Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Tamil National Alliance and the UN resolution

The Tamil National Alliance in Sri Lanka welcomes the UN resolution.Just saw an interview of Mr.Selvam, Sri Lankan Tamil M.P., in Thanthi TV​ . He was sensible.While the SL Tamils and their leaders are sensible, some jokers in Tamil Nadu are doing comedies like attacking KFC(because it is an American firm) and threatening more protests against American companies.I have given below some of the important points from his interview. Hope some 'Dravidian' parties and 'warriors' doesn't 'brand' him anything :-)

"The previous SL govt(under Rajapakse) would not have even allowed the Tamil MPs to travel to Geneva and surely,Rajapakse would not have accepted the UN resolution. The current govt,has accepted the resolution,which means,the SL govt admits there were human rights violations. Also the present govt will earn the wrath of Sinhalese while the Sinhalese support will increase for Rajapakse. Inspite of all this, SL govt has come forward to accept the resolution. Rejecting it outright,will do no good to the SL Tamils.When LTTE was active,such an opportunity was also not provided by the UN.

The resolution doesn't have everything we expected,but with the clauses mentioned in it, we can make use of it. The resolution recommends the abolition of anti-terrorism act,which is an important aspect of it. By abolishing it,our Tamil youngsters,who are undergoing punishment in jails, can be released. Moreover, if we reject this resolution outright, we will never get the support of the international community.

If we don't give an opportunity to the Lankan govt, that will create a bad impression about us and we will never get any backing from other countries,including India.Let this be an opportunity given by us to the Lankan govt, probably, a last chance to the govt.

Opposition to the UN resolution is fine,infact opposition should be there.But we also shouldn't forget the fact that,it is America, which has brought a resolution against the human rights violations that happened in Sri Lanka.So,our opposition against the resolution should be meaningful. Violence or protests in front of US embassy will again create a bad impression."

Interview came in Thanthi Tv(Kelvikku Enna Bathil with special reporter Mr,Hariharan), once the interview is uploaded by the Thanthi Tv team,I will share the link here.

Everything is working fine in Sri Lanka, rehabilitation process is going on, not even their politicians complain so much about racism, as the people fighting for them in Tamil Nadu do.The reason is the leaders in Sri Lanka are honestly working for their people, but the leaders and some fringe groups in Tamil Nadu, are working day and night to incite violence and create unrest in the society. This is the difference between the leaders in both the countries.

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