Friday, April 11, 2014

LS Elections 2014

Its celebration time for every Indian citizen. Not even a cricket match or a comedy film provides entertainment as much as elections and politicians do.Already one phase of polling is over and 8 more to go. The candidates are doing their best by making a mockery of others,giving hate speeches,raising communal tensions etc etc.This is usual.The nation has witnessed much of this in the past.Now a new breed of comedians have emerged in Indian politics - haan AAPka javaab bilkul teek hein :D (your answer is perfect) - Aam Aadmi Party.They follow a different approach in Indian politics.All the political parties mock AAP to the core and you know what,AAP replies them in style by again mocking themselves. Anyway this is not an article against AAP or Aravind Kejriwal.

I have been writing about the Congress party here since 2010. To be honest I have been opposing Congress since my school days.Some good PMs from Congress party means - Mr.Lal Bahadur Shastri and Mr.P V Narasimha Rao(good administrator).I could not remember anyone else.Right from Nehru everyone upto Dr.Manmohan Singh has proved to be worse than their predecessors with Mr.Shastri and Rao being the exception.If we consider the opinion polls conducted by TV channels,newspapers it appears as if the Congress has already lost the elections.Even in 2009,the surveys said congress will lose badly and the media gave life to an imagination called 'third front'.But to everyone's surprise,even to the surprise of Congress party,they won 206 seats on its own and UPA(United Progressive Alliance) easily formed the government. The reason for mentioning this is,one cannot trust these surveys.As veteran journalist Cho.Ramasamy says, these surveys are like astrology,sometimes it may come true and sometimes it may not.

This election is all about one man - Narendra Modi.I am not here to write Modi's biography that how a tea vendor went on to become a PM candidate of a prominent political party.But if you ask me how he has grown up as such a formidable force in Indian politics,its all because of the pseudosecular attitude of other parties.Whatever Modi does,they wanted to demonize him which actually has boomeranged. During the 2007 elections, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi called Modi as 'merchant of deaths'.But now that Supreme court appointed Special Investigation Team(SIT) has given him a clean chit.He was interrogated for around 12 hours by Mr.Raghavan,the head of the SIT.I haven't seen anyother sitting CM being interrogated like this. After proper investigation only,the SIT gave a clean chit to Modi.There are brilliant people who say he was not given clean chit as Amicus Curiae Raju Ramachandran opposed the judgement.Amicus Curiae is just a friend of the court,not above the court.This Raju Ramachandran appeared for Mrs.Zakia Jafri wife of Ehsan Jafri, an ex Parliamentarian who was hacked and burnt to death during the 2002 Gujarat riots.So any lawyer will support his client only till the last moment and that is what Amicus Curiae did..Intelligent people like Karan Thapar may consider Amicus Curiae above Supreme Court.

The 1984 Sikh riots case is still pending.People Kamal Nath,Jagdish Tytler,Sajjan Kumar,Sonia Gandhi are all roaming free.Funny part is Sonia ji's refusal to submit her passport to US.

“For several months, Sonia, through her attorney, mislead the court and mounted a defamatory campaign against the plaintiffs for filing a frivolous case against her, claiming that she was not even present in the United States. But now when the Court ordered to provide evidence of her absence, Sonia Gandhi backtracked and conceded her presence in the US.
This is a classic case of how the government haS thwarted attempts of 1984 victims to seek justice,” said attorney Pannu.

"On April 1, Sonia Gandhi is reported to have met Ahmed Bukhari, the Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi. The meeting obviously had a political purpose, which is to garner Muslim votes with the Imam’s blessings, because immediately after the meeting Sonia Gandhi is reported to have said that in the 2014 general election secular votes must not be split."  [must read article].

If Muslims secular,does that mean Hindus are communal?Who is communal?It is the congress party which killed and tortured more than 3000 Sikhs to avenge the death of Mrs.Indira Gandhi.Sonia Gandhi's husband, who brought the Muslim women protection act in 1984,overruling the court judgement for the sake of muslims is communal.He was the one who communalized the disputed land in Ayodhya by allowing shilanyas or a ground-breaking ceremony in an undispute site close the mosque.He is communal.Your son who has no knowledge about this country said your party will give 6-8% reservation to Muslims in UP if voted to power.He is communal.You have no moral right to call others communal.

