Saturday, September 19, 2009

Examination and Entertainments

Hi readers...Now its time to discuss about some funny things.Ofcourse this blog itself is a funny place(thats a different issue).Anyway examinations are most funny part of our life.Well u can ask me,did I have the gutts to say this at the time of examination. My immediate answer is "yes" :D.I was one among the few guys who had hot(or even stupid  :D) debates like Ajith vs Vijay  even at the time of examinations(I mean before entering exam hall).So thats it..Now I am gonna write about some comedies that happens during examination(exam eh oru comedy thana :D).

Well,the moment we hear the word exams,the immediate thing that will come to our minds is BIT(I mean paper bit,dont have any vulgar thinking regarding BIT :x).I am too poor in this(that is taking bits and copying).Now u dont think that am a workaholic and I will study everything in home and will get 80s and 90s.I am a honest person :D,if I see some one using bits,I will tell this punch dialogue to them,

"2 mark vaanganaalum namma sondhama uzhachi vanganam :D"[That is even if we get 2 marks,it should come as a result of our hardwork :D].

I will tell this and most of the time I will not get more than that :D.

Once I tried taking bits to a private exam(Hindi Prachar Saba exam).We should try everything na,thats y :D.First day I experimented it by taking bits in my pocket.Unfortunately when the teacher was near me,the bit flew out of my pocket :-( and she took the bit and went away.But I dint give up with that and I took bits for the next day exam too(thats the real spirit na :P).But this time I planned something differently.The supervisors dont know hindi.So I took a bold decision.I wrote some essays(20 mark answers) in a paper which is almost similar in size to the question paper.Took a xerox.In the exam hall after getting the question paperI put the question paper under the desk and kept this paper on the desk and started writing.None could find me.Again Vaayu Bhagavan(Air God) let me down.Yeah u r right,this time the question paper flew in air and finally the supervisor found it out and threw the bit out :D(thank god in both the instances I was not sent out) and some how I cleared the exams too(athu vera visayam :D).

There was a guy in my school.U might have seen people who offer prayers to god and  write "Sri Rama Jayam" inorder to get a pass in the exam.This guy too wrote the name of a god 108 times in a paper.I appreciated him and told him "nice to c that u have so much of faith in god,study well,only if u study well god will help u to get a pass".But he gave me different reply as follows,

"Dai I cant study and all,its a difficult job and instead I have a better technique.Why I am writing this you know?I should not be caught while I am using this bits.For that only am praying god,ithu theriyama nee vera "-ivangala ellam thiruthave mudiyathu da saami :D.

The entertainment doesnt end with this.After the exams are over,our papers will be corrected by teachers.Different teachers will use different techniques to award marks.Here is a strange teacher and c what  technique uses to award marks.

He will measure the length of each answer using his hands.He will hold his 3 fingers and will use his thumb and small finger to measure the length.If the answer is long enough he will put 5 marks.Point to be noted is he will not even read a single word from the papers which he is correcting.Students understood this technique and started writing their personal stories.Everything was fine until this incident happened.One boy out of enthusiasm wrote too many pages,thinking that he can get 100 out of 100.Our man as usual,started measuring and awarded marks.Finally when added the marks for all answers,the boy got 110 marks out of 100(what a performance la :D).The man became violent and he punished the boy severely.

This is an incident from some other school.But in my own school I had such a teacher.He will not measure using his hands and all.All he will do is he will simply put marks for answers if they are lengthy.He will neither read the question paper nor answer paper.In his subject minimum mark itself will be 75% only.But this time I got into trouble.What happened u know?As usual I started writing about Gavaskar and Tendulkar in History paper.Before the exam I adviced one of my senior student also to follow the same technique(for him too the same sir handled History).I wrote the exam for considerable no. of pages and left happily.But out of over excitement I added one extra line "Mohan raj is a stupid fellow,he is an idiot".Now dont get puzzled,that Mohan Raj is the name of our history sir(I meant what I wrote at that time :D).Now if u think that he read this line and punished me,u r wrong.

He took leave for more than a month for his marriage.Because of that my science miss corrected that paper.One day she called me in class and gave me left and right.Suddenly she asked "how dare u idiot writing the name of that sir".My heartbeat almost stopped for a moment.Something came into my mind and I replied her immediately " Miss thats Madhan Raj not Mohan Raj".Madhan Raj is my classmate's name.She got confused and checked my paper,but she couldnt confirm what was written in that(thanks to my bad no worst hand writing :D).Then I was let off with some minimum punishment.Suddenly I heard a sound "ayyo amma sorry sir sorry sir".I saw from where that noise was coming from.It was the senior guy,who faithfully followed my technique,was screaming.For him a different sir corrected the paper and beat him for almost an hour.He said these words while beating him"History paper la Gavaskar,Kapil Dev,Ganguly pathi ezhuthuviya da(i.e., how dare u write Gavaskar, in history paper)".I felt sorry for him :-( :P.

Like this there are many incidents.In college one of my friend will take bits to each and every cycle test and he will be caught most of the time.He is a lucky fellow,bcoz he will not be caught alone,always there was a north Indian guy to accompany him.Yep,he was his copy/bit partner.One day that north Indian guy was caught alone and he got lot of scoldings.The next day he begged my friend not to talk to him atleast for that exam(bcoz this fellow was caught twice in that week itself :D).But my friend is gr8 man.Inspite of so many  requests,he took his paper(that is the north Indian's) from his desk and these 2 were caught again.But my friend was let off.He was just marked absent for that exam,but this north Indian guy's id was seized and he was given some shock treatment again :D.Both of these guys got placed in TCS.Moral : If u copy u can get placed in TCS :D.

On a seriouse note,try to be honest.Apart from this I dont have anything to say in this post.I blogged this just for a time pass.Sorry for such a lengthy post again.Anyway go through it and kindly give ur valuable comments.