Sunday, October 18, 2015

‎Rudramadevi Review

‎Rudramadevi‬ is watchable in theaters. Anushka Shetty show all the way. Well the movie is not like Bahubali,even if the graphics work is not so good,it doesn't matter to me, but what disappointed me was the way the screenplay was written.This was supposed to be a historical film,but the history part was not handled well. Instead, this gives the feeling of watching a mass movie. Only character which tests our patience is Allu Arjun's. His appearance, dialogues were mocked to the core in theater :D grin emoticon.To compensate Allu Arjun,the director has used Vijayakumar very well.He comes only for 2 scenes and doesn't have any dialogue :D grin emoticon. If you are expecting some entertainer, then this movie is worth it. Anushka rocked. Her intro scene of taming an elephant received thunderous response. In some movies, the heroine fights will not work out and may look funny, but Anushka pulls it off with ease. Her fierce look,body language everything fits well. Deserves the Lady Superstar title :-) smile emoticon Ilaiyaraja's background score fits perfectly. Still the 'Raja' magic works smile emoticon sunglasses emoticon

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