Sunday, July 31, 2011

Uniform Syllabus Education~Samacheer Kalvi

Tamil Nadu Government : Do you want Laptop?

Student : No

Tamil Nadu Government : Do you want Bicycle?

Student : No

Tamil Nadu Government : Then what else you need?

Student : Sir,if you have some text books to study,please give them.

I got this as a forward SMS today.And this is the condition of Tamil Nadu school students right now.They don't know what to study.Who is the main reason for this?Let us see.

Last year the DMK government in Tamil Nadu introduced this 'Uniform Syllabus Education'(Samacheer Kalvi). Then this year elections were conducted and TN got a new CM,Ms.Jayalalitha.After taking over as CM,she announced that the Samacheer Kalvi scheme will be postponed and it will not be implemented in its current format.The new ADMK govt claims that the USE(Uniform Syllabus Education) has a sub-standard syllabus. Moreover there are complaints that there are some lessons which preaches the ideologies of one political party. It is also said that a book carries a poem written by Mrs.Kanimozhi,.our former CM Mr.Karunanidhi's daughter.

In every Tamil book,there will be 'Thamizhthaai Vaazhthu'.This time,something called 'Semmozhi Vaazhthu' has been included.It was written by none other than our great former CM M Karunanidhi.DMK lost in the recent assembly elections.Had they won,they would have 'Kalaignarized' this state(Tamil Nadu).They even might have added some lessons like Kalaignar is called the father of the nation,only Kalaignar presided over the Dandi march etc.I haven't seen the poem written by Kanimozhi.But just because Karunanidhi was CM and Kanimozhi was his daughter,their poems were included in text books.Now this Kanimozhi is in jail for her alleged role in the 2G spectrum issue,Do we really need lessons and poems by these people?Will this not mislead the next generation children?

The next issue in this scheme, in its present format, is its standard.I read some Tamil text books which is based on this Samacheer Kalvi.But I couldn't read all the books,to make a conclusion about the standard of the syllabus. But what I heard from people is the standard maintained in this syllabus is not good.Generally the matriculation schools will follow a reasonably good standard.When it comes to standard of education,CBSE syllabus is the best.The Tamil Nadu state board syllabus was not as good as these two,but still it was kind of ok.What people generally feel is that, the previous govt,instead of implementing the matriculation or CBSE kind of syllabus to all schools,has implemented the state board kind of normal syllabus to all schools.

This will do no good to this state.First of all there is no need to implement an uniform syllabus to all the schools.The choice of choosing stateboard or matriculation or CBSE or anything else should be left to the individual.All are playing politics with this issue.I saw an interview of VCK leader Mr.Thirumavalavan,in which he said,children of 'Agraharam' (meaning Brahmins) and other communities should get the same kind of education.I don't know from where does this word 'Agraharam' comes in this issue.Does caste really matters here?It doesn't really.I have seen so many 'Agraharam' children studyingi n stateboards and other community children studying in other boards.There is no restriction like only a so and so community kid will be admitted in a school.Still for the sake of votebank and publicity people speak all non-sense here.

Now let us come to the present tense.DMK did a mistake by including poems of Karunandhi,Kanimozhi etc and by degrading the standard - agreed.What the next govt did?It withheld implementing this scheme as such and passed an order that the old syllabus will be followed for the current academic year.Atleast had that order materialized,by this time,75% of portions would have been completed for 10th std students.But some social activist filed a case against this order.I don't know what really the person who filed this case is going to gain by filing a case against this.Then the High Court passed an order to follow the Samacheer Kalvi.It gave an option to edit the 'unwanted' portions.So this itself shows the nature of that Samacheer Kalvi.

If this is a responsible government,what it should have done?It should have accepted the high-court order and it should have given a go-ahead for the USE.Instead of doing that the government approached the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court upheld the High Court's judgement and asked the govt to form an expert committee and to submit its reports on the USE.Again the High Court was not convinced on the findings of the committee and it again ordered to follow the USE.Now again the case is in Supreme Court.For her personal ego,Jayalalithaa shouldn't have played on the life of the students.

I have seen lot of anxious parents.They are really scared about the future of their children.One man said like this with an worried face : 

"my son is in his 10th std now.Already its July end..Just 5 more months to go.Then revision tests and practical board examinations will start from the month of January and he will be writing his final exams on  March end.But till now nothing is clear.Am really scared about his future.."

