Sunday, June 16, 2013

Advani 'Modi'fied

The news channels are making the most of the Advani-Modi rift.As a blogger,its my responsibility as well, to make use of this issue.The 24/7 news channels are doing their best and the print media is no exception too, especially The Hindu.Atleast the print media doesn't should 'India needs an answer sirrr",so to that extent we can tolerate print media.

Lal Krishna Advani is making the headlines for all wrong reasons.As expected the media and the congress party(both are kind of same) have turned instant Advani fans.Now they realize the importance of Advani.In 2009 when same Advani was projected as BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate,the media demonized him stating the 1992 incident(Babri Masjid demolition).In 2009 Advani was communal,but when Modi is all set for a bigger role in BJP,Advani became a statesman for the media.

Advani is indeed a statesman in politics.He,along with Mr.Vajpayee,built the party.He joined RSS at a very young age.Advani was a member of  Bharatiya Jana Sangh party founded by Dr.Syama Prasad Mookerjee in 1951.The Bharatiya Jana Sangh was started to counter congress party.But the congress had a wide presence so it was not easy for the Jana sangh to defeat congress.Infact Jana Sangh found it very difficult to make its presence felt.But gradually Jana Sangh started growing.Later on,Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani became prominent leaders of Jana Sangh.On the other hand,after Mr.Lal Bahadur Shastri's death, Mrs.Indira Gandhi became the powerful congress leader.

 After she became PM,she declared emergency in the year 1975.Advani was an important leader who fought against the emergency.He spent most of the days in jail during emergency.Still he didn't give up.After the emergency was lifted,the Jana Sangh merged itself into Janata Party.Vajpayee was the leader of Jana Sangh then.The Jana Sangh and some other non-congress parties united together and merged in to Janata Party.They fought the elections against congress and got a landslide victory.Advani served as Information & Broadcasting minister in Morarji Desai's govt.But the Janata govt didn't last long.After the Janata govt came down,Vajpayee started the Bharatiya Janata Party and Advani played a great role in establishing the BJP.

In the1984 Lok Sabha elections,the BJP could win just two seats out of 545.Advani started the Ram Janmabhoomi(Temple) movement and went on a 'Ratha Yatra' to gather support for the same.This helped to establish the BJP in most parts of India.After winning a considerable no. of seats in 1989,the BJP gave an outside support to the VP Singh's government.The rise of BJP was unstoppable by then.In 1996 the BJP went on to win 161 seats and became the single largest party.Vajpayee ji became PM for the first time.As usual, other parties,which are saviors of Muslims and Christians, used the secular card to keep the BJP away from power.As the party didn't have the majority(273 MPs support),Vajpayee resigned in 13 days and a highly unstable 3rd front govt,backed by Congress,was formed.

The BJP veterans Atalji and Advaniji,played their cards perfectly and brought regional parties into their alliance and formed the National Democratic Alliance(NDA).In 98,BJP won 182 seats on its own and with the support of other parties in the alliance,BJP formed the govt again and Atalji became Prime Minister for the second time.This again,did not last long.ADMK pulled down the BJP govt in 99.Again Atalji resigned,this time his govt lasted for around 13 months.Again in 99,DMK joined the NDA and BJP came to power.It completed its full term and it was the first non-congress government to complete a full term.Advani was made deputy Prime Minister.

The CBI had charged Advani with hawala charges.It was alleged that he received a bribe of 3.5 million illegal gratification from Jain brothers.To ensure a fair probe,Advani resigned his Lok Sabha MP seat.He faced the inquiry and came out clean.Being a leader of opposition,there is no necessity for him to resign. Nowadays inspite of direct evidences our UPA ministers are not ready to resign,but being an opposition leader,Advani did that.He faced the probe and came out clean.This is a proof that how honest and determined Mr.Advani was.

