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Know your candidates - Lok Sabha elections 2014

As every media publishes an opinion poll,exit poll etc., I too have to do something similar.Yes this blog is also a powerful medium.I could not get information about all the candidates in all the constituencies of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.But with the available information,I wanted to post an article here. Some candidates should win and some candidates should not win.Let me start with the constituency to which I belong to - Sriperumbudur.

Sriperumbudur :

Here the main candidates are S Jagathrakshakan(DMK),K N Ramachandran(ADMK) and Dr.Masilamani(MDMK).Let me tell this directly - electing Jagathrakshakan is like drinking poison. You are drinking it even after knowing that it is poison and you are aware of the availability of another healthy alternative drink.Such a dangerous person.It is said that he owns Jerusalem Engineering College, Balaji Dental College,Tagore Engineering College,Bharath University etc.There were lot of news items linking this person with coal scam.

"... Union Minister of State for I&B S. Jagathrakshakan’s involvement in a company that was awarded a coal block in 2007 despite the fact that it had no track record in the sector."

As usual the congress rejected a probe on this matter.(inam inathoda thaane serum?).He is the sitting MP in Arakkonam.He got a very bad name in that constituency and his defeat was certain had he contested in Arakkonam.That is why he has jumped to Sriperumbudur.He is a rich candidate, so I will not be surprised even if his party workers offer 5-10k per vote. K N Ramachandran is not a worthy candidate to cast your vote.He will be no different than Jagathrakshakan.The third candidate, Dr.Masilamani, who may emerge as a dark horse is the right person to cast your vote.He is a resident of Tindivanam.He has a clean image and he has worked to bring Bootheri water to Tindivanam when he was a MLA there.By any yardstick he is by far the best candidate here.Make it sure that Jagathrakshakan is defeated.

Central Chennai :

Here the well known Dayanidhi Maran is contesting.I have heard people saying even though he is believed to be corrupt,he brought development.What was the development brought by him?Nothing.It was during the BJP rule we all could buy the reliance mobile phones by paying Rs.149.The only development by Mr.Maran seems to be this :

"...the then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran got installed the fraudulent telephone exchange with 323 ISDN lines in 2006 in his home in Chennai in the name of the Chief General Manager of BSNL and smuggled the lines underground to operate it for commercial purposes of Sun TV.."

He should be defeated.Raveendran from DMDK will be a good choice.But as of now Dhayanidhi Maran leads the race.It will be really unfortunate that if he is re-elected.

Theni :

Here the contest is between ADMK,DMK and MDMK.DMK has fielded Pon.Muthuramlingam,who was known as strong man of Madurai.We all know the nature of DMK's strongmen.Before 2011,Azhagiri was known as strong man of Madurai and you dont need any explanation about Azhagiri.The other 2 candidates - MDMK and ADMK are good.MDMK has fielded Azhagu Sundaram and ADMK has fielded R Parthiban.Parthiban already contested an election in 2006 and was defeated.Now that he owns a coconut grove,the only source of income for his family.He has a good name.Hope he wins this time. Read the below link :

Dressed in a white dhoti, Parthiban doesn’t even wear a watch. Examining a coconut tree, he says, “I manage the educational expenditure of my two daughters with the `10,000 I earn from this field.”

Simplicity Drives This Farmer’s Election Campaign : About Mr.Parthiban

Virudhunagar :

I have criticized Vaiko on so many occasions.I am totally against his views on LTTE and separate nation for Srilankan Tamils.One may think I am a BJP supporter and hence supporting Vaiko as he joined the NDA(National Democratic Alliance).Even last time I wanted him to win.Some unknown congressman Manik Sarkar defeated Vaiko.There is still a suspicion some underground activity has happened to defeat Vaiko in 2009 at the time of counting.Naveen Chawla namaha :D.Even though am against some of his principles and have strongly criticized/mocked him,I have never failed to respect him - because if he is against Koodankulam power plant,that is because of his opposition to nuclear energy.There is a difference between Vaiko opposing Koodankulam plant and Udayakumar opposing the same.Udayakumar is believed to be getting funds from missionaries.Vaiko is non-corrupt.He was in DMK and has served as MP in the past.In all these years he has neither bribed anyone nor accepted bribe.He is easily accessible.Whenever people have a problem,he comes to help them immediately.People of Virudhunagar knows this very well.
When there was fire accident in Sivakasi,it was Vaiko who helped the victims.Like this he is doing so many things without any advertisement.

