Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yaavarum Nalam-Review

Hello friends..Now am back with my next post.For my last article I got a reasonably good response..Its time for some real entertainment..So now am gonna give a short review about the recently released Yavarum Nalam-a Madhavan starrer.These days am having a kind of tight schedule and I rarely watch movies.Today accidentally I went for this movie.Actually I thought of giving a miss for this movie.Now I feel for that,coz had I missed it in theater,I might have been cursing myself.

Well,now coming to the review...As most of you know,Yaavarum Nalam is a bilingual movie(in hindi,its the movie 13B).At first I too thought this is gonna be another build up movie.To my surprise the movie was really thrilling.The movie starts of with Maddy and his family moving to a new house in an apartment,the door no. of which is 13B.Maddy lives with his brother,sister,wife,brother's wife,mother and with the 2 kids of his brother.

Maddy's mother,wife and his brother's wife,all the 3 ladies are die hard fanatics of Mega Serial.Its natural,because mostly ladies(or even gals) means serial lovers only na..:P :P..So these 3 are serial lovers and maddy often mocks these ladies for their fanaticism towards serial.(This maddy too will start loving serials,go through the full review ;) ).

As this is a horror movie,everything that should not happen in a new house,happens here.Starting from the milk-warming-ceremony(I mean PAAL KAAICHARTHU),everything goes wrong.The lift in the appartment will not work for Maddy alone.It works fine for almost everyone else.In his house,nailing the walls(to install photos of the god),is also troublesome.Like this everything encounters some type of problems.But the ladies doesnt care about this and all,they keep on watching serials(what to do,the ladies are like this..hmm).

They start watching a serial called YAAVARUM NALAM in a channel called EYE TV.Maddy's sister is too poor in studies(like me :P) and she has so many arrears.One day everyone leaves for a marriage except Maddy and his sister.His sister goes to college to check her results.One of the residents of the apartments knocks his door as Maddy called him for lunch.They decides to have a beer,but the man's pet(obviously a dog,as its a horror movie),gets frightened and runs away from his house and it will not enter into the house.Maddy gets confused.And at that time accidentally he starts watching that Yaavarum Nalam serial.To his surprise,the incidents in that serial,closely resembles with those in his life(especially those that has happened after they came to this house).The family in that serial too has the some no. of members(the relationship between them too is exactly same as our hero's family).

On that he sees the brother character getting a promotion and an increment of 10K.For his brother too,the same thing happens.The sister character gets a pass in all subjects(including 12 arrears) with a percentage of 69.13(in serial).Maddy's sister too clears off with the same percentage.So he decides to meet the writer and director of the serial.While doing this,he gets a huge shock,as there is no such serial in that channel.Then Maddy realizes that there is something wrong with his new house.

He goes to a sub-inspector,his friend and explains him his problem.As usual he laughs out loudly.Maddy brings him to his house.Interestingly a police character is introduced in that serial too.Then something happens and the SI too understands the seriousness.These 2 guys meets doctor Balu,who is a close friend to Maddy's family and asks their doubts regarding ghosts and athmas, as the doctor has done lot of research about the ghosts and etc..They get some answers.

You have to understand this fact that apart from the hero and his cop friend,none of the family members knows that the serial is the work of ghosts and it resembles their life.

As I said earlier,now Madhavan became a serial fanatic too :P(but only for this serial),to know whats gonna happen next.Suddenly in an episode,the family in the serial is brutally murdered.A person hits everyone using a hammer and kills the whole family.Maddy listens this story from his wife.He asks his wife,did they show the killer's face,for which she replies no.So he realizes that some one is gonna do the same to his family too.He becomes restless.On that day night the tv gets switched on itself and this serial starts.Maddy on hearing the sound wakes up and starts it.The serial displays CLIMAX and the killer's face is shown slowly.Maddy gets excited and gets too curious to watch his face.He gets shocked and left speechless.Why?Because the killer shown in the serial is none other than our MADDY.

So Maddy realizes that he is gonna destroy his family.What next?Did Maddy kill all his family members?Or was he killed by some one else?Why Maddy's face is shown in that serial?Has the evil spirit attacked him?Or is he suffering from multiple personality disorder?
To get answers for all these questions,watch the movie in THEATER.

The movie has a terrific BGM.Kudos to music directors Shankar-Ehson-Lloy and the movie has just 2 songs(which doesnt stop the pace of the movie).Hats off to Vikram.K.Kumar,the director for making a real horror movie.

My Rating-3.5/5

Verdict : Dont Miss It


Vishnu said...

Definely this movie is making a wave...It is also gonna be the first indian movie to be remade in hollywood(the copyrights for the film is bought by a hollywood production house)....I havn't seem it yet...But after the responses thinks should see it soom... :)


3.5 is exactly what krish king also gave the movie

same pinch


DreamLife said...


forgot to mention..He was too good... :)

And great to see Nishanth here too .... :) :)

vasanth said...

Awesome review dude....I thought you would reveal the suspense but you maintained it wel...

Hats off to Maddy Vikram PC n SEL....

DreamLife said...


thank you :)

joey said...

hi this is the first time that i am visiting your blog.. seems to be quite energetic.. nice review anyways.. its a nice place to check out the review bfore squandering my money in.. continue the work..

SriRaJ said...

PC sree ram camera is terrific and great plot by director...between the review is very nice ..I just thought bgm could have been better eventhough it is good...

DreamLife said...

I should have reviewed PC's work too..Unfortunately I missed it..

@ SriRaj


manoj said...
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manoj said...

wow i have not seen this movie till now, it is really thrilling to read. u have beautifully narrated the movie. i think u have described all the scenes from movie, i am able to visualize the entire movie. A movie called "ARUNDHATHI" is also like this movie, i want u to review that one also like this ..

DreamLife said...


sure machi,this sunday i may be going for that movie..but do watch yavarum nalam for sure :)