Inspite of giving a good 5 year govt,the BJP could not come to power again.Several factors like anti-incumbency in Tamil Nadu(against Ms.Jayalalithaa) and AP(against TDP),drought etc worked against BJP.The decline started for them after 2004 Parliament elections.The Congress led UPA came to power and Manmohan Singh was chosen as PM.And till now the party(BJP) failed to inspire the voters.The party has been unfair to Advani on two occasions.One, during 2004 elections.Atalji should have projected Advani as the PM candidate in 2004 itself,which would have given a wider acceptability to Advani among alliances and public.Vajpayee quit active politics after the 2004 elections as the BJP lost.When he(Vajpayee) was so sure of quitting active politics incase of defeat,I don't understand the logic behind projecting him as PM candidate. The idea might be like this, had the BJP came to power in 2004,Atalji could have made Adavni as PM and quit active politics.But that did not happen.

Advani spoke some good words about Mohammad Ali Jinnah - founder of Pakistan.Days after he made this speech,he was forced to resign his party president post.This was the second occasion on which the party was unfair to him.Otherwise both the BJP and this nation has given enough respect to him.In 2009, Advani was BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate.His so called 'secular image' could not stop Naveen Patnaik walking out of NDA.He walked out of NDA stating the BJP is communal force.The likes of Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav,didn't speak much against  Naveen Patnaik.Well,he achieved this secular image only after Modi's elevation.In 2009,according to our media, even Advani was a communal force due to his alleged involvement in bringing down the Babri Masjid.But now that has vanished suddenly.

I don't find even one good reason for Advani's behavior after Modi's elevation as BJP poll panel chief.Advani is 85+ years old.The nation is expecting a change.The BJP needs a generation change.Modi is not a 27 year old youngster - agreed.But still he is a next generation leader and the party badly needs a man like him.If Advani thinks he can control the party by making his supporters like Sushma Swaraj as PM,it will only end up as a dream for him.Announcing the likes of Sushma Swaraj as PM candidate is literally suicidal for the party.The readers of this blog can come with me.I will take you to some underdeveloped towns and villages in Tamil Nadu. I will show you Modi supporters.But you cannot find Advani supporters or Sushma Swaraj supporters.Well you can very well argue that Modi has haters too.There is no politician in India without haters.

There are also people who think projecting Modi as PM itself will bring BJP govt at the center.That is 100% impossible.Without alliance,BJP cannot get the magical figure - 273.I have mentioned this fact in some of previous articles too - BJP is a zero in South India which contributes to around 120 seats.They got an opportunity to establish themselves in Karnataka,but their govt was like that of a Thuglak darbar.And they don't have a presence in states like West Bengal,Odisha too.So the question of an individual BJP govt is ruled out.To form a govt,BJP needs alliance.But other parties in the alliance doesn't want Modi to be the PM.But still, the party should stick to its decision on Modi.

Only some politicians has the charisma to inspire the voters.Narendra Modi is such a charismatic leader and he is a dynamic personality.The popular quote 'you may like him or you may hate him,but you can't ignore him' suits him perfectly.He doesn't give freebies.Not even current comes for free in Modi's Gujarat to farmers or anyone.But there is uninterrupted power-supply and the cost of electricity is reasonable.No govt owned wine-shops in Gujarat(the ban on liquor was imposed well before Modi came to power).Still Gujarat gets revenue.

Earlier,Modi's detractors used to speak about only Godhra riots.He is facing the cases and proving time and again that he is not responsible for post Godhra riots.We all know about CBI.People have a perception that CBI is a loyal ally of congress.The CBI provided false information against former Gujarat home minister Amit Shah,Modi's close aide and shamelessly admitted it in court after it was cornered by the judge.Amidst all these troubles,the investigation teams are providing clean chit to Modi.But still,for us he is communal.And Nitish Kumar lost his secular credentials when he shook hands with Modi..Humbug.There are no corruption charges against Modi.

In one of my previous articles also I mentioned this,irrespective of the outcome of the upcoming lok sabha elections,Modi should continue to lead the party.Only then,BJP will grow in some states atleast.Brand Modi will poll more votes for BJP.If you say Muslims will not vote for Modi,then it's a wrong statement.There are some Muslims who will not vote for brand BJP.Such people will not vote for the party even if it projects Vajpayee as its PM candidate.

The Indian middle class worships Narendra Modi and this time,it is the middle class which 'may' be the deciding factor.But still I need time to get statistics.Anyway the middle class is fully behind Modi and making Modi as its PM candidate may polarise the voters.