Thuglak survey says Vaiko will win.Thanthi Tv and Nakkeeran surveys predicts defeat for him.Defeating Vaiko is like defeating ourselves.Hope people of Virudhunagar constituency proves Thanthi Tv and Nakkeeran wrong and Vaiko emerges winner.

South Chennai :

The 3 major parties ADMK,DMK and BJP have fielded good candidates in South Chennai.T K S Elangovan is contesting on behalf of DMK,while others are Jayavardhan from ADMK and Ila.Ganesan from BJP. Ila.Ganesan is a simple person and he is a loyal BJP man who commands good respect among public and other party leaders.Most of the time people of Tamil Nadu feels that their concerns are not addressed by central govt.The TN CM also says the power shortage in TN is due to central govt.So it is clear that Jayalalithaa or the state government cannot do anything to solve this problem.Nothing can be as foolish as expecting congress to solve this.Infact congress will not solve any issue as they are the cause of all problems. Most of the north Indian states went powerless(power=electricity :D ) for 2 days due to powershortage. Gujarat was bright and Modi offered to share the surplus electricity from Gujarat with the central govt. You know the action taken by congress party on the minister responsible for the power sector?He was removed from his post and was given an even more important portfolio - Home Ministry.That 'powerful' minister is none other than Mr.Sushil Kumar Shinde.Such is the respect the congress shows to public.

If TN wants its concerns to be addressed by central govt,it needs representatives who can take it forward. Neither Elangovan nor Jayavardhan are going to do that.Ila.Ganesan will definitely do. Remember this is a national election and we need representatives from national parties.All these years we only had P Chidambaram who did more service to Kalaignar Karunanidhi than to the people who elected him. Now that we have options - good candidates belonging to national parties with a proper alliance, so time to elect them.
Believe me Mr.Ganesan is a honest man,good person and he should win. Just see his asset details below.

Sivagangai :

This place is known for recounting.I am scared to call that minister as recounting minister,he may say I am encounter blogger :D.Here H Raja is contesting on behalf of BJP, a good candidate.P Chidambaram's son Karthi Chidambaram is the congress candidate here.Our economy is almost dead.We all know about the 1.76lakh crore 2G scam.Do you think without Mr.Chidambaram's knowledge the then telecom minister A Raja would have made those blunders in allocating spectrum? If you say Chidambaram was aware of these policies,then he is culpable,if you he was not,then he is unfit to be a minister.Now he is damn sure of a defeat in his home turf.And he gave a funny interview that he was ready to contest in Varanasi but he didn't contest as he dont know Hindi.People of Sivagangai should be vigilant enough to see that H Raja gets elected from Sivagangai.Chidambaram has been a MP for a long time in Sivagangai,but the place has hardly seen any development.Electing H Raja will bring development and the city will get a makeover.

Arakkonam :

The contest is between 3 candidates here Thiruthani Hari(ADMK),N R Ilango(VCK[DMK Alliance]) and R Velu(PMK[BJP alliance]). People of Arakkonam should first ignore Ilango.Ignoring the VCK candidates is the best thing to do.Though am supporting NDA in TN this time,when it comes to Arakkonam,Thiruthani Hari is the best candidate.Though Mr.Velu is a decent candidate,I would still prefer Hari over Velu.

Arani :

A.K.Moorthy should be your candidate in this constituency.If I were in Arani,my vote will go to mango symbol.Without any second thought we can vote for A.K.Moorthy.I have been telling this for a long time, the last performing railway minister I could remember means its only A.K.Moorthy.He was minister of state for railways.During his tenure the no. of trains for TN increased.He is a good administrator,that is why even though he belongs to PMK(a party which many will not support) I support him.As of now the situation is like he will not win and even his own party might go against him.Anyway we have to wait and watch.

Thoothukudi :

In Tuticorin(Thoothukudi),I will choose Joel.He is a lawyer and he is also easily accessible.He is much better than the DMK and ADMK candidates fielded there.

Tirunelveli :

Tirunelveli is facing a tough contest between DMK,ADMK and DMDK. As we have given enough opportunities DMK and ADMK,it is better to elect Sivanandha Perumal of DMDK here.

