Monday, December 15, 2014

Gharwapsi - Conversions - The Counter Point

The hashtag #Gharwapsi was trending in top 2 places for more than 3 days in twitter.What is Gharwapsi?If we translate literally,it means homecoming.But the context in which Gharwapsi is used here is returning to the religion from which one got converted to.This Gharwapsi includes people whose ancestors got converted before 400-500 years too.The allegation is that pro-Hindu outfits like Bajrang Dal offered ration cards and money to convert Muslims as Hindus.While these charges doesn't have any concrete evidence,whats really funny is the voice of secular parties against conversions.

What were you all doing all these years?Were you all blind or deaf? In 2002,the then Tamil Nadu govt led by Ms.J Jayalalithaa,enforced the anti-conversion law which banned forceful conversions. The moment that law was introduced the minority groups were jumping to earth and sky as if some anti-minority law was introduced.Schools run by Christian missionaries declared holidays to show their protest against this law.Several processions were taken by these schools involving the children studying in their schools.Not a single secular party or news channel condemned this.One or two newspapers and magazines, which has guts,like The New Indian Express and Thuglak alone condemned it.

Now DMK Chief Mr.Karunanidhi says Modi govt should protect secularism.Let me explain what this great man did when he was in power.After the ADMK lost all the 40 seats(TN and Pondicherry) in 2004 Lok Sabha elections ,Jayalalithaa issued orders cancelling the anti-conversion law.The law was cancelled in 2004 itself.But after Mr.Karunanidhi came to power in 2006,he again brought a resolution in assembly to cancel the anti-conversion law which was already cancelled.So this man ensured that forceful conversions doesn't get banned at any cost.What will Karunanidhi do? He is afterall a political actor who would do anything to get votes.The great Pope John Paul - II condemned the anti-conversion laws and said there is no religious freedom in India.Ofcourse the iron-lady of Tamil Nadu,the then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa gave a fitting reply to Pope.

Pope Paul John II has no authority to speak on the law enacted by democratically elected governments

The media then projected Jaya as anti-minority face.The stand of minority sympathizers and wannabe secular media is laughable.They are constantly branding BajrangDal as some terrorist organization.BajrangDal may be an extremist Hindu group,but neither the TV channels nor the activists expose the reality behind the activities of BajrangDal.There was a Hindu saint Swamy Lakshmanananda.He was offering help to tribal Hindus.The Christian missionaries which works day and night in tribal areas were not happy with him.There were 9 attempts to kill this Swamy by Maoists/Naxalites.Finally one day he was killed.The conversions started happening without any difficulty.The BajrangDal started reconverting those who were converted by the missionaries.And the trouble starts here,converting someone by offering jobs,money etc etc is fine with our intellectual society but reconverting the same people by following the same approach is a crime.This happened way back in 2008-09. I am bringing this incident to justify my stand that the media is always biased.

There were issues of Hindu girls getting converted to Islam and it was termed Love Jihad.Media says its false propaganda by Hindu outfits.Then what would you call the case of Tara Shahdeo? I can show so many examples of marriage conversions in India.May be the word Jihad was used for a reason by some pro-Hindu groups. That is a different topic to be discussed in detail, am not going into that now.Let me stick to 'marriage conversions'.If a Hindu boy falls in love with a Muslim/Christian girl,the boy will get converted to Islam/Christianity. If a Muslim/Christian boy falls in love with a Hindu girl,again the girl will get converted to Islam/Christianity.So what should we call this?Ofcourse am not denying the fact that there are liberals in all religions.There are couples who follow their respective religions even after marriage - agreed.But very less in number.What I wrote above me branded as my opinion,that is why I mentioned Tara Shahdeo's name. 

"After marriage Tara Shadeo, claimed, she had found that Kohli's real name was Raqibul Hasan Khan. She said in her complaint that she was tortured for over a month to accept her husband's religion. "

Those who are protesting against the Gharwapsi, never bothered to condemn these activities.The hue and cry against Hindu outfits is purely opportunistic and atrocious.Just go through the below link.

Neither the Indian press nor the western correspondents bothered to write about what made Hindus angry in Karnataka: Newlife, one important westernfunded missionary centre (, began making conversions in and around Mangalore by accosting poor people in market areas, or in bus stands, befriending them and then taking them to churches to introduce them to the father.
Upon introduction they were paid Rs 2,500 per person and then taken to the Velankanni shrine, in Tamil Nadu, where they would get another Rs. 3,000.
When they finally converted to Christianity by changing the name, they got an incentive of Rs 10,000 onwards.
Newlife would then give them instructions to abandon wearing tilak on forehead, not to visit and offer prayers at the Hindu temples, replacing the photos and idols of Hindu gods and goddesses with a Cross, etc.
But what really angered local Hindus was when Newlife went one step further and published a book in Kannada — Satya Darshini — which was widely distributed by its missionaries. Here below is the translation of some of the most abusive passages:

“Since Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were themselves victims of lust, it is a sin to consider them as Gods. (page 39).
When the Trinity of Hinduism (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are consumed by lust and anger, how can they liberate others? The projection of them as Gods is nothing but a joke. (page 39). God, please liberate the sinful people of India who are worshipping False Gods. (Page 39).”
In Tripura, there were no Christians at the time of independence. There are 1,20,000 today, a 90 per cent increase since 1991. The figures are even more striking in Arunachal Pradesh, where there were only 1,710 Christians in 1961, but 1.2 million today, as well as 780 churches! In Andhra Pradesh, churches are coming up every day in far-flung villages and there was even an attempt to set up one near Tirupati.
 Christians in India like to say that they are only two per cent and can do no harm. But it is a sham: in the Tamil Nadu coastal belt from Chennai to Kanyakumari, there must be now 10 per cent Christians posttsunami and the same may be true in other parts of south India.
What was written in that book is widely preached in some non-Hindu religious places.They call Hindus as Kafirs. They say Hindus follow the practice of idol-worship and it is superstition.They openly print pamphlets stating Hindus are sinners and only their religion can save people from idol worship.Post Tsunami, the number of churches and Christians has increased to a great extent in Tamil Nadu.How can this happen?Well, such pamphlets were also distributed in Tirumala Tirupathi.Just read this news.

The proselytise menace has raised its ugly head at Tirumala yet again the holy abode of Lord Venkateswara as an ‘Evangelism at Tirumala,’ a video footage went viral on Wednesday. A video footage named ‘Christian Missionaries active in Tirumala and also converting kids’ sent shockwaves not only among millions of devotees of Lord Venkateswara, worldwide, but also the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams which administers the Tirumala temple, considered the most sacred pilgrim centre of Hindu worship in the world.

What were all the Television channels doing when these incidents happened?Why did they not raise their voice against forceful conversions and inducements? 

Don't read this article only on religious perspective alone.There are Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians in India. How come Islam and Christianity have 'Dalits'?The SC quota applies to only Hindu Dalits not to the converted.The missionaries and Islamic leaders convert Dalits by referring to the caste system followed in Hinduism.They claim there is no such discrimination in Islam/Christianity and the Dalits will be taken care properly in their religions.Then why do you demand SC quota?The SC quota was provided for the upliftment of Dalits whose rights were crushed by some so-called upper caste people.We all know how Dalits were treated in olden days. They were not allowed to enter temples,they were not provided proper education etc.Even today considerable level of discrimination exists. It was for their upliftment the SC quota was introduced and am very much in favor of reservation to these people but not to the converted Dalits. Providing reservation to converted dalits will increase conversion and at one point of time Hindus will become minorities(or may become history) in India.

Are the converted people ready to give in writing that they don't want any quota and are ready to compete in open general category?

Having said this,I am totally against converting anyone.I would be glad if the Modi sarkar brings an anti-conversion law to ban all the forceful conversions.More importantly we need a strong law to check the source of funds to all religious organizations.If a religious body fails to provide proper documents for the funds received, the govt should seize the funds and ban the religious body right away.I know all those shouting against this Gharwapsi will not accept this at all.If this bill is introduced,they will again shout.

I am only against selective news reporting and anti-Hindu activities in the name of secularism and not against any religion.


Rameez Raja said...

Gud 1 mama.. I will share the points which I know.

Kafir - Doesn't means hindus... It means the ppl who are against the one god belief.. No where in quran or any related holy books which is related to Islam, it has mentioned like those who worship other than Allah, called Kafirs. Allah is the name which we will tell.. You can call it as name which you want.. I hope you also don't have doubt in one god faith. I am not aware of Christians holy books.

Also, i accept the point which you have mentioned about gals are converting to islam once they get married. 75% of ppl are getting forcibly converted bcz she wants to get marry with that guy. But if the guy is non-muslim and gal is muslim, I never seen this conversion.. India is a male dominant country..

Still my point is ppl who get money and gets the converted na, the organization who do the conversion should be punished severely who ever they may be. Forcible conversion should be banned.

Religion is to make to the human beings to lead their lyf in good way but here all are playing with this.

Rameez Raja said...

Also the word 'JIHAD', the media and ppl are playing with this particular word. Even many muslims doesn't know meaning for this word and many using it for their own publicity in many places.

JIHAD - PURE WAR... If the war is between to two countries, first they need to discuss about the problem and try to solve it. If it doesn't work out, they need again talk among themselves consecutively for 3 times unless it get solved. Still it don't get solved, the country who is going to do war, should inform the opponent that i am going to do war on you. Also they need to do this open space and only guys are allowed. Women and children are strictly prohibited.

Also love jihad - This is highly condemned. Even it is against Islam. You shouldn't marry a gal without her interest and you shouldn't convert any1 forcibly for your own benefit. They will be sending to Hell if anyone does.

You tell the good things to the ppl, following,conversion and everything are upto the individual wish.