This is the feeling of almost all the parents right now.Is Ego really bigger than the future of these children?The court gave the option to edit the lessons.The govt could have very well edited the poems of Karunanidhi and Kanimozhi and it could have implemented the syllabus as such for the current academic year.They can plan perfectly and implement a standard syllabus from the next academic year.None can stop that.I don't know what Madam Jayalalithaa is going to lose by doing this.

Let us assume that the standard of USE in its current format is poor.But now there is no other option.We are running out of time.Teachers should complete the syllabus as soon as possible.So the govt should continue with the USE in its current format for this academic year.Until we get horse,we can make use of donkey - Mr.Vijayakanth,Leader of opposition in Tamil Nadu assembly, said this.He hardly speaks anything nowadays :D,but in this issue I am ready buy his opinion..

As I said earlier,there is no necessity to implement an uniform syllabus to all schools.That will not result in any extra-ordinary performance.But if an uniform syllabus is implemented, it should be done properly and the govt should see that the standard of syllabus is good. But as long as one such syllabus is prepared,the govt should go ahead with the USE or Samacheer Kalvi syllabus for the current academic year.But the Karunanidhi and Kanimozhi portions has to be deleted for sure.

The only reason for putting this scheme on hold is nothing but this was introduced by Karunanidhi.The govt can't claim that they are doing this for the welfare of children by keeping their future in their mind.If the govt had any such thought,it wouldn't have dragged this issue to Supreme Court and high court like this.

A normal person's ego will destroy him alone.But here,ego of a responsible person,honorable CM is giving sleepless nights to thousands of students and parents.God save this state from these Dravidian parties.


Govind said...

what's cho's view on this? I guess always ur blog rely on thuklak reports:-)

Vishnu said...

Really good one..I have never listened to the fuss ppl are creating using Samacheer kalvi...But this article gives a clear account..You have simplified to the core...Good one..

The analysis and the presentation of the plight of students is also good..

Like it for its unbiased nature.. Everything in right mixture.If you don't mind I would suggest you to have this style as much as possible..It wouldn't give an impression like you have inclination to only one group..

Finally its funny how it works eh?..You have written 60 odd posts and managed 25k hits just by basing ur articles just on some magazine.. And those 25k ppl who have read are too naive to find it?..Oh,man..! Really ppl can't be serious?..But guess u won't mind the comparison and to a point u will enjoy,I know that.. :P :P

Harish.M said...

@Govind - Cho is completely against this Samacheer Kalvi..Am neither supporting nor opposing an uniform syallbus..All am saying is if its implemented,it should be done properly...Until one such scheme is implemented,the govt should not trouble the students like what it is doing now..

Harish.M said...

Govind - regd myself relying on Thuglak,am yet to read the past 2 weeks Thuglak..

Recently I wrote about terrorism and recent mumbai terror blasts.. The next week Thuglak's thalayangam was about recent mumbai Terrorist attacks..Some points were similar between my article and what came in Thuglak..

That is it came in Thuglak after I wrote here..Does that in anyway mean that Cho read my blog :P..

Some coincidences might be there.. That is because of the nature of the issue..I wrote about fishermen issue,Cho has different opinion on that..Likewise I can show so many examples..

Don't accuse me like this :D I like Thuglak and Cho,but I don't accept everything he says :-)

Harish.M said...

@Vishnu - Thanks for that comment..Your comment explains so many things :P..Regd that unbiased thing,u know right,I like bashing everyone without any partiality :D..

//But guess u won't mind the comparison and to a point u will enjoy,I know that..

gagaga po :D

Harish.M said...

@Govind and Vishnu - Thanks for your honest comments :-)..Feel free to bash me like this..I don't mind :-)

JAGAN said...

*there is no necessity to implement an uniform syllabus to all schools*
Why do u think so?

Harish.M said...

@Jagan - There is no necessity to implement this USE..What if different boards are there? Till now nothing wrong with our students right? Tea shop owner's son and rickshaw man's daughter has been getting state level marks and ranks na?Then what's the problem with existing system?

Don't talk like Thirumavalavan and other politicians..Samacheer Kalvi is nothing special...

But am also not against implementing it..There is no necessity,still nothing wrong in implementing it..

if implemented,it should be done in a proper way..sub-standard syllabus should not be suggested to all schools,instead standard one should be followed..self-praising poems and lessons should be strictly avoided..this applies to any politician

Harish.M said...