Kanyakumari :

Pon.Radhakrishnan is the most preferred candidate in this constituency.He has been contesting in Kanyakumari since 90s in BJP ticket.He was a minister in Vajpayee govt and Kanyakumari saw some growth during his tenure.He has a good name across all religions.With a proper alliance his victory is almost certain.Still we cant believe our people :D . So Mr.Radhakrishnan,the TN BJP president is the most preferred candidate here.ADMK and DMK have fielded Christian candidates John Thangam and FM Rajarathnam respectively.Congress has fielded Mr.Vasanth Kumar in Kanyakumari.DMK and ADMK fielded Christian candidates to get the Christian votes so that they can win.Political analysts thinks as 3 Christians are contesting in Kanyakumari(A V Bellarmin from Communist Party is the 3rd candidate) the Christian votes will split and it will be advantage BJP.Even last time(2009) Helen Davidson (DMK), Ausitn(DMDK) and the same Bellarmin(with ADMK alliance) contested in Kanyakumari. Pon.Radhakrishnan contested in BJP ticket.All the talks of christian vote split were demolished after the election results and Helen Davidson won with ease while Mr.Radhakrishnan still got good number of  votes. So even this time I dont think there will be any vote split.But the DMDK and MDMK alliance will help BJP this time.DMK wants to win,ADMK wants to win,BJP wants to win but Congress has different plans. They too want to win,but not the congress candidate but the DMK candidate.That is why they have tactically placed Vasanthakumar,a Hindu candidate thinking that the Hindu votes will split.This Vasanthakumar is a Hindu Nadar(a community).Pon.Radhakrishnan is a Hindu Nadar as well. So the Congress thinks they can divide the Hindu votes by fielding this Vasanthakumar.Afterall Congress knows only the divide and rule policy.This Vasanthakumar is totally alien to people of Kanyakumari and even caste fanatics(if any) will not vote for him.He is not going to get deposit also.What Congress forgot was Hindus never voted with a unity. Instead of doing making such intelligent moves :D, they could have given a real fight by fielding a good candidate and doing aggressive campaigning.Well they don't have a face to do that as they themselves know the UPA-2 was a complete disaster.That is why even after fielding a good candidate like Rama Suganthan in Dharmapuri, they are not even doing an aggressive campaigning. Whatever, Mr.Radhakrishnan is the best candidate in Kanyakumari and good that he is the frontrunner there as of now.


Its a reserve constituency.Here Mr.Rajendran from ADMK is the best candidate.Dr.Muthaian from DMK is better to be ignored.He got the seat with the recommendation of Ponmudi- former DMK educational minister known for his arrogance, it seems.Electing Muthaian is as good as jumping into fire.The DMDK candidate Uma Shankar is not a bad choice though.There is a stiff competition in Villupuram between ADMK,DMK and DMDK.As of now ADMK is the front runner and DMDK is in second place.The Kushboo factor may work against DMK very well.It seems a meeting of Kushboo was cancelled in Tindivanam.Though Uma Shankar is a decent candidate,Rajendran is the best option in Villupuram.

Tanjore :

I want T R Balu to lose badly in Tanjore(Thanjavur).T R Balu ran away from Sriperumbudur as he was confident of a severe defeat in the constituency.Now he thinks he can escape by contesting from Tanjore.The problem ADMK,DMK and BJP - all the 3 have fielded worst candidates.But T R Balu anyway is very worst compared to the other two,so it should be one between BJP and ADMK.This confusion of whom to elect - ADMK or BJP is an advantage for T R Balu.Though people from Tanjore say he is all set for a defeat, the DMK cadre are banking on the vote split factor.The vote split may happen this way too, with BJP's Muruganandam splitting the maravar community votes and helping ADMK candidate.But the sad picture all the 3 are bad candidates,which is a bad news for people of Tamil Nadu.

Vellore :

Defeat Indian Union Muslim League candidate Abdul Rahman.DMK,ADMK,BJP and Congress all have fielded Mudaliar candidates.The Congress move to field a candidate here may help IUML candidate Abdul Rahman.Still I feel A C Shanmugam may emerge as a dark horse.In Vellore constituency Muslims have a sizeable presence.Mudaliars and Vanniyars are also more in number.With the mudaliar community votes splitting,it will be advantage IUML.That is the situation as of now.Still lot of first time voters and PMK and DMDK alliance provide an advantage to BJP over ADMK.The murder of some BJP leaders that took place last year, may work for BJP and A C Shanmugam may emerge as a dark horse.Here my vote will be to ACS only.

This is a brief analysis of some of the constituencies.I have shown support to some candidates here, that doesnt mean they are going to win surely.They may or may not win.Inspite of supporting NDA,I believe have been reasonable enough in this post.

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