Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hindu Nationalist vs Secularism

Its time for some secularism here.I have written what kind of 'secularism' is being followed in India so many times on this blog.Not it all has started again.The saviors of minority communities are back.The patriots are back.The good old warriors like Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav,Digvijay Singh etc and new entries like the Janata Dal(United)[JD(U) are back with a bang.Reuters interviewed Mr.Modi recently.Now the secular camp and intellectual media says 'Modi is in trouble with his controversial remarks'.They are even demanding an apology from Modi.So what did Modi say?

These are the so called 'objectionable' answers by Mr.Modi :
People want to know who is the real Modi – Hindu nationalist leader or pro-business chief minister?

I’m nationalist. I’m patriotic. Nothing is wrong. I’m a born Hindu. Nothing is wrong. So, I’m a Hindu nationalist so yes, you can say I’m a Hindu nationalist because I’m a born Hindu. I’m patriotic so nothing is wrong in it. As far as progressive, development-oriented, workaholic, whatever they say, this is what they are saying. So there’s no contradiction between the two. It’s one and the same image.

Do you regret what happened?
I’ll tell you. India’s Supreme Court is considered a good court today in the world. The Supreme Court created a special investigative team (SIT) and top-most, very bright officers who overlookoversee the SIT. That report came. In that report, I was given a thoroughly clean chit, a thoroughly clean chit. Another thing, any person if we are driving a car, we are a driver, and someone else is driving a car and we’re sitting behind, even then if a puppy comes under the wheel, will it be painful or not? Of course it is. If I’m a chief minister or not, I’m a human being. If something bad happens anywhere, it is natural to be sad. 

The translation could have been bit better. Modi said :

'koyi bee vyakthi,driver aur koyee drive kar rahaa hain hum peeche baite hein..fir bee chota kuthe ka bachaa bee car ke neeche aah jaathaa hain tho humko painful hothaa ya nahin?'

You can watch this in the above video.When you translate this exactly we should put it as "even then even if a puppy comes under the wheel,will it be painful or not."

Well these are the two comments which has angered our secular camp.The first objection is to the use of the term 'Hindu Nationalist'.If the objection is for the use of the term 'Hindu Nationalist',it should be raised against the interviewer not against Modi.It is said that India is a Hindu majority country, but the situation is so bad that if someone says he is a Hindu or he follows Hinduism,he is branded communal in this nation.So what is the expectation of the secular camp?If the interviewer asks 'are you a Hindu Nationalist',Modi should say 'no I am only a nationalist'.Atleast this is what Arnab Goswami expects.

Let us assume that Modi said 'no I am only a nationalist not a Hindu nationalist'.Do you people think this media and secular camp will keep quiet?No,instead they will call this a publicity stunt and minority appeasement.Intellectuals like Teesta Setalvad and Mallika Sarabhai will politely say in the media that 'such statements will not erase what Modi did in 2002'.The Supreme Court appointed SIT itself has given a verdict that Modi had no role in the post Godhra riots,but still our media and secular camp is not ready to accept this,still they want to punish Modi.If they think they are better judges than those sitting in Supreme Court,then its upto them.

Intellectuals please understand this - you don't have any right to stop us from following Hinduism.The Indian constitution allows us to do so.

"Right to freedom of religion, including freedom of conscience and free profession, practice, and propagation of religion, freedom to manage religious affairs, freedom from certain taxes and freedom from religious instructions in certain educational institutes." - this is a fundamental right provided by Indian constitution.

Being a Hindu will not make one communal.Modi's statement will not disrupt the peace and harmony, but the activities of the secular camp for sure will.

Coming to the second answer,the puppy remark,I have already shared the exact question and Modi's answer for the same with video and translated it too.Likes of Arnab Goswami wants Modi to say sorry for what has happened in 2002.Are you guys mad?Why will someone accept the blame when they have not done anything wrong?There is a court,it has appointed a Special Investigation Team(SIT) to probe this matter,based on the requests of secular activists.The SIT was monitored by Supreme Court and it itself has given a clean chit to Modi.There is a CBI,which is trying its best to frame charges against Modi and still not able to provide any concrete satisfying evidence.When so many things are going on,on what basis you expect Modi to say sorry?