Guys,since you people brought in Thuglak's name,am sharing this link here..Just now finished reading this week Thalayangam..Go through this..

Find out the differences and similarities...

JAGAN said...

Till now nothing wrong with our students??? are you sure?
How many tea shop owner's son ricksaw man's daughters really able to crack the IIT and IIM entrance exams?

Did you read the science book of 10th standard with USE syllabus? But i did its really good. Just because in Tamil book Kanimozhi,MK's poems there we cant say whole syllabus is bab. I am sure this syllabus will improve the knowledge of State board students and Metric students don't feel its challenging.

I am not speaking like Thirumavalavan or other politicians. I am having a very simple question to ask. once CBSC,Metric,Stateboard students completed their 12th they all going to have common(?) entrance exam. but their basic syllabus is not common. isn't it funny?.

Harish.M said...

If u think,people can crack IIT or IIM by studying this USE,then its your opinion..And if u feel the state board syllabus is not challenging and if you really want to improve that quality,why are you degrading the quality of matric syllabus?

Instead of disturbing the matric syllabus,the govt can standardize the state board syllabus..What do u find funny in having a common Entrance Test and following different school syllabus?

There will be/should be an entrance test even if everyone follows one single syllabus...For AFMC there is one medical entrance,for JIPMER one entrance test is there,like this there are different types of entrance exams itself..So I don't find anything weird in this...

I didn't read that stateboard science book..I can't be reading all the books..But on a general perspective,as far as I have heard from different sections of society, the common opinion is that the USE syllabus appears to be kind of sub-standard syllabus..You yourself say matric students don't feel its challenging,then why want them to follow that?

If you want to improve the quality of education,then bring about a standard in stateboard syllabus,that will make sense..

Instead degrading the syllabi of other boards will do no good to the student community..Anyway u say the poor children are studying in govt schools and they are not able to get quality education..

So this can be interpreted as the other boards(say matric) provides a standard syllabus..When that board of education is good,why u want to disturb it?

If you want to bring about a uniformity,increase the standard of the one which is bad,instead lowering the existing standard is an injustice to the student community..

And removing Kalaignar and Kanimozhi part will not make an ordinary syllabus,extraordinary..

JAGAN said...

*What do u find funny in having a common Entrance Test and following different school syllabus?* Dont you feel this is injustice?

Why don't we go for individual Entrance exam based on their individual school syllabus?

As i said early this syllabus will not be challenging for Metric(i agreed this is injustice).so what government should do? They should give up this year and try to improve this USE syllabus for the next year students rather than putting this year students and this USE in a trouble.
But i doubt is our government is trying to be a savior of Metric schools?(i mean the metric school business man's).

I am sure even if the government improve USE syllabus the Metric school's are not going to accept them.

Harish.M said...

They should give up this year and try to improve this USE syllabus for the next year students rather than putting this year students and this USE in a trouble.

This is what I too said..The case went to court once..Court gave an order..If its a responsible govt,it shouldn't have gone further and should have continued the existing syllabus..But this govt went to Supreme Court and has made the situation worse..

Regd individual entrance exam based on school syllabus,its not possible..Also it should not be made possible..If such a situation arises,then that will give rise to lot of other complications.. If the top colleges feel that only those who are able to crack their entrance exam are eligible to study in their college,nothing wrong in it..

Regd govt supporting matric schools,I have that doubt too.. I am hearing so many things,but without proper source can't comment on it..Once we get the info from proper sources,we can discuss this..

R SURESH said...

I earnestly believe the courts should not intervene in policy and administrative decisions of an elected government and allow the newly elected TN govt to carry on improving USE syllabus & implement it in the next year

Harish.M said...

Suresh - I agree that courts should not intervene in policy and administrative decisions of govt.. But the situation is something different..Court has intervened and it has given an order..Why can't this govt carry on with the USE in its existing format for this academic year?What's the point in wasting so many months?

Anyway,Thanks for commenting here :-)

Jothi R B said...

What is the status on this issue now? Is this accepted n followed or still put on hold?

Harish.M said...

@Jothi - At present TN is following the Uniform Syllabus Education only.. Supreme Court directed the TN govt to follow this pattern.. The lessons and articles about Karunanidhi and co are masked in the books...