Sunday, April 6, 2014

Election Time

The election commission of India has announced the poll schedule for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The elections will be held in 9 phases starting from April 7 to May 12th and the results will be announced on May 16th.

This blog update is not a propaganda for any party.Voting is our duty.This pic is doing rounds in facebook. Bad politicians are not born,they are created by good people who go to picnic on the day of elections.This blog post is just a reminder.People make it sure that you all make use of your right to vote.If you fail to cast your vote,someone else will do it on behalf of you.

There are some educated intellectuals who say,this is the only day I get an official leave,I dont want to stand in the hot sun and waste this day too.I wish to spend this day happily with my family.Gentlemen,I have a suggestion for you.Apply for one day leave to spend with your family and make your plans.If not,tell a lie in your office and take a sick leave and spend time happily with your family.Well,if you say you are an honest person and you do not wish to waste one working day for your family,still I have a suggestion for you. Stand in queue,it wont take more than an hour,cast your vote and spend time with your family.Actually you have 23 more hours of free time.

Another important aspect of elections is - 'cash for vote'.This is a common slogan - 'get money and vote for the party you wish'.All parties may give money.So collectively it will make up a good sum.One can make use of that money for time being.If you think this is a gain,you are wrong.You are just being part of corruption. When you are accepting money,you lose all moral rights to question the wrong doings of the government.No politician will respect the public.This will be his thought - 'people didn't vote me just like that..after all they got money and elected me..whatever mistake I do,I will win again by bribing the people'.There are lot of talks about revolutions,change,etc etc.But revolution does not necessarily mean just sitting on roads and causing public disturbance.Change will not come overnight.Instead of sleeping on streets and throwing stones at someone,we should change our attitude.

When someone offers money/freebies and asks us to vote for their party,we should refuse that politely. When everyone starts refusing money,that will definitely bring some change in politics.Lot of good people are not willing to enter politics fearing the money factor.When we start refusing money and freebies consistently,that will send a message to the politicians. Politicians will understand that the common man of this nation gives more importance to his self respect and doesnt want to make money by hook or crook. That message will give a mild scare to the corrupt and cruel politicians. And,this mild scare will be the beginning of the change which some elite section of the society is dreaming of - 'corruption free India'.

Well there will be a NOTA option in EVM(Electronic Voting Machine) which means None Of The Above. There is a false propaganda going on that if NOTA gets majority of the votes,there will be a re-election in that constituency.This is complete non-sense.As per Indian electoral system,in a constituency with say some 1000 people,NOTA gets 999 votes and some X candidate gets 1 vote,he will be declared the winner.Already naxalites and maoists are preaching(threatening) people to vote for NOTA.

The reason for introducing this NOTA is not to conduct re-elections,but to avoid illegal voting.There are some people who say they dont have any faith in democracy and such people avoid coming to poll booths. Conveniently our politicians will appoint morons and goondas to cast the votes of these people in their favor. This all has happened in the past and it will continue to happen as long as people refuse to come to poll booth.To avoid this,the NOTA system has been introduced.NOTA cannot do anything else.Those who ask for re-elections based on NOTA should grow up.If the election commission conducts re-election,and if the same candidates contest in the elections,what will be NOTAists answer?Again they will vote for NOTA and again there will be re-elections.This will be a never ending process.Asking for a re-election is wasting the tax payer's money.Instead of simply blaming the system and demotivating everyone around you,one can better take up the task of cleansing the system.Plan properly,enter politics,work hard and win elections,serve for this nation.When I mean cleansing the system,I actually mean it.It should not be like a showoff.It will take considerable amount of time for changing the system.Keep it in mind and dont run away in 49 days.Never mind,if you are not ready to accept all these lectures,its fine.Every individual has his own principles, but this will not apply to people who refrain from voting.

My suggestion - choose the best option among the available ones.Hail democracy!!!

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