Monday, July 14, 2014

Gaza Attacks - The other side

What is hypocrisy?When Hamas launched rockets on Israel and civilians in Israel were affected,we never bothered.. Here not many knows that it is Hamas who attack Israel often. When Israel has decided to take on Hamas,we started projecting ourselves as victims.We antagonized Israel to such an extent of sharing fake pictures and videos as if the Israel military is killing women and children. This false propaganda is more poisonous than the most poisonous snake.

The Boko Haram terrorists have gained an upper hand in Nigeria and their atrocities has instilled a sense of fear among innocent civilians there.Boko Haram means western education is sin.Well the sympathizers/victims/martyrs/secularists give a false reason that Israel is carrying out all attacks on Palestine to occupy the land,what reason will these martyrs or sympathizers give for the atrocities in Ngeria? The Islamic terror groups killed non-Muslims in Nairobi shopping complex.

"..Then an Indian man came forward and they said, 'What is the name of Muhammad's mother?' When he couldn't answer they just shot him."

None of our sympathizers,who are so much disturbed about the attacks by Israel army in Palestine, raised their voice when incidents like this happened.Even worst case,the Boko Haram terrorists kidnapped 300 school girls and have threatened to push them into prostitution.What is the motive of these terrorists?They just want people in these countries to follow only Islam.

These are also incidents of international importance where lot of innocent civilians including women and children were killed.We were not aware of all these incidents.Or we pretend to be unaware of.When a country launches counter-attack on a terrorist organization,we are outraged.All our emotions come out.

Let us see what these 'emotions' hide.First of all,Israel is not carrying out these attacks to occupy Palestine. Actually it is the other way around.The Palestinians call themselves Jihadis and they fight against Israel. Against whom you people are carrying out Jihad?What is the motive of this Jihad?Well the below link provides proper details about this issue.

Israel received independence in 1948. The Muslim ethnic group of Israel were told by their leaders to leave the country because of the influx of Jews coming to the land from the Nazi Holocaust. While Israel absorbed all Jewish refugees coming into the land these Muslim ethnics were not absorbed by any of their Arab brother countries which occupy much vast territories compares to tiny state of Israel.  Ultimately these Muslims then returned to Israel and Israelis gave them visas for work in the country. They established themselves to live in the country in West bank and GAZA strip but ultimately started identifying and asserting themselves as ‘Palestinian’ with a demand for a separate homeland (a common trait found in Muslims e.g. partition of India , Cyprus ,Bangladesh etc.) Meanwhile the Arabs who did not flee Israel continued to live in Israel.

False Propaganda: Is the biggest and oldest weapon of radical Muslims; they always play themselves as Victims or Martyrs and always successfully make the masses sympathetic to their situation. So much so that usually Hollywood shows them as heroes in various films.

In fact, their propaganda is so perfect that the worlds is lead to believe that Israel a land with no natural resources and successful only on its own merit has more money and owns   the entire media ; that they're obviously teeming with riches. in reality it's the oil rich Arab countries who are actually influencing world media and financing jihad all over the world , and ends up showing Israelis as 'evil Zionists'.

The argument that no media ever shows attack on Palestinians by Israel is typical false propaganda to gain sympathy in the international arena.The hamas thinks by projecting themselves as victims they can bring ceasefire in Palestine with the help of international bodies like UN.The hamas has been carrying out attacks on Israel for quite a long time and Israel has launched counter-attacks.No nation can tolerate constant attacks on its civilians by a terrorist organization.Israel decided to keep a full stop to the hamas terrorist group.

Before launching any attacks in Gaza strip, the Israel army provides prior information well in advance to the civilians there to vacate the place to avoid civilian deaths.But the hamas terrorist group doesn't allow these civilians to move out and they use them as human shields.The false propaganda is so cruel that the facebook warriors share a pic like an army man is having gun in his hand and is all set to kill a kid and its mother. The hypocrisy has gone to such an extent that nowadays they started praising Hitler and his act of killing Jews. For these guys Narendra Modi and Hitler are same and their logic is that Hitler killed Jews and Modi killed Muslims.Now the logic changed or it has been modified.Now they ignored the Modi part and modified the Hitler part alone.A pic in facebook was doing rounds which says that Hitler left some Jews alive and said that the world will know how dangerous these Jews are.At the bottom of the picture,there is a line which says - 'We need Hitler back'.Did Hitler ever say that?Do you people have any authentic proof for that?

See the below video. Israeli pilot abandons a planned air strike due to the presence of civilians.

Well this cannot be done always.But this video only shows the Israel army actually targets only the terrorist groups and not the civilians. On the other hand, see what the hamas spokesperson says.He claims using civilians as human shields is a strategy and is proud that it worked out in halting the attacks.

So the strategy is clear.The hamas wants a separate homeland and for that they carry out attacks on Israel. The Israel,which has the best self defense,decided to launch a powerful attack on hamas and keep a full stop to the terrorist organization.They want the civilians to move out to a safe zone so that it will be easy for them to attack the hamas.Now the hamas are playing the victim card by using the innocent civilians as human shields and their aim is to halt the attacks on them and on the other hand they will continue to fire rockets on Israel.


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