like to become no.1 in their respective fields and he too said the same.When Rajni said that that the superstar title was not permanent for him,the media went crazy and it published stories that Rajni crowned Vikram as the next superstar.Rajni never announced Vikram as his heir or next superstar.He appreciated Vikram for his acting.Ajith said,"when Rajni himself says the title is not permanent to him,why should I not try for it?".

Accept it or not,everyone wants to become a Rajni in Tamil Cinema.And Ajith expressed it candidly.He just said he was misunderstood by the people.He didn't even say he was misquoted.Aprreciate Thala for this candid speech.With these many good qualities,if Thala acts under good directors and proper script,he will be in the top.I never felt a decline in his fan base,though there is a disappointment among them.The kind of opening his movies get every time is not something everyone can get.No wonder distributors call him 'The King of Opening'

                                           pic: From Mankatha

All said and done,now Thala has teamed up with Venkat Prabhu-Yuvan Shankar Raja,which has been a successful combo in the recent past.Venkat Prabhu's Chennai28 and Saroja were big hits and his Goa,though didn't work out commercially,it was worth a watch for sure.So after a long long time Thala Ajith has teamed up with an in-form director.Let us hope everything turns out well and Thala makes a stunning come back with his Mankatha :-).

Wish u a Happy and Prosperous Birthday Thala!!!!.Thala pola varuma :-)

P.S. : For the release dates and year,I didn't use google or any other search engine. Those memories are still fresh in my mind :-).

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's not her mistake..

Hello friends,after a brief hiatus,am writing a love story in this space.This is not exactly an imagination.At the same time,I didn't draw inspiration from any particular individual's life.If there happens to be any resemblance to the personal life of any individual,who is reading this blog,it's purely coincidental,later on don't fight with me.

Let me get into the story now.

Vinod is an IAS aspirant.His ambition is to become an IAS officer.He had a decent knowledge in computers too.After completing his B.Sc in computer science,luckily,he got a job in a MNC located in Chennai.Though he got a job in an MNC,for quite a good salary,his goal never changed and he always wanted to become an IAS.From now on,Vinod will narrate.

Vinod : "I have heard lot of stories about corporate life culture,most of which were about beautiful girls.I am not interested in all these stuff.I always wanted to keep this job as a stop gap arrangement.After a hectic training,I was tagged to a project.

Just 1 week over in this project..After coming straight away from training,I felt bit different..Lot of seniors around me..All my training friends were in different projects...I will go alone to breaks and lunch..

As usual,it was just another monday morning to me..I was little late due to traffic..I was in time while going in office bus..But I didn't want to keep my new bike idle..When I entered into office I was in for a huge shock.. A beautiful,little innocent,fair girl was working in my system..I didn't really know how to react.. I went near her..I asked her:

"Excuse me,this is my system..And you...?"

She introduced herself and then..

"Hi I am Gayathri..I am from Hydrabad..I got posted to Chennai..Time being was just using your system.. Sorry,you can use it now.."

Vinod : "Hey its can use that system..I am also here for the past 1 week only and I haven't seen anyone using that system..So you can use it.."

Gayathri : "Oh ok..then you are also a trainee like me huh?I thought you are a senior here.."

Vinod : "Do you know Tamil?"

Gayathri : "Not much,but can understand well...and I can also talk few words,but might sound funny"

Vinod : "Hey that's really great..Soon u will learn lot of Tamil words.."

Gayathri : "Oh ho..hey I don't know anyone in Chennai yaar..Can you just help me in finding a house here.. There are 3 more of my Hydrabad friends with me..Also please tell me which bus to take from here to Nungambakkam..I am staying in company guest house there only.."

Vinod : " hey for that you can use will be very convenient..."

I started talking to her,as if I know her for years..I have seen so many girls in my college and even in my training..But I had an opinion about almost every girl I came across in my life..If a girl comes forward to help me,the immediate thought that I would get is,"why is she making a scene here",if someone talks against me,I have never hesitated to insult the girl immediately in public..But I didn't want to do any of these things to Gayathri...I think,my loneliness and her innocent look,created some sympathy for her in my mind..

Days went on happily..She found a room near Nanganallur..Gayathri became Gayu to me..I taught some Tamil words to her..Tamil,naturally itself, is a sweet language,but whenever Gayu said anything in Tamil,I felt like the language became just too beautiful..

It was exactly October 8th,her birthday..Our PL was just too strict..She asked permission to go soon..She pleaded a lot.. My PL is a ruthless idiot..At times I used to wonder,why no girl is marrying him,but I understood the reason on that occasion only..For asking a permission,he was shouting like anything..

