Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Namasthe Guruji

This is my 3rd article about Teachers and my 2nd in this blog.As we know we will be celebrating the Teachers day on 5th September,this is again a tribute to teachers.

A teacher is someone who teaches something to us.This is the general definition we can find for the word teacher.One who teaches us good habits,good things is called a good teacher and the one who doesn't, is called a bad teacher.Nowadays this profession is taking a different route.Gone are the days where a teacher used to get enormous respect in towns and villages.The main reason for this change is, the behavior of teachers.Newspapers report lot of disgusting news items about the teachers.Parents of adolescents are scared of teachers.

Adolescent age is the most important part of one's life.Whatever we learn in our adolescent age might influence us throughout the entire life.It is during this age teachers should handle children with utmost care. Students should be delicately handled.But nowadays what the teachers are doing?They are behaving like perverts.

Teachers threaten students with internal marks.And in some cases they go to the extent of awarding poor internal marks too.This will create a very bad impression about the teacher in the student's mind.If the student commits a mistake,it is the duty of the teacher to correct it.Instead our teachers prefer to take revenge against them.Unfortunately this happens in colleges too.When a professor or lecturer does this to their students,for a moment they should think of their own children.One day your son or daughter will be in the same position.Don't forget,what you sow is what you reap.

Intellectuals in India speak volumes about the standard of education here.They say we memorize the answers and just vomit it in the paper.We hardly apply our mind.This is an allegation against the Indian education system.Let us not bother about the system being followed.First of all we need some qualified teachers to educate us.See this startling fact :

"Raising concerns about the poor calibre of teachers in taking competitive tests, less than 1% of candidates who sat for the Tamil Nadu Teacher Eligibility Test on July 12 passed.". - source

The teachers themselves are not able to get through the eligibility test.Just imagine the plight of students to whom these people teach.This is the harsh reality.This happens mainly because,most of them choose the teaching profession for an easy life.Few people choose teaching with real interest.The main reason why people choose teaching is - working hours 9-6,Saturday & Sunday - holiday,summer vacation, semester holidays etc.,with a good salary.They concentrate only on this comfort zone,but they forget the basic fact that teaching is an art.

I have seen lot of old teachers,for whom,the day will not begin without The Hindu or Indian Express.Their English will be beautiful.You can't find a single grammar mistake in their language.The Tamil teacher will not use a single English word in his class room.They were passionate towards teaching.The teacher will do proper homework before starting the class.If you observe the classes of these teachers,atleast for 10 minutes,they will discuss some general happenings.They will relate their subjects to current affairs,cinema, sports etc.Students will not forget the matter taught by him.Atleast they will not forget the example,so that they can recollect what the teacher taught,while preparing for exams.If you are studying under such teachers, I would say you are lucky.Nowadays its too difficult to find such teachers.

Ofcourse,these teachers have their own reasons for not getting through the exams.But still the pass percentage is alarming.A better preparation could have seen them getting through the exams.

Earlier(Say atleast some 10 years ago),if a student commits a mistake,he/she will be scared to face their teachers.It was, because of the respect,they had towards their teachers.Nowadays if a teacher beats a student with a stick,the next day the parents file a case against him.The situation was not the same atleast before 12 years.I have seen teachers beating students for almost half-an hour continuously.Neither the students complained about nor the parents.He is their son outside the campus, and he is a student inside the campus,where only the teacher has the control over the boy and not the parents.The main problem with the current generation teachers is they don't understand the basic difference between arrogance and responsibility.

During my school days,Vijayakumar sir(my Maths sir) used to bring a long stick while distributing papers.If the performance of the student is not upto mark,he will beat only once.It will be very painful.And the same Vijayakumar sir will discuss about cinema,songs,the marriage he attended the previous day etc. and he will even relate these to mathematical concepts while teaching.He handled mathematics to us when we were in 7th and 8th standards.There was also another teacher,who used to beat students,to 'impress' the lady staff. I have got beatings on such occasions and I was made to stand out for the whole period(naanga thaan outstanding students aache :D).I don't want to name him though :P.Hope these 2 examples differentiates between responsibility and arrogance.

