Saturday, July 16, 2011

Terrorist attacks and lessons to be learnt

On July 13th there were 3 consecutive blasts in Mumbai.The blasts struck Zaveri Bazar,Opera House and Kabutarkhana area of Dadar west.This is not the first time such blasts are occurring.Especially it has become a hobby for terrorists to attack Mumbai.2 days back there was a debate going on in CNN-IBN.Mr.Rajdeep Sardesai was anchoring the show.He was repeatedly asking one question,"what is the solution you are suggesting to these blasts?".Before looking about the solution,we should see the causes and other factors related to such terrorist activities.

Such blasts occur every now and then in India.The politicians escape themselves by pointing their fingers towards Pakistan.The opposition parties will simply give some statements accusing the govt and move on.Nowadays the politicians became very bold,especially those belonging to the congress party.Except the Prime Minister of India,every other congress politician is bold enough to give statements to the media as per their wish.But such statements doesn't show their boldness,it only shows their arrogance and carelessness towards the public.

"No intelligence doesn't mean intelligence failure" - this statement appears stupid right?Yes for a common man like me,it appears only stupid.For intellectuals like our honorable home minister,Mr.P Chidambaram,this statement might be sensible and intelligent one.Yes,only he uttered this statement after the blasts.There is an intelligence department.The prime duty of this department is to gather information like this and it should alert the governments. That didn't happen.Then what should it be called?Who knows,Mr.Chidambaram might also defend this statement too.He is the man who said "No action is also an action sometimes".I thought there is no match for the former Tamil Nadu CM Mr.Karunanidhi in giving statements like this.But here comes a gem of a person called Mr.Chidambaram.Its a real pity that he is home minister of this nation.He also might become the Prime Minister of this nation one day(no this is not a sarcastic remark,it is said that Mr.Chidambaram's name is under consideration with Madam ji for making him PM).If he becomes the PM,then everyone can better migrate to other countries. 

He is talking like this on one side."Terrorism is something impossible to stop all the time" - this statement was uttered by Princeling Rahul Gandhi.Every political observer and commentator sees him as the potential PM candidate of the congress party and many believe that soon he will become the Prime Minister of this nation.But see the way he is talking.There is also another 'brainy guy' in the congress party.His name is Digvijay Singh.If at all something good happens somewhere,then you can see Digvijay Singh's statements against it.His recent statement is that "Can't rule out hand of hindu outfits" in the recent Mumbai blasts.Entire nation knows that jihadis are behind this attack.Till now no terrorist outfit claimed responsibility for the blasts.But if going the newspaper reports,Indian Mujahideen and SIMI(Students Islamic Movement of India) must be behind this attack.It is also said that SIMI,a banned outfit in India,has regrouped under the name of Indian Mujahideen.But people like Digvijaya Singh are unnecessarily referring to RSS.This Digvijaya Singh is the same person who said that Saffron terror may be the reason behind the death of former  ATS chief Mr.Hemant Karkare.World knows that he was killed by the Pakistan terrorists in the 26/11 attacks.What else can we expect from him?Only such cheap and stupid comments.I really wonder what on the earth makes these politicians to utter statements like this.In the name of minority appeasement,these politicians are only helping terrorists.

The congress party refers to one group as saffron terror.Will this Digvijaya Singh call these jihadis as Islamic terror? Sadly secularism in India is being anti-hindu.Only a bunch of fools and lunatics will support such statements of Digvijaya Singh.A terrorist is a terrorist.He just kills the innocent civilians.He/she may be a buddhist, hindu, muslim, christian or anything else.The reason for killing might be different.But every terrorist kills only innocent civilians.So instead of trying to divert public attention by playing name games like this,the ruling party should think something useful.