The UPA-1 and UPA-2 has made a mockery of all the govt institutions in the past 10 years. They appointed Navin Chawla as the Chief Election Commissioner who according to Shah Commission is "unfit to hold any public office which demands an attitude of fair play and consideration for others". No wonder Chidambaram won in a controversial manner.Whenever there is a call for confidence vote, CBI will investigate corruption cases against Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati.After the situation is alright, the investigation will vanish.A dumb Prime Minister who headed the govt with nothing other than scams like 2G,CWG,SG,Coal scam,Adarsh scam etc etc.The unemployment has gone up,the prices of essential commodities increased vastly.You people have compromised on the nation's security.The Pakistani morons entered the Indian border,chopped our soldier's head and went back.Instead of teaching a strong lesson to Pakistan,your party is appealing for peace.Without any shame your Salman Khurshid calls Modi an impotent administrator.Hope something good happens and UPA loses by a big margin this time.

There is another political party which thinks it is the face of change.For me that party appears as an evil force.Yes its about Aam Aadmi Pary only.There are 2 kind of people who hates this AAP to the core. One, some sensible people who thought this new party will bring some positive change in this country and supported them.Two,people who opposed Kejriwal since the days of team Anna's lokpal comedies.The first group mocks and criticizes the AAP as they feel cheated.The second group mocks them to prove that they were right since the inception of the comedy 'anna movement'.When I mocked Anna Hazare and Aravind Kejriwal,I was criticized severely as I was known for my pro-BJP stand.But most of them stopped criticizing me now.

People it is understandable that we are desperately expecting a messiah in Indian politics. We are expecting a change.But understand my dear friends change will not happen overnight.Before going behind someone, think for a while.I said team Anna's way of threatening the govt to pass a lokpal bill by undergoing fast itself is undemocratic and their version of janlokpal itself did not have proper clauses.There is a prevention of corruption act in place.This act is far better than the one suggested by team Anna.Before seeking a new bill, think why not many are punished under the prevention of corruption act.The problem is not with law, its with our rulers whom we elect.This group said they had no political intentions.We should appreciate Mr.Anna Hazare for honestly staying away from politics as all he needs is publicity and media attention.Other prominent personalities of team Anna were then - Mr.Kejriwal and Mrs.Kiran Bedi IPS.Both wanted to get the much needed media importance.Kejriwal,part of team Anna which said they have no political ambitions, started a political party.As usual some of our tv channels,which were desperately looking for a proxy for congress party started celebrating Kejriwal.No, I didn't mean NDTV :D :D. A jealous Kiran Bedi joined BJP finally and it seems she is expecting the CM seat for Delhi.Hope BJP doesn't do such blunders.

After winning 28 seats in Delhi,Kejriwal said he doesnt need power and he is happy to sit in opposition. He said he will not take support from Congress/BJP and ready to face elections.But he made an U-turn by forming the govt with the support of Congress which he branded 'corrupt'.Before coming to power he said he has a 370 page evidence against the former Delhi CM Mrs.Sheila Dikshit and he will send her to jail. But what has happened was something different.After coming to power he asked evidence to arrest Mrs.Sheila Dikshit.One more infor, Sheila Dikshit is now the governor of Kerala.You can watch the U-turn of Mr.Kejriwal below :

He made a mockery of democracy by going on dharna against Delhi police.He demanded their removal and finally settled for some days leave for those policemen.He defended his minister Somnath Bharti who insulted the Ugandan nationals in a shameful manner.

After four African women were allegedly accosted by Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti and his supporters in the middle of the night on allegations of prostitution and drug trafficking, it was reported that the women were forced to urinate in public in the name of a drug test. 

Read more at:

He promised for electricity at low cost and ended up hiking the prices.He promised to conduct a janta darbar(meeting people to get their feedback and know their opinions on various issues).After a drama he scrapped this Janta darbar plans.He was finding ways to escape.He thought the congress party will withdraw the support.Congress is a political party which is there since the British rule in India.They know when to pull down a govt and when not to.Had Kejriwal been smart,he could have given a brilliant govt which might have lasted for 6 months.But like a mindless person,he resigned.So an election was conducted to have a govt for just 49 days.Just see why he resigned.

Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejriwal has resigned from his post after the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday managed to stonewall his Jan Lokpal Bill by voting against its tabling in the state assembly. However, the fact that his government decided to move it and the Speaker allowed it to do so despite the Delhi Lt. Governor’s specific directions that doing so would be unconstitutional shows that his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has no respect for established rules and procedures. For a political outfit that promises to offer a new template of political governance and plans to extend its horizon nationwide, this can be a dangerous affliction.

