Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Neerparavai' flies high

I post movie reviews in this blog only on rare occasions.This movie is worth reviewing.

We can expect such artistic movies only once in a while..Seenu Ramasamy has proved his worth as a director yet again.. With such a soothing music and brilliant camerawork,watching this movie itself was a great experience.Acting was brilliant. Vishnu's performance is damn brilliant.He has shown a great amount of maturity, be it in expressions or body language or dialogue delivery. Sunaina's performance too is worth mentioning.She has acted very well too.Saranya and 'Poo' Ram were brilliant.Ram is an excellent character artiste, one who acted as 'penakaarar' in Poo,has now lived as Lourdusamy.He has shown variations in his acting when fights with Samudrakani for his son and when he urges the same Samudrakani to help his son.Pandi andT Thambi Ramayyah's witty one-liners evoke laughter. Instead of having a separate comedy track,their part comes with the story.So its good.

As I mentioned earlier camerawork is beautiful.The way the churches,sea are shown,makes the audience very much involved into the movie. They have captured the lifestyle of fishermen perfectly.The Christian-fishermen lifestyle and their internal issues can be felt by watching this movie itself.Songs like Devan Magale adds a great weightage to this concept.But still the Para Para Paravai song is the highlight of the movie. It has 3 versions and all the 3 are awesome with lyrics fitting perfectly to the situation."enadhu asuthangal paaradi,ennai parisutham seyyadi" and in another version "kannaalan nilamai enna kadalodu paarthucholla kokkukkum naaraikkum kan alayudhe" kind of lines shows the director has worked with every technician like cameraman,lyricist(the great Vairamuthu),music director,art director etc.Art direction is like soul of this movie.The old churches were shown beautifuly.Dialogues,as expected is good enough to brand this movie an excellent movie.

On the whole Seenu Ramasamy has attempted to make a movie based on the miseries of fishermen and he has succeeded in it to a great extent too.The best part of this movie is this does not completely deal with the fishermen problems with Sri Lankan navy.The Sri Lankan fishermen problem is dealt nicely through dialogues and some incidents.That works big time for this movie as it doesn't give us a feel like we are watching some pro-Sri Lankan Tamil campaign.Personally we can support Sri Lankan Tamils,but if only that aspect is there in a 3 hr movie,it will look more like a documentary film.Thank God this film is not like that.The director has intelligently dealt all these serious issues keeping a beautiful love story as a base.If we want to point out some negatives,I found only one - "meenukku kadal meenukku" song could have been avoided.Anyway that song is good,so its acceptable.For such an excellent movie,they could have made an even more interesting climax,though the climax is good.

'Neerparavai' flies high and it is a must watch for people who love good cinema.

Verdict - Awesome

Rating - 4.5/5


manikandan said...

machi sema review da pichita....

Harish.M said...

thanks the movie in theaters :-) don't miss it