There is a problem with Indian media.They think they are Gods.They want everyone to behave the way they wants.Practically that is not possible.Regarding the puppy remark, Modi only says what has happened in 2002 was really sad.And his answer should be interpreted as 'what has happened in 2002 was painful.There were riots of a very large magnitude.58 Hindu kar sevaks were burnt alive ALLEGEDLY by some Muslims and following which there were religious clashes between Hindus and Muslims.It has been 11 years since then and there were no riots at all after 2002.People are living peacefully.Gujarat is growing.Its time to move on'.

I came across this interesting status update from a profile(his name is Mr.Seshadry Narayanan).

"Do you beat your kids?
Answer: I don't even beat my dog.
Media and Congress: You mean your kids are like dogs?"

The media and the secular camp is behaving exactly like this.Anyhow,Modi only said he was saddened by what has happened in 2002.Riots means we all think of 2002 only.Friends there was a state sponsored genocide which happened in 1984.The anti-Sikh riots,for which till now justice has not been delivered.Just because 2 Sikh terrorists assassinated Mrs.Indira Gandhi,around 3000 Sikhs were killed and around 50000 were left homeless.What the former Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi had to say about this anti-Sikh riots?He said this : "When a big tree falls, the earth trembles!".Doesn't this statement justify the genocide?Doesn't this statement indicate it was a state-sponsored riots and it was to avenge the death of Mrs.Indira Gandhi?Still that 'secular' former Prime Minister's wife is controlling the Congress party and brainy people like Dig Vijaya Singh are still supporting this party. But when it comes to Modi,everyone will become 'secular' and will make a controversy out of nothing.

All these over-reactions for Modi's normal comment only shows how much the secular camp is scared of Modi's entry to national politics.I doubt even if the BJP has such high hopes on Modi,but the congress has.Good,atleast on seeing this the BJP should understand the fact that Modi is the most popular leader of BJP and should work accordingly.There are some people who will never get satisfied with whatever explanations we give.Even though there is a concrete evidence in front of them,they will reject it outright and still stand by what they say.I would like to remind the age old rabbit story.There was an intelligent man,may be as intelligent as Digvijay SIngh,caught a rabbit,which lost a leg.He argued that rabbits has only three legs.Inspite of showing so many rabbits with 4 legs,the fellow was adamant and he showed the rabbit which he caught and still argued that rabbits will only have 3 legs.Instead of wasting all your energy trying to convince this intelligent man,isn't it better to accept that rabbits will only have 3 legs and move on?

Let me end this article with this disgusting comedy piece by Digvijay Singh.
"Digvijay wrote on Twitter: “Flip side of this. Amit Shah promises a Grand Temple at Ayodhya. Modi addresses Bihar BJP workers and asks them to teach Nitish a lesson.” 

“Next day Bomb Blasts at Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya. Is there a connect? I don't know. ALLOW NIA TO COMPLETE INVESTIGATION PLEASE !(sic).”

There were bomb blasts in Bihar.For a moment everyone were shocked to see this in tv channels.But only a congressman like Digvijay Singh will immediately think like this and tweet.


Rameez Raja said...

Machi if u hv money and power, can escape any criminal case da.. So no use of supreme court also.. Hope u would hv read the news abt Delhi gang rape.. Eventhough they know the original criminals they couldnt able to give justice. So who said Indian supreme court is the best court in ths world

Harish.M said...

@Rameez Raja - what kind of justice you expect for those criminals?One person was minor and as per the existing law he cannot be sentenced to death or given life sentence.He can only be sent to home. One more person arrested on this issue was killed by co-prisoners.Others are facing the trial and they were not let off. If you feel they should be given death sentence,the govt should bring the amendments accordingly.

Atleast in 98% of the cases that has gone to Supreme Court got proper justice.You can see the 2G spectrum case,it was after Supreme Court interfered so many bigshots were arrested. Simply speaking against Supreme Court will not help.

If you follow the cases that has gone upto Supreme Court,you can understand how good organization Supreme Court is.

If you need more information on this regard,let me know,I will share it.

And thanks for your honest comments,keep reading my blogs and provide your feedback,it will be helpful for me.

Seshadry Narayanan said...

Thanks for quoting my updates in fb..your article is an eye opener.But its disgusting to note that states that go to polls haven;t invited modi so for,fearing minority backlash!

Harish.M said...

Narayanan sir - welcome :-) yes, its disgusting indeed..hope BJP realizes the importance of Modi and acts accordingly asap.

Thanks for commenting :-)