Sunday, October 4, 2015

The fake 'beef' violence

An UP Homeguard spread beef rumour to instigate attack on father and son.this was to seek personal vengeance.I said, it might be due to rivalry between two groups,but now it has turned out to be due to personal dispute.Initially the news was reported that 'Muslim man killed by Hindu mob for consuming beef'. And as expected fringe elements started their rants that Modi should speak about it.Only after Modi became PM for every stray incident he is expected to comment on it.Has there not been any personal dispute cases before? The fun is,law and order is a subject of state govt,not a single voice was raised against UP state govt :D UP is a state and not a union territory to claim police was controlled by central govt.Instead of taking action,the CM Akhilesh Yadav is challenging the central govt to ban beef export which in no way is related to this incident.So many people are getting killed in India,why,in UP alone. Minor Dalit girl was raped and killed (, many such incidents were reported, did the UP govt announce any compensation to them? There were incidents of violence incited by Muslim groups, did any govt or politician use the word 'communal' then? People were dying of dengue in Delhi, Kejriwal didn't visit the family of any of the deceased, but he is now showing his secularism by visiting this Ahlaq's family.There were many jawans who sacrificed their life in border fighting for the nation, did any of these fellows visit their family?

The intention of media is to instill a sense of fear among the people that Narendra Modi is working day and night to finish off minorities, which can potentially prevent BJP from winning Bihar elections.During Delhi elections,incidents of church attacks were reported and without any proof, Hindu outfits were blamed for every reported incident. In all the cases reported,not a single Hindu group was involved. After Delhi elections, it stopped.

To top it all,for the rape of a 71 year old nun, Hindu groups were almost 'indicted by the media'.Later some Bangladeshis were arrested for the nun rape. All those liberals and wannabe-secular warriors,never regretted for blaming the Hindu outfits for these incidents.

The intention of writing this is not to justify the violence that took place,but to condemn exaggerating a personal dispute and reporting it as an attack on a religion. Otherwise, anyone involved in this incident should be punished. And politicians belonging to all parties(SP,BJP,Cong,JD(U),AAP) should stop their blame game and issuing irresponsible statements.

You can read about the personal dispute in detail in the below link :

"According to a senior police officer, Vinay had a personal dispute with Akhlaq earlier and had been instigating a group of youths to attack his family, alleging that they were involved in cow slaughter."

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