After completing our work,finally at around 8 o clock,we were about to leave..The PL fellow already left..  With lots of disappointment she started crying,lying on my shoulders..Though I never wanted to see her crying,I was bit happy too,bcoz I could feel a kind of trust,when she was lying on my shoulders..I wiped off hear tears and took her to cafetaria..

She was really shocked and surprised to see her Hydrabad friends there..I also ordered a cake..She was jumping out of joy..Their friends informed her that,I only made them come here,without her knowledge,I got their mail ids and made them come here..She really felt happy and she gave me a warm hug,before leaving.. Now it was my turn to fly in a joyful feeling ;-)..

I realized that I am in love with her..I just wanted to discuss this with her one day..I was neither scared nor hesitant to express my love..I knew she will accept..I was waiting for a right opportunity.. 

One day..

Gayu : "Hey Vinod..I am leaving to my native today..Its already late..Now I can't go in MTC bus and take share auto and all..I will miss my train..Can u pls pick me in your bike,so that I will take my luggage from room and reach station soon?"

Vinod : "Hey why r u using pls and all..Come we will go.."

I have abused so many guys for taking girls in their bike..Of-course most of them deserved those abuses,but not everyone..When Gayu asked me like this,I didn't even think of these things..When she sat behind me,I started driving at 100km/h..Generally I will not go beyond 50..She kept on talking without giving a break..I just love that...I knew she was going on a long leave,because I was the one who helped her to raise the leave request,since it was her first leave after coming over here..

Gayu : "Vino,I will be going to Thirupathi today..After having Darshan,I will be going to Hydrabad...Will be coming back only on next monday..Do you want anything?I will bring laddoo for you :D"

After reaching the station,we had a coffee in a near by coffee shop..Fortunately or unfortunately,the train was late by an hour..I got the much needed privacy...

Vinod : "Gayu..I want to say something important to you.. I believe you know this too.."

Gayu(quite normally) : "whats that?whats that so important?is PL angry on me for going on a leave?or did i do anything wrong ?"

Vinod : "Come on Gayu..u r jus testing my patience..See my eyes..can't u jus feel it..I love you dear...I love you..u have completely occupied nothing without u..I know u r also in love with me..u love me right?"

Gayu:"Hey Vino,I don't know how to react for this..I don't know what made u think this confused..give me some time..I just want to think on this..I will tell my reply within a week.."

Train started...I felt bit uncomfortable for proposing at that moment..I messaged her.."hey Gayu,sorry dear..I knew this will disturb ur peace of mind during these holidays..but I couldn't hide this anymore..have a happy vacation and come with a positive reply.."

I didn't get any reply msg from her..I proposed her boldly,but I was all tensed and was expecting her every moment..Finally she came back..

Vinod : "how was your vaction dear?"

Gayu(little differently): "hmm..ya it was gr8..Vinod,I want to say something important to u..even I can't hide this anymore.."

I could read the confusion in her mind..

Gayu:"This is my marriage invitation...Within a month marriage and after marriage I will be moving to New York..I also submitted my resignation 2 days ago.."

I was stunned...I was speechless...WTF a normal Tamil movie,an American groom is spoiling my life..

I tried to convince her a lot..

Vinod : "How can this happen?within a week,how can they fix marriage?"

Gayu : "No Vinod,talks were going on for the past few months..I thought of telling this to u after everything is finalized..To my surprise,my parents and my would-be and his parents have finalized everything so soon.."

Vinod : "Oh it means u were already committed right?"

Gayu : "not exactly..but I told my parents that I will give my opinion after a deep thought..but everything happened like a flash in a pan.."

Vinod :"hey whats this..u r not clear Gayu..jus don't go by ur parents wish for everything..its ur life..u have to decide..hey u were so close to me..u hugged me..u came in bike with me..we have chatted in phone even as late at 2 o clock,3 o clock.."

Gayu : "Vinod..r u insane?all these things doesn't necessarily mean love..hugging,chatting and roaming in bike etc are quite common in my locality..being in a city like Chennai,how can u be so naive da?

hmm.. alright..u don't have the maturity to take up these things..agreed its my mistake,I shouldn't have been too close to u..I thought u r also a broad-minded guy..but my understanding was wrong..I could have very well told all these things to u,in station itself..I could have easily responded to ur sms by sending these things as a reply..but,I just didn't want to spoil ur mood..

