Saturday, May 7, 2011

2G Spectrum - The Kanimozhi Link

"I am not an easy target"

"Prepared for the worst"

"Will fight legally"

Don't read the above statements in Rajni style.They are not from any Rajni movie.These are the punch-lines uttered by 'Kavithayini'(poetess) Kanimozhi,who is a DMK MP(Rajya Sabha MP) and daughter of honorable CM of Tamil Nadu Mr.Karunanidhi.Let me first explain the reasons for such dialogs and then get into these punchlines.

By this time,atleast 90% of online users,might be knowing what Raja did in spectrum allocation.He gave spectrum to companies like Swan Telecom at throw away prices and those companies sold the stakes for a greater price.That is,Raja gave spectrum at low prices,when there were bids for a greater price.This caused an estimated loss of around 1.76lakh crore to the exchequer(govt in this case).After media went all against him,the Congress top brass realized the seriousness of the issue and finally it forced Raja to quit and later on,Raja was arrested.The inquiry still goes on.This is the brief flashback.What's new here?The latest star in this issue is Kanimozhi.From where does the connectivity between Kanimozhi,Kalaignar TV and Raja comes in this issue?

It is learnt that,an unsecured loan of Rs.206.25 crore was given to Kalaignar Tv by a company called,the Cineyug Films.From where does this money come and what's the reason for supplying an unsecured loan,that too a TV channel,which is a mouth-piece of the ruling party?Shahid Balwa,the promoter of DB Reality groups and Swan Telecom,is the one who actually transferred this amount.It was to this Swan Telecom,Raja gave the spectrum licenses for some 1500+ crore.Then,this Swan Telecom sold 45% of its holdings for an amount of around 4,200 crore.For this,the DB groups has paid some 209 crores to the Kalaignar Tv.How?

Balwa transferred this 209 crores to Kusegaon Fruits and Vegetables,owned by Asif Balwa and Rajiv Agarwal.They inturn transferred it to Cineyug Films.This is how the unsecured loan of 200+ crores was given to Kalaignar Tv by the Cineyug.

These are the allegations.No wonder,the Sarkaria Commission,some 35 yrs ago, described the DMK men as the masters of scientific corruption.

The DMK people hit back recently, by saying that the loan was paid back.But it is said that,they repaid the loan only after the CBI started its interrogation on this issue.So,it means,to escape from legal proceedings they paid the money back.What has Kanimozhi got to do with all these things?

She holds a stake of around 20% in Kalaignar Tv.For this the CBI had filed the chargesheet against Kanimozhi.The CBI claims that she is the 'brain' behind the Kalaignar TV and she had been in regular touch with Raja regarding the launch of the Kalaignar Tv.So the CBI strongly believes that Kanimozhi is a main accused in the 2G spectrum issue and it(CBI) opposes the bail plea of Kanimozhi.

But what her lawyer Ram Jethmalani argues for her?He claims that it was Raja who has to be held responsible and for the funds transferred,only the Board of directors can alone be held for criminal liability.In this case,Mr.Sharad Kumar,the Managing Director of Kalaignar Tv,will only be responsible(if going by Mr.Jethmalani's argument).He too has a 20% stake in Kalaignar Tv.Kanimozhi has a 20% stake.Whats the big difference?What kind of human being this Jethmalani is?The BJP is going great guns against the DMK and Congress in the spectrum issue.They even stalled the entire winter session last year,demanding a JPC probe.Of-course every party,that is not the part of UPA,demanded a JPC and the entire opposition was united in stalling the parliament.This cost an estimated loss of around 171 crore.This fellow,Ram Jethmalani is a BJP MP.He was given the Rajya Sabha ticket by the BJP.To become MP,he used the BJP and now is defending Kanimozhi in the worst possible manner.

He claims that women,old people and children should be granted bail.What if Kanimozhi eats 'kali' in jail?If the CBI and the other legal organizations feel that she has to be arrested,then she has to be.His lame claim is that,she is  targeted just because she is the daughter of Karunanidhi.I don't know how this happens.Someone who joins Karunanidhi or his family members,also behaves like him.Some months back Karunanidhi said,"Raja is targeted because he is a dalit,because he is not a brahmin'.Thank God,atleast Jethmalani didn't bring caste in this issue. Mr.Jethmalani,for your kind info,she is targeted not because he is Karunanidhi's daughter,but because she holds 20% stake in the Kalaignar Tv and that Kalaignar Tv is the one which allegedly receive the 200+ crore bribe.I don't know why BJP provides tickets to such people.He is definitely a huge embarrassment to the BJP.It's a mistake of BJP to give him an MP seat.If we question this,he will give a cool answer that its his profession.To safeguard the corrupt and criminal is what his profession?

