Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reader's Collection

Courtesy : Vikatan

Here comes the English version of 'படித்ததில் பிடித்தது(padithadhil pidithadhu)'.This section is not only to facilitate the non-Tamil readers,but also to share my opinion about some interesting English stories/articles etc.If the post is about Tamil book or Tamil article,first it will be published in Tamil section and then,the translation will be published under this section and vice-versa, if its abut English book or article.

We come across lot of articles/news items/stories etc.Some people are really passionate towards reading.I have seen lot of voracious readers,who used to buy some books,as soon as they reach the stores,something like how Thala fans book the tickets.These guys will buy lot of books and spend sometime everyday on the books they bought.There are also people who hate books like anything.Well,the most common statement given by most of the non-readers is that 'I won't read my Engineering books itself,how do you expect me to read other books..they are out of syllabus'.Anyway,most of the Engineers,will never read their books with interest,that's a different story though.The point is,these guys don't have the much needed patience to read a book.

If you want to read a 100-page novel,you should spare atleast 1 hour,which has become a very difficult task nowadays.And most of them are affected by a new disease - social networking.Well,am also,kind of addicted social networks.But what I meant by disease is,updating everything on the facebook wall.So before reading 2 pages completely,people affected by this disease,will update atleast 10 statuses in their walls.This is why many hates reading books.Lack of patience.Twitter and facebook has more users compared to blogs, because bloggers write relatively lengthy articles whereas in twitter or facebook,the message is too short. So, we can understand that people who hate reading are also interested in knowing information.

If we share information in facebook,within few days it vanishes,but here in blog,we can keep the articles by grouping them under appropriate labels.And also I want to clarify that am not here to inculcate the reading habit to anyone.Whenever we read something good,we would love to share it with people around us. This is the reason for creating this section.Here I am planning to share my opinion about the articles/books I read,I feel that will be much better than just copy-pasting the articles.Am not sure if I can update this section frequently.Anyway let me give a try.

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