Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dec 6th - Other Side of the Coin

Its Dec 6th,today morning some Muslim outfits were conducting meetings against the mosque demolition incident which happened 23 yrs ago..the media,tv channels and all our secular intellectuals easily antagonize BJP for this..Vaiko may even say Modi govt was responsible for the mosque demolition..but the below information never gets importance in papers and tv what,today is Dec 6,so for my part I am sharing something..these are all facts,not my assumption or imagination..know about secular Rajiv Gandhi and Congress party..
A small flashback.
"Shah Bano, a 62 year old Muslim woman and mother of five from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, was divorced by her husband in 1978. The Muslim family law (marriage, gifts, inheritance, adoption and a few other civil laws are under the purview of personal laws in India - they are different for Christians, Muslims and Hindus) allows the husband to do this and not the wife: the husband just needs to say the word Talaq (meaning divorce) three times before two witnesses for a valid divorce.
Shah Bano, because she had no means to support herself and her children, approached the courts for securing maintenance from her husband. When the case reached the Supreme Court of India, seven years had elapsed. The Supreme Court invoked Section 125 of Code of Criminal Procedure, which applies to everyone regardless of caste, creed, or religion. It ruled that Shah Bano be given maintenance money, similar to alimony.
Some Muslims felt threatened by what they perceived as an encroachment of the Muslim Personal Law, and protested loudly at the judgment. Their spokesmen were Obaidullah Khan Azmi and Syed Shahabuddin. They had formed an organization in 1973 known as the All India Muslim Personal Law Board devoted to upholding what they saw as Muslim Personal Law." - source wiki
Targeting the minority votebank,Mr.Rajiv Gandhi,passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act,which diluted the secular judgement of the Supreme Court.This triggered a huge debate all over India.Later on in 1989,Rajiv ji allowed the 'shilanyas' to be held at the disputed site in Ayodhya.This was seen as a green signal for the construction of Ram temple in the disputed site.This he did to get the Hindu votes.The damage was done by Rajiv Gandhi..There was an inquiry commission(Manmohan Singh Liberrhan commission) set up to probe this incident..the probe went on for 17yrs(In these 17 yrs,1st 4yrs it was a Congress govt,then a govt backed by Congress for 2 yrs..then BJP govt for 6 yrs..then Cong govt for 5 more years)..The commission could not provide any concrete evidence against Advani..

Had there been a uniform civil code,this Dec 6th would have been no special from Dec 5th or 7th. Even after this, the pseudo-secular media is not ready to support uniform civil code.Unfortunately they still want to follow the divide and rule policy. Ok, by sharing this information again and again, atleast we can avoid sensible people falling prey to this act of pseudo-secular media, fanatic religious outfits and opportunistic casteist parties.

If pro-congress media and outfits still wants to antagonize BJP for this,let them do.anti-Congressis will also share the other side of the coin.

I have already mentioned this in one of my previous posts,but there are people with short term memory, for such people we should keep reminding this.Its important to know our history.

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