Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kashmir Calls - An Opportunity to Contribute

As we all know, there are floods in Kashmir.Already 250 people were confirmed dead and still hundreds of people or even thousands of people are trapped.The Indian Army is doing a great job to rescue them all.Some arrogant victims are throwing stones at them.The army has patiently ignored this and said they want to rescue everyone trapped in the floods.It will cost a lot for rehabilitation.The Prime Minister has visited the floods and declared this as national disaster.A responsible newspaper, The New Indian Express(TNIE) has provided an opportunity for all of us to contribute.The New Indian Express has started by donating 2.5 lakhs.It has also urged its readers to contribute.Every single rupee matters. One individual may not contribute in lakhs.But together we can make a difference.If 1000 people can contribute 100 each,it becomes 1 lakh.If we contribute even 1 rupee,that will be of great help.Our contributions may be too small like a small drop but together we can make it as large as an ocean. 

TNIE is the best daily in India and am sure the funds will be sent to PM relief fund. Don't stop with just transferring an amount,share this information.Spread this to as many people as possible. I believe people from any country can contribute.

If you wish to contribute,go through the details below.I believe almost all the netizens will be having a bank account with online banking facility.Transferring the amount online will not be a difficult task for sure.

More than 250 people are confirmed dead in the flood fury that has devastated Kashmir. Tens of thousands of men, women and children are displaced, their lives shattered, their future thrown into disarray. Never in living memory has such an overwhelming tragedy overtaken the state. Kashmir weeps.
The rest of us in India need to rush to the aid of our fellow citizens caught in what the Prime Minister described as a national disaster.
We have started a New Indian Express Kashmir Relief Fund with an initial contribution of Rs 2.5 lakh by the NIE Group. It is easy for you to join this initiative:

  • Cheques drawn in the name of The New Indian Express Kashmir Relief Fund may be handed over to any office of the NIE Group in any city.
  • Contributions in cash may be given to any NIE office and a receipt obtained on the spot.
  • Online contributions may be sent directly to Indian Bank Current Account No.6260119197, in the name of The New Indian Express Kashmir Relief Fund, SWIFT-Code:IDIBINBBPAD/IFSC Code:IDIB000P001.  The details of the contributions made may be sent to

All contributions will be acknowledged in the columns of the paper. The Fund will eventually be handed over to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund for use in Jammu & Kashmir.
Kashmir is in distress. It's our duty to help.

Manoj Kumar Sonthalia
Chairman & Managing Director

The same matter is given in Tamil.