Saturday, May 3, 2014

Assam Violence and the Modi link

Assam is burning.Shameless Congress is targeting Modi for violence in Assam. This is what we call heights of stupidity.The fear of defeat is clearly visible from the activities of congress party. You have your so called strong Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and still not able to bring the situation under control.May be he was too busy in recommending a Bharat Rathna for Modi's wife.Our honorable external affairs minister Salman Khurshid called Modi impotent for failing to control the post Godhra riots in 2002.Now tell me what about your Chief Minister?After 2002,there was no communal tension in Gujarat till now.There were no riots. There was no necessity to impose section 144 there.Even the SIT appointed by Supreme Court headed by Mr.Raghavan has given clean chit to Modi.The Gujarat CM has understood the situation and taken measures to maintain law and order.But what is your CM doing?

If your argument is that Modi's campaign in Assam has triggered this violence,then you are just insane.If the condition of the state is such that someone's poll campaign can trigger communal violence,then you are unfit to call yourself an administrator.Our honest and progressive 24/7 news channels are too busy in asking opinions about the 2002 riots.I think they may ask opinion about the Assam violence after 12 years.Today World Press Freedom day(May 3rd) is observed and our press has taken liberty to thrust their opinion upon people.Long live journal ethics.

The CM is trying to put up a brave fight.

"I take responsibility of the grim situation, but I cannot say that it was total failure of home department... I will not step down as Chief Minister, I am not a coward... I will not run away from battlefield, I will fight the terrorists," Mr Gogoi said

How he is going to fight terrorists?How can people believe him?He has not learnt lessons from the past. There were large scale riots in Assam in 2012.The CM blamed the central govt for the delay in sending army. Now what he is going to say?Within one and half years the region is under tension.The Congress CM failed to learn his lessons. Now will Mr.Khurshid call the Assam CM impotent?

  1. The region was subjected to large-riots between Bodos and Muslims in 2012. Over a 100 people were killed, and lakhs displaced.

Even in this serious situation, a comedy piece called Omar Abdulla joined the chorus and says Modi is responsible for the unrest in Assam :D. The father-son duo of Farooq-Omar Abdulla have proved themselves to be worst administrators and now by their recent speeches its clear that they intelligent comedians.

Anyway Mr.Tarun Gogoi should be awarded Bharat Rathna for his excellent administration which has taken great measures to prevent riots after 2012 and repeatedly saying he will fight terrorists.

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