I sensed how excited u were..I thought my immediate response might completely break u down..thats y I asked little time..

All said and done,I will be marrying Mr.Krishna Reddy on the said date..cordially try to come to my marriage..

Vinod : "Hey Gayu listen.."

Gayu : "No more arguments Vino..even now I do admit the fact that,I like u soooooo much,but that doesn't mean that I love u..get the basic difference between 'love' and 'like'..its over..

One more thing,marriage is in Chennai only da..he is working in Chennai only right u need not even toil much to attend my marriage.."

Couldn't convince her any more.. Even a day before the marriage,I called her up and tried to convince her..She was in no mood to listen my cry or pain and she gave back nicely..her every word was like a slap on my face..

I didn't attend her marriage..I knew I can't see that..I have started living with her I knew it was not at possible for me to see her marriage..

Finally,now,am in my home..Though I was crazily in love with Gayu,I never compromised on my ambition..I worked hard..With immense hard work and intelligence,I cleared the preliminary examination..The results ARE out..I have cleared with good marks..I have to attend the Civil Services Main examination..

I want to show Gayu that,she missed a real hero in her life..I wanted to prove myself better than the dumb American guy..Am damn sure,if I attend this I will clear..I will be the real hero..

The admit card and the call letter is right in front of me..but......

I can't attend this exam anymore..because...

I am no more...

Yes,I never wanted to attend Gayu's marriage.. I wanted to teach her a lesson..I thought,my death will prove my true love..I wanted her to cry for me lifelong..I committed suicide..But what has happened is something different..

When her friends informed her about my death..She was shocked a little..But that didn't stop her from flying to New York..She happily married the guy..She told these words to her friends:

"that fellow is a dumbo..he is a dumb guy..useless idiot..he don't know the value of human life..immature idiot.. he don't even know to think practically..for such a hopeless guy,why should I sacrifice my life?moreover I can't even waste a single second for such a worthless soul..If my marriage stops at this stage,what will happen to my parents?I have a younger sister,what about her future?will any other guy marry her?will these dumb guys not say that,she is unlucky girl,she too will be like her sister only etc..

for me,my life,my parents and my sister is more important than this brainless chap..all i can do for him is, feel pity for him..jus convey my deepest condolences to his family.."

These words will make anyone think..Of-course,she was just too close with me,that she simply can't dilute it citing city culture as a reason..But,this is not the way to make her realize this..I understood everything..I understood my mistake..I want to live,but its just too late..

She cares a lot for her family..She is clear in her thoughts..but I didn't care for my family..I forgot all my friends,I didn't even bother to call my best friend Ravi,who mortgaged his ring to pay my exam fees once..I didn't even spare a second to think of my father,who has honestly spent all his life in govt service to bring us up..I failed to spare a second for my brother..He was the one who encouraged me every day,that I can surely become an IAS..How big sinner am I?I didn't even think of my sweet mom..Even today I love sleeping on her lap,I love the food cooked by her..

Even God will not forgive morons like me,who forget so many good people for the sake of a girl or a guy,who's part is little in his/her life..

Yes,it's not her mistake..It's my mistake..I shouldn't have done this..I hope,atleast  people who read my story, doesn't repeat this mistake..

P.S : Copyrights of this story belongs to me..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

TN Elections 2011 - Final

I would like to end this series about our honorable politicians with this post.For the first and second parts of this series,click the links below:

I have discussed enough about MK and DMK,in my previous posts.I have discussed in such a way that no sensible person would like to vote for the DMK-Congress alliance.There are also political gamblers in the DMK camp like Dr.Ramadoss,Mr.Thol.Thirumavalavan etc.Some more parties like Kongu makkal katchi,Muslim League etc are there,anyway these parties are too small to have a discussion here.Let me give a brief info about Dr.Ramadoss and Mr.Thirumavalavan.

If a person follows politics atleast to some extent in TN,by this time he/she will easily accuse Ramadoss for shifting alliances every time.With great difficulty,I will try to mention the alliances which Ramadoss had since 1998(why difficult?Because he himself might not remember it,as he has shifted alliances so many times).In 1998,he was with ADMK.He was in ADMK+BJP+PMK+MDMK alliance.In 1999 Parliament elections too he was with the ADMK alliance,but due to one foolish move of Jaya,an unusual BJP-DMK alliance formed in TN.In 2001 elections,Jaya became CM,and Ramadoss,was with the ADMK front until then.But suddenly something happened to him and he left the alliance(reason I heard from public was that,Jaya didn't agree to give one Rajya Sabha MP seat to his son,former health minister of India,Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss).In 2004 Parliament elections,he was with the DMK front and he won all the 6 seats.His son became minister,without contesting elections

In 2006 Assembly elections,he was with DMK front.In 2009 Parliament elections,he again joined the ADMK front.Again now,he is with DMK front.He banks heavily on the Vanniyar vote bank.Though its true that,he has a reasonable vote-bank in North Tamil Nadu,his frequent shifting of alliances didn't go well with the masses and he lost all the constituencies in 2009 elections.

