Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Enjoying the Freedom ~ Independence Day special

65 years over.India is all set to celebrate its 66th Independence day tomorrow.As usual the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers will hoist the national flags.Some TV channels 'may' telecast some patriotic songs and scenes from movies for an hour.And most of us will be showing our patriotism in facebook,twitter,orkut etc. And even in blogs.There is nothing wrong in this.But the problem is after sharing few updates about Gandhiji and Bhagat Singh,we completely forget everything and get back to our routine,the next day.The point is,we are not ready to follow what we share in cyberspace.

No I am not going to write anything against politicians in this post.Politics is like a drug.There are 2 ways of utilizing it.One - consuming appropriate drugs to cure your disease,two - consuming drugs to get some 'inexplicable' pleasure.In the second case,the one who consumes such drugs becomes an addict and he will do anything for that drug.He will not hesitate to even to kill someone.Similarly,when a person uses politics properly in a constructive way,he is respected as a leader and he can bring some positive change in the society.And when someone uses politics too much for his personal benefits,he end up as an 'addict' and to continue enjoying this pleasure he will do anything.He will kill innocent civilians,he will even be ready to give up the nation itself to some other country.Type 2 politicians are more in number, so let us not discuss much about such morons in this post.

Let us discuss about ourselves.In the name of freedom,we do lot of things.We call, sharing our opinions on social network, as 'freedom of expression'.How we use this freedom?In facebook,I have come across so many pictures with the captions like "modern girls,height of freedom".The picture will have some girls drinking,some girls found in some compromising position with some guys.Before sharing such pictures ask these questions to yourselves guys.Do you really think Indian culutre gets spoiled 'only when a girl drinks'? If you justify drinking by men,I don't find anything wrong in women drinking.That is a different topic.Do you really think they are all real pictures?Some pictures may be real,but there are lot of morphed pictures.And the last question - what if they drink?whats your problem guys?why should we share these pictures? Will that not affect the future of those girls?Are we all 100% perfect?

If you think I am exaggerating the facebook picture sharing activity,you are wrong.Everything starts from here.I have come across some facebook pages which shares the pictures of lot of women.They give vulgar comments.Most of these pictures seems to be copied illegally.And the worst part is more than 15000 people liked that page.Before liking such pages,before sharing such pictures,dont forget there are women in your home too.During school days we used to take pledge that 'All Indians are my brothers and sisters'.We use this sentence to make fun of Sania Mirza and girls.Intelligent guys and girls ask 'if all Indians are my brothers and sisters,whom should I marry'.Instead of asking such worthless questions,remember this pledge and report abuse the facebook page or orkut community.

Just see the pic above.Its written clearly.Hang the PARASITE.A girl was molested by a group of guys in Assam.What really shocked me was,some intellectuals blame the girl for this.They claim,the girl went to pub at mid-night and that was the reason for this incident.I am against pub,discotheques culture.I don't support drinking(applies to men as well).But just because a girl is drunk and roaming on the streets in the night time doesnt mean she should be molested.Only inhuman b******s will involve in this act.Blaming the dressing of a women for such incidents shows how insane the society is.This Assam incident is just an example.There are lot of such incidents happening in India and the police remain mute spectator for all these atrocities.

Honesty has become a rare quality among us nowadays.We all accuse the politicians for being corrupt.How many officials and bureaucrats dared to question those corrupt politicians?Every field is spoiled.If you think being honest in government service is impossible,I would say you are unfit to the job.Yes it is risky.No job is safe.The magnitude of risk may vary from profession to profession.We expect the police to take action against the corrupt.It is said that sometimes the policemen get their job itself by paying bribe.A policeman can be honest,a collector can be honest,a doctor, engineer, autodriver, school teachers/correspondents everyone can be honest.Even politicians can be honest.But only,if you are willing to be.

A 8 year old kid died in Chennai due to carelessness of school management.There was a huge hole in that school bus.How did they get approval to run that bus?The correspondent says he cannot take responsibility for this.The correspondent will only take money but not the responsibility.Now this incident has created a panic among the parents.This should be taken up as a wake-up call.We should check the infrastructure of school/college/workplace etc and if we find anything wrong,we should not hesitate to sue the concerned authorities.

Instead of showing immense patriotism during cricket matches,we should try to do something constructive.On every independence day,we should explain the significance of independence to kids.We should educate moral values to kids.If injustice is meted out to an individual and if we can really help them to get justice,we should not hesitate in doing so.

I seriously feel we should come forward to work in public sector.Only when we work in public sector we can bring atleast a small percentage of change we wish to see.We should take Mr.T N Seshan(former Election Commissioner),Mr.Sagayam(IAS officer),Mr.Nataraj(former DGP),Mr.Asra Garg(SP), Mr.K M Vijayan(lawyer) etc., as an example.

Instead of expecting some god-sent messenger to cleanse the system,we ourselves can do that.To form a proper political party and to get the public support is no mean task.It may take time.But if we have the will to do,we can succeed in that too.Yes joining politics with a proper plan will be the right way to change the entire system in India.

Again not everyone can shine in politics.But we can atleast support right people.Or we should atleast punish the worst parties.To do this,we should know politics.We should keep track of current affairs.We should know what is happening around.I have observed an attitude among most of the corporate employees.'I don't like politics','I don't know politics','I can't understand politics','Politics is cheap and dirty',these kind of statements are quite common among corporate employees,especially ladies.What if you learn politics?What are you going to lose?One need not join politics,but should know politics and current affairs.Everyone should know Mukul Roy is our railway minister and he traveled in luxury coach and took 1 and half hours rest and then only visited  the Tamil Nadu Express accident site at Nellore.Only if you know such information,you can identify who is good and who is bad.Even after knowing this,no sane person will support Trinamool Congress.

Right now,most of the people are enjoying their freedom in wrong way.In the name of enjoying our freedom, troubling others should be stopped.Everyone should act with social consciousness.Until then there is no point in celebrating our freedom.

P.S.: Our 'secular' politicians and 'minority saviors' have politicised our patriotic song 'Vande Mataram' and 'Bharath Mata' too,stating that Bharath Mata is a hindu goddess.One may follow any religion.One may be an atheist.Doesn't matter.Consider this nation as a temple and consider the rich culture in this country as God.And the Bharath Mata is nothing but the reflection of our Indian culture.One may wonder why the culture is worshiped in the form of a woman(Bharath Mata).The reason is - to respect women.This is my interpretation about Bharath and Bharath Mata.Its upto the individuals to buy this theory.

Happy Independence day!!!!

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