Sunday, October 9, 2016

ReMo - A disgusting RomCom

ReMo a perfect example for how a bad movie, with an obnoxious storyline and misogynistic dialogues will strike gold at box office.. You have an actor, who is the most liked one by kids and has a mass appeal in the lead, still end up dishing out some socially irresponsible crap movie.

Usually, I don't reveal the storyline completely while reviewing a movie. But revealing the storyline is not going to make a difference for this particular movie and it also will give an idea about the movie.

Our hero is a good-for-nothing guy. He suddenly watches a girl crossing him and immediately falls in love with her. He is all set to propose her and straight away reaches her house, only to witness her engagement..The depressed lover boy doesn't give up easily. One or two incidents convinces him that the girl is born for him, so he goes in disguise as a woman and starts working with the heroine, who is a 'doctor'. He convinces her that her fiancé doesn't look good and a bad choice for her. The well educated doctor heroine falls into the trap laid by our 'intelligent' hero. One fine day, the hero in lady get-up, says some boy wanted to convey his love to the heroine and out of curiosity she agrees to meet him. He proposes her in a 'unique' way and gradually she falls for him(or gradually she realizes that she already fell for him in the first meeting itself). Now, somehow there should be a justification for this 'intelligent act' of our hero. So, as usual, show heroine's fiancé as a bad man. The climax says 'all iz well'.

This story is not something new to Tamil cinema. We have seen this in Kathal Mannan, Youth, Vaseegara etc. But as per my knowledge, those movies didn't openly endorse stalking and eve teasing(though personally I don't like those movies too). Throughout the movie we have dialogues ridiculing women and glorifying/justifying scoundrels and rogues. 'pasangaloda indha nilamaiku ellam ponnunga seira thappu thaan kaaranam', 'nichayam thaana aachi kalyaanam aagala la', 'ponnungaloda full time velaiye pasangala azha vekkaradhu dhaana', 'kaadhalikkira ponna kidaikanam nu muyarchi pannaadhavan, andha ponnu kidaikala nu varutha pada thagudhiye illadhavan' (though she is engaged to someone else), 'Appa Amma paatha ponnundradhuke ivlo scene podriye, avane sondhamaa love panna ponnu na avan evlo edhir neechal pottirupaan', when heroine refers to girl, who is an acid attack victim, you get an immediate justification with another guy ready to marry her 'lovekaaga uyira kudukravangalukum irukaanga, uyira kuduthu love panravangalum irukkaanga', 'enna maadhiri pasangaluku vera vazhi illa' etc. More than these dialogues, what is painful is, the kind of response it receives. Audience clapped and whistled for all these dialogues.

Throughout the movie, our hero whistles at the heroine and she responds to it, and there is a song to this lovely sequence. The message is clear, guys have all the rights to stalk, whistle and cheat on a girl. No matter whether she is engaged or married( though ReMo is magnanimous enough to spare married women). If she doesn't accept the proposal, then men again have all the rights to blame/abuse her. The nurse get-up is used well to make fun of the body of women.

I don't find anything good in this movie. It doesn't even have an engaging screenplay with almost all the scenes predictable. One or two scenes evoke laughter where Yogi Babu appears. Cinematography is awesome, thanks to P C Sreeram.

With so many incidents of stalking making it to headlines, the director has not bothered about it all. He happily justifies stalking and surely is going to achieve commercial success too, as a result of which, is going to come up with more such craps.

Otherwise, ReMo is a clear case of torture.

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