As far as I know about Mr.Thirumavalavan,he is personally a nice person.But politically he is another Ramadoss.He heavily banks on vote-bank of Dalits.He was with the ADMK front in 2006 and now he is with the DMK front.He went on a fasting unto death for some 2 days,demanding a ceasefire in Srilanka.His partymen burnt buses and damaged govt properties,to show their support for their leader(Thiruma).He can fast,nothing wrong,but none has the right to damage public properties and cause trouble to the general public. He also uttered statements like,he was determined to destroy congress.His main aim was to destroy congress and drive them out of power.But he was in alliance with the Congress-DMK in 2009 elections and he is in the same alliances now also.

I don't have anything against Ramadoss or Thirumavalavan personally,but these are facts.I don't see any leadership qualities in these people and they are using caste as a weapon to gain votes.Caste-ism is the worst thing in India and such politicians might make things worse.There were frequent clashes between Thirumavalavan's VCK and Ramadoss' PMK in Villupuram districts.Now they both are in same alliance.All these days their partymen fought with each other,but now their leaders are united.So they too should be united.Tomorrow again either of them will switch alliance,then again their partymen should fight.I have spoken with so many people from North TamilNadu.Almost everyone say that,the VCK members might dump the PMK candidates in some constituencies and vice-versa.

Finally,why Jaya and Vijayakanth?The pro-DMK channels are projecting Vijayakanth as a clown,which is nothing but a self mockery.It appears more like a publicity to Vijayakanth.Only insane,dumb(also deaf) people will hear "aapu" as "half".No sensible person,no civilized person will manipulate "aapu" as "half".Vijayakanth didn't attend the grand ADMK meeting at Coimbatore,till today I haven't seen him singing praises for Jaya.He also has not put forward any powersharing demands to join the alliance.He is far better than actors like Chiranjeevi.He has guts and confidence to run his party.It will be interesting to watch him,if the ADMK gets elected.He may drink heavily.But is everyone good in their personal life?As a common man,I myself can list out the crappiest personal life of so many other leaders in TN(why allover India).But bringing in someone's personal life is like hitting below-the-belt.But Vijayakanth too should learn some sort of dignity.

Why Jayalalitha as CM?Is she not corrupt?There are allegations of corruptions against her too.She too is not a perfect candidate.But definitely she is a better alternative and far better administrator compared to the DMK people.In her govt,she brought schemes like rain-water harvesting,veeranam water project,lotteries were banned,Kandhu vatti(loan based on heavy daily interest) was banned in her govt only,electricity management was far far better under the ADMK regime,law and order was much better.Forest brigand Veerappan was encountered during Jaya's rule only.The state's economy was really better compared to the current scenario.Thottil Kuzhanthai(Cradle Baby) scheme was brought by Jaya only.It was a good scheme to stop the female infanticide.

In these 5 yrs Kalaignar must have created a record in attending the felicitation functions conducted for him.He is the only person to give an award to himself.He wrote the story and penned the dialogs for the movie 'Uliyin Osai' and the state govt(which is again Mr.Karunanidhi) gave award for that.Rajni-Kamal became a permanent guest for all the functions involving Kalaignar.Poet/Lyricists Vaali and Vairamuthu will sing praises for this old man like anything.How can a person be so shameless to listen such praises daily?People were dying in floods in Tamil Nadu,but Kalaignar was busy with Namitha and Kushboo in releasing the audio of a movie(I think Ilaignan).

When TN was drastically affected by Tsunami,the ADMK govt really handled the situation well and it acted in a responsible manner.This time the election manifesto of ADMK too carries lot of freebies.But it also has some good things like,measures to increment milk production,measures to tackle electricity crisis,measures to take over the cable television by govt etc.This again shows that Jaya is still a far better person in terms of administration compared to Karunanidhi.