So it is clear that the Aam Aadmi Party is more dangerous than even the Congress.Even before establishing themselves in politics,they are making a mockery of democracy.This mindless Kejriwal went to Gujarat to check if Modi has really brought any development.The Aam Aadmi Party which said their main agenda was to eradicate corruption,made yet another U-turn by saying 'Communalism is bigger threat than corruption'.Which means BJP is communal and Congress is corrupt.So there is nothing wrong in supporting corrupt.Why Mr.Kejriwal didn't come to Tamil Nadu to check if there is any development or not?He cannot say Jayalalithaa is not a PM candidate.The TN CM's Prime Ministerial ambitions are well known.Kejriwal spared Bihar,though the CM of Bihar considers only he is the best PM candidate(ofcourse only he thinks like that).When so many states are there why should he go to Gujarat?When the police asked him to show the permission to conduct road show,he lied blatantly as if the police was targeting him and the news spread that Kejriwal was arrested.Barbaric AAPtards pelted stones on BJP office and there were lot of clashes because of them in UP and Delhi.The moment election dates are announced,the model code of conduct comes into effect and one is expected to follow the rules of Election Commission(EC).Once Advani addressing a meeting.When he was speaking the poll dates were announced by EC and he refused to use helicopter as it violates the model code of conduct.This is the reason for calling Advani a statesman and Kejriwal a wasteman.

Within some hours Kejriwal researched whole Gujarat and said there is no development.After the Tata Nano decided to shift its factory from West Bengal,Modi made the much needed arrangements for starting the factory in Gujarat in a very short time.Even the Tatas could not believe this.Lot of surveys claims there is no development/industries in Gujarat.Well without any development/investment,why will the central govt seek the details about companies that signed MoU for 1000 crore as part of vibrant of Gujarat?

The Income Tax department on Tuesday sought details from the state government about companies that signed MoUs for projects worth Rs 1,000 crore and more during this year's Vibrant Gujarat campaign.

The policy of congress is simple - neither they will do any good to the society nor they will allow others to do.Even in villages there is broadband connectivity in Gujarat.Some of the north Indian states became dark for 2 days due to power failure.Narendra Modi confidently said he is ready to offer the surplus electricity from Gujarat to overcome the crisis provided the central govt offers LPG at subsidised rate in Gujarat.How many Chief Ministers confidently say they have surplus electricity and ready to share it to overcome the crisis.The Hindu and other magazines carry a propaganda to malign Modi.During the 2012 elections The Hindu carried lot of editorials alleging that there is no development in Gujarat,there is development only in urban areas,Modi has not taken care of villages,not easy for Modi to win etc etc. No govt can provide 100% satisfaction to their citizens.There will be some people against any govt.Such newspapers publish only the opinions of these unsatisfied people.The Gujarat govt was able to satisfy most of the people and that is why Modi could become CM for 3 consecutive times and that too with thumping majority.Winning elections is not a big deal,but see the circumstances under which Modi won - Congress used all its might to malign Modi's image,the one time BJP strong man of Gujarat,Mr.Keshubhai Patel formed a new party and contested in elections.Our media was expecting him to split the anti-Congress votes and Patel community votes.Nothing happened.Against all odds - Modi won,democracy won. Yogendra Yadva,an AAP leader termed Modi's victory as 'dark day in democracy'.No wonder the AAP is making a mockery of democracy.

Kejriwal initially said 800 farmers committed suicide in Gujarat.Later on he increased the number to 5000+. If you ask him now,he may say 50 crore farmers died in Gujarat.The Kejriwalism didn't stop there.He went to Modi's house without a permission to meet him.When Modi didn't meet him he said Modi is scared of debating with him.Any sane person will request for an appointment to meet a sitting Chief Minister.Chetan Bhagat's following tweet is a tight slap for this publicity seeking AAPian.

As this is election time,a lot needs to be updated in this space.As I mentioned above, the opinion polls,surveys,exit polls etc may or may not come true.Let us hope something good happens and Modi comes to power.


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good write up fingers crossed for election results

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Gud one mams... Keep it up... But few things which BJP hv raised in their election manifesto are unacceptable...

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