The most hilarious statement was given by the honorable Prime Minister of India,Dr.Manmohan Singh.He said the terrorists have the advantage of surprise and this time there was no advance indication.What does this statement mean?Will the terrorist call PMO(Prime Minister Office) or Home minister before planting the bombs and will he tell them in which places he placed the bombs?For that only we have police,NIA,RAW and some other intelligence wings.How will they get information?This is a nation where frisking actor Sharukh Khan in US airport, was made a huge issue.Honorable minister of Information and Broadcasting,Smt.Ambika Soni,expressed her anger and dissatisfaction over the incident.She even went further and said that we should also frisk them here.Which means,not everyone are being frisked in India. When this is the case how will the intelligence department will get the much needed information?What if Shahrukh Khan was frisked?Is he something special?What is the guarantee that he is not a terrorist?He is a marketing freak and he just made use of the frisking incident to promote his movie "My Name is Khan"-I am not a terrorist..

This is how our security system works.What I really hate with this government is that they are bringing in the name of religion while referring to terrorism.Why should they file a mercy petition for Afzal Guru,who was sentenced to death in the Parliament attack case?Why are they giving a fair trial to the lone surviving terrorist involved in the 26/11 attacks? When there were a series of blasts during the previous govt(UPA-1),Manmohan Singh said one single community should not be targeted.I don't really get the point here.The government's attitude to accuse hindu groups unnecessarily,has to be vehemently condemned.

Some terrorist plants the bombs.So many people die in the blast including Muslims.So no sensible person will support jihad.By saving these jihadis,does the govt really gets the minority votes?I don't think so.If someone is supporting this jihad,SIMI,Indian Mujahideen groups,then they also has to be considered as terrorists.Reason for the survival of UPA govt has to debated separately.

Chidambaram claims that we haven't had a single blast in 31 months.Does that in anyway mean that we should forgive this blast?There has been lot of Maoist attacks.So many Naxal attacks has been reported.Still I couldn't forget the Naxal attack that brutally killed around 76 CRPF men in Dantewade last year.

What can be done to reduce terror/naxal attacks?There should be thorough checking in all important places daily.Airports,railway stations,bus stands,cinema theaters,religious places,govt offices,private companies etc.If this checking is done properly,lot of terrorists can be captured.The terrorists should be severely punished.Human rights doesn't apply to terrorists.They are not humans at all,then how does human rights apply to them?The terrorists should be mercilessly hanged to death.There should be zero tolerance towards terrorism of any form.One can very well raise this point,killing some terrorists will not make a difference.The terrorists never fear for death - agreed.But if these terrorists are not killed,what will happen?Others related to him will take innocent civilians as hostage and will demand their release.Moreover only if terrorists are killed,people will not dare to support them.Atleast there will be little fear that terrorists will be severely punished.The intelligence agencies should be allowed to function independently.There should not be any political interference.The agencies should work properly and should gather information about such terror strikes.If the intelligence department is allowed to function individually,they will gather the much needed information. The govt should act on the reports given by these agencies.A strict law like POTO,POTA should be framed again.

If this is done 'properly',terrorism can be controlled.But with such a home minister and Prime minister,with such a president(Soni Gandhi) of a ruling party,how can we expect some real measures against terrorists/terrorism?I am damn sure this govt will not even show atleast 1% of interest in controlling terrorism.That is the lesson which I learnt in the past few years.


JAGAN said...

- No action is also an action sometimes
- No intelligence doesn't mean intelligence failure"
- Terrorism is something impossible to stop all the time
- Terrorists have the advantage of surprise

I still agree that its quite tough to stop all the terror attacks but still govt should not use above statements as a excuse for their failures. They should say we failed and we will sort out the holes in the security system and fix them.

Those stupid statements really hurting

Harish.M said...

@Jagan - Even I agree that its not possible to prevent all the terror attacks..But as you said,they should not give this as an excuse and moreover when people are dying and suffering with serious injuries,how can he speak like this? Did we vote them to give these statements or what?

And I would like to clarify one thing from your comment..

// No action is also an action sometimes - Chidambaram said this some months back in the issue related to Arundhati Roy.. I just quoted that statement here to show his irresponsible statements..

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you sir, Very well said...This congress people will not get place even in hell...

Harish.M said...

@Anonymous - could have been happy had you mentioned your name.. Anyway its true that congress people will not get place even in hill..

Thanks for commenting :-)