We have had the worst govt in these 5yrs.ADMK and Jaya might not be THE-BEST,but definitely far better. To be frank if something Karunanidhi could achieve in these 5 yrs means,its ministerial berths to his sons,grandson and Rajya Sabha MP seat to his daughter.His ministers threatened to quit the central govt,if the congress didn't agree for the no. of seats allotted by the DMK.But they didn't threaten like this when TN fishermen were killed and the central govt reacted in an irresponsible manner.They didn't take this stand to bring the much-spoken-about ceasefire(by his partymen) in Srilanka.All these things clearly shows that the DMK has made a mockery of TN citizens in all these 5 yrs.

So if you really want to show your protest,there is only one way.Throw this govt away.If this govt has to go,then there is no other option than to vote for the principal opposition ADMK.If the DMK gets elected again,then it means that the people of TN has made the statements of Kalaignar,true.The statements like,"sotral aditha pindangal,vaazhai mattaigal" etc.,.Am not asking you people to vote for ADMK rather I am not saying that am going to vote for ADMK.But this is the prevailing reality.Only if the DMK is thrown out of power,there will be something called Tamil Nadu,after some yrs,if this DMK govt is elected agian,this Tamil Nadu might be sold to some companies like Swan(they have experts like Raja to do that within minutes).Now you need not think Dayanidhi Maran is the best.He is one of the main persons,behind this spectrum scam. Think well before you vote.

Right to vote and 49-O:

Many educated people really don't prefer voting.Reason - politics is a shit,there is none true in politics,why to waste a leave.Its the most insane reason one can give.If you don't want to vote for any candidate,then there is a provision for that too in Conduct of elections rules.You can go to the poll booth and tell the govt servants there, that you want to exercise 49-O.I think you will be asked to write your roll number in a register and your vote will be counted as a negative vote and you can leave the place without casting the vote.So even if you people really don't want to choose any candidate,atleast go for this 49-O,otherwise the partymen will cast your vote in their favor(ya kalla-vote thaan :D).

There is a rumor doing rounds that,if in a constituency,49-O gets majority of votes,then there will be a re-polling and the candidates who contested there will be disqualified.Also they cannot contain in any elections further.This is completely wrong.There is no such provision to disqualify the candidates and all.

This is the reality : If ,in a constituency,49-O gets 1001 votes and that happens to be the majority,and a candidate belonging to an X or Y party gets some 800 votes(which is the 2nd highest),then that candidate will be announced as winner.There wont be any re-polling and all.

Voting is not only our fundamental right,its also our fundamental duty.I came across a very true and interesting quote: " Bad people in politics are elected by good people who do not vote" - keep this in mind and don't forget to cast your vote.

P.S. Going by the current scenario,it seems the ADMK will sweep the polls this time.But we can't make conclusions.Anything might change anytime,the DMK might also surprise(and trouble) us by winning the elections,but the current situation is in favor of ADMK+.Let us keep the fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TN Elections 2011 - Version 2.0

This post is just the continuation of the previous one.For the previous post,just go here:

Kalaignar - this is a powerful 'term' in Indian Politics.Of-course,people from North India might not be aware of this title,but those in power,for sure should be jealous of this man Kalaignar - Mr.M.Karunanidhi.For the past 12 yrs he is in alliance with the central govt.Yes,from 1999-2004,his party was a part of the BJP govt., at center and Mr.Vajpayee was the PM at that time.Then from 2004 onwards,his party is a part of the Congress govt. In these 12 years,for the past 5 yrs he is the CM of Tamil Nadu and that too in 2004 parliamentary elections,it was a clean-sweep for the DMK-Congress combo.Had he really wanted to do something good to TN,he could have very well achieved lot of things.

He could have solved the Cauvery dispute between TN and Karnataka and could have easily brought water to TN.He announced the Hogenakkal power project some years back.Our cinema actors,as usual staged a protest against Karnataka for opposing this project(these actors have no other go,they should some nonsense like this,otherwise they will not be considered as Tamilians).After this drama,what did he do?He announced that he is putting the project temporarily on hold,since elections were due in Karnataka.The new govt in Karnataka is in its 3rd year I think,but Kalaignar forgot this project and it appears like a mere political stunt. The only achievement of the DMK govt in this regard is,opening of a statue to the great poet Thiruvalluvar in Karnataka and in return,Kannada poet Sarvagnar's statue was opened in TN.If you people are going to get satisfied by this and least bothered about the water and power project,then you are the dumbest soul in this world.