Coming back to the adolescent age theory,nowadays we come across this disgusting news, about teachers, quite often.Illegal affair between the teacher and student.To be frank,it is natural to get attracted towards the other sex.Due to various reasons this attraction happens.I read this somewhere, why does a girl gets attracted towards a male teacher?It is because,next to their fathers,only the teachers show the same amount of care and control.Generally girl children will be very affectionate towards their fathers.Psychologically this brings a respect towards the male teacher.And an adolescent girl will not only by influenced by psychological factors,but also by 'biological' factors.These 2 factors together make them propose their love to their teachers.What a responsible teacher must do?He should make the girl understand her mistake and he should not stop with just advising the girl,instead, he should also keep her parents informed about this behavior of the girl.

This applies to male teacher and girl student issue.Nowadays,another disturbing news is hitting headlines in local papers.Woman teacher ran away with 11th standard boy,women teacher's illegal relationship with her student.I don't want to get into any psychological reason behind this.There can be only one reason for such relationships - lust.People who involve in such acts should be punished severely.Not only the teachers,but also the students.Another serious problem of this kind is,teachers giving sex torture to students,flirting with girl students etc.Such teachers are disgrace to the profession.I just have a simple question to these morons - 'will you accept if your sister/daughter undergo the same amount of torture?'. Society considers teachers above God(Matha,Pitha,GURU and God).It is difficult for everyone to be Gods,but atleast they can refrain from being demons.

A doctor can serve this society by treating poor people without getting money.An Engineer can serve this society in so many ways.A policeman,army man,writer etc., can serve the nation in their own ways.What makes the teachers special?A teacher can create a doctor,engineer,policeman,collector,MLA,MP,Prime Minister,President etc.The interest a teacher creates, in a student's mind, at an young age, will definitely influence him/her.A teacher can rewrite the fate of a student.He can prevent a student becoming an anti-social element.

Students will wish 'Good Morning sir' to English teacher, 'Vanakkam Thamizhannai' to Tamil teacher and 'Namasthe Guru ji' to Hindi teacher.This is a formality followed in schools and colleges.If the teacher really deserves it,students will do it whole heartedly,with real respect and affection.If not,they will tell a good morning in front of the teacher's face and will curse them at their back.Discipline is not something restricted to students,it very well includes teachers as well.If the teachers serve as a proper example,students will follow you.Good or bad,definitely a teacher's behavior influences students.

If you go to any school/college, you can find a bunch of students imitating their teachers.So naturally the teacher becomes a role model for the students.My only request to teachers - don't be a bad example.If you are going to be a bad example,you are spoiling a generation.Be a good example and inspire your students. Behave like Dr.Radhakrishnan,Dr.Abdul Kalam.I have my own Radhakrishnans and Abdul Kalams as an inspiration to me.

I studied in a small town called Tindivanam.There I had a Vijayakumar sir,from whom I learnt the meaning of professionalism,I had a Muthaiyyah ji from whom I learnt the meaning of social consciousness,I had a Sinthamani miss who taught me the effect of consistency,from my Arun Mozhi sir I could learn the effect of preparation,I had a Vijayaraghavan sir who served as an epitome of hardwork and professionalism.In college too, I had some good professors and lecturers.Nithya mam's name comes to my mind immediately.She was a friendly mam,she was not harsh,still she was strict.I had no fear towards her,I only had/have lot of respect for her. I learnt lot of things from my good teachers and am surviving with what they taught me.

I didn't write this article to insult the teachers.As I said earlier,teaching is a divine profession.Its getting spoiled because of some undeserving elements.This post is just an outburst against such elements and not against the teacher community.People who want to take up teaching profession,make it sure that you truly deserve the 'Namasthe Guruji' chants of your students.

And one more point,I didn't write anything against the students in this post.It doesn't mean the current generation students are saints.There are serious problems associated with them too.I will write about in a separate post.

Happy Teachers Day!!!!!

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