Kanimozhi has 20% stakes and her name was included in the chargesheet.But Dayalu Ammal,Karunanidhi's wife(not Kanimozhi's mother),has 60% stake in Kalaignar Tv and her name was not included in the chargesheet.What's the logic behind this?If she is also involved in this issue,then she too should be sent to jail. One lady reporter questioned Karunanidhi recently about Kanimozhi's chargesheet,for which,he replied that being a woman reporter,don't ask such cruel(heartless) questions.But sources say that,he said,"some ladies doesn't have a heart at all,you too?".But later on it was published differently as mentioned above.(For source you can check Junior Vikatan Kazhugar section).So if his family members are taken on legally,it means the authorities are ruthless,cruel,heartless etc.But when it comes for Jayalalitha,everything should go as per the law.What a man we have as the CM of this state.

Now let us come back to the punchlines :D.Kanimozhi gave some bold interviews like "am not an easy target,prepared for the worst,will fight legally" etc.I think there is a reason behind these statements.CBI or ED(Enforcement Directorate) or any other legal authorities didn't arrest Kanimozhi till now.And her bail plea comes for hearing on May 14th,exactly a day after the counting.So I think,some assurance was given to her and ruling party that she will not be arrested at any cost.Knowing the outcome of the inquiries,Kanimozhi has boldly uttered these statements it seems.So the DMK believes they will come back to power again and by using the congress they can save Kanimozhi and her family members.

I have been following this spectrum issue for the past 2+ yrs.Only in the recent past,after the Supreme Court slammed the CBI and the PM for their lethargic attitude in the 2G issue,the inquiry is brisk.It appears as if everything is happening properly and honestly.It's really tough to believe that CBI is handling a case honestly. Some say,the CBI is being controlled by the Supreme Court and the SC monitors the 2G issue.The SC has been doing a great job,especially after Mr.Kapadia became the Chief Justice of India(CJI).But still,I am unable to believe that the probe is carried out honestly.If you recollect the recent history of CBI,you will not find fault with me for thinking like this.But still,the recent developments appears as if everything is proceeding in the right direction.If its true,then I will also be happy.

There are allegations against Sharad Pawar,Ajit Pawar,P Chidambaram etc that they too are involved in the 2G scam.DMK claims that,why these leaders are not targeted and everytime the target is a DMK member?Good question Mr.Karunanidhi :D.Honestly speaking,Chidambaram should be knowing somany things about this 2G scam.He was the then finance minister and the CBI should probe him thoroughly.Like this the congress leaders are not at all in the picture and only the DMK members are exposed.Such proceedings only makes me doubt,whether this probe is an honest one or its just a congress strategy to keep the DMK under pressure?

But,if DMK is going to retain the power at the state,then the spectrum issue will be buried.If not,there is a small chance that,the guilty may be punished.But let us wait and watch the game.We can get more and more punch dialogs and family sentiment scenes soon :P.


K@RTHIKEY@N said...

Machi!! Idhula enna da doubt!! Congress dhaan da CBI! They have cleverly planned and postponed the judgement to 14th May, a day after our assembly election results. Inga DMK banaal naa anga kani ku kali dhaan.Otherwise, there will be some respite for her.

dude said...

Nice article!! But i doubt whether she will be arrested coz in all possible ways,i guess DMK will be bck to power!! one thing fa sure! If they are back again, even God cant save TN!!! probably u will find lot more punch lines frm the opp party! hehe!! nyhws a gud explanation!! This is quite a gud info to those who dnt knw what's happenin in and arnd here!!

Anonymous said...

I was throwned away from my seat after i saw a comment from dude(Harish bharath) on this again i came up from d floor n commenting again for u folks...awesome display from RAMUJI,he should be made supreme court judge...

Hence i can give u all a suggestion to name him "RAMU HAZARE"...........!!!!!

Harish.M said...

GK - GK - let us wait and watch what happens..CBI is controlled by congress in most of the cases..but this case knowingly or unknowingly,has exposed some facts..let us see,where does all these things end.. I will be happy if the guilty is punished :D

Thanks for commenting :-)

Harish.M said...

@dude - I don't think the DMK will form the govt again..This time Jayalalitha may become CM with absolute majority...But still money can do many things,so am not ruling out that minimum possibility of a DMK govt(minimum only).. Let us hope for the best and let us hope DMK doesn't come to power again :D

Thanks for commenting :-)

Harish.M said...

@Gokul - its a funny comment :D.. but I can't get satisfied myself with the titles which u r giving to me..Please conduct a felicitation function in 'Theevuthidal' or 'Kamarajar Arangam'..Please bring people like Perarasu,Mansur Ali Khan,Vadivelu etc to praise me.. I know u can't bring Vaali,Vairamuthu,Abdul Rahman etc :D..Then only I will be satisfied :-)

Thanks for commenting :-)

Rahul said...

Just like Karunanidhi made Jan 14 as Tamil New years day , why not shift diwali to some other day so that they can celebrate it together , like the day Kanimozhi comes out of jail (never). Ha ha