He could have solved the Mullai-Periyar dam issue and could have made the situation in favor of TN.Again, he didn't show real interest in that issue too.Why to leave out the Lankan Tamils issue?It will be a sin,if I am not mentioning his 6 hr fasting here.He went on a fasting unto death for some 6 hrs.Reason - to bring a ceasefire in SriLanka.After 6 hrs he himself announced that a ceasefire has been announced in SL,which was a blatant lie and finished his fasting.Had he really wanted to bring a ceasefire there,he could have threatened to pull-out of the central govt and could have made things work.But Kalaignar is very much concerned about the war in his family than the one that happened against the Tamils in SL.

TN fishermen are constantly being arrested and killed by the Lankan navy.External affairs minister S M Krishna,openly told that,the govt cannot save the fishermen who enter into the Lankan territory. Mr.Karunanidhi didn't react for this.For all these issues,he had/has one common action,which is nothing but, "writing letters to the PM".Our PM will read those letters after getting permission from Sonia ji only.So its nothing but a mockery of the lives of fishermen and Tamilians.People don't think that these are the problems of fishermen,farmers and Lankan Tamils,if u think so,there wont be any person left out to fight for you,when you get into trouble.

Let us come back to corruption.Irregularities in the allocation of 2G Spectrum - this is considered as the biggest corruption in the history of mankind.Let me give a brief note on this.The then Telecom minister Mr.A.Raja,who is in jail now,gave the 2G  spectrum in throw away prices.He didn't conduct any auction.The worst part is, the companies, to which he allocated the spectrum were formed very recently and they were not even remotely related to the use of spectrum.He allotted the spectrum,in 2008,according to the 2001 prices. There was a huge difference between cell phone users in 2001 and 2008.The spectrum should have gone for auctions and it could have generated a revenue of some 1.76 lakh crores(this is the summary of the report given by the Comptroller and Auditor General).This issue was questioned at the time of its allocation itself, even I wrote about this in the beginning of 2010 itself in this Link. But Mr.Raja was thrown out of power only in November 2010

The current telecom minister Mr.Kapil Sibal,shamelessly claims that there was 0% loss to the exchequer(govt) because of Raja.He claims that there is no mistake on Raja's part.But this intelligent minister claims that there was a loss of around 1.5Lakh crores to the govt under the BJP regime,due to the irregularities in the telecom industry.In 2001 the penetration of cellular phones were not so high as it was in 2008.And in the BJP govt,everything was transparent and it was not a decision of any individual.Everything was announced in front of the cabinet ministers.If Mr.Sibal believes that there was such a huge loss to the govt during the BJP rule, he should have raised this issue in 2004 itself.Because,from 2004 onwards,only the UPA(led by the congress) is in power.

What Mr.Karunanidhi says for this?He shamelessly claims that,Raja is being targeted just because he is not a brahmin and just because he is a dalit.So what does he mean by this?Does he mean to say that if the corrupt person is a dalit,there should be no action against him or what?I don't know how many people know about Umashankar I.A.S.He exposed the irregularities in the govt cable system.He also unearthed a scam in Elcot(electronic corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd).It is said that big wigs of govt,especially the Maran brothers in the cable scam,were involved in these corruptions.

As a result of this,Umashankar was victimized by this govt and he faced transfers,charges of owning excessive properties etc.He even went to court with these allegations.For the kind information of the readers of this blog,Mr.Umashankar is also a Dalit.For doing his duty honestly,the MK govt has troubled him to this extent.So this implies that the DMK govt will support only corrupt people and not the honest.This Umashankar,is the same collector,who unearthed a scam against the ADMK govt in 1995,which became a huge embarrassment for the then ADMK govt.

The govt claims that they are giving rice at a price of  Re.1/kg to people below poverty line.Does the govt really takes steps to find who are below poverty line?I myself has seen a person earning around 50K per month,having the privilege of getting this 1 rupee rice,in his ration card.When Mr.MK proudly claims that he has given rice for Re.1,he forgets so many things.For me there is no privilege of buying that 1 rupee rice in ration card(I will not buy that rice rather,such is the quality of that rice).In the last govt., I used to buy Ponni Pachcharisi at Rs.20/Kg.Now the same is being sold for around Rs.40/kg(outside rations).Not only rice,prices of so many other essential commodities are at its all time high.

There is no proper power supply at all.We can even predict the result of an IPL match sitting in home,but what we can't predict is whether we will be able to watch that match or not,because power may go off any time.It seems this govt has deleted the term law and order from its database itself.Law college incident and the clash between the lawyers and the police department are the classic examples of law and order.The worst part is that,consecutive kidnap events.School children are being kidnapped by goondas and rowdies frequently.In one such incident,the media says that,the policemen rescued a boy from kidnappers by paying a huge amount quoted by the kidnappers.If this is true,then there is no point in having the police department.

