Friday, July 5, 2013

The Uttarakhand Tragedy - An opportunity to help

We all are aware of whats happening in Uttarakhand. This is the biggest natural disaster in India.The worst part is we are not even able to get the no. of deaths.Once again nature proved how powerful it is.
It will take some years for return of normal life there. This is a national tragedy and everyone of us should take part in it.

Our army is doing a great job there.Rescue operations are on full swing.An IAF flight lieutenant Praveen was on the news recently as he lost his life when the helicopter used for rescue operations crashed.I want to salute him and others who sacrificed their life through this blog.I want to salute our Indian Army, rescue team and every individual who has contributed for the rescue operations.

Not everyone can go to Uttarakhand and rescue people.But we can contribute as much as possible. The rescue operations itself is still going on.People are struggling for survival.After the rescue operations are over, the rehabilitation process will start.For all this,money is needed.We can contribute.Before the invent of internet and social media,we have to manually go to every shop,house,clinics,govt offices etc and collect money.10s,20s.50s and rarely we used to get 100s.Still we could contribute significantly during such situations.But now we have facebook,twitter,gtalk,whatsapp,orkut etc.Together we can make a significant contribution.

There are some jobless people who keeps sharing horrible photos and mention that for every share facebook will pay 1$.Guys don't be stupid,facebook will only make money out of us.It will never give a single penny to anyone.Instead of sharing such stupid pics,share this blog link(I wont get any money for sharing).Share the 'The New Indian Express' link which is given at the end of the post.That will do good to the victims.

If we contribute even Rs.100/head,say if 1000 of us donate,it itself amounts to Rs.1 lakh.People who are willing to contribute more can go ahead.Even a one rupee or ten rupees will be helpful to a great extent.

How to donate?
The best daily in India, The New Indian Express,has come up with an idea. We can contribute money through them.Please go through the news below :

The Call of Kedarnath

Funds are needed to carry out the formidable tasks ahead. In order to make it easy for people to contribute their mite, we have opened a new bank account named The New Indian Express Kedarnath Relief Fund. Staff members of the NIE Group are contributing a portion of their salaries and the company is adding a separate contribution of its own to provide Rs. 25 lakh as starting deposit for this Fund. We request our readers and associates to support the Fund.

*Cheques drawn in the name of The New Indian Express Kedarnath Relief Fund may be sent to any office of The New Indian Express Group and receipts will be sent to you in due course.

*Cash contributions may be handed over to The New Indian Express office nearest to you and a receipt obtained on the spot.

*Online contributions can be sent directly to Indian Bank Current Account no. 6139752927, in the name of The New Indian Express Kedarnath Relief Fund, SWIFT-Code:IDIBINBBPAD/IFSC Code:IDIB000P001.The details of the contributions made may be sent to kedarnath@newindianexpress. com. You can also enter the details in the form here.

Contributions will be duly acknowledged in the columns of the paper. For any further details you may contact: 044-23457518 or mail us at
We propose to forward the Fund to the appropriate authority to be used for a specific purpose to be identified soon.

Understand we are doing this for a noble cause. nterested people can contribute. We are doing for our own people.My deep condolences to the families of the deceased and displaced.May God give strength to the families of all these victims to overcome this tragedy and help for a speedy recovery.


dude said...

Brilliant post..lets join hands together

Harish.M said...

@dude - yes,thats the intention of this post :-)..hope we contribute something from our end :-)