Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Love everywhere..

Is this a season of love?I don't know...Nowadays almost everyone whom I meet/chat, talks about love only..What's really funny in it is,not everyone who talks about love,are in a relationship..But still they love talking about love..Some people hate love..Some people hate lovers :D...Some people hate guys/girls who is in a relationship,simply for the reason that they are not into one :P.It's just frustration..Like this, nowadays I am able to feel the love in every discussion with people...So just thought of writing something about love..Yes yet again something about love..This is the only topic which will bore neither the reader nor the writer...So much is there in love..

Love is the best thing to happen for a person..It's an awesome feeling..One will be flying in joy..One will get this feeling in a situation,when he is yet to realize(or accept) that he is in love..Those days will be like a gift of God..He will be moving closely with the girl..He will do everything that is possible to keep her smiling and more importantly,  to get her attention..He will be listening lot of love songs..Still he may not realize what he is doing and for what he is doing all these stuff..But his friends will clarify what it is and why is he doing such things..They will start comparing the guy and girl and will keep on teasing them..Then he will understand what's going on around him,but still he will maintain his stand with a reply 'nothing like that',but with a blushing smile..

Days will move on like a minute..People might even go to the extent of thinking that life has given them everything..They will also try to give up all the bad habits they have..Most common thing,guys will give up smoking(on request :P),drinking(again on request),infact guys will even give up all the ugly thoughts,will consider all other girls as his sister,will avoid using bad words,will start going to temples and he will do many such things.. On the other hand,the girl will not tell this to all her friends..She too will be observing everything..In most of the cases,the girl expects a guy to express his opinion first..Of-course in some cases girls propose first..Though the girl knew that the guy is in love with her,she will maintain as if she don't know anything..But her smile will tell everything..A girl's smile has 1000 meanings..The problem starts here..Oh no,I don't mean to say that problems starts with a girl's smile..But sometimes,a girl's smile might end up in disastrous results..So guys have to be careful with girls' smile :P..

The problem starts after this..How long one will keep on thinking how to express his opinion?A day will come..He will become serious..He will think..He will think how to propose here.He will think how to start.He will think 'what the girl will think if we express our opinion?'..He will fear the girl might not talk with him anymore if she is not in love with him..He will fear his own friends will think bad about him if he proposes..Confusion will kill the guy.. The girl too be undergoing a kind of confusion..She will also think does the guy really loves her?'If so why didn't he express his love to me till now?'..She will be very angry on the guy for helping someother girl..She will also be scared to express her opinion..She will think like 'what will he think if I propose him first?will he not think cheap about me?No he won't.Not all the guys are same..But what if he thinks?If he rejects me,how will I face him again?'...Too many questions right?Yes love is a sweet poison for sure..But if you keep on thinking like this, then you will become like 'Idhayam Murali' only :D.Then you have to keep walking with a rose in your hand..Something like this..Atleast this is a movie,so you will have such a beautiful BGM of Ilayaraja sir,but that will not happen in real life :D.

This is the problem with people who are in love..There is nothing wrong in falling in love..It is quite natural that there is an attraction towards the opposite sex..If a person is in love,he/she should express it candidly...But before doing so,its better to move with the girl/guy..Nothing wrong in proposing..If he/she is not ok with the person,simply one can reject the proposal.. But after rejecting one should learn to move on..

The worst form of mental torture one will undergo in love is the difficulty in accepting a proposal..If you don't have such an intention towards the guy/girl who proposes you,you can easily tell a NO and move on..The trouble starts,when you too are in love with the person and your situation forces you to tell a NO..This is something like this..A guy proposed a girl..They both were just too close and finally the guy proposed her..But she didn't accept the proposal..And from then on she started maintaining a distance with him..The guy became more or less like a mad..His friends tried to convince the girl..After a long discussion,the girl gave the reply like this:"Yes I love him.. I want him to be with me forever..I know I can't find a better person to take care of me..But my parents will never accept this..We 2 are from different communities..My Dad is a fanatic..For him my caste is more important than me itself..So this will never happen..I don't want to spoil his life anymore,that's why am moving away from him"

I don't really understand the logic here..When she knew that she is in deep love with him,why can't she make an effort to convince her parents?I always believe this quote.."One can try and fail,but one should not fail to try"..This community,caste,dad all these things should have come to her mind,before falling in love..I would say the guy should be happy if such a girl rejects his proposal..Because all of a sudden she may marry someone else and go.. 

If you are in love and if the person with whom you are in love,proposes you,don't think too much..Just watch this scene from the movie Ullam Ketkumae.