Another horrible incident took place in TN.A sub-inspector was brutally assaulted by a gang of rowdies and the gang threw bombs at the SI it seems.He was fighting for his life and was helpless.All this happened in front of 2 ministers is what the news says.Tamil Nadu Public Health Minister MRK Panneerselvam and Minister for Environment, Youth Welfare and Sports TPM Moideen Khan allegedly watched and failed to help the Sub Inspector Vetrivel.See what kind of people we have elected as our representatives.

Let us not forget the hacking of cinema industry by the family members of our honorable Chief Minister.Today, Dayanidhi Alagiri is a producer,Udhayanidhi Stalin is a producer,Kalanidhi Maran(Sun network is reputed one in TN,why all over India),Vamsam hero and etc.. So many people from CM's family have captured the industry.CM claims that people accuse his family members for being cinema,just because they are jealous of him for having a family.He also calls others(mainly Jaya) ,who don't have a family and criticizes his family,as 'Thadharigal(people who don't have a family)',He quotes the example of Rajkapoor's family,Dhanush- Rajnikanth's son-in-law etc.But CM forgets the fact that,these people didn't stop the growth of others.Now I could hardly find a movie,which is not related to CM's family members.

In the beginning of 2010,they troubled actor AjithKumar for expressing his dissatisfaction,in front of the CM himself,over political pressure to actors to attend protests.Click this Link for further details about this incident. And at the fag end of 2010,they started torturing actor Vijay.It is said that,Vijay's decision to meet Rahul Gandhi and his refusal to act in Sun pictures,is the reason for this.One thing was clear.The ruling party never wanted the actor's recent release Kavalan to hit the screens.But with lot of difficulties the movie released,but it couldn't get the number of screens,which a Vijay's movie will usually get.Whether the movie is good or bad,let the audience decide it,who are these politicians to stop the release of a movie?

If someone writes or speaks something against the CM and his family,they may be assaulted by rowdies.Well known writer,Pazha.Karuppayyah,was writing a series of articles in Thuglak against the CM and the ruling party.He was assaulted by a gang of rowdies.His house was ransacked.The Sun Tv and Kalaignar Tv,which telecasts every single movement of Vijayakanth,didn't even put a flash news about this assault.There is no freedom of expression in TN.

Doesn't this give us a feeling of being in an emergency?Yes,it looks more like an undeclared emergency in Tamil Nadu,but not on seeing the honest activities of election commission,as Kalaignar claims,but on seeing such assaults and abuses.

I have covered as many things as possible about the current state govt.I need atleast a separate website to publish all the atrocities of this govt.Even in a separate website I don't know whether I can cover everything or not.

I thought of ending this series with this post.But this itself has gone quite lengthy,so will end it in the next post.

P.S.:The "aapu" - half thing,about which I discussed in my previous post,has now been published in Thuglak too. They too have condemned the DMK channels for this false propaganda.

(To be contd.. )

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TN Elections 2011 - Time-to-Think

Hello folks,world cup over and the outcome is in our favor and now,its time to spend some time for politics.On April 13th,elections will be conducted in Tamil Nadu.Through this post,I just want to express my opinion about the current elections.

These are the major alliances, one is - DMK+Congress+PMK+VCK+smaller parties and the other one is ADMK+DMDK+Communists(Marxists and Left)+smaller parties..The other major party,which faces the elections without any alliance is the BJP.The BJP has no ground in Tamil Nadu and in most of the constituencies the party will lose deposit.Pon.Radhakrishnan,the TN BJP president,MAY win,apart from him I don't think anyone else will win.So let us not discuss much about BJP.

The biggest question is will Kalaignar become the CM for the 6th time?There are many who believe that the free color TV and rice for Re.1/kg,will bring him back to power.But Kalaignar himself is not able to believe this and he believes that he can win only by 'buying' the votes.If not so,he wouldn't have expressed his displeasure over the honest activities of election commission.A pro-DMK magazine, Nakkeeran would not have called the Election Commission as an ally of ADMK.The EC(Election Commission) is strictly monitoring the campaigns and they are doing their level best to avoid bribing voters.As a part of this,they are thoroughly checking the vehicles and if 'illegal' money is found,it is seized and the people carrying the money are taken to task.This has upset the TN CM to a great extent and he calls this situation in TN as an 'undeclared' emergency.