Prominent leaders of BJP should realize that there can be only one Prime Minister.If everyone keeps questioning 'why not me?',soon BJP will  become history.Right now Modi is the most popular leader in BJP.He is in the party for 20 years.He started as a canteen boy and has risen to where he is now.Some loons compare Modi with Anna Hazare and say Modi is nothing more than media hype.Prominent news channels and newspapers has given him the much needed publicity - agreed,but what kind of publicity?It has made people to perceive that Modi is a mass murderer,criminal and dictator.I don't understand how that will help him to grow and am not sure how some self-proclaimed intellectuals brand Modi as media-hype.He deserves every bit of praise he is getting.BJP should unanimously accept his candidature and work for the success of party.Whether they form the govt or not,but they should make it sure that they emerge as single largest party.The regional leaders like Vasundara Raje,Shivraj Singh Chauhan,Arjun Munda,Raman Singh, Manohar Parrikar etc should extend their complete co-operation and see that BJP gains as much as possible from the states where they are in power.

All talks of third-front,federal front will go on.Finally any front will need a congress or BJP to back them,if not they can't form a government.In that case,it cannot be called a third-front govt.Who knows, we may get a 3rd front Prime Minister/Prime Ministers like Deve Gowda and I K Gujral and stable(??) leaders like Sitaram Kesri.So BJP should not worry about these things.

Atleast I don't want to be harsh on a statesman like Mr.L K Advani.I have supported Advani for a long period and even now,am criticizing only his stand on Modi's elevation.A large section of media branded Advaniji too communal for his 'alleged' involvement in mosque demolition.The Manmohan Singh Liberhan commission,which took as long as 17 years to submit its report on mosque demolition,could not produce any concrete evidence against Advani.It simply had some assumptions like Advani and Vajpayee, had links with RSS and VHP and so they also might have involved in the conspiracy to demolish the mosque.Even the inquiry commission,after 17 long years, could not produce any evidence against Advani,but our 'secular' media decided Advani was the man behind demolition of mosque.Their news items were such that Advani himself took the crowbar and demolished the mosque.But for this media now Advani appears as angel.

Advani ji should understand that he is not in the race anymore.Instead of making resignation dramas,blogging about Mussolini and Hitler and Pope stories and feeding the pro-congress media,Advani should try to co-ordinate with regional parties which has a sizable presence and bring them into NDA.If he thinks he is Bhishma Pithamaha,he should realize that he cannot be the king.He should see that his activities brings Arjuna to power and not the Dhuriyodhana.Even Karna was a great warrior,still he lost the battle because he joined with evil forces.Bhishma Pithamaha should explain this story to Nitish Kumar.Young people should respect the elders and elders should bless them.Modi ji respects Advani and Advani ji should bless him.

Hope this article is balanced and I believe I have not been unfair to Mr.Advani. Also it doesn't support Modi blindly.And more articles will be published here.Keep watching this space for more.And please wait.Still there is something in this article.

Finally there is something in this article for instant Advani fans from the congress camp too.

Morarji Desai was part of the congress party and he was more experienced than Indira Gandhi.But Indira Gandhi became more popular and a dynamic personality.As she was Nehru's daughter,people worshiped her.With the help of Mr.Kamaraj,she became the Prime Minister of India.Later on she ignored even Mr.Kamaraj,when he raised his voice against emergency(well that's a different story).So literally Mrs.Gandhi captured the party.She became PM with the only qualification that she was daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru. She understood the mood of the nation.She realized that there is a wide acceptance for her and she didn't want to miss the huge opportunity.Brand Indira Gandhi earned more votes for the congress party.And till now only Nehru family is controlling congress party.

So Advani's congress fans,please shut up.You don't have any right to speak about respecting senior leaders in party.Follow your leader Mr.Jairam Ramesh.I always admire him,though sometimes his behavior is bit amateur.He is the only one who whole heartedly agreed that Modi is a challenge to congress.Its rare to see such a congress minister,who speaks truth straight from his heart.Learn from him instant Advani fans.