Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Assam riots - Is it fair?

For the past few days large scale riots are going on in Assam.I don't know how many of you are aware of it. You might have come across in TV channels that some riots are going on in Assam.But not many of you might have considered it serious.You might have thought "oh shit!!just another law and order problem" and you would have forgotten the news at all.But the reality is different.Around 2 lakh people displaced and the death toll is around 41.This is a serious issue and the situation is still tense in Assam.But why the media is not going hard on Tarun Gogoi?

We have our secularists,rationalists,human rights activists etc.Why all are silent now?The media is reporting this incident as if a small group clash.The reason for this silence by our activists media is because of the fact that the immigrant Bangladesh Muslims are behind this violence?We have social activist Mr.Anna Hazare fasting against corruption.He is known for making some funny statements.According to him the BJP is communal.But why he or his team is quiet on the Assam violence?

Last week I was watching the interview of Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh.As we all know, he is a brainy guy.When Rajdeep Sardesai was drawing parallels between the current Assam riots and the 2002 Gujarat riots,he immediately responded that comparing both the riots is wrong.And he says the Gujarat riots were state sponsored riots.Mr.Digivijaya Singh must understand that he is not above Supreme court.The Supreme court appointed Special Investigation Team(SIT),headed by Mr. R K Raghavan.The SIT gave clean chit to the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi on Ehsan Jafri murder case.How can he call it a state sponsored riot?

Digvijaya Singh said the Bodos and Muslims have a long history of conflicts and he also says Gujarat and Assam cannot be compared.Brainy Digvijaya Singh,please check the history of Gujarat before commenting something like this.And he also says Assam is not an easy state to govern and it got Ethnic diversity.Even Gujarat has a history of riots before 2002.But the point to be noted is,after the 2002 riots,Modi has given a riot free govt till now.Will Tarun Gogoi give an assurance that this type of riot will not take place again? He will not.Even if he gives an assurance,he cannot give a riot free govt.Because the problem between Bodos and immigrant Muslims is there for a long time.Being a 3 time chief minister,Mr.Gogoi's govt failed to tackle this problem.Unless and until the govt takes steps to stop the entry of immigrant Bangladesh Muslims,these type of  riots will be happening often.

Digvijaya Singh says army cannot be brought in for every incident.This is the statement of the congress general secretary.Now let us see what the Assam chief minister said : 

"We had requisitioned the Army on the very first day. But it took four-five days for the forces to reach the state.He said he had informed the home ministry and the Army the very first day violence broke out between the Bodos and Bengali speaking Muslims. "But it takes time as the forces come from various states" - source. 

My point is why the activists and media has turned a blind eye towards the Assam riots? Is it really fair? During the 2002 riots,the focus of every media was only on Gujarat.But now the same media is not giving the same amount of importance to Assam riots.

Instead of focusing on riots that is still happening,the media was more interested in hyping an interview of Modi to Urdu magazine.The television channels were busily telecasting the news with the heading that "First time Narendra Modi speaks about Gujarat riots". The media has to wake up and realize that this is not 2002 and this is 2012.In these 10 years Narendra Modi has given a good government and there were no riots post 2002. But there are riots going on in a congress ruled state(Assam) and the state govt failed miserably to control the riots.The Prime Minister,who is an MP from Assam,has not done anything to calm down the situation. The congress party should also admit the fact that,our 'ex' home minister P Chidambaram too was a failure as a home minister.He failed to tackle so many internal issues like Assam violence,Telangana problem,Maoist problems etc.

This govt has made Sushil Kumar Shinde as Home Minister.People of India should understand that this govt is mocking the people by making Mr.Shinde as home minister and Chidambaram as finance minister.I will write an exclusive blog post about Chidambaram later.Sushil Kumar Shinde served as Power minister till yesterday. And the power outage in North India clearly shows he was not a 'powerful' minister.But the congress party has given such a powerful ministry to Mr.Shinde.What else should we call this other than mockery?We might have seen inefficient governments,corrupt governments,dictatorial rule etc.But as far as I know,if there is a democratically elected government,which purposefully makes a mockery of its own citizens,it can be only our central government.

The electronic media,print media and television channels should highlight these facts.Making false allegations against Narendra Modi will not make anyone secular.

Let us hope atleast now the Assam govt wakes up and takes proper steps to stop illegal Muslim immigration.

P.S. : Shahid Siddiqui,a former Rajya Sabha Samajwadi Party MP was the one who interviewed Modi for that Urdu magazine.Modi said :

 "If a government is responsible for what happened, it should be hanged in a street square. They should be hanged as a deterrent, so no administrator dares do this again. If Modi has sinned, then Modi should be hanged...I think I managed to stop the rioting. I will not admit that I couldn’t".

After this interview,Shahid Siddiqui was expelled from the Samajwadi Party,so that according to our secularists,activists and media, Samajwadi party will appear secular.

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