Let us come to the alliances.In the beginning,there was a huge confusion in the formation of the DMK-Congress alliance.It is said that,first the congress asked for more than 80 seats and then came down to 63.For this the DMK didn't agree and the DMK ministers,especially Mr.Alagiri,went to the extent of calling this issue 'a matter of pride'.The DMK even threatened to quit the alliance and came forward to offer issue-based-support to the central govt.But the central govt was in no mood to listen all these things and Mulayam Singh Yadav came forward to support the central govt,which neutralized the 'Kalaignar-threat'.It seems that,along with former DMK minister Mr.Raja and many other family members of the CM may get punished in the 2G Spectrum issue,but for the support of congress.So Kalaignar bought peace with the central govt and gave up.He gave 63 seats to congress finally.Earlier,Mr.Alagiri said,they need not continue their alliance with congress by giving up their self-respect.Now I hear many people in TN asking that,whether the DMK know the meaning of self respect?

The other parties in the DMK alliance didn't demand much,as Kalaignar allotted reasonably,a good number of seats to them.Then comes the ADMK alliance.Till one point of time,everything seemed to go smoothly for the ADMK alliance.But trouble started when Jaya announced a list of 160 candidates without consulting with her allies.There were speculations that a 3rd front will be formed under Vijayakanth.Communist Leader Tha.Pandiyan expressed his dissatisfaction over this in public.But it is said that,the senior journalist,who is rumored to be behind the formation of the ADMK alliance compromised all the parties.But MDMK was just too adamant in getting 21 seats.It is said that ADMK offered some 12+ seats to MDMK,but Mr.Vaiko was not happy with the offer and he quit the alliance.

Vaiko announced that his party will not contest in the upcoming polls.This is suicidal.Vaiko may be a honest politician,but he is not just smart enough to survive in politics.After elections,I believe a majority of MDMK partymen will join DMK and ADMK.And his decision to boycott the polls will not produce any major effects.Vaiko is an excellent orator and losing his fiery campaigns is definitely a set back for ADMK and the MDMK partymen are just too good in doing field works.But this is not going to affect the chances of an ADMK win.At the end of the day Mr.Vaiko is going to be the sore looser.

Now,the DMK and the pro-DMK media is going great guns in creating an image like there is no unity among the ADMK allies.This is utter crap.ADMK wants DMDK to stay with them,because DMDK has the potential to split the ADMK votes and spoil the chances of ADMK in several constituencies.The DMDK wants ADMK's support,because if they go alone,they can't achieve anything more than bringing Mr.Karunanidhi back to power,by splitting the ADMK votes.Now its time for them to win some 20+ seats to survive.So the workers of both the parties are working with great determination and mutual understanding.The communists are known for their honesty.We can't find a better and honest politician than Mr.Nallakannu in TN.So the DMK media is trying to create a false image that there is no unity in the opposition camp.

Now there is a cheap act being carried out by the Kalaignar TV groups,Sun Tv groups and Makkal Tholaikatchi.To be frank,the DMK camp is not able to digest the ADMK-DMDK alliance and I am able to see more spark in Captain Tv programmes than the Jaya tv's, against the govt.As a result of this the DMK media is distorting the facts and spreading false news against Vijayakanth.Even today they are playing a video where Vijayakanth speaks like :"ungalukkellam aappadicha thaan buddhi varum"- meaning,we should teach a lesson to you.But what the pro-DMK channels are saying?As follows:

"half adicha thaan prachaaram panna mudiyum" - meaning only if I drink a half,I can do campaigns.Only uncivilized and half-baked people will indulge in such non-senses.A case should be filed against these channels and their licenses has to be cancelled for misguiding people. 

Another awkward part of the DMK campaign is Vadivelu's so called sparkling campaign.He calls Vijayakanth a drunkard.Is he 100% good?Can't we bring his personal issues to public to defame his image?Mr.Vadivelu has to understand the fact that,people will clap,will laugh and enjoy his satire on Vijayakanth,but all these claps wont get transformed into votes.This can also back-fire.

I will be very happy if Kalaignar and his party men read this blog post,because they may give me some good titles like Arya vandherigal,Paarpana padhargal etc.

Why am I praising Kalaignar Karunanithi ji to this extent?Is Jayalalitha the best?In what way Vijayakanth is different from Mr.Karunanidhi?

I will discuss these things in the next post.

(To be continued... :D)