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New findings on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination

Today in CNN-IBN I saw a debate about the revealings of KP@Selvarasa Padhmanaban@Kumaran Padhmanabhan@Kutty.KP is now the leader of LTTE.He became(or was made) the leader of LTTE after its founder Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed.Now that he has given an interview and the debate was all about the so called facts revealed by him during the interview.The debate had participants  like Manishankar Ayyar - a senior congress leader and  former petroleum minister,N Ram - editor of 'The Hindu',Mr.Karthikeyan - man who led the Special Investigation Team to probe the assassination of Mr.Rajiv Gandhi.

I do not wish to get into the entire interview of KP.Also I am not telling my views or opinion on LTTE or its armed struggle or its leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.I would just like to make a small analysis on one part of his interview.I am just pasting the questions and answers on which this post is about.

Why Prabhakaran hated Rajiv Gandhi – and who plotted the murder

VKS: Can you tell us, once and for all, did Prabhakaran plan Rajiv Gandh’si assassination?

KP: That is exactly (true). Everyone knows the truth. Those who were involved in this murder were from the LTTE intelligence wing and those who were arrested. It was well planned and done actually with Prabhakaran and (intelligence chief Pottu Amman). Everyone knows the truth.

I want to say to the Indian people and especially the Gandhi family… I want to apologise for Prabhakaran’s mistake. Please forgive us, we beg you. Our people are struggling here, please help our people to live as humans. Sorry for all this, we know the feelings of the son (Rahul) of Rajiv Gandhi. It’s human nature – how father and daughter are attached (reference to Rajiv’s daughter Priyanka).

VKS: You asking Tamil Nadu politicians to forget the past but in order to forget the past, the truth of the past must also be told. You are a senior member of the LTTE, you know the truth. Isn’t a fact that several politicians and political parties did support and push several Tamil people into violence? Can you name any political party and say the truth?

KP: In our struggle, sometimes we (have) depended on Tamil Nadu. When we started our struggle, it was very clean. We did not involve Indian politicians.. When we had problems, we went to India for some time and then come back. We didn’t meet anyone. This was the beginning of our  struggle.. The problem was when we first met politicians in Tamil Nadu – for example when Prabhakaran and Uma Maheswaran fought on the streets of Tamil Nadu and were put in jail – we sought the help of politicians to get bail. That was the start of Tamil Nadu political influence…

Then we know what the real problem is in Tamil Nadu. You know Periyar, who started the Dravida Kazhagam movement. He wanted separation from the North (of India). He meant Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra to be separated from the North. It was from this social base that Annadurai (former DMK CM before Karunanidhi), and Karunanidhi came. The movement failed, but we still have people with this policy (Veeramani, Ramakrishnan…these people had the same mindset). They don’t accept change, and the world is changing.

Sometimes we have dreams, but whether these are possible or not we have to evaluate. We have to calculate. So, Dravida Kazhagam, which has been there for 100 years, even after Periyar is gone, is still passing on its ideas to (people like) Prabhakaran, especially anti-Brahminism. Prabhakaran’s idea was to struggle against the Brahmins.

Because of this (DK background), Tamil Nadu politicians made a marvelous hero out of Prabhakaran. They compared him to old Tamil Kings, and his colour changed. That’s why he made this blunder against Rajiv Gandhi.

VKS: Are you saying the DMK, in a way, ideologically influenced Prabhakaran to take the step of Rajiv Gandhi’s assissination?

KP: This I cannot say yes, but you know that influence…they (Tamil politicains) fed him against the Brahmins. That’s why he hated the Prime Minister of India. He was a young leader and he wanted to be fast. He tried to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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First of all,the media goes gaga over the statement that Prabhakaran was the man behind Rajiv's death.They are giving a build-up such that they have 'invented' this only from his recent interview.Everyone knew that it was LTTE,which was behind Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.But KP's reasoning for that is absolute non-sense. He says Prabhakaran killed Rajiv Gandhi,because he hated Brahmins and DMK and DK's ideology influenced him to do this.By this statement,I am getting few doubts.It was not KP's view.I believe KP was forced to give an interview like this.

Now that the DMK is in a miserable condition,with some of its prominent leaders in Tihar jail.So,I think the Congress party wants to distance itself from DMK and it is just trying out every possible step and this is one such step.That is politics.I am least bothered about that.But why KP is giving such an interview all of a sudden?He was caught by the Sri Lankan forces long back.How can a caste hatred result in the assassination of one of the prominent leaders of India?As far as I know,Prabhakaran had some issues with some Islamic groups and he killed many Muslims. The anti-brahminism is something which is unheard of.

Infact,MGR openly supported LTTE in the beginning,but MGR was not against any caste(but he was only against casteism).Prabhakaran and other LTTE groups has enormous respect towards MGR.For them Kalaignar comes next to MGR only.As far as I know,during a time,when MGR was in power,the LTTE distanced itself from DMK.That much respect and fear they had towards MGR.So how come all of a sudden DMK and DK's anti-brahministic principles influence Prabhakaran and that will result in the killing of an important leader of a foreign nation?(I mean India to Sri Lanka is a foreign nation).

And the Jain commission report indicts DMK on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination issue.Mr.Jain said, "I am fully satisfied with my interim report and what it contains..Each one of my conclusions and observations is based on documents on record with the commission.".After all these findings,the congress aligned with DMK for its political gains in Tamil Nadu in the 2004 parliament elections.Now the DMK has suffered a humiliating defeat in TN and the congress wants to ditch it.For that reason it is using people like KP and it is bringing useless theories like anti-brahminism.

Going by KP's entire interview am able to come to a conclusion that the Congress govt at the centre is in very good relationship with the Lankan govt(on this issue alone).Happenings in the recent past confirms this.So might be the congress party behind this interview.But I don't know whether it is behind this interview or not.It's just my suspicion.

From this interview of KP itself,it is pretty clear that Rajiv Gandhi 'forced' Prabhakaran to accept the Rajiv-Jayewardene pact.Prabhakaran was not happy with it and it is said that the IPKF,sent by Rajiv Gandhi was caught into several controversies.Prabhakaran retaliated for all these stuff is what I believe.Moreover I don't think Prabhakaran could have done this without the help of Indian politicians and especially people close to Mr.Rajiv Gandhi should have definitely helped him(I am just buying the opinions of well known economist and columnist S Gurumurthy and Janatha Party leader Subramanya Swami).Why KP is silent on these names? If this is a candid interview,he should have mentioned those names too right?

Doesn't these factors clearly indicate that there is 'something' fishy behind Rajiv's assassination?Doesn't these facts prove that the anti-brahminism is nothing more than a ploy to fool people?

My view : Rajiv Gandhi's assassination has lot of mysteries.It is definitely not anti-brahminism.The reason has to be probed throughly.Because,I believe not only signing the Rajiv-Jayewardene pact might be a reason for his assassination.

P.S. : Through this article,I am neither supporting LTTE nor opposing it.To be precise, the views expressed in this article are completely restricted to the interview of KP and it has got nothing to do with my support or opposition to LTTE.

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