Sunday, October 2, 2016

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story hits a sixer

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story - an entertaining biopic about an inspiring captain. The first scene itself creates interest in the movie. The walk, warm up,mannerisms etc brings M S Dhoni before our eyes.The background score is too good and inspiring.

As the title says, this is an untold story about Dhoni. I am not sure if everything shown in the movie is true, but its all packaged well to make it interesting. If you are going to expect this biopic to be based on Dhoni's experience in Indian team, I am sure you will be disappointed. But it has a lot to offer with respect to cricket. Right from the transformation of football goal keeper Mahi to wicket keeper Mahi, everything is connected well. The commentary of those commentators during his school days were enjoyable too. When he says, 'I know this boy, if he plays for an hour, this place will be heavily crowded', theater erupted in a thunderous response.

Throughout the movie, the dialogues are good. There are some intelligent dialogues that typically defines Mahendra Singh Dhoni, like, 'none can correct or spoil your game, playing natural game is your strength','You cannot afford to have distractions while playing for country','I am not scared of hard ball' etc. The director also doesn't forget to take a dig at the state of affairs in Bihar. 'You want to know, why only less no. of cricketers Bihar is producing, right? For us politics is more important than sports'. 'The letter didn't reach us on time, in this place, will anything work properly?'. When you are making a biopic, casting is very important and Neeraj Pandey has done his best. Well, while watching Yuvraj Singh, for some reason I couldn't stop laughing. But the guy has a striking resemblance to Yuvi. Anupam Kher, Bhumika,Dhoni's mother,friends etc everyone were apt, director makes no mistake.

There are certain things which Neeraj Pandey could have concentrated more. Dhoni is an unorthodox batsman, whereas here the cricketing shots looks bit different from actual MSD's, though the helicopter shot is an exception. He plays that exactly as M S Dhoni would play.Another point is, Dhoni is known for his patience and cool attitude,in pressure situations. The director could have added more scenes, showing how calm and composed Dhoni is. There are two scenes, where he walks away out of disappointment and sadness, consoles himself and comes back. But that looked pretty ordinary. The movie is a bit lengthy. To avoid controversies, they didn't give more footage to CSK part it seems. As mentioned in the beginning, I am not sure, how much real the love stories shown. Anyway the love stories shown are cute and enjoyable, definitely not boring.

Anyway, the movie is already a commercial blockbuster. M S Dhoni is celebrated in Tamil Nadu like anything. Initially, when Sushant Singh says his name 'Mahi', I couldn't hear anything, only using lip moments I had to guess, so much of claps and whistle in theater. When you make a cricketer's biopic, especially the one who played after 1990,you cannot avoid Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin's poster, boundaries, autograph etc, they have lot of reference to the God of cricket. Similarly, there are some scenes referring to Dada too. After all, it was Saurav Ganguly, who brought in M S Dhoni. Crowd cheered equally to all the cricketers Dada,Sachin,Dravid,Sehwag, Kohli etc. In short, the theater atmosphere was electrifying.

Neeraj Pandey knows how to sell this quality biopic to masses. The first and last scenes are good enough to take it to masses. At the end, the man, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, himself appears on screen and the audience leave the theater with a huge cheer.

If you do not belong to those group of people, who hate M S Dhoni from the heart for no reason, I am sure you will like the movie.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni : The Untold Story, told in an interesting way.

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