This is a movie and the climax was already fixed by the director..So Laila didn't get into the flight and she was waiting for Shaam..She knew that Shaam will come back..But this will not happen in real life too..Life is different from cinema..Had she got into flight.Shaam would have been brooding over his stupidity by not accepting her immediately..But again love is not a business deal to finalize things just like that..All I feel about this is,one can take time, in fact,one should take time,but it should not be too long that the guy/girl moves on thinking that you will never understand him/her...What to do some decisions has to be made at some point of time,because this is not a Telangana issue..You can't cheat everyone by delaying the 'verdict'..This is love.

But one should be firm on his/her decision..Once you have made a decision,he/she should stand by it.No amount of compromises should change your minds..One can think a lot before making a decision,but one should not think whether the decision is right or wrong,after making it..One has to make it sure that the decision is based on right analysis,then only it has to be expressed.

There is also another group of people who will say these are 'sour grapes'.They will go behind a guy/girl..They will do all sorts of non-sense to get their attention and to flatter them..But when that doesn't happen,they will change their mind..They will start abusing the girl/guy..One thing that these people fail to understand is,just because someone doesn't accept you,they cannot be termed 'bad'.If you are going to term them bad,then you are even worse..Because until he/she rejected,you too were crazy about him/her..You too did all sorts of non-sense to win over him/her..If someone is not accepting our proposal,we should ask for the reason(its quite natural to ask,why don't you like me)..If the reason happens to be valid or if you are damn sure that the person will never accept you,   you should learn to move on..Abusing or troubling the guy or girl,will only project you in a bad light.. Making emotional black miles like you will commit suicide or in the worst case threatening that you will pour acid and all, will make people think that you are an idiot and you need to consult a good psychiatrist..

Also there is another category of people..People belonging to this category are sentimental idiots..I would like to relate 2 scenarios here..One,the girl/guy will never show any interest towards the people belonging to this category ,in that case its quite natural that their proposals will get rejected only..The other scenario is little dangerous..After roaming around for quite sometime and after getting whatever they need(it may be anything like money,someother favors or in worst case,the physical intentions),they will move away..This will hurt anyone for sure..In such case,one should only become angry,not sentimental or emotional...People belonging to this category,will keep on feeling about their 'Ex'.They will be listening to patho songs,they will drink,will smoke,will still be worrying about them..My question is,why should you worry about someone who didn't even have little respect towards you? You should understand the fact that,they don't deserve your love and affection..They are not worth for it..The most insane thing to do is to mourn for some stupid-idiot,who didn't even bother to respect our feelings.. One can't blame people who reject the proposal in scenario-1,its their right and their life,so nothing wrong with it..In scenario-2,they have to be blamed and they have to be punished for cheating..But only fools will emotional and cry for people belonging to either of the scenarios..

There is also another category of people..This is the most popular category in Tamil Nadu atleast..They live with this slogan,"Trisha kedakkalanaa Divya",means,if not Trisha,try for Divya :D.They stand by their slogan and they will keep on missing Trishas and will keep on looking for Divyas :D..

Like this so much is there in love..More research has to be made about love :P..Will surely come up with another post related to love..As I mentioned already,I simply love writing about 'love'..

P.S. :  Whatever discussed here is a general trend I have observed among so many people..If the people reading this post feel like their life resembles with any of the scenarios described above its purely coincidental and also feel proud that your life resembles with an article written in this blog :P.And not a single line written here is inspired from any individual's life,except for an incident mentioned in the post.That incident too is quite common and I will never reveal any details about the people related to that incident :P.


Vishnu said...

Enna da..Ore romantic mood la iruka pola...First half edho own experiance madhiri theriyudhu..Yauku propose panna pora.. :P

On a serious note..The first half is really awesome(not like the other part was bad ),Written very well and its interesting..Good one Dude.. :D

N.Amirtha Deepan said...

Machi super da...nice write up
//P.S. : Whatever discussed here is a general trend I have observed among so many people..If the people reading this post feel like their life resembles with any of the scenarios described above its purely coincidental and also feel proud that your life resembles with an article written in this blog :P.And not a single line written here is inspired from any individual's life,except for an incident mentioned in the post.That incident too is quite common and I will never reveal any details about the people related to that incident :P.
But ipdi laam sollitu... u compared 2 persons i know da :)

Harish.M said...

Vishnu - own experience laam illa sir :D

Harish.M said...

Deepan - I didn't compare anyone

Thanks for commenting :-)